Finally Monsoon Arrives in Udaipur

After such a long wait from past one month finally the monsoon paves a way to Udaipur. With a Heavy rainfall this evening  04.07.2010 approximately 50mm+ in just 1 hour . Here are 2 Videos and Link to our Facebook Page Monsoon Pictures Captured By UdaipurBlog. 🙂 Enjoy it,  Like it and Share it.

Video Before and After Rain:

A Look Of the Monsoon Arrival in Udaipur:

Click Here to see Exclusives Pictures of Monsoon Arrival and Awesome Weather in Udaipur

monsoon udaipur






2 responses to “Finally Monsoon Arrives in Udaipur”

  1. nidhi Avatar

    i luv the city .. nice photo .. keep telling us.

  2. Peter Avatar

    So how long does the Monsoon Season last for? How long does it take before the Lakes can be seen filling up?

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