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  • 5 Pledges Udaipurites should take in 2015

    5 Pledges Udaipurites should take in 2015

    As the new year starts we should learn to incorporate new habits by taking certain pledges rather then resolutions that will benefit us as well as our City. Here are 5 Pledges we have selected for us to follow. Wear Helmets: With the Advent of new year, the Udaipur Traffic Police have made it mandatory […]

  • A New Year Resolution

    A New Year Resolution

    Yet another day, another new year is on our doors. It’s a time for celebration, a time to recollect our memories of the past year, a time to add one more year to our life full of experience of 365 hectic and productive days. All of us know that the end of this year 2012 […]

  • Resolutions: Welcome 2012

    Resolutions: Welcome 2012

    Days passed, months ended and here we are about to bid goodbye to 2011 . Yes! Its high NEW YEAR TIME guys and apart from celebrations, hangouts and shopping, everyone wants to get the best out of them in the upcoming year 😀 The first thing that clicks every individual’s mind is WHAT changes they […]