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5 Pledges Udaipurites should take in 2015

As the new year starts we should learn to incorporate new habits by taking certain pledges rather then resolutions that will benefit us as well as our City. Here are 5 Pledges we have selected for us to follow.

Wear Helmets:

Wear a Helmet. Photo
Wear a Helmet. Photo Via:

With the Advent of new year, the Udaipur Traffic Police have made it mandatory for people to wear helmet. We support this good move of making the Helmet’s compulsory to let people care about their Safety. Lets take a pledge that we will start caring about ourselves by wearing helmet.


Give Side to Ambulances:

108 ambulances
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It has been seen that people don’t take much concern to allow ambulances which are in emergency to passby by giving them side. We as responsible Udaipurites should take pledge to care about the Life of people and understand the value of time for people in Emergency.


Keep your City Clean:

keep your city clean udaipur
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Many provisions are taken to keep our City Clean but we as a responsible citizen should take utmost care that Change starts by changing ourselves. So rather then blaming authorities, lets take a pledge to be a part of this moment to throw litter in dustbins and to not pollute our City.


Help the Needy:

homeless and needy
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We all should take pledge to actively participate in all the Social Causes that happen in Udaipur. It should be a responsibility for us to learn to support and help the people in need. This Pledge will allow us learn a new habit of community support and social service.


Support your City:

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As the City grows, our responsibility grows, we should learn the fact to always admire our City. We are lucky to be born and brought up in this Beautiful City of Lakes where everyone wishes to part of. We should do efforts to make our city proud. We should support the Websites, Portals and People who are taking pains in promoting our City Worldwide and keeping our City with pace of other cities in India.


Keep Loving your City, Supporting your City and Contributing to your City. A very Happy New Year 2015 to all the Supporters of 🙂


A New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions

Yet another day, another new year is on our doors. It’s a time for celebration, a time to recollect our memories of the past year, a time to add one more year to our life full of experience of 365 hectic and productive days. All of us know that the end of this year 2012 has poured a very painful experience in our lap. A pain from which every citizen’s heart is crying. Perhaps many of us might have planned to pay homage to the brave girl Damini by not celebrating on this New Year’s Eve. And it should be because it has now become a matter of National shame.

We have also experienced and waited for the Doom’s Day, but it has also passed and paved us the way to re-think about our own planet, our home. It was a warning for all of us and we still have time to recover the loss that we have made to our mother nature.

Many of us would be busy in planning for their activities for coming year. Some of them have utilized their winter break with their family and to plan their business calendar for the coming year. Well, many of us would certainly have decided to take certain resolution for this New Year, which we do not follow most of the time. Let us take a look on some very popular New Year resolutions you can choose from:

  • I would go for a morning walk.
  • I would wake up early.
  • I would join a gym.
  • I would quit smoking / tobacco.
  • I would avoid liquor (Just after the New Year’s celebration).
  • I would eat healthier food.
  • I would not eat Junk food.
  • I would study and would do a lot of hard work.
  • I would learn something new.
  • I would save money.
  • I would be helping.
  • I would be organized and plan my work.

We know our self better than anyone else. It does not mean that you would never be able to follow the targets you have set for yourself. At times you may fail or might forget doing the things. Sometime you do irregular things to get out of your daily boring schedule. Everybody needs a change and there should be a change in your daily routine too. This is why we have one Sunday to enjoy a day to give rest to our body and to spend a full day with our family. Resolution is not a rule to get bound with. We make resolution to make our self a well organized human being. A human being who is responsible for himself, for his family, for his relatives, for his society and for his nation.

The kind of resolutions we have seen above must not be only mere resolutions, rather these must be our part of regular life. We are free to live our life in our own way, we must understand our priorities and we should know how far we can go with our decisions. Where it would be right and where it would get converted to wrong, this is all in our hands.

Let us start thinking in a broader way. The every resolution that we take is related to you only. Have you ever wondered to take a resolution which would make effect on a broader platform and would work in a greater scope? Yes, think upon it and give some time over it. Take a resolution this year which would help others to live in better surroundings. What could be such resolutions, which would not even help others but would also make you an active and responsible social human being? Let’s have a look on such resolutions:

  • I would learn to respect women and would protest others who do so.
  • I would plant a tree and take care of it as a child.
  • I would be caring for the nature and give respect to every creature on this earth.
  • I would not spread any kind of pollution in my city whether air, noise or any other form of it.
  • I would try to keep my city neat and clean.
  • I would behave while I drive on road.
  • I would obey the traffic rules sincerely.
  • I would help others if I found someone injured.
  • I would make my city a best tourist place and would not spoil our lakes.
  • I would involve myself in some social activity to help others.
  • I would not encourage street beggars.
  • I would not humiliate elders and would listen to them.


I think these are more than enough to describe here. Even a single resolution from the entire list is enough to change your life and others. It is evident that you cannot change others, but you can change yourself and then others would start following you. This is the best practice to change others. So, which resolution you would take at this New Year?

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Resolutions: Welcome 2012

Days passed, months ended and here we are about to bid goodbye to 2011 . Yes! Its high NEW YEAR TIME guys and apart from celebrations, hangouts and shopping, everyone wants to get the best out of them in the upcoming year 😀 The first thing that clicks every individual’s mind is WHAT changes they want in them, WHAT new they intend to bring in their life :O. As we all are aware that human wants and zests are unlimited, so the identification of immediate longing plays an enormous role. This is what defines a resolution.

Whenever I see New Year approaching, the first thought in my mind (of course after deciding the New Year gift) is what to resolve for the next year. One should adjudicate their goals according to their capabilities. To share old memories, in our School times, every girl (GIRLS CONVENT SCHOOL) had to resolve the best thing she aspires. Though we never followed what we resolved, but it was fun knowing what everyone wanted to achieve. Funny upshots came up like “I WOULD DATE THE BEST GUY OF THE CITY”, “I WOULD MAKE MYSELF A PERFECT ZERO FIGURE”  and many more ( trust me, girls don’t miss a single chance to prove themselves SILLY). One of the toppers of the class suggested providing lunch to the poor children (TO MENTION-the children coming to our very own school for free education). That soon became the resolution of our whole class, and believe me, that CHARITY gave the best of the feel deep down the heart.

Coming back to the concerned topic, there are many resolutions one can take to make himself, his family, and even the entire city happier and a joy to live in 2012. To give a start, I can see almost all the youngsters, despite knowing about the disadvantages and the health issues that may arise in the future are addicted to consumption of drugs, liquor, and most of all, Hukkah. A local paper of Udaipur dated 21st December 2011, reads out that Udaipurites have resolved to fight against the consumption of anti-social consumables like Liquor, Cigarettes, Hukkah, etc, which is a statement of pride in itself. Surveys also state and swear that Hukka is being banned in Udaipur from the very first day of 2012 itself. With the rising drug addiction and high stream of money, it’s high time to make everyone aware about the pros and cons of these drugs.

With high number of poverty stuck illiterate people, it’s our responsibility to raise voice against expanding social issues like child marriage, female infanticide/feticide (Both are at its highest peak in Rajasthan). It is the duty of Youth to resolve to scrap out these problems as well as ameliorate them among the ignorant. This can be the next resolution in one’s life if someone really wants to help the society as well.

Huge numbers of accidents are taking place in the city because of rash driving. Recently the cover story in a local daily reported against a boy aged 16 years riding his bike at 120 plus kmph, and hitting a herd (group of cattle) that came on the same way. So everyone should resolve to prove to be good citizen and prove to be a better human. Let no animal be injured, but most important, be responsible while driving on the roads, as you are even responsible for the traffic that move around you.

Bringing the most important topic into concern and admiring my own city-the city of lakes. We all know its beauty has made it the favourite tourism spot in whole of the Rajasthan, and even the world. So, resolving to keep the city clean and being eco friendly will be a great contribution. It is in our hands to take Udaipur to a new height. There are many points one can just start up with. So Udaipurites- think innovative, give a chance to yourself, resolve high and achieve big.

For the cessation, I would just end up saying that do something which brings a positive alteration because WE, THE YOUTH CAN CREATE A DIFFERENCE 😀

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in advance. 🙂


Guest Article by: Geetanjali Khatri