5 Resolutions Every Udaipurite Must Take This Year!!!

Every year in the month of January we take a lot of resolutions for ourselves. Some of us follow these resolutions strictly while some don’t. This year let us take some resolutions for our beloved city!!! I know everyone is excited about the New Year and all the new stuff, but there are things that really need the attention of each one of us.

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So, get ready to read these 5 Resolutions that every Udaipurite must take seriously and follow to make our city all-the-more healthier, beautiful and prosperous.

Resolution #5

So resolution number 5 is one of the most basic one but un-followed extensively. This is NOT throwing litter around us.

Our city is one of the most beautiful cities in India, but unfortunately, Udaipur doesn’t stand in the list of cleanliest cities of the country. This is quite a shameful thing for the residents. We must not throw any sort of rubbish, garbage, trash on the roads or in your neighborhood and especially in our lake.

Udaipur is known for its Lakes, and we must not destroy them! Hence take this resolution of keeping the city clean and beautiful.

Resolution #4

Be Tourist-Friendly…

Remember, first, Udaipur is developing as a tourist hub; and second, it is us who are developing it as a major tourist hub of the state. So why lose temper and patience while driving in the ‘tourist season’.

Be patient while driving, don’t curse people around you. They are new to our city and of course, Udaipur wouldn’t be the same if there happen to be no tourists from across the globe coming and feeling welcomed in the city.

Resolution #3

Say NO to rash driving and follow safety rules.

It is important to acknowledge safety on roads. Wear helmets and follow safety rules; you might end up having an accident but why take some other poor guy with you! Learn to know the meaning of ‘Speed Limit’ and follow that strictly. Keep rules and regulations in your mind while driving and not cause any inconvenience to other people around you.

Resolution #2

Endorse your City – Be a smart citizen of the Smart City!

Promote your city and learn to appreciate the developments in the city- instead of rambling around why things are changing; be grateful for the changes that are leading to a better and smarter Udaipur.

And here we come to #1…!

Resolution #1

Keep Yourself Updated With The Happenings Of The City with

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Yes, the most important point is that you must be aware of the happenings in and around Udaipur. A lot of people, maybe due to ignorance, have no clue what is happening in our city. It is quite crucial that you know what is going on near you, which developments are taking place in our city, what are the new constructions going on, which roads or bridges are getting build and everything of-n-about the city. BE UPDATED!

Still, if you are someone who is unknown to all the happenings in the city, follow UdaipurBlog on Instagram, Facebook and Website to know everything about our precious City of Lakes.


Are you gonna follow these resolutions? Tell me how many can you strictly follow and if you have been following any resolution mentioned above, do let us know that too. We’ll be delighted!


Resolutions: Welcome 2012

Days passed, months ended and here we are about to bid goodbye to 2011 . Yes! Its high NEW YEAR TIME guys and apart from celebrations, hangouts and shopping, everyone wants to get the best out of them in the upcoming year 😀 The first thing that clicks every individual’s mind is WHAT changes they want in them, WHAT new they intend to bring in their life :O. As we all are aware that human wants and zests are unlimited, so the identification of immediate longing plays an enormous role. This is what defines a resolution.

Whenever I see New Year approaching, the first thought in my mind (of course after deciding the New Year gift) is what to resolve for the next year. One should adjudicate their goals according to their capabilities. To share old memories, in our School times, every girl (GIRLS CONVENT SCHOOL) had to resolve the best thing she aspires. Though we never followed what we resolved, but it was fun knowing what everyone wanted to achieve. Funny upshots came up like “I WOULD DATE THE BEST GUY OF THE CITY”, “I WOULD MAKE MYSELF A PERFECT ZERO FIGURE”  and many more ( trust me, girls don’t miss a single chance to prove themselves SILLY). One of the toppers of the class suggested providing lunch to the poor children (TO MENTION-the children coming to our very own school for free education). That soon became the resolution of our whole class, and believe me, that CHARITY gave the best of the feel deep down the heart.

Coming back to the concerned topic, there are many resolutions one can take to make himself, his family, and even the entire city happier and a joy to live in 2012. To give a start, I can see almost all the youngsters, despite knowing about the disadvantages and the health issues that may arise in the future are addicted to consumption of drugs, liquor, and most of all, Hukkah. A local paper of Udaipur dated 21st December 2011, reads out that Udaipurites have resolved to fight against the consumption of anti-social consumables like Liquor, Cigarettes, Hukkah, etc, which is a statement of pride in itself. Surveys also state and swear that Hukka is being banned in Udaipur from the very first day of 2012 itself. With the rising drug addiction and high stream of money, it’s high time to make everyone aware about the pros and cons of these drugs.

With high number of poverty stuck illiterate people, it’s our responsibility to raise voice against expanding social issues like child marriage, female infanticide/feticide (Both are at its highest peak in Rajasthan). It is the duty of Youth to resolve to scrap out these problems as well as ameliorate them among the ignorant. This can be the next resolution in one’s life if someone really wants to help the society as well.

Huge numbers of accidents are taking place in the city because of rash driving. Recently the cover story in a local daily reported against a boy aged 16 years riding his bike at 120 plus kmph, and hitting a herd (group of cattle) that came on the same way. So everyone should resolve to prove to be good citizen and prove to be a better human. Let no animal be injured, but most important, be responsible while driving on the roads, as you are even responsible for the traffic that move around you.

Bringing the most important topic into concern and admiring my own city-the city of lakes. We all know its beauty has made it the favourite tourism spot in whole of the Rajasthan, and even the world. So, resolving to keep the city clean and being eco friendly will be a great contribution. It is in our hands to take Udaipur to a new height. There are many points one can just start up with. So Udaipurites- think innovative, give a chance to yourself, resolve high and achieve big.

For the cessation, I would just end up saying that do something which brings a positive alteration because WE, THE YOUTH CAN CREATE A DIFFERENCE 😀

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in advance. 🙂


Guest Article by: Geetanjali Khatri