IIM Udaipur’s annual entrepreneurship fest E-Summit and Prarambh 2021 conclude

Prarambh 2021 marked its success in fulfilling the competition’s objective, overseeing enthusiastic participation from all over the country. The event received 330+ entries for the initial phase of the competition and selected the top 10 teams with a minimum viable product. The selected teams embarked on a 5-week mentorship program to prepare for pitching on the final day. The pitching round was followed by a rigorous Q&A session wherein the teams were provided with priceless feedback and suggestions by the judges or investors.

Winning Team

The winning team BosonQ Psi – state-of-the-art Multiphysics simulation (MPS) software that will run on quantum computers, was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 100,000.

Runner Up

The runner-up team, Samatva AI – AI-Powered, an Automated HR & Recruitment Platform for differently-abled, was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.

The teams were also given AWS credit worth $100,000 from the cloud sponsors AWS. Further, as a testament to the event’s success, six teams (Momskart, Cashcry, BosonQ Psi, Samatva AI, Virasat and Volunthere) were given a further evaluation and investment opportunity by the panel of investors-cum-judges.

What is Prarambh?

Prarambh is the flagship event of Saksham, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur. The event brought together entrepreneurs under the banner of Prarambh and helped them refine their ideas and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) by providing five-week mentorship by industry stalwarts.

Saksham, the Entrepreneurship cell of IIM Udaipur, hosted an entrepreneurship-summit, or E-Summit for the second time in IIMU. The theme of the summit was “Tales of Transition.” To highlight the need to master the changing environment, the Keynote speakers of E-Summit 2021 put forth their experiences on making transitions as accelerators instead of barriers. The E-Summit witnessed three esteemed speakers, namely Mythily Ramesh (Co-Founder & CEO NextWealth), Prachi Mohapatra (Marketing Head, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories), Murali Sivaraman (Chairman, Huhtamaki India), who engaged students in a 1 hour 45 minutes session aligned with the summit’s defined theme.


BUBBLE, A Movie by Students of IIM Udaipur Wins Multiple Awards

BUBBLE, with a runtime of twenty minutes, is the first film to have been shot in the new IIM Udaipur campus in Balicha and includes cast and crew members consisting of the Student Community of IIMU. The film has already won awards at the National Short-Film Making competition held at Nirma University, Ahmedabad, in the Best Story and Best Cinematography categories.

The film has been produced by Happy Hours Entertainment, founded by Saradindu Naskar, a student of the PGP 2016-18 batch of IIMU, who has also written, edited and directed the film.

Happy Hour Entertainment recognizes the power of ideas and aims to improve human life with stories that incite transformation.

BUBBLE is a psychological thriller constructed around the concept of Apophenia and uses a layered narrative to amalgamate multiple threads in the story.

Cast and Crew: Saumya Baldi, Swati Khairnar, Prakhar Tripathi, Anmol Sharma, Abhiruchi Kulhari, Samir Kumar Luha, Kawaljeet Kaur and Jebanezer Rajeev (DOP & Music).

Assistant Director & Production Manager: Samir Kumar Luha

Director of Photography & Music: Jebanezer Rajeev

Written, Edited & Directed by Saradindu Naskar

Watch the film on YouTube: Click Here


Information by: Saradindu Naskar


How IIM-U is Helping the City Gain Global Recognition?

Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur that Lake City was given after a long fight, finally became functional in August 2011 with the first batch of 58 students on the campus of MLSU. Soon after, the construction of a huge campus with several unique features started at Balicha. Now the Institute is running on the new campus.

How IIM-U is Helping the City Gain Global Recognition?
Photo by: Hawkeyed Photographers

Under the visionary Director Janat Shah the institute has been making phenomenal all-round progress and has become one of the top IIMs in the country. Since the start of the institute, the students have been left free to plan and execute activities on their own and that in the opinion of Director Shah has made them more creative and responsible. With the help of about 30 clubs, they are not only looking after their own affairs but also help the society in several ways. Among others, their work has been highly appreciated by the district authorities and other associations. The clubs are funded by the pocket money of the students. Needy students are also helped financially. The students also step out into the neighborhood to teach poor children and provide books etc. The ten committees meet with all the academic, professional and cultural needs of the students. All the important decisions are taken by them. All the issues related to the students, the facilities, and the management are resolved by the academic council. The programmes for former students and counseling for the present ones are organized by the alumni association. It is the work of council of student affairs to present the problems before the management. Infra committee takes care of the basic needs of the students. By contacting international institutions the international relation committee provides international exposure to the student. The media and interaction cells keep in touch with corporates who sponsor the IIM events’ merchandise and retail committee designs projects related to IIM and publicising them all over the country. Mess and infra committee plans the student’s diet in keeping with nutrition needs. For better placement, the placement committee facilitates an interface between students and corporate with the help of placement preparation committee, students get ready for placement. Students get guidance on matters such as business, employment from the professional club. The social club with its eleven units keeps in touch with people outside in different areas like education, business, employment and social awareness. In keeping with the changing needs, new clubs are added. For instance, this year there is a new club called Bikers and Riders.

Under the summer placement programme, after the completion of two semesters students go for a two-month long internship in the companies. Students are given scholarships. This year, out of 232 students of 2017-2019 batch 210 got placement. In addition to this 9 students applied for entrepreneurship. Out of the 71 firms that came for recruitment, 40 were new including Johnson and Johnson, ITC, Mario, Larsen and Toubro, Sutherland Global, Tata Steel, Hero, Volvo, SBI. Among the companies that had come earlier were Amul, Berger Paint, HPCL, Wipro, Yes Bank and Express Money. The highest offer placements were made in sales and marketing sector (103), followed by finance domain (25), operation (16), HR (14), business analysis (13), project management (12) and IT (9).The main companies were Yes Bank, ICICI Lombard, Johnson and Johnson, ITC, NMC Healthcare, and Cumming. The stipends were as follows: average stipend (about 54,000), best stipend (2 lac), average stipend of top ten percentile (about 1.21 lac), top twenty percentile average stipend (about 1 lac), top 50 percentile average stipend (about 77,000) and average stipend for international placement (about 1 lac).

How IIM-U is Helping the City Gain Global Recognition?

The alumni of IIM, Udaipur has not only impress the world with its brilliant performance but also set an example by giving up their lucrative jobs to serve the country and be with their parents. Angad Abrol, as a student of the 2013-2015 batch and an engineer from Chandigarh IIT, who was earning 35 lac annually in Sydney, Australia is running two companies in Noida. The one is a logistics company that takes online orders for moving goods. Another company is producing artificial products that are helpful in management work. The annual turnover of one company is about  2 crore. The 25 workers in the two companies get 4 to 15 lac annual salary. So much passion has Jairam Krishna, a student of the 2014-2016 batch for working on his own that he never thought of a job or going for a campus placement interview. He turned down lucrative job offers. He has founded a management consulting firm with his brother in Hyderabad. He is offering high-quality services in a safe way at a low rate in a short time. He gave up a job with a 7.5 lac package and did his MBA to master management.

A student of IIM-U, 2016-2018 batch Jaspreet Singh gave up a 12 lac annual package job in a private bank, has launched a wedding photography firm in Delhi with his three friends. His pre-wedding photography is like that of films and brings in new concepts.The firm has to refuse orders due to a rush of work. He has worked in many parts of the country. His five-member team gets 1 lac to 4.5 lac per year. Sandeep Rana, a resident of Dehradun, and Jaspreet Singh have started a new project in Bangalore. They launched a business to consumer concept to catch the taste of people but found that returns were not in keeping with the investment of time and money. Now the business is run by Ashish, an IIM-Indore student who gave up a job in a multinational company with a package of 12 lac. It is a business to business concept in which order for supply of food to companies for big events are executed. The one lac turn over company pays between 2 lac to 5 lac to its 25 employees.

Ishan Agarwal of 2015-2017 IIM-U batch who resigned a job of an international level company with a package of 12 lac has joined hands with Mridul Rajput and Mridul to buy more than 100 motorbikes that are given to tourists who go to Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurugram. Outlets have been opened in these three cities. Soon the business is to start from Banglore. Ishan is to give Harley Davidson bikes from Mumbai for which one would pay Rs. 5000 per day and for Bullet and Activa it is going to be Rs. 1200 and Rs. 400 respectively. The turnover that started from 2 lac has now shot up to 60 lac. The workers get up to 60,000 per month. Vikas Dapda of 2016-18 batch who had declined a package of 12 lac has opened a geriatric clinic in Ahmedabad with a friend and a team of ten persons. Seventy percent of the income is being given to workers as salary. Vikas plans to open a chain of hospitals all over the country. He is also offering service in IIM-U.

IIM-U proposes to run a six-week course of Stanford School of Public Police, America from 16 June to 18 July. It would cover concepts such as principles and development research and its instruments and methods, management development, practical skills and development, report writing and its presentation with data. It would touch up in the characteristics of leaders for future development and their role. It would be beneficial for those who wish to be future leaders in the academic field. The areas to be taught include Indian NGOs, potential areas of developments and current social and political challenges. There would be team comprising three persons – one student of an Indian University, one of Duke University and one young man from NGO. Each team would spend about ten days in the area of an NGO. During this period would be studied the work being done in rural areas and city slums and the needs of the community and reactions. For NGOs, a detailed project proposal would be prepared that would include an analysis of evaluation, implementation plan, budget and expenditure and profit. Participants would get certificates from IIM-U.

IIM-U keeps organizing programmes that are not only beneficial but also quite interesting. Recently, in a two-day programme about entrepreneurship, some successful management people talked about the ways in which they put their ideas into practice and became successful. The speakers included young entrepreneurs like Gaurav Mantri, Angad Abrol, Vijai Lodha, Cherry Claire, Rohit Jayaswal and Mritunjai Yadav. In another event named Leap Day Lit Fest, Manjri Prabhu talked about her literary journey while Anchal Malhotra discussed her book on partition of the country covered in Anshul More shed light on his success. Writer Sujata Massey told the audience how she studied the background context of her work.

With their brilliant performance, social concerns and awareness creating activities, IIM-U students are covering Lake City with glory.


IIM Udaipur acquires the third position in research ranking, leaves behind IIM-A!

Once again IIM Udaipur has topped the charts for us! The IIM-U has left behind IIM-A in research rankings and has made the city proud. Last year as well, IIMU got hold of the 4th position in the same domain for the period 2012-2016.

This year, IIMU has grabbed the third spot, while Indian School of Business – Hyderabad and IIM – Bangalore have taken the first two positions.

The ranking list has been released by UT Dallas’ Naveen Jindal School of Management, Texas. The ranking is based on the research contributions by the top business schools in India.  UT Dallas has formulated a list of the top 24 research journals worldwide and ranked the contributions made by each business school in terms of papers published between years 2013 to 2017.

Prof Janat Shah, Director of IIMU enlightened about the papers published by the B-School. Four papers have been published by research faculty of IIMU in the top journals, getting them an average score of 1.27, which has made them fall in the first five in the ranking.

The top ten ranking list goes as follows:

  1. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
  2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  3. Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
  4. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  5. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
  6. Indian Institute of Management, Kolkatta
  7. Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirapalli
  8. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and Institute of Rural Management Anand
  9. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  10. TA Pai Management Institute, Manipal

Have a look at the papers published by our IIMU to have knowledge of the echelon obtained by the B-school.

  • IIMU publications in A category journals: 37 papers
  • Two research projects approved each year, with an allocation of Rs 3.25 lac per project faculty
  • 12 lac given under research incentive plan
  • Travel, both national and international seminar and workshop participation
  • Guest faculty also gave research opportunities
  • IIMU publications in B category journals: 140 papers
  • Two committees to manage research priorities
  • 50% faculty allocated towards research projects

IIM Udaipur – A Quick Look at one of the Biggest Campus in India

The brand new campus of IIM Udaipur in Balicha is going to thrill everyone with its accomplishment as well fresh start in the upcoming year. The campus is exclaimed to be the largest and one of the best campuses in the Indian Education Institutions. Located outside the city, spread across 253 acres of land, the campus will be symbolic remark with the grandeur greenery, splendid construction design, and innovative architecture.


Land View

iim udaipur new campus balicha

After laying the foundation stone by education minister Smriti Irani in the year 2015, it began with the working of 1800 labours to complete the building at an allotted time. And, with its formal start, now the construction has raised on a quick note. By the results of hard work first contour is completed in which furnishings and interiors are about to finish. Divided into the three phases, as per given estimation, all the phases will be constructed at the outlay of 500 crores.


Academic Block


As per the previous location, the new campus of IIM Udaipur will also have the same facilities as of old college but with additional touch in interiors and increased amenities. The new campus has a capacity of 330 classrooms – A mini auditorium with 8 fully-equipped main classrooms that provides seating of 77 each with the large noise-proof arena. Along with that, there will be a sufficient number of faculty chambers, Placement and Administrative Offices, Library, Canteen, Gymnasium, Bloomberg laboratory, and a one of a kind Gazebo. Washrooms of the academic block will be of universal style for the comfort of those who have difficulty with the regular ones. Also, there are spaces allotted for the clubs that fill up the requirement for the same. For better convenience, Academic area and Hostel zone are joined with the highway i.e. a world class connector. And, the interesting part is that everywhere there will be the parking for cycles and the whole campus will be cycle driven for maintaining the eco-friendly environment.


Hostel Zone

iim-udaipur-new-campus-hostelBy moving to the den of students, three hostels house are framed in the campus of IIMU that will be equipped with all the required amenities like washing machines, refrigerators, water coolers, microwaves and induction ovens. Air-conditioned rooms for the single occupancy are perfect in place with large windows. And, to make the stay comfortable for differently able students, there are individual rooms in every hostel.
Hostel Complex will also have the necessary sports facilities like – Pool Table in the mess hall, Table Tennis, Small basketball and badminton courts, Volleyball ground, Mini Gym, etc. And, once you step outside the hostels, you can enjoy the breathtaking view cradled in the mountains of Aravali. Also, there are large quadrangles attached to every hostel where social events will take place. A large playground is enclosed to the hostel for cricket and football matches. The campus and hostels are meant to be fully Wi-Fi enabled, and LAN ports will also be available for the students in every hostel room.


Food Takeover

Hostels are found to be most offended regarding food. But, in IIMU facility of food is involved to be the most important for gourmets. Mess food and night canteen will be available for students to fight the hunger. As per details from the inside authorities, the food court will also come up in time along with a cafeteria. Additionally, there will be a lakeside coffee lounge and a health food café in the sports lounge.


Water, Cleanliness, and Electricity Aspect


According to the authorities, there will be five lakes inside the new campus out of which one has a capacity of 57 million litres and will always be filled with water. Rest of the four lakes will have the harvesting system. As per resources, the water harvest zone is not present in other campuses of Indian Institute of Management which is definitely a unique factor of IIM Udaipur. And, for the clean surrounding, the zero-waste facility will be concerned in coming years for utilizing Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems, vermin-composting, and biogas production. For electricity generation, later on, solar power farm will be implemented on campus.


Udaipurites!! A clean, green campus with all the desirable facilities, we guess by visualizing it on the imagination counterpart, IIM Udaipur is going to be the boom for not only Udaipur but in all over India. So, just don’t miss to see it complete in 2017 and as per information part of the campus will be operational this November.


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Arth-Samvaad 2013 concludes

The Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (IIM Udaipur) hosted its first intercollege finance symposium, Arth-Samvaad 2013 in association with YES BANK – India’s 4th largest private sector bank. The event comprised of a paper presentation challenge followed by a panel discussion with stalwarts of the Indian corporate world. The panelists deliberated on the topic “Are Indian Businesses decoupled from the rest of the world?”

Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur lighting the inaugural lamp for Arth-Samvaad 2013
Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur lighting the inaugural lamp for Arth-Samvaad 2013
Participating team from IIM Udaipur in the Presentation Challenge, topic being the theme of the event
Participating team from IIM Udaipur in the Presentation Challenge, topic being the theme of the event
Mr. Mahesh Tahilyani, Group Financial Controller, Shapoorji Palonji group, asking a question to one of the contestants of the presentation challnege as the other panelists listen on
Mr. Mahesh Tahilyani, Group Financial Controller, Shapoorji Palonji group, asking a question to one of the contestants of the presentation challnege as the other panelists listen on

The event began with the opening address given by Prof. Janat Shah, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur. He stressed on the need of increasing industry-academia partnership and the fact that it is the management students and research from institutes which should provide leadership in doing things efficiently and effectively.

As part of Fin Talks at IIMU, the finance club Finomina’s series of interactions with renowned academicians from around the world, Prof. Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, NYU and world renowned expert on corporate valuation gave his views via VC on the topic. Siding with the recoupling phenomenon, Prof. Damodaran opined that with the increasing influx of foreign capital into the country and investment into the country, Indian businesses per se were no longer decoupled from the rest of the world and were increasingly looking to foreign markets for access to technology and capital.

Mr. Nipun Mehta, delivering the Keynote address at Arth-Samvaad 2013
Mr. Nipun Mehta, delivering the Keynote address at Arth-Samvaad 2013

The Key Note Speaker for the event was Mr. Nipun Mehta, Founder & CEO, Blue Ocean Capital & Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. In his key note address Mr. Nipun Mehta talked about factors such as Easy Access to Capital, Prudent Government Policies, Intra-regional Linkages, and Quality of Institutions to be the key drivers in making India decoupled from the world and less dependent on developed economies. He envisioned a scenario 25 years hence where such discussions would center on themes like “Are Global Businesses Decoupled from India and China”.

Panel discussion at Arth-Samvaad 2013 being conducted by Abhinandan Ghosh(standing), student at IIM Udaipur. Panelists include (seated from left to right)  Deepak Doegar, CFO, GE Energy India; Mr. Manish Vora, President & Regional Head – Gujarat, Corporate & Institutional & Infra Banking ; Mr. Nitin Parekh, CFO, Cadilla Healthcare, Mr. Makarand Padalkar, CFO, Oracle Financial Services; Mr. Mahesh Taliyani, Group Financial Controller, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Prof. Ramesh Bhatt, Former Proff, IIMA and Exec. Chairman W One Management Systems
Panel discussion at Arth-Samvaad 2013 being conducted by Abhinandan Ghosh(standing), student at IIM Udaipur. Panelists include (seated from left to right) Deepak Doegar, CFO, GE Energy India; Mr. Manish Vora, President & Regional Head – Gujarat, Corporate & Institutional & Infra Banking ; Mr. Nitin Parekh, CFO, Cadilla Healthcare, Mr. Makarand Padalkar, CFO, Oracle Financial Services; Mr. Mahesh Taliyani, Group Financial Controller, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Prof. Ramesh Bhatt, Former Prof, IIMA and Exec. Chairman W One Management Systems

All the panelists got an opportunity to present their opening thoughts on the theme of the discussion. These thoughts were used as a guideline to carry the discussion further. Coming from a host of different industries, the panelists were able to introduce their various perspectives on the topic. The list of eminent panelists who were a part of the discussion included Mr. Deepak Doegar, CFO, GE Energy India, Mr. Mahesh Tahilyani, Group Financial Controller, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Mr. Nitin Parekh, CFO, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Prof. Ramesh Bhat, Former Professor, IIM Ahmedabad, Mr. Manish Vora, President & Regional Head—Gujarat, CIIB, Yes BANK and Mr. Makarand Padalkar, CFO, Oracle Financial Services. Covering a wide spectrum of industries such as Energy, Software, Construction, Pharmaceuticals and Banking, the panelists enlightened the students on the recoupling effect of Indian businesses.

IIM Udaipur Arth Samvaad 2013

The presentation challenge saw participation from the students of the top bschools in India. The finalists consisted of teams from NITIE Mumbai, IIM Shillong and IIM Udaipur. The home team, IIM Udaipur with their presentation on “Can globalization & economic de-coupling coexist?” won the presentation challenge which was evaluated and scrutinized thoroughly by the panelists. The event concluded with a question and answer session with the audience and the prize distribution ceremony.

Director Prof. Janat Shah and Keynote Speaker Mr. Nipun Mehta releasing the second issue of Finomina’s magazine, Artharth
Director Prof. Janat Shah and Keynote Speaker Mr. Nipun Mehta releasing the second issue of Finomina’s magazine, Artharth
Winners of the Presentation Challenge, team from IIM Udaipur receiving the winner’s cheque of Rs. 30,000 from the keynote speaker Mr. Nipun Mehta
Winners of the Presentation Challenge, team from IIM Udaipur receiving the winner’s cheque of Rs. 30,000 from the keynote speaker Mr. Nipun Mehta

IIMU Leap Day LitFest: Cherished from my eyes

Yesterday happened to be a day quite innovative, fresh and path-setting for the city of Udaipur. The event was the first edition of IIMU’s Leap Day LitFest ornamented by the most sold authors of the decade: Rashmi Bansal (Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect The Dots, I Have A Dream, Poor Little Rich Slum), Ashwin Sanghi (The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant, The Krishna Key) & Rajiv G. Menon (Thundergod). Being the first of its kind, it was wonderous what the fest must be like! In front of our eyes, seeing the actual life heroes of a big mass of the readers’ community felt somewhat great. The personalities: very intelligent yet simple, beautiful yet extremely down-to-earth! No doubt, they are the stars of real life. It would take a lot of ink for my pen to write down each and every detail but for the interest and entertainment of the readers, few comic and worth learning points are presented from the separate sessions of Mr. Ashwin Sanghi & Mr. Rajiv G. Menon; and that of Ms. Rashmi Bansal.

L to R Ashwin Sanghi, Rashmi Bansal, Rajiv Menon
L to R Ashwin Sanghi, Rashmi Bansal, Rajiv Menon

Session 1: 

Indian Myth and Fantasy through New Age Fiction

Panel Discussion with Mr. Ashwin Sanghi and Mr. Rajiv G. Menon

Starting with the literary discussions over the reoccurrence of Mythological Fiction in the eyes of Indian readers, Mr. Sanghi explained that there was no commercial book market at all 10 years back. Publishers either wanted prize-winning works or simply Non-fiction. He himself completed his first book in a year but it took 18 odd months to get it published. For an author, as per him, stubbornness is a must, as getting being published is far difficult than writing. Coming over the topic of Mythological fiction, both of them felt that today, there are no grandparents to tell much about our old epic & magic stories. Moreover, the youth is interested more in learning things in a concise form, so by their books, it’s an effort to present the same stories in a Repackaged form.

On the question of the topic of writing being taken from mythology or history, Mr. Sanghi gave an honest comment that sparkled the whole audience with a laughter, “More recent the story, more dangerous it will be.” As per him, such works should be written after a varied and depth research. His relating scientific theories with mythology and relating various religious stories to each other was one of the best parts. Like he said, Shiva & Vishnu are 2 sides of the same coin. Referring the Big Bang, he said that the expansion of the universe is Vishnu & thee contraction that will occur is Shiv. There were a lot more such interesting instances in the conversation and it was being made funny from time to time by the ironical remarks of the authors.

Mr. Menon, exclaimed in a light way that though the topics of their writings are vulnerable to controversies but still they don’t like their creativity to be ceased or disturbed by others.

The session ended up with Mr. Sanghi’s telling about the 2 motives of his writing, the Primary motive being to Entertain & the Secondary motive being to Educate. For the writers, he simply repeated the lines of W. Somerset Maugham:
“There are three rules of writing… and nobody knows them.”

Session 2:


Address by Ms. Rashmi Bansal

Ms. Bansal started off in a very light manner with her simple and charming smile telling about her own story, of how she picked up Arts despite the all-surrounding pressures of taking up Science and how her 40 initial articles to TOI got rejected in a flow. It was the zeal to see her name published what kept her lively and finally she got her 41st article published. She added with a smile that, “Arts students are counted as the most exploited section of the society!” But doing what brings happiness for oneself is always the best option, and that is the base of Entrepreneurship- Choosing a path unique to you!

When she entered into the IIM-A for her MBA, while doing surveys, she felt that this can be done by anyone! This is not Rashmi. And after that she went on her own ways, working in a diversity of fields, even running a magazine for 15 years that unfortunately ended up not being a successful venture. And after that, when she wrote Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, to be published only in 1000 copies for distributing to IIM students, it turned out to be a huge success and in no time, more than 100,000 copies were in the market. And the journey as a writer continued.

She stressed on becoming entrepreneurs as that as per her is what gives actual happiness. And adding to it, she said, “Start Young. Once you have a home loan, it’ll be difficult to become entrepreneurs!”  Lastly, she addressed the students that the IIM degree is a safety net rest no big qualifications are required on this way. Implement your ideas and if there are many similar to you, just find the better way of doing it.

iim udaipur lit fest 2013

The show ended with the closing words by the Director Prof. Janat Shah.
Truly, a lovely fest by the literary club Potpourrie! Warm wishes to the whole team. You really brought something new and much needed to the air of Udaipur. Thanks from the behalf of all literature lovers.


The Udaipur Leap-Day LitFest 2013



The Udaipur Leap-Day Lit Fest (ULLF) is the first-of-its-kind literary fest is being conducted by Potpourri, the Literary Society of IIM-Udaipur on February 28, 2013. The ULLF will be held on the IIMU campus and will have an eminent panel of authors discussing two central themes: ‘Indian Mythology and Fantasy through New Age Fiction’ & ‘The Future of Social Entrepreneurship in India’. The list of participating authors includes literary luminaries like Ms. Rashmi Bansal, Mr. Rajiv G. Menon and Mr. Ashwin Sanghi.

The ULLF will also have the authors interacting individually with the audience on varied topics like what led them to take up writing as a career and how life is like for an up-and-coming Indian author. The goal of the ULLF is to be a celebration of contemporary Indian writing while also promoting the love for reading and writing among business school students in the country. With this in mind, the audience for the first edition will not be limited to just students and staff from IIM Udaipur, but will also have students invited from all over Rajasthan and nearby states, local literary figures and other eminent personalities. The entire Fest will be broadcast Live over the Internet through Youtube.

The Fest aims to be the first annual event of its kind at any top B-School in the country and the organizers have hopes of having it counted amongst the preeminent literary festivals in the country over the coming years.

IIM Udaipur, which is the youngest of the 13 IIMs, has been very active in promoting events that will set it apart from the other top tier business schools. An extension of this has been the efforts of its Literary Society, Potpourri who have already conducted a number of unique events on both the local as well as inter-collegiate levels, such as the recently concluded Udaipur Amazing Race held on February 10.


LitFest - Poster


Author Biography:


Rashmi Bansal

Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. She is also the author of four bestselling books on entrepreneurship – Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream, and Poor Little Rich Slum, all of which have attained bestseller status in the country. She is the co-founder and editor of JAM (Just Another Magazine). She writes extensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship on her blog, Youth Curry.


Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin Sanghi has a B.A. (Economics) from St. Xavier’s College, and an M.B.A. (Finance) from the Yale School of Management. However, unlike other businessmen, Ashwin has managed to build a successful career as a writer of mythological fiction. He has written such bestsellers as The Rozabal Line, Krishna Key and the ever popular Chanakya’s Chant, which has continued to dominate the Indian fiction charts ever since its launch in 2010. The subjects of his works cover wide domains such as Jesus dying in Kashmir to Mauryan political intrigue.

Ashwin is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. Ashwin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and his son, Raghuvir.


Rajiv G Menon

Before setting out on a writing career, Rajiv G. Menon was an actor, occasional screenwriter, traveler and beach bum. A voracious reader since childhood, he was fascinated by stories and characters from Indian, Greek and Norse Mythology. Thundergod, the first part of his Indra trilogy was born as a result of that fascination. Being of the opinion that the mythology we know now has been written by the winning side, Rajiv feels that there can be an interesting view from the other side as well.

Rajiv lives in Bangalore and has previously made films in Tamil.


Forecast about Udaipur 2013

We have all bid a good bye to year 2012. Lot of hope and lot of wishes we accumulate in our heart & soul, but not everything come true in an expected time frame. Some are carried forward to the next year.

As we have welcomed the New Year 2013; we are ready with a new list of hopes for our city Udaipur. Some old, some new and some awaited gifts to the city all are eager to bless Udaipur to touch the new heights of development. Let’s take a look to some of the heartiest expectations of the citizens of Udaipur for this year i.e. 2013.

new year 2013

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City Infra Structure

Lake City Mall: Another feather in the crown of the Lake City is Lake City Mall. People are waiting for this Mall to get completed and its heart throbbing inauguration. The location is the main attraction of it as it is situated in the heart of the city i.e. Durga Nursesy, Ashok Nagar. Although; the mall has been opened partially as Pizza Hut and KFC have started their operations. It would spread its beauty when it would run in full swing.

Elevated Road: A survey would be conducted to build the first elevated road of Udaipur from Udiapole to Court Chouraha. The route has become one of the busiest roads of Udaipur because both City Railway Station and Bus Stand are located on this road.

Railway Over Bridge: Another most congested crossing in midst of Udaipur is Thokar Chouraha. Pratap Nagar road is the entry point to Udaipur. Vehicles from bypass usually enter through this road. Thokar is the place where thousands of employees pass through to attend their office in the industrial area. When railway crossing get closed at Rana Pratap Nagar railway station, a jam could be observed several times during the day. Citizens of Udaipur are demanding to build the railway over bridge at thokar to get rid of the problem. 

Ayad River: The River Ayad has no longer left as a river and has been converted into the city’s main drainage channel. A detail project report would be made and submitted soon to return the authentic look of Ayad as a river. This would change the face of our city.



INOX Cinema: INOX would be the second branded multiplex cinematic experience in Udaipur after PVR. As PVR is operational in Celebration Mall the INOX would get open in Lake City Mall very soon.

Titanic in Udaipur: The Titanic made in year 1912 had sunk deep into the sea during its first journey, but for sure Udaipur’s Titanic won’t sink. A ship look like three storied structure is being made in Goverdhan Sagar Lake. It would be open for public this year. The ship would be having a Hall covering 800 square feet area, an Art Gallery, a Lobby and a Garden.


Hopes from 2013

Extension of Shatabdi Express: Citizens of Udaipur now has a strong belief in their heart that this year Shatabdi Express, which runs through Delhi and Ajmer, would get an extension till Udaipur. Let’s see how their strong belief converted into a reality. Keep your fingers cross Udaipurites.

Udaipur Nagar Nigam: The Nagar Parishad Udaipur needs to be converted into Udaipur Nagar Nigam. The districts having population over 5 Million, there Municipal Council is eligible to get converted into Municipal Corporation. Yet another eligible conversion we all are seeking for Udaipur. This would enable the development of Udaipur city on a broad and wider spectrum.



Tribal University: Udaipur would be gifted with the first Tribal University of the city. The location finalization is in last stage. Recruitments of Professors, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor would take place very soon.

IIM Building: Construction of the new building of State’s first IIM would going to be start this year in Baleecha. This mega project has been allotted to Shri Vinayak Construction a firm from Ahmedabad. The project is likely to cost around 700 crores.

There is lot of treasure which is left to be explored in year 2013. The time to come would reveal the mystery and let us know what it has stored for Udaipur and the people of Udaipur. Another series of Royal Weddings, Film Shooting, Celebrity Walk Ins, Events, New places for Fun and Frolic, Plenty of Rainfall and huge opportunities in form of Foreign Tourists. This is what Udaipur is likely to have for all its year coming through. Have a Prosperous and Happy New Year 2013.  🙂


IIM Udaipur launches “Campus Connect” – A Social initiative

IIM Udaipur

Contrary to just thinking about case studies, calculating the return on investment and thinking about landing high-paying corporate jobs, IIM Udaipur students took the initiative to provide career guidance to local students, mainly from government schools. The students of class 9 and class 10, of Shikshaniketan high school were invited to the IIM campus, to spend a day and understand life in an IIM.

The program, “Campus Connect”, was organized by Prayatna, the social club of IIM Udaipur. The program was intended to inspire students and guide them to take careers which would really interest them. The purpose of the program was to motivate them to not give up their dreams and put in sincere and honest efforts to achieve.

The program began with an introductory session for the students. Each student was first asked to come onto the stage and speak about his/her self and his/her aspirations, for 2 minutes. The intention was to build confidence and break the initial ice. Most of the students came up with bright aspirations; one of them wanted to become an engineer, another, doctor, a few wanted to join the Indian Army and some wanted to get into the Civil Services.

The IIM students began their presentation about career options that were available after they completed their class 10. The presentation clearly explained the various paths which would lead them to their goal.

The session also included motivational snippets from the biography of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. His life history, highlighting the hard work and obstacles he had to face, to reach the pinnacle of success, was shared with the young minds to motivate them to think “BIG”.

IIM Udaipur – Creating tomorrow’s Leaders: The students were also explained about an MBA and life in an IIM. They were told that IIMs are the premier institutes in India which train young graduates to become efficient managers. The children were shown various motivational videos, like the success story of Govind Jaiswal – a rickshaw puller’s son, who secured All India Rank 48 in Civil Service Exam in 2006.

Then the students proceeded to participate in personality development games. The games subjected them to various situations which they might face in their daily lives. These games taught them the importance of team dynamics, especially in the world after school.

Personal Mentorship: The students of IIM Udaipur want this initiative to be fruitful, so each school student has been assigned an IIM-U Student as their mentor. They would remain in constant touch with the school students and guide them in their career in the years to come.

Prof. Shah interacting with the students

Dr. Janat Shah-The Director of IIM Udaipur expressed his happiness at such an innovative initiative, by the students of IIM Udaipur. He said “We are extremely grateful to Udaipur which has given us immense support in establishing IIM in Udaipur. We are always committed to nation building and this initiative by my students is just a step towards contributing for the wellbeing and development of Udaipur”. He advised the students to work harder in life and never give up until the goal was achieved.

The students of IIM Udaipur expressed their happiness and promised to extend this personal mentorship to many other students in and around Udaipur, to guide them in their careers and help them Dream BIG!!!


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