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Contrary to just thinking about case studies, calculating the return on investment and thinking about landing high-paying corporate jobs, IIM Udaipur students took the initiative to provide career guidance to local students, mainly from government schools. The students of class 9 and class 10, of Shikshaniketan high school were invited to the IIM campus, to spend a day and understand life in an IIM.

The program, “Campus Connect”, was organized by Prayatna, the social club of IIM Udaipur. The program was intended to inspire students and guide them to take careers which would really interest them. The purpose of the program was to motivate them to not give up their dreams and put in sincere and honest efforts to achieve.

The program began with an introductory session for the students. Each student was first asked to come onto the stage and speak about his/her self and his/her aspirations, for 2 minutes. The intention was to build confidence and break the initial ice. Most of the students came up with bright aspirations; one of them wanted to become an engineer, another, doctor, a few wanted to join the Indian Army and some wanted to get into the Civil Services.

The IIM students began their presentation about career options that were available after they completed their class 10. The presentation clearly explained the various paths which would lead them to their goal.

The session also included motivational snippets from the biography of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. His life history, highlighting the hard work and obstacles he had to face, to reach the pinnacle of success, was shared with the young minds to motivate them to think “BIG”.

IIM Udaipur – Creating tomorrow’s Leaders: The students were also explained about an MBA and life in an IIM. They were told that IIMs are the premier institutes in India which train young graduates to become efficient managers. The children were shown various motivational videos, like the success story of Govind Jaiswal – a rickshaw puller’s son, who secured All India Rank 48 in Civil Service Exam in 2006.

Then the students proceeded to participate in personality development games. The games subjected them to various situations which they might face in their daily lives. These games taught them the importance of team dynamics, especially in the world after school.

Personal Mentorship: The students of IIM Udaipur want this initiative to be fruitful, so each school student has been assigned an IIM-U Student as their mentor. They would remain in constant touch with the school students and guide them in their career in the years to come.

Prof. Shah interacting with the students

Dr. Janat Shah-The Director of IIM Udaipur expressed his happiness at such an innovative initiative, by the students of IIM Udaipur. He said “We are extremely grateful to Udaipur which has given us immense support in establishing IIM in Udaipur. We are always committed to nation building and this initiative by my students is just a step towards contributing for the wellbeing and development of Udaipur”. He advised the students to work harder in life and never give up until the goal was achieved.

The students of IIM Udaipur expressed their happiness and promised to extend this personal mentorship to many other students in and around Udaipur, to guide them in their careers and help them Dream BIG!!!


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