Do you know about this oldest juice shop in Udaipur?

Udaipur, the city of lakes is not only well-known for its alluring palaces, traditional food, scenic lakes but also for the scorching heat during summers. Almost everyone is complaining about the quivering heat. But this doesn’t stop the Udaipurites from visiting different places, hanging out with friends or going to work, does it?

As the summers in the state are moving towards its apex, there are some things that we all must make a note of. Keeping our bodies hydrated and healthy is most significant. Most of us head out to work at the peak hours of the day. While there are several ‘Nuskhas’ to safeguard ourselves from the hot spell, one foolproof plan is to gulp down a chilled glass of fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated.

There are various juice shops spread across the city, but we have found the best juice shop in the town to put an end to the summer dehydration woes.


JJ Juice corner near Ghanta Ghar.
JJ Juice corner near Ghanta Ghar.

The famous juice shop near GhantaGhar was started by Lt. Jamiatmal Jagatram Karira in the 1950s. The business started as a fruit retailer where Chikoos and other local fruits were imported from Mumbai.

Lt. Ramesh Chandra, son of Lt. Jamiatmal Jagatram Karira overtook the shop and took the business in his hands. The legacy is still running, keeping the rapport up to the mark.

In our conversation with Mr.Rakesh Karira, the current owner of the JJ Juice Corner, we learned significant things about the shop and its clientele.

The journey started with just Mosambi and Pineapple Juices in 1991. Now, with over 200 varieties of shakes, smoothies, and juices, JJ Juice Corner has always been in news for its delectable taste. Mr. Rakesh believes in innovation and has been trying every permutation and combination with the fruits and dry fruits.

The juices are made according to the client demands, fresh fruits are handpicked to get the best taste. Keeping in mind the current scenario of unhealthy eating habits, honey and dates are used to sweeten the juices which is a very thoughtful initiative taken by the owners. The current staff at JJ Juice Corner has been associated with the business from more than 20 years now.

The Juice corner has been featured in the famous travel and fashion magazine, Femina and the travel website TripAdvisor. As the shop is near the famous City Palace, it receives a great tourist attraction, majorly foreigners. Mr. Rakesh tells that Israelis are the most common customers. The bestseller Mix Fruit Juice with Dates is the favorite amongst the foreign customers, especially Israelis.

JJ Juice Corner in the famous Femina magazine.
JJ Juice Corner in the famous Femina magazine.

Everything served at JJ Juice Corner is filling and must-try.

Mix Fruit Museli Bowl
Mix Fruit Museli Bowl
Special Mango Lassi
Special Mango Lassi
Mix Fruit Shake with Dates
Mix Fruit Shake with Dates
Special Bhang Lassi
Special Bhang Lassi

Address: 85, Clock Tower, Jagdish Temple Rd, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Price Range: Rs.30 to Rs.200

Contact Number: 0294-2412465

We have tasted how super fresh juice and smoothies taste like( courtesy to JJ Juice Corner), Have you yet?


5 Things you HAVE TO TRY at Khaugali

Khaugali needs no introduction in Udaipur. It has become the new ‘Meet-up’ junction for friends, bucket list place for the foodies, and a selfie spot for the studs and divas of the town. But while you are there, one thing that remains the biggest confusion is what all should you try and from where given that there are an umpteen number of food joints all around.

Well, worry not, we have brought the absolutely new foodie bucket list for you all at Khaugali. Below are the things that may stun you or drool you. Whatever it may, make sure you DO NOT miss these 5 dishes while you are at Khaugali.

Magizza at Bhukkad


Want to have Maggi? But love pizza as well? What if I tell you that you can have both at the same time? You heard it right! Magizza is one lip-smacking combination of your favorite masala Maggi turned into a pizza with lots of cheese and veggies topped onto it. This two in one dish will surely give you the ultimate foodgasm of your life.

Price – 150

Also try – A steaming cup of hot Chocolate with it will bring an end to your dream meal, I’m telling you!


Falafel pita sandwich at Pita Ji

Falafel pita sandwich will wake your unstoppable love for Lebanese cuisine. Moreover, it’s the first street Lebanese joint which serves a bunch of finger-licking Lebanese dishes, one of which is the Falafel pita sandwich. Hummus, falafel Tikki, veggies and loads of liquid cheese filled in scrummy pita pockets will be an absolute bliss to your taste buds. They are served with Lebanese dip hummus and our very own green chutney.

Price – 89

Also try – to complete your blissful Lebanese treat, go for ‘Shahi Tukda’. This nut and rabdi filled toasties will definitely satiate your sweet tooth.


Panchratan Uttapam at Ice n Spice

All the south Indian food lovers, gather around because this one is just for you. Panchratan Uttapam is a combination of 5 different flavored Uttapams served at once. These 5 flavors include corn and cheese, onion uttapam, mix veg uttapam, onion tomato capsicum and a plain one. These are served with two types of chutney – coconut chutney and tomato chutney and a steaming hot bowl of sambhar to go with.

Price – 100

Also try – If you have any more space in your stomach, try the Rawa Masala dosa there and thank us later.


Cigar rolls at Desi Firangi

Don’t go on their simple looks, these inside-out cheese filled cigar rolls will give you a gastronomical experience that nothing else can give. These rolls are made from two simple ingredients gooey potato mix and liquid & shredded cheese. This irresistible snack is served with ketchup and green chutney.

Wanna have a sneak peek to more dishes by Desi Firangi? Click here.

Price – 120

Also try – Fruit cocktail ice cream after these rolls and you can call it a day!


Smoking poppers at Oh Crepe

Why smoke cigarettes when you can smoke desserts? As soon as you put these icy cold poppers in your mouth, you’ll emit smoke like a dragon. This smoke is not harmful so you need not to worry about that. It is actually the liquid oxygen that is added to the poppers that cause the smoke.

Price – 100 for 4 pieces


How to reach Khaugali?

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Best Winter Delicacies of Udaipur and Where to Have It

Winter season is around the corner. We might not like the harsh weather with having to carry so many heavy jackets around all day long, but one pleasure of winter that no one can deny is the scrumptious winter delicacy of Mewar. Udaipur is flooded with mouthwatering delicacies all around but you have to accept that some things simply tastes better in the winter season. And apart from that, it is said that our body engine works better in winter and the food is digested quickly. So you can have all the guilty pleasures this winter without having any regrets.

We bring to you a list of all the best winter delicacies that you should try this winter in Udaipur.

Garam Doodh (hot milk)

Source: Udaipur Mart

What’s better than the thick nutty milk topped with savory malai in a kulhad cup? This is the most loved drink of every Udaipurite in the winters.

Where – Jodhpur Misthan Bhandaar, Bapu Bazaar, Opposite Town Hall


Makki ki Raab

this authentic mouthwatering Rajasthani delight is something which can’t be resisted by anyone, especially in winters. Raab is a healthy and nutritious porridge made from corn flour, curd, and rice. It is not just healthy but gives a peculiar pleasing taste to your taste buds as well.

Where – Bapu Bazaar


Makki ke dhokle

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

This warm and comfort food of winters from Rajasthani cuisine is usually had with dal and onion salad. Loads of ghee is poured upon the dhokla to make it irresistible. Apart from Dal Baati, this is one dish which shouldn’t be missed at all.

Where – Gordhan Thal, 32, Shopping Center, City Station Road


Makki ki Papdi

Source: Ankita dabla

Deep fried papad served with either salad or spices. It is the best snack for winters when eaten fresh. Usually, it is consumed with tea.

Where – Aapni Dhaani and Shilpgram


Boiled egg

Source: youtube

Non-Vegetarian? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you at all. Eggs are an amazing source of protein which will promise you a good dose of nutrition along with a fabulous taste and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.

Where – Opposite Samor Bagh, Dudh Talai


Tomato soup

Tomato soup is not alien to anyone but at this place, the taste of the soup will remain in your mouth until you die. This exceptional tomato soup is topped up with fresh coriander leaves and pieces of dry toast which compliments it.

Where – Mayur Tomato soup opposite Woodland showroom, Bapu Bazaar



For me, winter is the best time for having desserts and why wouldn’t it be? All the luscious sweet and sizzling Rajasthani desserts will just let you have another cheat day. So here’s a quick food bucket list for all the foodies out there to try this winter season while you are in Udaipur.

You may also want to read – Best sweet shops in Udaipur

Gur Til Chikki

Source: YouTubeSource: hindustannewsnetwork

This one dessert can be called the star of the winters. It is a dessert made from sesame seeds and jaggery. Apart from being absolutely delicious, sesame seeds have some health-boosting mineral which is good for your skin and bones. It is also a rich source of protein.

Where – You can find this delicacy at any sweet shop in Udaipur during winters and while you are there don’t forget to try the peanut chikki as well.



Be it Badaam halva (almond pudding), suji halva (semolina pudding) or Gaajar ka Halwa (carrot pudding), as soon as the first warm spoon of this dish gets into your mouth, you just cannot help yourself but have at least a bowl of it.

Where – Lala Misthan Bhandar


Gaund ke laddu (Edible gum laddu)

Source: Patrika

Gaund is a heat giving edible gum extracted by the bark of a tree. This heat giving dish is heartily devoured in Udaipur during the winter season. It is usually had with a glass of milk during breakfast while some prefer to have it as a dessert after their meal.

Where – Nagda Misthan, Asthal Mandir Chouraha, Surajpole, Udaipur



Soft and sweet bread soaked in the warm chashni (sugar syrup) is all you would want this winter. This sweet dish contains the entire essence of winter in Udaipur. Maalpue has one more variation known as Rabdi ke maalpue which is made out of another sweet dish known as ‘Rabdi’.

Where – Shastri sweets, Shastri Circle, Udaipur

Where are you heading to this winter season?

Do you think we have missed something? Then mention it in the comment section below along with where is it served best in Udaipur or you can directly write to me at


You Aren’t a True Udaipurite If You Haven’t Tried These Food Items in Udaipur

In the last few years, the love for food in the city has escalated to a whole new level. One can find a foodie in every hook and corner of the city and to fulfill the hunger pangs of these foodies, every now and then some lip-smacking food items get introduced through various outlets in the city. While some are not able to allure much food lovers, some become an instant hit.

Amongst the plethora of these scrumptious food items, we have handpicked some which were able to secure a place in the minds and tummies of Udaipurites:

Potato Tornadoes at Crave Eat Repeat

If you have been noticing the UIT circle from last few months in the evening, it is generally very crowded. All the credit goes to this delectable food item. Potato tornado, twisted potato, potato twister, potato swirls, call what you may, the taste will surely stay in your mouth for quite a long time. These come in different flavors such as peri peri, lime pepper, spicy mint, garlic potato and a lot more.

Price: 70/-

Address: Lakeway Estate, 95 New Fatehpura, UIT Circle, Panchwati, Udaipur


French Fries and Frying Out Loud

What’s unique and new about French fries? After all, it can be found in almost every other café of Udaipur. But one thing that separates these fries from others is the way it is prepared and presented. Frying Out Loud is a dedicated fries outlet which serves more than 20 types of fries with different flavors, the most popular being peri peri fries, Lemon chilly fries, and cheese chili fries. The good thing is they are absolutely pocket-friendly and you can get all of them under 150 bucks.

Price: Starting from 75/-

Address: 28, Near R Kay Mall, Panchwati, Udaipur


Cone pizza at Coneeza

Picture by: Roopam Jain

Now that you are done with both potato twister and fries, reach to Coneeza which is at walking distance from both of these places. If you are one of those pizza junkies, cone pizza would just be the right thing to experiment with your taste buds. Different flavors of pizza on not your regular base but ‘soft on the insides and crunchy on the outside’ cones would be the perfect treat for you this weekend.

Price: 100/-

Address: Near U.I.T, Nazar Bagh, Panchwati, Udaipur


Cheese pull garlic Bread at Senor Swanky’s

If you are a fan of cheese garlic bread then don’t think twice and head straight to try these mouthwatering cheese pull garlic bread. This garlic bread is available in 5 different flavors.  Choose whatever you may, you won’t be disappointed and that’s for sure. While you are there try XXL Doritos, Maggi & Cheese as well. The dish will take you to Mexico and back.

Price: 150/-

Address: 168-C, Sukhadia Circle, Udaipur


Toofani Samosa at Raajwada

Not an ordinary samosa you’re thinking of. Mere one piece of this toofani samosa is enough to fill your stomach to the fullest. The filling of this huge samosa consists of pomegranate seeds, dry fruits, cottage cheese (paneer), potato mix and a lot of interesting spices. And it won’t burn a hole in your pocket at all.

Price: 35/-

Address: River Front Enterprises, Opposite Anand Plaza, Ayad Rural


Tandoori Chai at Chaifeteria

Tandoori chicken and tandoori roti is old news. Tandoori chai is the new in. Merely watching this Chai getting prepared will tempt all of your senses. This unique tea is prepared in the steaming hot kulhad which gives it the extraordinary smoky flavor that it has.

Price: 20/-

Address: Khaugalli, near Sukhadiya Circle, Panchwati


Chur Chur Naan at Ranaji

The crunchy, buttery and instant Chur Chur naan served with your favorite paneer handi or dal makhani is something which will force you every day to skip your meals and come for this scrumptious feast instead. The best thing about Chur Chur naan at Ranaji is that you’ll get to have both of them in just 60 bucks per plate. Seems like a great deal, isn’t?

Price: 60/-

Address: Khaugalli, near Sukhadiya Circle, Panchwati


Burj Khalifa Burger at Z27 Cafe

The name gives you hint enough. Burj Khalifa burger is one hell of a tall burger which will not just satiate your stomach but your eyes too. Just a look at it will make your mouth water. Trust me, the tangy and creamy sauces dripping onto the huge burger is the best sight in the world.

Price: 170/-

Address: 58 B, Behind Royal Motor, Near Sukhadiya Circle, Panchwati


It’s time to bid goodbye to those old school dishes and try something different this time. And who knows you might discover your new favorite dish in this food marathon, right?

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This 150 Year Old Sweet Shop in Udaipur Must Be in Your Checklist!

Are you a sweet tooth? Let us take you to a very famous sweet shop in Udaipur-

Lala Mishthan Bhandar

Source: Taste of City

Lala Mishthan Bhandar was started by ‘Lala Narayan Ji’ somewhere 150 years ago. Apparently, the shop has been named after him. Located near the Ghanta Ghar police station, this shop is ever crowded by people who come here to relish the authentic taste of seasonal desserts and sweets and undoubtedly the sweets are mouthwatering.

We had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Hemendra Sahu who told us about the shop. He said that Lala Ji was his grandfather. He lived for an astonishing 103 years. It is getting operated from several years ago and quite evidently it has seen the golden era of kings and queens in Udaipur. Today, this sweet shop is witnessing its fourth generation.

Must try things to try at Lala Misthan Bhandar

Gulab Jamun

Preparation of Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun at this place is one of the best things you’ll taste in the city. These soft, flavorsome and light on the palette Gulab Jamun will instantly melt in your mouth leaving heavenly sweetness behind. Best time to have Gulab Jamun is morning and evening when they are freshly prepared. With every Gulab Jamun in your mouth, you can enjoy the sight of their preparation.

Salty snacks!

Source: Laughing Colours

There are various snacks that can be found at the Lala Mishthan Bhandar. From Matri, Mathiya, Kachori, Gaathiya, to various kinds of Namkeen, the sweet shop won’t let you leave you empty-handed.

Seasonal Barfis and sweets

Seasonal Mango Barfi

They serve seasonal Barfis such as in winters Moong dal halwa, Gulab Jamun, Gaajar Halwa is in much demand, in rainy season sweets like ‘Rabdi ke maalpue’ are prepared specially to let the foodie rejoice the season, shrikhand and lassi are prepared for summers. These seasonal Barfis and sweets are great to satiate your sweet cravings. They claim that the special ‘aam ki barfi’ is something which is only available here in the entire town. Trust me! They are a delight!

Rot, Panjeeri and other types of ‘Prasad’ (offerings to God)

Jaggery Rot

Rot (रोट) is a thick chapati made up of rough wheat flour. It is fried in ‘Ghee’ and topped up with Jaggery (Gur) and hot ‘Ghee’.

This Rot is prepared every Tuesday as an offering to Lord Hanuman. People from all around the city come and buy it to offer at Lord Hanuman’s temple situated at different places in the town. It is later shared among the devotees in the form of ‘Prasad’. One cannot find this special ‘Rot’ at any other shop except ‘Lala Mishthan Bhandar’.

Not only this, they make prasad for various occasions too, like ‘Panjeeri’ is made as an offering to the Lord.

If you still haven’t visited this amazing place, it’s just the right time!

Tell us what do you like the most at Lala Misthan Bhandar in the comment section below. Share your valuable feedback with me at 


Enjoy Chur Chur Naan and Dal Makhani at Ranaji in just Rs 60

Expensive dinner and junk food have become a daily affair of people everywhere. But sometimes it becomes a bit tedious to have the same food again and again. At such times all we want is something in the middle of a proper dine and fast food and that too in affordable prices.

If you think so too then you do not have to worry at all. Ranaji presents the most scrumptious and lip-smacking dish of all time and trust me it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Chur chur naan of Ranaji assures every food fanatic that he wouldn’t leave the place disappointed ever.


Ranaji serves the all-new chur chur naan in just Rs 60 and the buttery naan will be accompanied by the tangy pickle and dal makhani which will just double the flavor of the crunchy and savory naan. A large number of Naan is available at Ranaji, some of which are cheese naan, cheese garlic naan, chur chur naan, etc. Although all the dishes are a must try the cheese garlic naan is something which is absolutely irresistible and should not be missed by any foodie out there.

Ranaji is a prominent brand in the city which is known for its scrumptious cuisine and satisfactory services since the year 2013. Ranaji has 5 eateries in the city. The first restaurant was started in 2013 at Fatehsagar. After that, Ranaji started their food truck (6 pm to 11 pm) situated at Sukhadia circle near Baskin Robins, where chur chur naan was first introduced, which is named as ‘Ranaji on wheels’. Following the food truck, a kiosk named ‘Ranaji special’ (12 pm to 5 pm) was started at Gulabbagh, then at the Choupati Bombay Market, Sukhadiya circle (12:30 pm to 12 am) and the fifth outlet is situated at Khaugali, Sukhadia circle (12:30 pm to 12 am). Few more outlets can be expected by Ranaji so as to deliver their services in the entire city.


‘Ranaji on wheels’ was started with an idea of the takeaway facility. This is why it provides freshly prepared, delicious and hygienic takeaway vegetables which can be bought desirably on a weight basis. The van covers different locations on different timings making it accessible to everyone in the town. Apart from that if you are in search of delectable Jain cuisine, then Ranaji has got that covered too. You can find Jain food at ‘Ranaji special’ near powerhouse lane, Gulab Bagh.

Apart from the chur chur naan, Ranaji has some most scrumptious dishes like paneer handi, Pindi Chana masala, paneer tikka, Mughlai seekh kabab, mushroom tikka, tandoori aloo, pineapple tikka, etc. So, are you ready to have the ultimate foodgasm of your life in absolutely pocket-friendly prices? Then visit the nearest outlet of Ranaji and have the most savory dishes of your life.


Best Chocolate delicacies in Udaipur you won’t stop drooling over

If someone asks me another synonym for ‘Heaven’, I would instantly say chocolate. No matter what the question is, the answer is definitely chocolate. Regardless of what your age is, chocolate can be your best friend anytime and anywhere. Whether you are sad, happy, celebrating, lonely this is that one thing which will always be your companion. Chocolate is widely known for its feel-good factor which is why your mood is instantly lifted as soon as you put a piece of this incredible thing in your mouth.

Enough has been said. Now without having you drool anymore, here’s the list of chocolate delicacies in Udaipur you should go for right now if you call yourself a chocolate lover.


Chocolate Avalanche at The chocolate room

After you try this one you would know why it is named after an Avalanche. Chocolate Avalanche is where different forms of chocolate are kept on one another, flavors of chocolate blasting inside your mouth giving your tongue all types of pleasure. Chocolate mousse, Chocolate brownie, pastry with Choco sauce and garnishing of a chocolate stick all in one would be pretty enough to satiate your chocolate fantasy for a long time.

Address: 14-C, Madhuban, ICICI Bank Lane, Panchwati, Udaipur


Chocolate dream sandwich at Mr. Sandwich

Melted dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Dark and white chocolate chips presented so wholly in front of you that you wouldn’t even be able to see the bread on the plate. And the first piece of this breathtakingly delicious sandwich will be your direct entry to the heaven. I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist having at least one piece of it when you see chocolate dripping from the sandwich as soon as you lift a piece of it. Chocolate inside, chocolate outside, chocolate all over, sounds dreamy much right?

Address: Vinayak Complex, Durga Nursery Road, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur


Chocolate truffle at Le Cakery

Source: Zomato

The thick layer of chocolate covering the chocolate filled pastry and chocolate dripping from the edges of it. I don’t know about you but I am here drooling just writing about it. Apart from this blissful truffle, you can try some more lip-smacking delicacies here like Chocolate donut, pie, mousse etc. You would not leave the place disappointed ever, that’s for sure.

Address: 73, Chetak Circle, City Centre, Udaipur


Heyyy Hazel at The Tick Tock Café

Nutella lovers gather around. Now, did you think that the league will miss the great ‘Nutella’? Heyyy Hazel is a shake bursting with cream and Nutella. The moment you take a sip, it would seem like Nutella is playing in your mouth and at the end of this tall glass, you will just be left craving for more.

Address: 2, Jyoti Nagar, Inside 100 Ft Road, Jain Transport Lane, Udaipur, Shobhagpura, Udaipur


Sin by goodfellas at Café Goodfellas

One thing is for sure, these names are as tantalizing as these dishes are. The best thing is kept safely in the last spot of the article. This is a perfect combination of cream, chocolate, Oreos, brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, basically everything that you can ask for. The sweet pleasure that it will give you cannot be described in words.

Address: Adarsh Complex, Gulab Bagh Rd, opposite Vishnupriya Hotel, Old City, Brahmpuri, Udaipur


Jheel’s chocolate frappe 

As a cold chocolate lover, you won’t regret ordering this tempting chocolate frappe. This frappe is really creamy, thick and heavy for sure. You can taste authentic chocolate flavours with a light foam on the top. Enjoy it with the panoramic view of the city at Jheel Ginger Cafe. 

Address: 52, Jheel Guest House, 56, Gangaur Ghat Marg, Udaipur


London Bubble co.’s choco freeze

One more super star chocolate delicacy on the way. Choco freeze is loaded with chocolate. As it is a chocolate waffle sandwich, the stuffing is so chocolaty and then topped with chocolate ice cream. Grab this amazing chocolate delicacy from London Bubble Co. and enjoy at your fullest.

Address: Shop No.6, Shreyansh Complex, 100 feet Road Corner, Ayad, Udaipur


The list is strictly for faithful chocolate lovers. Normal people should keep a safe distance from all these sinfully sweet delicacies or you will end up gaining some unapologetic calories. Did I miss any fantastic chocolate dish here? If you didn’t find your favorite chocolate delicacy above, mention it in the comment section or write to me at


The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Talk about grabbing a bite on the go, while catching a movie, during long traffic jams, or simply those cravings, Wraps, and Rolls accompany us in the best way possible! Wraps, Rolls, Shawarma, Kathi rolls, or Frankie, no matter what you call them, they are simply delicious flatbreads filled with scrumptious veggies, meat, cheese, and a variety of dressings to give your tummy that satisfying burp and of course, a smiling face.

Wraps and Rolls have become an integral part of our street-food culture and have undoubtedly gained quite an audience. Many shops have come up in Udaipur as well and we are loving the amazing varieties and innovations they have for us in store. Let’s check these places out:

1. Hello Pagan

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Overlooking Lake Swaroop Sagar and situated among the bustling crowd of the city, this shop has a variety of Rolls ranging from their famous Aloo Tikka Roll to Baby Corn, and Paneer Tikka Roll as well.

Location – 8, Pratap Marg, Near Swaroop Sagar, Udaipur

Specialty – Veg. Kathi Roll, Aloo Tikka Roll, Paneer Tikka Roll, etc.

Price range – ₹69 – 109/-

2. Biryani House

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Situated in the heart of the city, this place is famous for their non-vegetarian Rolls and you might have to wait for a while to get your hands on them, sometimes.

Location – Opp. Apaji Petrol Pump, Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Specialty – Shawarma, Chicken, Keema, Egg, and Paneer Roll

Price range – ₹90 – 140/-

3. Rooti Wrap and Rolls

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This is one of the most popular shops for some amazing Wraps. Serving a whopping 135 varieties of Wraps and Rolls, this is, without a doubt, a must-visit place.

Location – Pyau, Opp. Mohta Park, Pahadi Bus Stand, Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Specialty – Tikki Burnt Garlic Mayo, Paneer Mayo, Paneer Burnt Garlic Mayo Wrap, etc.

Price range – ₹45 – 160/-

4. Wrapstick

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This place has a good variety of Wraps, both in veg and non-veg, at really affordable rates.

Location – G-3, Arvanah Mall, Hathipole, Udaipur

Specialty – Paneer Mexicana, Bar-B-Q, Fairy, Rocket Wrap, etc.

Price range – ₹40 – 65/-

5. Chicken King

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This is a lesser known place in the city as it serves just a few varieties of Rolls but is quite popular among people who are chicken fans. Visit this place soon!

Location – Near Delhigate Circle, Opp. Sharad Medical, Udaipur

Specialty – Chicken Mumbaiya Tandoori Roll, Shawarma Roll

Price range – ₹100 – 120/-

6. Shawarma King

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This is again one of the most popular shops in the city serving delicious varieties of Wraps and Rolls at reasonable prices.

Location – Shop No. 22, City Station Road, Surajpole, Near Sadhna Hotel, Udaipur

Specialty – Shawarma Chicken Roll, Shawarma Paneer Roll, Butter Chicken Kathi Roll, etc.

Price range – ₹35 – 120/-

7. Kabab Mistri

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Situated right next to Shawarma King is this shop, making tasty Wraps and Rolls.

Location – Surajpole, Udaipur

Specialty – Chicken Tikka Roll, Paneer Tikka Roll, Chicken Seekh Kabab Roll, etc.

Price range – ₹50 – 160/-

8. Nektar

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Located in the same region, famous for their Middle Eastern food like Falafels, etc., this family happily serves a variety of dishes including mouth-watering Wraps, and various other things as well. Try them out now!

Location – KP Arcade, UIT Circle, New Fatehpura, Udaipur

Specialty – Masala Cheese, Beans, and Paneer Wraps

Price range – ₹70 – 90/-

9. Wrap’n Go

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This is a recently opened shop and serves decent varieties of Wraps at affordable rates.

Location – Opp. Saheliyon Ki Badi, Saheli Marg, Udaipur

Specialty – Paneer Wrap, Veg. Wrap, Paneer Bhurji Wrap

Price range – ₹70 – 90/-

10. Crave Eat Repeat

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Again one of the most popular shops in town, they serve a good variety of Frankies with savory sauces.

Location – 95, New Fatehpura, UIT Circle, Udaipur

Specialty – Potato Classic, Tandoori Paneer, Cheese Frankie, etc.

Price range – ₹70 -80/-

11. Chatkazz

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Amazed? Yes, this place has recently started serving Wraps as well. Check them out soon!

Location – Gumania Wala Petrol Pump, Near Miraj House, Udaipur

Specialty – Chatpata Kebab, Paneer Wrap, etc.

Price range – ₹50 – 80/-

12. Gudduz

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This is among the trendiest places in the city and serves amazing and new varieties of Wraps with names that’d make you wonder if they’re non-veg (they’re actually veg, though).

Location – Sukhadia Circle and Shobhagpura 100 ft. Road, Udaipur

Specialty – Proteiz Bhurji Wrap, Proteiz Chilli Wrap, Veg. Meat Wrap

Price range – ₹50 – 75/-

13. Roll Express

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

This shop in Ashok Nagar serves a wide variety of veg and non-veg Rolls, over 60 to be precise, and is quite popular among the residents of the area as well.

Location – Shop No. 11, Opp. Sukhadia Memorial, Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur

Specialty – Aloo, Paneer, Chaap, Chicken, Mutton Rolls

Price range – ₹30 – 160/-

14. Jumbo Vada Pav

The 14 Best Places for Wraps and Rolls in Udaipur

Don’t be shocked! This place serves yummy Frankies at really affordable prices. Try them out for yourself.

Location – University Road, Opp. A-One Garden, Udaipur

Specialty – Veg Cheese Frankie, Paneer Masala, Paneer Masala Cheese Frankie

Price range – ₹40 – 70/-

So now that you know about all the happening spots, go grab a bite at one of these places and tell us how it was in the comments section below. I would love to hear your reviews and suggestions!

Happy Eating!


Foodies Alert! KHAUGALI is finally in town

The last few days have been amazing, firstly because of the weather and then because of the opening of a much-awaited spot for all the foodies in town. You guessed it right, Khaugali kicked off its operations, last week at Sukhadia circle with something amazing in store for each and every foodie.

Inaugurated on June 21 by the honorable Mayor of Udaipur, Khaugali is a concept brought about by Mr. Akshay Tiwari, which aims at bringing a clean, hygienic, and a better eating environment for every visitor. Khaugali has 15 different shops, all serving different varieties of food. According to Akshay, they have tried not to replicate cuisines at any two shops, resulting in a diversified menu and innumerable things for us to lay our forks on!

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

Khaugali will remain open from 12-noon to midnight every day. They also have a big space for children to play and are contemplating to start live monthly performances as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the shops here:

1. Ranaji Special

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Chur-chur naan and chana masala

Seeing the increasing demand of the very popular chur-chur naan and dal makhani, Mr. Prashant Jain has decided to set-up shop in Khaugali as well. The main attractions would be, Chur-chur naan, Garlic and Cheese chur-chur naan with Paneer Haandi, Chana Masala, and other delicious dishes.

2. Aamchi Farsan

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Aamchi Farsan

Big news for all the Gujarati and Maharashtrian food lovers in the city! Aamchi Farsan will be seen serving yummy Gujarati Farsan, Khaman Dhokla, Khandvi, Patra, and Maharashtrian dishes like Misal and Usal paav, Mumbaiya bhaji paav, etc.

3. Maisamosa Tu Aloo

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Maisamosa Tu Aloo

Specializing in fusion dishes like Chettinad samosa, Momo samosa, Pizza samosa, Three Cheese samosa, Chole Kulche sandwich, Exotic Kulcha sandwich, and healthy smoothies and fruit juices, this place is a heaven for health-conscious people.

4. Shree Nath Gota Faluda

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Shree Nath Gota Faluda

This shop, as the name suggests, serves tasty, mouth-watering Faloodas, gotas, shakes, and juices.

5. Shree Nath Chat Center

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Shree Nath Chat Center

Your favorite pani puri stall at Shakti Nagar now has an all-new destination at Khaugali as well. Shree Nath pani puri center will be serving their all-time famous, Dahi puri, Sev puri, Tikkis, and delicious pani puris here.

6. Famjam

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

This is probably going to be our favorite shop at Khaugali for now. They will be serving delightful Italian dishes like Pasta, Pizza, etc. along with, Pav bhaji, Chole bhature, Ice-creams, and packed beverages.

7. Ice & Spice

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

This shop will serve South Indian dishes and parathas. (opening soon!)

8. Chaifeteria

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

With 20+ different varieties of chai (tea), Chaifeteria is here to tickle your taste buds with yummy sandwiches, mocktails, and Maska buns.

9. Tera Mera Cake – Bread N Bites

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Bread N Bites
Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Bread N Bites

After you have had all the piping hot and spicy food, you might want to give this kiosk a try! Tera Mera Cake is all set to give you a sugar-rush with their Thandai Cake, Cheese pastries, Apple pies, etc.

10. Tandoor and Roll Station

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Tandoor and Roll Station

They will be specializing in Paneer Tikka and Rolls, Potato twister, Kulhad coffee, etc.

11. Anika Eatery

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Anika Eatery

This kiosk will be serving Chinese and Indian main course cuisines.

12. Food Junction

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Food Junction

This shop will be serving Paneer Chilly, Fried rice, Noodles, and Manchurian, among other tasty Chinese dishes.

Tell us about your favorite shop at Khaugali and what you liked the most in the comments section below. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Happy Eating!


Here’s where you can get the best samosa-kachoris in Udaipur

They say, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and as foodies, we make sure we do not miss out on any. Breakfast in India comprises of a variety of dishes ranging from the sugar-infused, sweet and mellow halwa to the spicy, masala-laden, and flavorful kachoris, whose name alone is enough to make your mouth watery, isn’t it?

Out of the various distinctive varieties of breakfast across different corners of the country, samosa and kachori have made their way into every nook and cranny of Rajasthan and almost every plate at the breakfast table is unimaginable without them. Even the slightest thought of the aroma of a crispy kachori dipped in yogurt and imli (tamarind) chutney served with a glass of chai (tea) is so soothing!

There are certainly a lot of places where we have all been to and still a lot more that remain unexplored, maybe? Let’s see how many places have you visited, out of these! Have a look at some of the most popular vendors of the city:

1. JMB Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur
Mawa Kachori

One of the best places to have the ever-so-famous ‘pyaaz ki kachori’ in town. Other specialties include Khandvi, Mirchibada, Mawa Kachori, Fafda, etc. and not to forget, the pleasurable sweets and namkeen items.

Location – Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Dal ki Kachori, ₹20/- onwards for other items.

2. Rajwada

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Specialties include Jalebi, Poha, Toofaani Samosa made with dry fruits, corn, potato. We bet you won’t be able to finish one alone!

Location – Ayad Bridge, Opp. Anand Plaza, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹25/- for Toofaani Samosa.

3. Trivedi Upahaar Grah

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Famous for Jalebi, Urad ke Laddu, and other breakfast items as well.

Location – Surajpole Main Chouraha, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹15/- for Pyaaz Kachori.

4. Shri Lala Kachori

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Popular for Heeng (asafoetida) Kachori and Khaman Dhokla and probably the only shop serving Pyaaz ki Kachori at Ten Rupees.

Location – Jheeni Ret Chowk, Opp. Keematram Pesumal Shop

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa, Kachori, and Pyaaz Ki Kachori.

5. Jodhpur Misthan Bhandar

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Known for Mirchibada, Pyaaz Ki Kachori, etc.

Location – Town Hall Road, Opp. Town Hall, Udaipur

Price – ₹15/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹20/- onwards for other items.

6. Bhawani Chaat Corner

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Popular for serving Heeng Pudina (asafoetida and mint) Water with Samosa and Kachori, free of cost.

Location – Bapu Bazaar, Opp. Rani Sahiba, Udaipur

Price –  ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

7. Paliwal Restaurant

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

One of the oldest and most loved shops for kachori in town.

Location – Jagdish Mandir Road, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

8. Deepshri Nashta

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Known for its small-sized kachori and samosa, and probably the cheapest yet.

Location – UIT Puliya, Opp. Cafe Coffee Day, Daitya Magri, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for two Samosa and Kachori.

9. Indore Namkeen and Sweets

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

One of the most popular shops in town, specialties include Kachori, Samosa, Jalebi, Khandvi, etc.

Location – Panchwati, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹240/- per kilo for Khandvi and ₹320/- per kilo for Jalebi made in Desi Ghee.

10. Joshi Restaurant and Bhojanalaya

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Situated in the heart of the city, this is one of the busiest shops of Udaipur serving Kachori and Samosas.

Location – Chetak Circle, Opp. MB Government Hospital, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for all items.

11. Jain Nashta 

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Although this shop is known for its mouth-watering poha, but it also serves some of the most delicious kachori, samosa. Have you tried these over here yet?

Location – Shastri Circle, Near V-Mart, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

12. Shastri Sweets and Cold House

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This is again one of the oldest shops in the city. Apart from the tasty sweets, their specialties include Breadbada, Kachori, Samosa, Lassi (sugar-free available too!), etc.

Location – Shastri Circle Main Chouraha, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹15/- for Breadbada and Mirchibada, ₹30/- onwards for Lassi.

13. Daya Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Known for Aloobada, Kachori, Samosa, and Jain Poha!

Location – University Road, Near Eden International School, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa, Kachori and Jain Poha, ₹15/- for other items.

14. Mateshwari Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This place although doesn’t serve samosa and kachori yet, but it is very popular for aloobada and breadbada. It is a must-visit place!

Location – Outside Fateh School, Surajpole, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for two Aloobada, ₹10/- for Breadbada.

15. Harish Bhai Samose Wale

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This guy stands at Surajpole with a small cart every evening from 4 pm, making samosas that sell like hot cakes within minutes.

Location – Surajpole, Opp. Amrit Namkeen, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for two Samosa.

16. Shyam Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Location – Ashwani Bazaar, Near Mosque, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Kachori.

17. Rama Kachori

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This ‘kachori-wala’ from St. Paul’s needs no introduction and is widely popular among the students of the school as well as whole Bhopalpura. You must definitely try this place out!

Location – Outside St. Paul’s School, Bhopalpura, Udaipur

Price – ₹5/- for all items.

18. Yaadgaar Restaurant

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Location – Sindhi Bazaar, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

How many of these places have you ticked off from your list yet?

Tell us about your favorite places in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Happy Eating!