Udaipur: Ideal for OTT Platforms and Television Industry

Frida Giannini once said, “Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.” And that’s where we live, Udaipur, Venice of the East! It sometimes really does feel like being in an unrealistic world when you’re in the City of Lakes. For a good reason, Udaipur becomes a choice for so many filmmakers or ‘fictional storytellers’ over and over again.

Hollywood, as well as Indian film producers, adore Udaipur, so many movies have been shot here.

Despite this, the city has also been an ideal location for OTT platforms and T.V. channels lately. So many series, daily soaps and T.V. shows have been shot here too. To know about them you might have to use your fingers to scroll a bit.

1. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai
Source: hotstar

The longest running show in the television industry’s history had its whole storyline originating from this very city, Udaipur. From introduction shots to Gangaur Pooja scenes have been shot near Pichola Lake of Udaipur. Even according to the storyline of the show, families of the main characters ‘Akshara and Naitik’ , used to reside in Udaipur itself.

Source: hotstar

Although it’s been so many years and after various plot twists, the show has come up with new characters. Hence, shooting has been done here recently. And the cast & crew loved to shoot here.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

diya aur baati hum
Source: hotstar

This show had our very own Rajasthani actress, Neelu Vaghela casted as “Bhabho” in it. Although Diya Aur Baati hum was portrayed in Pushkar. But when the show came to an end, makers chose Udaipur as the ideal location.

Most important and final scenes of the show when main characters ‘Sooraj and Sandhya’ died have been shot near Jaisamand Lake and Jagdish Chowk.
People of the city were overwhelmed to see the shooting as daily soaps usually have different impacts on emotions.

Four More Shots Season-2

four more shots
Source: xyz

The show received a lot of admiration and appreciation in the first season for its women-centric unconventional theme and was a visual treat to all. Although in Season-2, Udaipur brought Four More Shots Please! closer to its home and also gave the show the component of its history, culture, scenic locations and the Rajput-era palaces.

Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu
Source: voot

The show which brought one of the most controversial topic upfront, “Child Marriage” of Rajasthan itself. Balika vadhu gained a lot of TRP when it was started with the story of a typical Rajasthani Family. Although mostly shooting was done in different parts of Rajasthan. Udaipur also came into the range for some scenes to be shot. The show also had audience-awed Siddharth Shukla in lead.

The Jewel in the Crown

the jewel in the crown
Source: wikipedia

The Jewel in the Crown is a 1984 British television serial about the final days of the British Raj in India during and after World War II, based upon a novel. The scenes of the Nawab of Mirat’s palace were filmed at Lake Palace in Udaipur. Besides all the Mirat scenes, Udaipur was also the location for Mayapore and some Pankot scenes.

Skater Girl

skater girl
Source: netflix

The set of this Netflix (an OTT platform) movie was in Khempur, a village about 50 kms away from Rajasthan’s Udaipur. The same way that skateboarding changes the life of a girl in the movie, and the park is changing the lives of many other children in the village.

The shooting of the movie wrapped in 2019 and since then, Desert Dolphin Skate Park has been the ground for training hundreds of village children to skate for free.

Overall, it is abundantly clear that Udaipur overcame favoritism and will continue to do so. Online platforms, the television industry, or the film industry don’t matter; the city lives rent-free in their hearts. And we always feel incredibly excited & happy to welcome the cast & crew!


Places to Visit

Did you know why Sajjangarh Fort is also known as Monsoon Palace?

The “Territory of the Ruling Elites” Rajasthan, is known for its numerous magnificent forts and palaces. Sajjangarh Palace, however, is a truly amazing structure & an example for the same. It was built by the 72nd ruler of the Mewar dynasty, “Maharana Sajjan Singh” at a height of 3100 feet. Sajjangarh is how it came to be known.

monsoon palace
Source : japjitravel

Although Udaipur is known as the “City of Lakes” it also has a large number of magnificent castles. And Sajjangarh comes at the first place.

However, you may also know it by the name Monsoon Palace. Nevertheless, very few people are aware of the origins of this title. Let us tell you about the entire instance which led this to happen.

History Behind the Name

A visionary leader, Maharana Sajjan Singh is credited as being the “Builder” of the palace. He carried out numerous developmental projects, such as expanding the infrastructure for roads, water supply, and other civil work. He also instituted civil administration and courts. His reign (1874–1884) lasted just 10 years.

sajjan singh ji
Maharana Sajjan Singh Ji
Source: wordpress

But his largest undertaking was the construction of the Sajjan Garh Palace, or the Monsoon Palace. It was planned to serve as the western backdrop to the city of Udaipur.

Initially a nine-storey complex was envisioned by Maharana Sajjan Singh Ji. It was planned to serve as an “astronomical center” and to track monsoon clouds. Moreover to accommodate as a family resort too.

But before he could complete the fort, fate made him meet the untimely death.

Hence Maharana Fateh Singh Ji, successor of the clan, took the pain on his shoulders for the completion of the complex. Nonetheless he succeeded in making the project possible.

maharana fateh singh ji
Maharana Fateh Singh Ji
Source: wikiwand

Moreover Fateh Singh Ji occupied the building for watching monsoon clouds and hence the name – “Monsoon Palace”. The royal family also used it as a hunting lodge.

maharana fateh singh ji going for hunt
Source: clevelandart

Some Interesting facts

  • Monsoon palace is best visited during the monsoon season to see the clouds, endless hills of greenery, and a few light showers. As it is situated at the top to give a wider view & heavenly feeling of being surrounded by clouds.
  • You can see a beautiful sunset as well, but you must be at the palace when it happens.
  • You get the view of three beautiful lakes at once, Fateh Sagar, Pichola, and Swaroop Sagar which is breathtaking.
  • The palace has featured the filming of several Bollywood and Hollywood productions, including Octopussy, Cheetah Girl, Dhamaal and Hum Hai Raahi Pyar Ke. The palace appears as the home of the main antagonist, an exiled Afghan prince by the name of Kamal Khan, in the James Bond film Octopussy (Louise Jourdan).
monsoon palace
View From Monsoon Place
Source: udaipurbeats

The most loved Monsoon Season is about to end and it would be the best opportunity to visit the palace. Don’t wait, make a plan and step out before it’s too late!


Places to Visit

Best Cycling Spots in Udaipur

Everyone knows Udaipur is renowned for its unmatched beauty and vibrant culture. While being in this city you might have numerous experiences which you surely won’t forget.

And a Cycle Tour is one of them! It is the ideal combination of adventure and culture. It captivates you with the city’s rich beauty and simplicity.

The rides here are exciting yet serene, most with the view of lushly green Aravali range on the other side. Here are some cycling spot suggestions for you to enjoy!

Fateh Sagar lake

fateh sagar
Source : tripoto

Fateh Sagar lake is considered to be the heart of the city. And hence it has the most beautiful sunrise and sunset sceneries. Additionally it’s the best and most accessible spot for cycling. Preferably mornings are perfect to go on a ride because evenings are a bit rushy here. You can easily rent a bicycle here with very affordable charges.

Dudh Talai

dudh talai
Source : tripadvisor

On the Dudh Talai path, cycling is at its best with a whimsical view of Aravali hills and palaces built in the lake. There’s a way which is covered with immense greenery. You can go a long ride through that road covered up with foliage all the way round.

Badi Lake

cycling on badi lake
Source: travelindiadestinations

The Badi lake is situated away from the city rush. You must stop at this breathtaking location. You won’t be let down because this is a mesmerizing site. A perfect combination of hills on one side and a lake on the other allows you to have a memorable cycling experience here.

Rani Road

rani road
Source : tripadvisor

To have a completely bewildering getaway you shouldn’t miss cycling by Rani road. It is literally overwhelming to be here as it has the most prestigious views and lake by the other side. It would be undeniable to say it’s one of the go-to cycling spots for most of the locals and tourists.

 Udaipur Countryside

udaipur cycling
Source: thrillophilia

As we are all aware, villages are the first thing that come to mind when seeking peace. The countryside is undoubtedly the best cure for that and you can enjoy connecting with rural people and lifestyle. Then it’s possible that you’d like to go biking there. You can travel the entire way through the countryside near Badi starting from Shilpgram. You won’t be disappointed, we bet.

It is guaranteed that cycling in Udaipur would be one of your best mild escapades. There are even bike ride packages available and offered at various sites and agencies. You can book your rides from there. Else you can rent a bike and could go to these astounding sites on your own.


Why do Gujaratis Love to Come to Udaipur?

We know who to welcome to the City of Lakes whenever we see a GJ written on a vehicle! Yes, we are talking about neighbors and the most prominent guests of Udaipur, the Gujaratis. Their contributions to the city’s tourism and hospitality industry have always been valued. Also, their love for the city is huge, and you can see the obvious reasons below!

Beautiful Views

udaipur views
Source: tripsavvy

Discussions of Udaipur’s immense magnificence and allure take place not just in India but also around the world. These days, the city is undoubtedly on everyone’s must-travel list! But more often than not, the name of the city recurs in Gujarati diaries. We assume that they will be forever overwhelmed by the stunning lakes, landscapes, and Aravali Hills. And that’s why they find it difficult to resist coming here for just one weekend every month or two.


udaipur-ahemdabad distance
Source: statesindays

When it comes to the distance between Gujarat and Udaipur, that is absolutely minimum. Ahmedabad is only 262 kilometers and approx 5 hours away. People can come here much more easily because it is the closest location. Like that they save much of the traveling expenses too. That’s why most of the people end up spending any small vacay they get in Udaipur.


Source: wordpress

The eateries in Udaipur are very scrumptious as well as pocket-friendly and people of Gujarat are foodies. There are a tonne of bazaars in the city as well. And people can easily track down things with viable prices there. One would undoubtedly adore gathering souvenirs to remember their visit.

clubs in udaipur
Source: udaipurian

Well, even Udaipur has a thriving nightlife these days. If you know what you know, that is a bit of a difficult thing to happen in Gujarat. And who would want to give up the opportunity to experience it in the most accessible and affordable city?

One can Even Reach By Road

udaipur gujarat road
Source: epcworld

The idea of planning a road trip could be well executed if Gujaratis decide to come to Udaipur for it. This is because of less distance and accessibility. Even the scenic views near the city would give anyone Bollywood-like road trip feels throughout.

Places to visit near Udaipur are a Cherry on the Cake

Source: udaipurian

The city of lakes doesn’t just behold beauty in itself but at its outskirts as well. There are several natural places around Udaipur which turn into complete heaven during the on-going monsoon. And who would want to miss the sight of and ultimately Gujaratis get attracted to it.

Source: nathadwarablog

Moreover many temples are also located near the city. One of the most famous temples is in Nathdwara of ShriNathji, pratiroop of Lord Krishna. People of Gujarat and Mewar specifically hold immense faith in this sacred place. One feels overwhelmed to visit there seeking the blessings from Thakur ji. 

Well Gujaratis and their obsession to keep coming to Udaipur makes us gratified. We love to be hospitable to them and as an Indian we’ve always been taught “Atithi-Devo-Bhava”. It means guests are the replicas of Godly figures.

Nonetheless it is assured that this ‘love-storiyan’ won’t ruin anything, rather it’d help the tourism and hospitality industry grow more!


History and Culture Places to Visit

Fateh Sagar you Know, Facts Behind you Don’t

India accommodates 128 lakes, of which five most beautiful lakes are situated in the City of Lakes, Udaipur. And whether we talk about Udaipur’s heart or what makes it so amusing, it’s the lakes.

Fateh sagar sunset
Source: pickyourtrail

But when it comes to everybody’s favourite one, Fateh Sagar will certainly receive all the votes. It is the most loved site among both locals and visitors. The lake is adored because of its scenery and sunsets which never fail to impress. Although this place has also a great history glued with itself.

The name of the lake Fateh Sagar was coined after Maharana Fateh Singh Ji , but few are aware of its earlier origins. Let’s explore the stories below to discover the facts.

Initially Constructed in 1678AD

Fateh Sagar Lake was formerly constructed by Maharana Jai Singh Ji in 1678 AD. But due to heavy floods during the reign of Maharana Bhim Singh Ji, the earthen bund which formed the lake was washed away. Hence approximately 200 years later, Maharana Fateh Singh Ji bore the responsibility on his shoulders and rebuilt it.

Maharana Jai Singh Ji
Maharana Jai Singh Ji (1653 -1698AD) Source: indianrajputs

Formerly Known as Devali-Ka-Talaab

It is yet another lesser-known fact that the lake was known as Devali ka Talab. Constructed in 1680 by Maharana Jai Singh Ji, it was situated 1.5 miles away from Udaipur. It was built near the village Devali and hence was named after it.

Connaught Dam Enlarged to Fateh Sagar Lake

Earlier in the 1670s the dam near Devali Lake wasn’t built too high. And in 1889, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, the third son of Queen Victoria, visited Udaipur. So to commemorate his visit, Maharana Fateh Singh Ji decided to raise the pal (dam) of Devali-ka-Talaab by 20 feet.

Old Fateh Sagar
Source: udaipurtimes

The Duke laid the foundation of the dam with the fortune to put the first brick. The Fateh Sagar Ki Pal, you know now, was given the name of “Connaught Bandh” after him.

Duke of Connaught
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught
Source: pinterest
Maharana Fateh Singh Ji
Maharana Fateh Singh Ji (1849-1930)   Source: wikipedia

Later in return the Prince suggested that the Devali-Ka-Talaab which was an enlarged and restored water reservoir, be called “Fateh Sagar”. Hence the lake was renamed after Maharana Fateh Singh Ji.

Engineer Thomson also proposed the canal that would link Pichola with Fateh Sagar, which became a reality once the height of pal was raised.

A Fun Fact :

  • In 1898, on the occasion of Hariyali Amavasya, Chawdi Rani along with Maharana Fateh Singh Ji went to see the overflowing Fateh Sagar.
    They were so happy to watch it and hence announced a fair to be organised on Hariyali Amavasya every year.
    Maharani also asked Rana Ji to keep a separate day just for the ladies. And that’s how we all enjoy the most delightful fair with joy.
Old Fateh Sagar
Source: udaipurtimes

Although it’s been more than a century to that and every Udaipurite still awaits & gets excited the same to see the overflowing Fatehsagar every Monsoon. Same goes with this year. We are eagerly waiting for that to happen.

Places to Visit

Rama : A Village Tucked Away in the Lap of Nature

It will not be disputed to say that Udaipur is a treasure trove of nearby attractions. It always allows you to discover a new location. And if you’re a wanderer, you might be tempted to look for something entirely different each time you step a foot out.

Well, there’s a village named Rama, situated in the foothills of Eklingji. It is surrounded & blessed by immense greenery. If calmness is what you seek, then the cosmos has a new remedy ready. And you might want to avoid skipping out on coming here for a fun weekend. Let us make you a little more aware of facts related to it.

rama village
Source: eagelwanderers
rama thikana
Source: eagelwanderers

History & Origination

  • In the mid 17th century , Shree Umed Singh Ji Jhala came to Rama and became the first Thakur Saheb of Rama. He came from Kotdi thikana and the Kotdi family belonged to Badi Sadri.
  • Shree Umed Singh Ji and the Rajrana of Delwara Shree Kalyan Singh Ji 2nd had good relations. He used to consider him as a younger brother. That’s why Rajrana gave the fort of Rama to him.
  • Later Shree Umed Singh Ji called his brother Shree Moad Singh Ji of Delwara also to Rama as well and since then both of the families and its generations are living in Rama.

    coat of arms , rama
    Source : eagelwanderers
rama village
Source : eagelwanderers
  • At that time Rama was just a jungle and only Aadivasis used to live there. Also during that time Rama’s fort served as Delwara Royal Family’s farm house.
  • When the time came to mention thikanas into the history , at that time Rama was struggling with establishing itself. And because of lesser resources it was left behind and very few people came to know about this village.


Due to its lesser-known prestige, this village has many undiscovered attractions, each of which has a unique backstory.

1. Temple in Baghela Talab

baghela talab
Source : eagelwanderers
  • There’s a pond which is known as Baghela which was built by Maharana Mokal in the name of his brother ‘Bagh Singh’.
  • And it is said that where the pond is located, there used to be a small colony and a temple which got submerged into the water when the pond was made.
  • Although, the remains of the temple can still be seen, which is half-drowned into the water.

2. 2000-3000 Old Adbudji Jain temple

adbudji temple
Source : apnisanskriti
adbudji temple
Source : apnisanskriti
  • The history of the temple is thought to have started in the fifteenth century. The temple, which is devoted to Lord Shantinath, is said to have been built during the rule of Rana Kumbha.
  • The temple was given its name Adbhut or Adibudji because of its magnificent idol. The 9-foot-tall temple idol is what draws the devotees.
  • This Jain temple, which is partially built on a rock, is also known as Padmavati-Mandir. A Parsvanatha shrine is located in the main sanctum.
  • The temple has a solemn Mula-Prasada, a lofty central Shikhar decorated with Anga-Sikharas, and a domed maapa with projecting porches. Three sanctuaries can be found inside the temple.

3. The First Capital of Mewar and Sahastra-Bahu Temple

Saas Bahu temple
Source: andbeyond
  • The place where Rama was established use to be called Nagda. It served as the Mewar rulers’ initial capital. It was founded by the Fourth Mewar King, Nagaditya, in the 6th century and has since drawn tourists from all over the world.
  • A well-known Lord Vishnu temple from the 10th century, also known as the “Sahastra Bahu Temple” is located nearby (famously known as Saas-Bahu Temple).

Some Fun Facts

abandones tractor
Source : vishwavandita
  • A tractor has been stranded in the village for a very long period now. And over the time, it evolved into a vintage and rustic look. Now, a lot of people are willing to offer lakhs for it.
sona leja re chandi leja re
Source : shemaroo
  • A famous bollywood song : “Sona Laija Re Chandi Laija Re ” featuring Dharmendra and Aasha Parekh was shot near Baghela Talab.

Despite the fact that this village has garnered less attention over time. Now that you are aware of it, why not plan out and go to this serene village. You will undoubtedly have overwhelming experience with a great amount of peace.


7 People Born in Udaipur Making Us All Proud

Udaipur has always been fortunate to have many talented people, whether it be in dancing, music, sports, or others. And they’ve been constantly making the natives of the city feel privileged and proud.

Although, you might not know about these Udaipur-borns who are shining all over India and even the world, mentioned in this article. So let us make you meet them.

Shivani Paliwal Representing India in Global Pop-Group, Now United

With the encouragement from her family, Shivani Paliwal has been developing her dancing abilities since age three. From performing across Udaipur to rocking stages all over the globe, she has come a long way.

Shivani Paliwal on stage
Source: Twitter

She has studied from Alok Senior Sec. School, Udaipur. She is a trained dancer under renowned Bollywood choreographer: Rajeev Surti, founder of Rajeev Surti Dance Factory

Back in 2017, she got selected by auditioning in Mumbai and later was called for final selections in LA. Since then, she’s part of the well known Pop-Group: NOW UNITED, aspiring to unite people culturally with dance & music.

Moreover she’s been constantly onto world tours making music videos along with other 17 members, each representing different nationalities around the world. She even tapped into rapping recently. And we’re pretty sure she’s going to rock further also with her versatility.

Suhani Shah- Famous Youtuber & Magician, Holding Guinness Book of World Record since the age of 7

Suhani Shah has made a mark in the realm of content creation, where individuals from every genre have been able to find an audience.

Suhani shah
Source: hindihubs

She is a mentalist, illusionist, and magician who has become incredibly well-known online. She has 1.97 million YouTube subscribers and 558K Instagram followers.

She was born in Udaipur. At the age of seven she got a spot into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the World’s Youngest Magician. Moreover she has done over thousands of shows till now all over the globe. Had been into several TEDx Talks too.

Looking at her, making everyone wonder with her astounding tricks it could be concluded how far she is going to go.

Nakuul Mehta Adored for his presence in Daily Soaps & Web Series

Many of us have seen Nakuul Mehta on our T.V screens playing roles in famous serials of Star Plus & Sony. He’s also been in the web series ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ on Zee5.

nakuul mehta
Source: indiatvnews

Apart from this he has been into modeling, various series, reality shows, short films and movies also. He got nominated, praised and awarded many times for making a great presence in the Industry.

And by that we can clearly say he is going to embed more milestones in the crown of his career.

Bhakti Sharma a Record Maker Mermaid soon to have a Biopic

Bhakti has always been the apple of her mother’s eye, Leena Sharma. She has consistently given Bhakti complete support throughout her swimming career. She has been successful in breaking records in this way.

Bhakti Sharma on TEDxTalks
Source: Twitter

Her training was started when she was just two and a half years old, by her mother. Sooner or later she kept winning various state and national-level competitions as an early teenager.

She has conquered all Five of the oceans of the world as a Swimmer. In 2008, Leena and Bhakti Sharma became the first Mother-Daughter duo to cross the English Channel, known as the Mount Everest of Swimming. Also she has spoken over many platforms such as TEDxTalks , IIT Kanpur & Vodafone Zonathon.

Moreover achievements kept adding up with her willpower being the weapon. And everything about her journey became so motivating that’s why now it’s going to be featured by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series as Bhakti’s biopic.

Although Kiara Advani is the top contender for the upcoming film, whose casting is being discussed. Well everyone would love to see Udaipur’s pride journey being screened all over India and world.

Rubika Liyaquat a Famous Journalist & Anchor, ABP News

Rubika is popular among Indian Audience for her persuasive skills and anchoring approach. She’s a Journalist and hosts popular primetime show “Master Stroke” on ABP news.

Rubika Liyaquat
Source: wikibio

While being in eleventh class Rubika decided to make her career into Journalism. She completed her studies from St. Gregorios Senior Sec. School, Udaipur she went for a Bachelor’s in Mass Media and Journalism in Mumbai.

She continued to work with numerous news stations, including News24, Zee News, and the current ABP News Network, as her passion for the media sector waned.

In 2019, added her name to the list of journalists who have interviewed PM Narendra Modi.

And that’s how she will keep being an inspiration to many women like her aspiring to be in this field.

Gaurvi Singhvi Being Youngest Swimmer in the World Crossing English Channel

Hailing from Udaipur, Gaurvi being an enthusiastic swimmer has constantly taken part in various swimming competitions from a very young age. She has been into various events & shows by  TEDxTalks , FICCI , CII & many more. Has also been awarded by Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar.

Gaurvi Singhvi
Source :

She has done her part education in DPS, Udaipur & currently graduating from Stanford University, California. Started her journey from competing on the state and national levels for Rajasthan. She did, however, began her open water swimming career by partaking in and winning a 1-kilometer event in Udaipur.

At the age of 16, she made a record by crossing the English Channel which was the toughest challenge that took 13 hours and 26 minutes , on 23rd August, 2019. That’s how she became the youngest to make such a record.

Although, she looks forward to keep adding more feathers to her cap. And the way of manifesting her name by making us proud is amusing!

Surabhi Prabhu Making a Mark in Tollywood Industry

Surabhi has been primarily making her appearance in Telugu Films and modeling. She has also endorsed various brands through print ads and T.V. commercials. Have also worked in the famous show CID too.

Surabhi Prabhu
Source: filmbeat

Brought forth in Udaipur, Surabhi got ‘Prabhu’ in her name when she chose her father’s name Prabhu over surname which is ‘Purohit’.

Famous Director Ashutosh Gowarekar of movies like Lagaan approached her in his show ‘Everest’ telecasted on Star Plus.
She has also done ads for some famous brands like Pepe Jeans , Reliance, Pepsi (Mauritius) and Damas Jewelry (Dubai). Keeping up with her struggle she has achieved a lot with her skills which is commendable.

Nonetheless all of them are surely going to flourish and achieve miles in their respective fields with the amount of praise & support they receive from their admirers and fans.

History and Culture

Discover the History & Meaning behind Very Popular Greeting ‘Khamma Ghani’

‘Khamma Ghani’,  just two terms but with a historical connotation. Many people are either aware or unaware of the meaning tied with greeting Khamma Ghani.

Just about most of the time, we may run into someone who will ask about the meaning of these terms.

The widely held belief is that Ghani means many and Khamma implies ‘Kshama’ or forgiveness. So why do we use it as a greeting?

History embedded with Bravery of ‘Khumans’

According to geo-heritage consultant and author Pushpendra Singh Ranawat, the first Guhilot king of Chittorgarh, Mewar, Rawal Kaalbhojaditya (735-753 AD), successfully repelled Arab invaders to the west of Sindh.


bappa rawal
Bappa Rawal Source: quora

Kaalbhojaditya received the honorific title “Bappa Rawal” for defending the ancient Indian culture against the invaders.

“Bappa Rawal’s successor Rawal Khuman I (753-773 AD) successfully repelled numerous Arab attacks on the western frontier of Greater India”, claims Ranawat.

Source: legendsofmewar

Rawal Khuman II (828–853) bravely carried out this mission and defeated the Abbasid Caliph army led by Al-Ma’mun in 24 major engagements, as well as a combined force of 40 Hindu Kings.

Source : legendsofmewar

Similarly, Rawal Khuman III (878–912) did a courageous job of safeguarding the local livelihood.

Khumann-III Source: eternalmewar

“Bappa Rawal and the three Rawal : Khumans, served the country for more than a century, after which Hindustan (India) witnessed a period of tranquility & prosperity for over three hundred years, up to 1000 AD”, Ranawat continues to claim with pride.

Evolution of the Greeting

In order to honor Rawal’s ‘Khumans’, the phrase “Ghani-Ghani Khamma”, which means “Many-Many Khumans” or “May we be blessed with many Khumans”, became popular.

It started with variations such as Ghani-Khamma, Khamma-Ghani, Khumana-ra-kunwar ne ghani khamma, etc.

However, that colloquial version of Khamma Ghani related to forgiveness, was solicited in advance, in case one’s words or actions caused another to feel offended.

Khamma Ghani
Source: aditigoyal.pinterest

Today, it has been modified to imply “many greetings” or “many blessings”, and it is frequently used as a greeting or a welcome.

In Rajasthani, the word for “hello” is “Khamma Ghani” and if you are an older person, you should reply with “Ghani Khamma” or just “Khamma.”

So if next time someone asks the meaning you’ll be all Shakespeare about it!



A Social-Entrepreneur From Udaipur Who Makes New Shoes out of Old Ones!

There are various easy ways for practicing social work, one can visit the orphanage or an old age home but some people refuse to limit themselves to the fundamentals. Like this, following the unconventional methods of social work, a social entrepreneur from Udaipur has created new parameters for the same.

Shriyans Bhandari
Source: localsamosa

This article revolves around the initiative of Shriyans Bhandari, an author and the co-founder of Greensole. Currently based in Mumbai, he was born and raised in Udaipur. He recycles used shoes and provides them to those in need alongside co-founder Ramesh Dhami.

Inspiration Behind Greensole

Regular athletes Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami used to run through three-four pair of shoes a year, they grew more conscious of the waste they were incurring and took the call to do something. They looked for the ways to repurpose and recycle unwanted footwear which would’ve ended up in the landfills and provide those to the less fortunate.

Shriyans in factory
Source: faces.grantthorton

Thus, Greensole was born in December 2013. In an interview Bhandari recalled, “Every foot should have footwear, thanks to the vision. The goal was to aid in closing the nation’s social, economic, and environmental gaps”.

How did Greensole commence its working?

  • They began to put shoe donation bins in colleges and schools and enlisted the aid of running organizations. 
  • They were able to establish a production facility for their recycled shoes with the aid of financial gifts, first from friends and family and subsequently from business partners.
Shriyans donating shoes
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  • The founders really started with a pair of shoes they already had, transforming worn-out shoes into comfortable, modern slippers for daily wear.
  • Since then, the project has advanced significantly; they have recycled and donated close to 10,000 pairs of shoes.

Badges on Greensole’s Shoulders

  • The team once received a letter from Former President Barack Obama, which they found to be one of their most memorable experiences.
shriyans and ramesh
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  • Shriyans’s Foundation is getting recognition worldwide. He has been called into TEDxYouth@WASO, a TEDx event that was independently organized and held in April 2016 at Wellington Academy in Dubai Silicon Oasis.
  • Greensole was highlighted on the renowned History TV programme, OMG! YEH MERA INDIA, hosted by Krishna, a well-known comedian. This occurred as a result of the initiator’s brilliant idea.
  • Shriyans and Ramesh also held their names the FORBES Under 30 Under Asia.
  • Foundation has been appreciated by Ratan Tata himself.
  • They have been IAN Global Startup Finalists 2018.
  • Shriyans received appraisal from Inspiria Knowledge Campus as Inspirational Young Entrepreneur of Modern India.

How can you contribute?

Donate the shoes which are out of use! You can send your shoes by courier to the respective address. Although Greensole welcomes shoes in any size, they do ask that you not give them any that have heels. As an alternative, you can purchase a pair of shoes from Greensole online.

Despite how trite it may sound, Greensole shows that all it takes is one person, one good idea and a lot of will power to make a difference for others. “Observe” is what Shriyans suggests. And considering small issues and solutions is the best we can do. We must all return to our individual issues, work to resolve them, and then scale the solution such that it works for everyone.

For connecting with and knowing more about Greensole you can check their website –



Breaking the Stereotype: 5 Pocket-friendly finds from Old City, Udaipur

Old city streets of Udaipur have been a boon for those who love collecting local trinkets. Moreover, it is the best for them who wish to take them home as a memory of this culturally amusing excursion. And when shopping at reasonable prices is your thing, you’re utilizing your time wisely for reading this article.

‘Old City souvenirs are way too expensive!’ This is what many of the locals assume. You must have heard this too. But surprisingly, that is absolutely not true.

If you ever roam around thoroughly for a day or two you will find things that won’t make a big dent in your wallet! You just need a keen sense for finding the right items and a willingness to negotiate and there you go!

Let us guide you to find some pretty things that are missing in your closet for no good reason.

1. Mojris & Juttis, Mochiwada

Mojris from Udaipur
Source: Udaipurian

If you are utterly in love with traditional footwear, the remedy is to be on one of the streets called Mochiwada Bazaar. You will discover juttis and mojris that have been exquisitely fashioned by their hands, waiting to be yours. And they are just very eco-friendly for your pockets; pun intended.
Mojris are a must-buy item in Udaipur and available in a multiple of styles, textures, and embroidery. Also, they make lovely footwear that look fantastic when paired with exotic clothing, for both men and women.

Price Range: Just starting from Rs.250* and else depends on you being an ace in barter!

2. Jhumkas, Jagdish Chowk

jhumkas from udaipur
Source: So City

Jhumkas bring a lot of elegance to ethnic clothing in addition to making a statement. And when we talk of oxidized jewels, they just go perfectly with every color in kurtis and salwar suits. Having pairs of oxidized jhumkas will make your go-to earrings decisions quicker. And you can easily find these at affordable prices near the renowned Jagdish Temple. If you are on a heritage walk, you will find yourself there without a doubt and will have a chance to get your hands onto some adorable jhumkas for sure!

Price Range: It begins from Rs.40-50* and gets higher if you wish to buy heavier ones!

3. Gorgeous Dupattas near City Palace

dupattas from udaipur
Source: Travel Triangle

When you’re one of those waiting for that filmy moment of your dupatta getting stuck into some guy’s hand, then maybe you should start manifesting it by having a prettier one! Having an adorable dupatta is always going to hype you up and flaunting it will eventually make you feel elegant without making any alternative move. Where to find them? Well, it is extremely easy. While walking down from the City Palace, you’ll catch a lot of shops. Trust us, you will not regret having one, not only because of the beauty it beholds, but also for such a nominal price it has.

Price Range: Scoping from Rs.250* and onwards according to your taste in ethnicity!

4. Leather Journals near Jagdish Temple

journals from udaipur
Source: Udaipurian

Many people love to write everything down. Let it be feelings, aspirations, motives or where they went/want to go, in their journals. Our very own Old City has a lot of shops offering authentic journals made of leather. People presume the starting range to be so higher that they avoid buying it from the area. But wait a minute! Let us clear your doubts for the same. The initial costs are exceptionally low, anyone could buy and maintain their journals precisely.

Price Range: Starts from the range of Rs.100-150* and goes higher if you’re a core journal lover, no cap.

5. Embroidered & Printed Clothing near City Palace Road

printed kurtis from udaipur
Source : Local Samosa

Hand-woven is the soberest yet enchanting kind of clothing range. One’s style statement looks upgraded with the printed and embroidered kurtis, culottes and shirts in it. Here’s a quick suggestion: add some of them into your closet too and look at them popping-up your style. It’s easy to hunt down some of the beautiful kurtis and shirts at a good deal near City Palace road itself. So don’t wait and get yourself one of those asap!

Price Range: You’ll get them easily under Rs.500* and higher, if you are not a fan of just the light looks.

Visiting Udaipur without taking something to cherish your experience here will leave a loophole in your travel diary. We recommend you to walk around the city and grab the pretty stuff that you can adore for life. 

These were our recommendations. If you have some more shopping ideas and locations that we might have missed, you can email on