Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur breaks Guinness World Record

Shri Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar, prince of Udaipur sets yet another remarkable example for the society. The Prince broke the previous Guinness World Record for the largest collection of clothes for Recycle/Donation on 9th March 2019 making all us Udaipurites and Udaipur proud again.Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar

The Prince runs a campaign named ‘VASTRADAN’ which collects clothes for the underprivileged and distributes them to the needy. The campaign collected over 3,29,250 pieces of clothing material from around 76000 donors and reached out to over 120 schools, 15 colleges and around 30 NGO’s during it’s working span.


Devoting his world record to the campaign, Prince claims it’s not him who has won the world record instead it’s the campaign which made us honored. The prince dedicates this award to the utter beauty of a generous human heart and the spirit that keeps the brotherhood amongst us igniting.

The prince added, “I started this campaign as an innovative exercise in giving. I could have asked some organizations to fund the same, but I wanted the citizens, young boys and girls of this remarkable city to show what a large heart they have”.

Previously this record was held by Dubai where the local citizens donated 2,95,122 articles of clothing in 2016. The donations came in from more than 12 countries including Australia, USA, Oman, Sri Lanka, and UAE.

The Royal of Mewar has future plans to make this campaign an annual affair which will help in instilling the keenness and discipline of giving. He also believes that this is a symbol of a culturally rich, stable and morally sound culture.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Our Prince and his campaign ‘VASTRADAAN’ for their achievement and hope they make us and Udaipur honored again soon.

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World Environment Day: Greening our Blues

Today, one of the most burning issues of concern is how to tackle global warming and raise global awareness of the need in order to take positive environmental action. 5th June is few click ticks aways to over, and very few knew that United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) took an initiative back in 1973 to celebrate 5th June as World Environment Day every year. Yes, it was an environment day today. Did we see any rallies? Mass movements? Public involvements? More awareness? NO! There have been peaceful rallies but they have just not been able to mark enough agitation in the minds of residents of the city. There may have been speeches, and lectures by eminent speakers at priority level seminars and conferences, but they too haven’t just been absorbed into the general public.

I know to discuss the topics like Global Warming, Environment and all doesn’t interest many but seeing the present state and somewhat predicting the future, I think these are the topics which are most required to be discussed as discussions lead to solutions.

Practically Speaking, what we need today is basically a “Green Economy”. A Green Economy as the books say is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by enterprises which intend to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services which is exactly what saving our environment really means. Sustainable development should be the approach for our progress, which will obviously leave our future generations some actual inheritance from the ecosystem.

World Environment Day
Lush Green Udaipur: What we want our city to be

As an Udaipurite where I call my city as City of Lakes it is somewhat obvious that my city would be an epitome of clean and green India. But is it really what the truth is?? Well, the cow dung on our roads, garbage in Fateh Sagar and Pichola, air and noise pollution near busy areas of Bapu Bazar and Shaktinagar, the dump I see at town hall and Sukhadia Circle, etc really make have a second thought.

But in my view these all views can be solved with coordinated efforts of all the Udaipies to make our Udaipur more beautiful and more attractive as for cow dung removal there can be a domestic staff appointed, for garbage and dumps there are “USE ME” boxes already installed, and regarding pollution the battery vehicles and use of one vehicle for two can be a solution. So, Udaipies let us make our city the real HEAVEN.

As students, there are some facts from which we all are familiar like one-third of our Earth’s land mass is under forest cover which makes our planet alive with possibilities. They play a key role in our battle against climate change by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere while storing carbon dioxide. So, is it not necessary for us to prevent and protect our savior?

World Environment Day includes thousands of activities which are organized worldwide with beach clean-ups, concerts, exhibitions, film festivals, community events and much more. This Year’s Global host, India- a country of wide biodiversity having their theme as “Many Species, One Planet, One Future.” India’s Biodiversity was celebrated with huge strides on environmental protection with three days of keynote event covering street rallies, bicycle parades, green concerts, essays and poster competitions in schools, tree planting as well as recycling and clean-up campaigns.

World Environment Day
The reality which is actually prevailing

However, this is what is happening at national and international level but every existing human on this earth should make efforts and take initiative in protecting our environment at personal level too by using eco-friendly products such as eco-friendly light bulbs and shopping bags and should also spread awareness for the seriousness of the issue in their surroundings which is indulging in danger at an alarming rate.

In the end, in order to ensure all nations and peoples’ to enjoy a safer and more prosperous future lets start the process of Greening our Blue earth today.

Photo Courtesy: Prasun Bannerjee, Sanjit Chohan

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A day like a Tourist [Part 1] : Destination Kumbhalgarh

Powerful kings and their beautiful queens, ruling huge empires, their breathtaking stories, magnificent castles that echo with the glory of their triumph, majestic lifestyle and inspiring victories, all these things always cast their spell on me. And I am sure that years back, while listening to your grandparents at your sleep time, these have enchanted you also.

Today, on occasion of world tourism day, I decided to have closer look of Mewar kingdom when my friends planned a trip to Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur.

As the enchanting sights of the fort, temple and adjoining places completely soaked me, I am hereby sharing my copious memories and experience of the day with all of you, the memories of which are still fresh in my mind.

The first destination of our journey was Kumbhalgarh. Standing at the large entrance leading to the fort, I was completely mesmerized, completely fantasized. Secured against the backdrop of towering mountains of the Aravali ranges, guarded by seven massive gates, seven defending walls and with numerous watchtowers, this mountain fortress has witnessed many battles, is strong founded and so is unbeatable till date. Built on a hilltop of 1100 meters above sea level it is stated to have the second longest wall in the world, with a perimeter of about 36 km, the first being “the Great Wall of China”.

Also called Kumbhalmer, the fortress is inter-weave with the rich history of Mewar rulers. It is the birth place of Maharana Pratap, the great king and warrior of Mewar. It derived its name from Maharana Khumbha who designed and built this unconquerable fort in the 15th century which was further enlarged through 19th century. The second most important and elaborated fort of Rajasthan after Chittorgarh, it was occupied by the royal family till 19th century, but now is open for general public as a museum.

The location of Kumbhalgarh has always given an added advantage to it. Being easily accessible from Udaipur, Ajmer and Jodhpur, it highly attracts and is visited by tourists all over the globe. Situated in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, it is towards the north-west of Udaipur, 82 km by road from the city.

The huge complex offering ancient remnants to explore was worth watching, comprising over 360 Jain and Hindu temples, numerous gardens and palaces, making it more beautiful and magnificent.

The most spectacular place of the fort resides near the clouds, “Badal Mahal”. It is the beautiful palace with fantastic bright contrasting color combinations of green, turquoise and white to the rough, raw and earthy fortress, making the view pleasant. The place, as per its name, gives the pleasure of being wandering in the world of clouds.

The day was quite moderate in temperature. Sunny after a rainy season, the temperature was of the weather was comfortable. During summers, the temperature reaches up to 25-42°C and varies from shivering 2°C to maximum 22°C during winters. The pleasant time to visit Kumbhalgarh is between the months of September to March. During monsoon the humidity may disturb your mood.

The exciting trip hasn’t completed yet. While I’m on my way to Ranakpur, and posting the article for all the UdaipurBlog readers, I will have to currently end this part and gear up for the next destination. Take a look at the pictures of the magnificent place, and I will catch up soon with the other part.

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World Thalassemia Day: You can be the Reason to Smile in these children’s Pains

The “WORLD THALASSEMIA DAY” falls on 8th of May all over.

Thalassemia day 2010
a picture showing the 2010 Thalassemia day Celebration

Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, which leads to anemia.

The Raven Charitable Trust is a foundation which is working with Thalassemic babies past 2 years. This year too, the foundation will be celebrating it with the kids suffering from this dreadful disese. These kids cannot survive if they are not transfused with blood every 20-25 days and because of so much transfusion their kidneys, liver and heart get affected and they ultimately die by the age of 13-14 years unless they are properly taken care of.

On this day the foundation is conducting a blood donation camp at Lake city hospital, Fatehpura, Udaipur from 9 AM to 1 PM with the help of Saral Blood bank and then is organizing a picnic for these small children by the Courtesy of Lal Bagh, Sardarpura from 2-6 PM where we would try to make the kids forget their pain and just enjoy.

a picture showing the 2010 Thalassemia day
a picture showing the 2010 Thalassemia day Celebration

This is a humble request to all of you to join this event and help these kids by donating blood for these kids and may be giving them small gifts which they will remember for ever.

For more details about the event you can contact Mr. Deepak Babel on +91-9828142100 or Mr Hetal Amin on  +91-9829042999