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World Environment Day: Greening our Blues

Today, one of the most burning issues of concern is how to tackle global warming and raise global awareness of the need in order to take positive environmental action. 5th June is few click ticks aways to over, and very few knew that United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) took an initiative back in 1973 to celebrate 5th June as World Environment Day every year. Yes, it was an environment day today. Did we see any rallies? Mass movements? Public involvements? More awareness? NO! There have been peaceful rallies but they have just not been able to mark enough agitation in the minds of residents of the city. There may have been speeches, and lectures by eminent speakers at priority level seminars and conferences, but they too haven’t just been absorbed into the general public.

I know to discuss the topics like Global Warming, Environment and all doesn’t interest many but seeing the present state and somewhat predicting the future, I think these are the topics which are most required to be discussed as discussions lead to solutions.

Practically Speaking, what we need today is basically a “Green Economy”. A Green Economy as the books say is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by enterprises which intend to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services which is exactly what saving our environment really means. Sustainable development should be the approach for our progress, which will obviously leave our future generations some actual inheritance from the ecosystem.

World Environment Day
Lush Green Udaipur: What we want our city to be

As an Udaipurite where I call my city as City of Lakes it is somewhat obvious that my city would be an epitome of clean and green India. But is it really what the truth is?? Well, the cow dung on our roads, garbage in Fateh Sagar and Pichola, air and noise pollution near busy areas of Bapu Bazar and Shaktinagar, the dump I see at town hall and Sukhadia Circle, etc really make have a second thought.

But in my view these all views can be solved with coordinated efforts of all the Udaipies to make our Udaipur more beautiful and more attractive as for cow dung removal there can be a domestic staff appointed, for garbage and dumps there are “USE ME” boxes already installed, and regarding pollution the battery vehicles and use of one vehicle for two can be a solution. So, Udaipies let us make our city the real HEAVEN.

As students, there are some facts from which we all are familiar like one-third of our Earth’s land mass is under forest cover which makes our planet alive with possibilities. They play a key role in our battle against climate change by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere while storing carbon dioxide. So, is it not necessary for us to prevent and protect our savior?

World Environment Day includes thousands of activities which are organized worldwide with beach clean-ups, concerts, exhibitions, film festivals, community events and much more. This Year’s Global host, India- a country of wide biodiversity having their theme as “Many Species, One Planet, One Future.” India’s Biodiversity was celebrated with huge strides on environmental protection with three days of keynote event covering street rallies, bicycle parades, green concerts, essays and poster competitions in schools, tree planting as well as recycling and clean-up campaigns.

World Environment Day
The reality which is actually prevailing

However, this is what is happening at national and international level but every existing human on this earth should make efforts and take initiative in protecting our environment at personal level too by using eco-friendly products such as eco-friendly light bulbs and shopping bags and should also spread awareness for the seriousness of the issue in their surroundings which is indulging in danger at an alarming rate.

In the end, in order to ensure all nations and peoples’ to enjoy a safer and more prosperous future lets start the process of Greening our Blue earth today.

Photo Courtesy: Prasun Bannerjee, Sanjit Chohan

By Monisha Talreja

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