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Summer is at its peak right now and the intense heat wave has begun in the City of Lakes. The temperature has reached almost as high as up to 42+ degrees Celsius. The most important thing to do this summer is to stay hydrated. So, here we present you a list of water suppliers that provide fresh drinking water.

1. Khajuria Shyam mineral water suppliers in Udaipur

Address: Ganpati Nagar, Udaipur, 313001.

Contact: (+91) 96804 83325


2. Jival water Plant-



Address: Plant at 60, Murshid colony, behind Bhadada petrol pump, Savina, Udaipur.

Contact: 1800 121 2160


3. Akshay Jal water suppliers-

Address: Near Classic Automobiles, sector-6, Hiran magri, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 9660966660

4. Priya pure water company-

Address: 115, Bhattiyani Chohotta, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 0294-5120725


  1. Anjali pure and safe drinking water-

Address: Opposite City Station, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 0294-2483364, (+91) 9887125684


  1. Jain aqua drinking water-

AddressShop No. 216, Sector Number 3, Shanti Nagar, Sector 3, Sec – 3, Hiran Magri, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 9667347838

  1. Osho pure hygienic drinking water-

Address: Shop no. 39, Moti Chohtta near Clock tower, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 9269615373, (+91) 9414234213.


  1. Shree Shyam Drinking Water-

Address: 24, North Sunderwas, Vidya Vihar colony, Udaipur.

Contact: +(91) 9001810381

  1. Neelu pure drinking water-

Address: G-1/469, Road no-12, Madri Industrial area, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 9660122314, +(91) 9828070316.


  1. Fame drinking water suppliers-

Address: 19-20D, Nakoda Nagar, Pratap Nagar opposite Transport Nagar, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 7737372457


  1. Dev Pure water suppliers-

    source: Just dial

Address: Kalka Mata road, Ganesh Nagar, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 7742778757, (+91) 9602737537


  1. Patel water suppliers-

Address: Manwa khera, backside Chungi Naka, Hiran Magri, Udaipur.

Contact: (+91) 8107054202, (+91) 9636648329


These are the name of few water suppliers around the city that supply fresh drinking water to households and corporate offices.

What do you think about this list? We would love to hear from you.

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Stay Hydrated!

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Dehydration in Summers: How to manage it

Aaah, Summers!! blazing red hot sun over your head, elevating mercury,  hot humid air, sweating, itching, thirst, sun burns, fainting, and dehydration, these are the common words with which we welcome the summers. In summers, when the temperature rises our body tries to sweat more to maintain an equilibrium between the inside and outside temperature difference.  Higher the temperature more will be the sweating to regulate the temperature of our body and more will be the loss of water from the body.

Dehydration | UdaipurBlog

Dehydration is the most common problem of hot summers. It is the condition when body loses more water than it holds. The human body is about 60-70 % water depending on its size. In normal metabolic processes, sweating and urinating, there is loss of water, and this gets fasten with the onset of summers. It may occur due to many etiologies, like sun heat, diarrhea, vomiting, or due to any long term illness. Replenishment of this loss is very necessary for a healthy living. Here I am compiling few tips which may help you hydrating this summer.

  • Drink lots and lots of water. It will keep your body hydrated. We should drink at least 8-10 glass of water a day to battle the heat and replenish the water lost through excessive sweating.
  • Eat fruits. Seasonal fruits such as watermelon and cucumber are the best way to avoid being dehydrated this season. These have high water and fiber content and are the best options as summer snacks and when we don’t prefer the tasteless water. Plus these fruits will keep you hydrated and healthy in summers.
  • Add water content in your food. Salad, sprouts along with vegetables such as spinach, tomato, lauki (bottleground) similarly dairy products such as milk, curd and paneer can provide us with enough water to avoid the loss.
  • Other sources of water. Coconut water, lassi, buttermilk (chaach), sugarcane juice and juices of seasonal fruits will be great options to regain the minerals and fluids lost.
  • Avoid heavy, spicy and fried food items. Pickle, fried chips, namkeen and papad should be avoided.
  • Work hard, but indoor workout will be better. Exercise is a must to keep you fit and healthy. But with the increasing temperature, you need to work out with caution, because your hard work will make you sweat, more calorie burn and more water loss. Taking breaks in between and sipping more water will keep you well hydrated.
  • Clothing plays an important role in preventing perspiration. Don’t opt dark colored, tight fitted dresses; instead go for light flourishing colors, cotton fabric, loose fitted with half sleeves.  This will give your skin a chance to breathe.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol or other items which contain alcohol acts as a diuretic, that is, they increase the frequency of urination.
  • Cover yourself with scarf and umbrella while roaming around. This will prevent your skin tanning, hair drying and sunstroke.
  • In a case of vomiting, diarrhea, immediately consult your doctor.

These are few steps to beat the unbearable heat and the accompanying dehydration in this season. So don’t keep yourself away from the fun. Grab the hats, water bottles, guard yourself safely and face the challenge of harsh hot rays of sun.


Durga Pooja: Following an Eco-Friendly Tradition

We all see too many colorful idols around us at the time of Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. But a really true fact behind all of them is the concern to our ecology. Now a day the idols are made from Plaster of Paris (PoP), which get a nice finish due to the easy and handy spray paint, distinct shine, and easy for mass productions, as the PoP rapid hardening material, as well as casted in moulds.

But an utter truth behind the scene is that the PoP idols do nothing but harm our environment and ecosystem. As after every festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, or the Durga Pooja, the idols are immersed in water body on the last day, Plaster of Paris does not dissolve easily in water and hence the idol floats on water after immersion. Since the idol is not immersed properly, in a way it amounts to dishonouring the deity. Talking about the health factors, PoP idols may take anywhere between several months to years to fully dissolve. In addition, when chemical paints are used to decorate the idols, these paints contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which seep into the water as the idol dissolves. Seems I need not elaborate more on the harm that it may cause to our health, as the same water is used for consuming by people of our city.

Durga Puja | UdaipurBlog
Idols being Prepared at Bang Samaj, Udaipur

The Bengali Community, sets forth an example of following a tradition from long time, which is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment. The Bengalis celebrate the Durga Pooja primarily at four places in the city, which I have already mentioned in a post few days back. Special artists and sculptors are called every year from Kolkata, situated thousands of miles away, who spend many weeks in Udaipur, and create very beautiful idols of Goddess Durga with all the bio-degradable material like mud, chaff, jute, bamboos etc. Even the colours they use are water colours. So the water where the idol is immersed neither gets polluted nor it is an environmental hazard to immerse the idol in the lakes.

“I am indeed concerned for the safety of lakes. The idols made of PoP do not dissolve in water and thus pose serious problem for the lakes. Our family has been celebrating Duga Puja in this city more than five decades ago at Bindu Bhavan, but we follow the same traditions for rituals as well as preparation of idols, as was followed since 1956. The sculptors we call from West Bengal for the same purpose put in lots of efforts and spend a lot of time in carving out each and every minute detail of the idols, which is impossible to do with the PoP idols, as it hardens too fast. Hence mud is the primary constituent of the idols prepared. Putting this on record is essential, because every year the question comes up whether the idol should be allowed to be immersed in the lake or not.”

-Apurva Bhattacharya

Bindu Bhawan


“We have been celebrating Durga Pooja since past 20 years, and we have always been celebrating according to the traditions. It is always an idol made from mud which is worshipped, and we spend a major portion of our annual Pooja Budget for idols itself, to ensure that they are eco-friendly.  People must learn to preserve their environment, and shall take an oath to avoid immersing the idols made from PoP in our lakes. PoP idols must not be immersed, or shall be sprinkled with water and kept.”

-Dipankar Chakravarty

President, Bangali Kalibadi Society

We all must learn a lesson from the community, and must take considerable steps to preserve our environment. Afterall we never own our nature, but we owe it.


Beat The Heat

It has Been long facing the problem of excess heat in summer this time in Udaipur(Moreover Rajasthan). Exposure to heat cannot be avoided. Everyone has to face this surfeit Heat.

Beat The Heat Logo Udaipurblog

UdaipurBlog Bring you some tips ‘To Beat the Heat‘.

  • Procure lots and lots of Liquids (WATER, Juices, Shakes, Sodas, Nimbu pani, coconut water etc) as in summer we loose lot of water from our body in form of sweat and in order to avoid Dehydration we should take ‘Liquids’. Drink as Much Water as you can.
  • Eating Fruits is also a good Alternate to regulate heat in your body and keep yourself Energetic. We can Eat Fruits like Watermelons, Grapes, apples and your favourite Mango any time whenever we feel hungry.
  • Avoid Eating Fried, Oily and Non Vegetarian Food (atleast in summer). Also Avoid ‘Eating in Excess’ in marriages (a regular practice of many). Light food and Water based fruits are good for heath. Remember do not eat frequently  in Restaurants , Cafes (as it can only increase your expenses and of course your belly)
  • Best way to prevent our eyes from heat exposure is to wear ‘Sunglasses’. But make sure to use only the Sunglasses that protect you from Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
  • In Summer, sun burns are a common problem try applying sunscreen lotion (SPF 25-30) before you move out of the house. Also cover your face with Cloth while you are in exposure to Sunlight.
  • Washing your face twice a day with a good face wash is a good idea to keep your self away from oil and dirt.
  • Use kaolin and sandalwood based face masks with rose water at least thrice a week to keep your skin glowing and clean. Also apply a vitamin e-lotion for sun burns.
  • Meditation and pranayam (breathing exercises) are good for health do practice some breathing exercises in the morning at least for half an hour. This will help you to keep your brain calm and relaxed.
  • Keep your Mind cool – Probably the most important thing one must do is to keep oneself and our mind cool. This excess heat causes temper,irritation and stress and which can lead you or others to problem.
  • Final Point – Keep reading UdaipurBlog because it not only makes you feel relax and good but it also gives you many ideas for that.