Beat The Heat

It has Been long facing the problem of excess heat in summer this time in Udaipur(Moreover Rajasthan). Exposure to heat cannot be avoided. Everyone has to face this surfeit Heat.

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UdaipurBlog Bring you some tips ‘To Beat the Heat‘.

  • Procure lots and lots of Liquids (WATER, Juices, Shakes, Sodas, Nimbu pani, coconut water etc) as in summer we loose lot of water from our body in form of sweat and in order to avoid Dehydration we should take ‘Liquids’. Drink as Much Water as you can.
  • Eating Fruits is also a good Alternate to regulate heat in your body and keep yourself Energetic. We can Eat Fruits like Watermelons, Grapes, apples and your favourite Mango any time whenever we feel hungry.
  • Avoid Eating Fried, Oily and Non Vegetarian Food (atleast in summer). Also Avoid ‘Eating in Excess’ in marriages (a regular practice of many). Light food and Water based fruits are good for heath. Remember do not eat frequently  in Restaurants , Cafes (as it can only increase your expenses and of course your belly)
  • Best way to prevent our eyes from heat exposure is to wear ‘Sunglasses’. But make sure to use only the Sunglasses that protect you from Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
  • In Summer, sun burns are a common problem try applying sunscreen lotion (SPF 25-30) before you move out of the house. Also cover your face with Cloth while you are in exposure to Sunlight.
  • Washing your face twice a day with a good face wash is a good idea to keep your self away from oil and dirt.
  • Use kaolin and sandalwood based face masks with rose water at least thrice a week to keep your skin glowing and clean. Also apply a vitamin e-lotion for sun burns.
  • Meditation and pranayam (breathing exercises) are good for health do practice some breathing exercises in the morning at least for half an hour. This will help you to keep your brain calm and relaxed.
  • Keep your Mind cool – Probably the most important thing one must do is to keep oneself and our mind cool. This excess heat causes temper,irritation and stress and which can lead you or others to problem.
  • Final Point – Keep reading UdaipurBlog because it not only makes you feel relax and good but it also gives you many ideas for that.