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Udaipur on 4th place among 16 most romantic cities on earth

Udaipur, the city of lakes, the Venice of the east, the Kashmir of Rajasthan and the forever fabulous white city has added another jewel in its reservoir of achievements. 

Well, there is no doubt that Udaipur’s beauty is worth romancing to and we Udaipurites never fail to romanticize our city whenever we talk about it. 

We are delighted and extremely proud to mention that our city Udaipur has been ranked 4th among 16 most romantic cities on earth by one of the top travel websites in the world, The Planet D. Udaipur is the only city in the country which is listed in planet d’s travel list. 

Other than this, Udaipur has also made its place in the list of 60 most beautiful cities of the world in MSN’s survey which is a Microsoft portal. The city of lakes has bagged 12th place in this list. Also another special thing about the survey is that Udaipur is the only city in India that has been included in this list.

At the same time, Udaipur has also bagged 5th place in the list of 10 beautiful cities of the world in the list of InterMiles. InterMiles is the program of the Etihad Aviation Group in which such surveys are conducted.

The beautiful, panoramic city of Udaipur has achieved all this in the year 2021 itself.

Udaipur’s selection from across India on reputed platforms like Wall Street, MSN and Planet D reflects Udaipur’s ever-increasing brand value on the map of tourism. The credit goes to all of us. Be it the administration, the authorities, different industries involved in tourism or us, the citizens of this city, we have together made our city outshine. Working towards the increment of our city in the position of these lists is what we should aim towards, is what we are aiming. 

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The Story Behind Rishabh Jain’s Solo Cycling Journey from Udaipur to Vaishno Devi

Congratulations Iron man, Rishabh Jain for successfully completing a gruelling solo cycling journey from Udaipur to Vaishno Devi!

Distance travelled: 1300 km
Time: 6 Days 5 Nights
Crossed: 3 states and 5 cities

Rishabh Jain CyclistRishabh Jain Cyclist

What made it a tough ride was the elevation from Mewar to Marwar and then from Punjab to Jammu. Riding solo on an isolated highway for such a long distance not only requires physical fitness but also a strong mental determination.

Let’s know about “behind the scenes” from the desk of the champion himself:

Day 1 – Udaipur to Kishangarh

A tough 300 km something ride from Udaipur to Kishangarh!

Day 2 – Kishangarh to Shree Sardarshahar

The total distance was 257 km, and as usual, the Rajasthan road held the same challenges that were elevated roads and hot climate. Fortunately, there were stay facilities provided by the SDM City, Udaipur. Started the ride at 7:15 am and reached Sardarshar at around 6:30 pm.

Day 3 – Sardarshar to Sri Ganganagar

The total distance for covering this ride was 220 km. I left from Sardarshar at 6:00 am and reached Sri Ganganagar at 6:15 pm. Shockingly, there was a surprise welcome by Vikas Godhra, who is a business icon, showroom owner of Toyota & Mahindra, as well as a dealer of Toyota automobiles in over 60 cities. It was a grand welcome by the owner and staff members of the Toyota showroom. Also, the stay was arranged by them, which overwhelmed me.

Day 4 – Sri Ganganagar to Amritsar
After entering Punjab, border road was comparatively good with a broad highway. Although there were many ups and downs in the form of multiple fly-overs. I started from Sri Ganganagar Magar at 5:30 am and reached Amritsar by 8:00 pm. The total distance was 256 km, and there was another cyclist from Tarn Taran, Amritsar, who was waiting for my welcome. It was such a nice gesture from all the other enthusiastic riders from there. Certainly, I had a pleasurable stay at Amritsar, at one of the cyclist’s home!

Day 5 – Amritsar to Jammu (Katra)
The total distance covered here was 220 km, with an additional 40 km, making it a 260 km ride altogether.
I started the ride at 5:15 in the morning from Amritsar. A few cyclists from Amritsar and Tarn Taran rode with me for the initial 50 km. We had a delicious breakfast together. Day 5 was extremely tough, since just 60 km before reaching Jammu, there was a thunderstorm! My clothes got fully soaked from top to bottom, and it was quite challenging to ride with all the extra traffic on the roads, which were mostly submerged in water. In between all the hassle, the low temperature created further hindrance. However, I somehow managed to reach Jammu at around 7 pm. My whole body was shivering badly when I finished my ride and went to the hotel room. Thankfully the room had hot water, where I took a bath to relax somehow from the exhausting day. I completed 90% of my ride in the evening/night, and till next morning, at around 11 am, there was heavy rain in Jammu again! I was badly waiting for the rain to stop since I needed to go to Katra, which was 40 km away. So, I decided that if the rain doesn’t stop, then I will start my ride. But thankfully, the rain stopped, and I left for Katra at 11:30 am and reached there at 3 pm.

Rishabh also added, “When I started climbing for Bhawan for Darshan Mata Ji, it took me all night to go up and come back.”

Here are a few glimpses of Rishabh’s solo cycling escapade:

Rishabh Jain Cyclist

Rishabh Jain Cyclist

Rishabh Jain Cyclist

Rishabh Jain Cyclist


Exploring Kanpur- A Historic North Indian City with Numerous Religious and Cultural Attractions

Among the major cities of UP located on the banks of the Ganges, Kanpur deserves a special mention. This historic city, I heard, is associated with some legends of Indian mythology has and longed to visit it always. While exploring Kanpur, I became awestruck, watching its numerous cultural and religious attractions. However, I liked many other facets of the amazing city. Its multicultural ambiance, industrial belt, an amalgamation of modernity with the tradition made me kind of awestruck-how can one city contain so any wonders!

Listed below are the best places to visit in Kanpur that I explored and I think you should include these in your tour itinerary too:

  • Allen Forest Zoo

Popularly called Kanpur zoo, this is among the major tourist spots in Kanpur, and you should visit it once. Located in Azad Nagar and opened to the public back in 1971, it has many attractions for visitors of all ages. I just loved watching the gorgeous lake and the forest which has plenty of ancient trees. There is an aquarium in the zoo, and the life-size prehistoric dinosaur sculptures also took me by amazement. The animals I saw here include White Asian tigers, zebra, leopards and jaguars, chimpanzees, baboons. I also saw plenty of birds chirping around though I could identify only a few. I loved the fact that it is made in a natural forest- unlike most Indian zoos.

  • ISKCON Temple

I am not much religiously inclined, but could not help drooling over the vast ISKCON temple in Kanpur. Also called the Sri RadhaMadhavMandir, it is actually the second largest ISKCON temple in the world. Inaugurated in 2014, it has become a magnet for the pilgrims and religious tourists in Kanpur. I was amazed by the grand architecture of the temple spread over 100,000 square feet and the courtyard. The marble idols are aesthetically appealing, and for me, they appeared soothing. I also bought some devotional items as souvenirs for friends from the complex’s gift shop. The temple opens early in the morning and remains open till 8.30 PM.

  • Jain Glass Temple

The architecture and ambiance of Kanpur’s Jain Glass Temple left me mesmerized. The temple has intricate and beautiful glass and enamel work. The wall paintings and bright stained glass murals depict many beliefs of Jainism- as I saw. The statuettes of Lord Mahavira along with 23 Jain Tirthankaras are quite a visual treat. If not for religious beliefs, I think you should visit the temple for its amazing architecture and nice ambiance.

  • Blue World Theme Park

I thought sightseeing in Kanpur is all about temples and shrines, but the Blue Theme Park proved me wrong! Located at the Mandhana-Bithoor Road, it is a major destination for tourists seeking thrill and fun. I was intrigued to see this theme park has rides segregated as per user heights. It was also good to see the newest safety norms have been deployed –almost on global standards. There are CCTV surveillance cameras and lifeguards too. The 25-acre park has theme based rides like Jungle, Fairy Land, Chinese, and Egyptian Culture, etc. I could not explore all rides for lack of time, but those I did were amazing. You can visit this amazing theme park any day. I also gorged on yummy dishes after enjoying the rides, at the park restaurants like Aquaria and Punjabi Village.

  • Kamla Retreat

For picnic spots in Kanpur, the Kamla Retreat is what I recommend. The gorgeous yet serene property has lush lawns and picturesque parks, making it an ideal picnic destination. I loved my time there after exploring the city. The boat rides in the canals is the perfect way to bust the stress- and I took one. Exploring the museum made me amazed, and I saw some impressive archaeological artifacts. You will need to take a permit from the Deputy General Manager to get entry- as it is private property.

  • MotiJheel

Located in the city’s Benajhabar area, MotiJheel can be ideal when you want relief from the bustle of the city. I found it was quieter than other places of Kanpur. The lake and water reservoir also has a nice well-maintained garden. I indulged in boating in the lake inspired by what many locals were doing. There is no food stall here, but you are allowed to bring your own food. It remains open throughout the day until 9 PM.

  • Kanpur Memorial Church

The stunning Kanpur Memorial Church, also called the All Souls Cathedral is another edifice I cherish exploring during my stay. Made to commemorate the British men and women who died in the 1857 mutiny, the Anglican Church was designed by architect Walter Granville. I could not help admiring the Church‘s typical Lombardic Gothic architecture. The angel figure designed by Carlo Marochetti is a visual treat, and it made me reflective for some time.


On Forum Celebration Mall’s 8th Anniversary, let’s know how it revolutionized Udaipur in past 8 years!

Forum Celebration Mall, the most preferred hang-out destination amongst the Udaipur folks is celebrating it’s 8th Anniversary today!

With a surfeit of International and National brands peppered across Forum’s Celebration Mall, it is one such place that provides ace shopping experience together with transforming the “hanging-out at mall” culture which was not even existent a few years back. Forum celebration mall is one of its kind and an absolute delight for the shoppers with an average annual footfall of around 47 lakhs.

Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

Largest and the most fancied amid other Udaipur malls, Forum Celebration Mall features the architectural majesty, which the city boasts from ancient times, showcasing magnificent arches and the prodigious central dome. However, what distinguished this mall from other malls in town is the contemporary youth culture which has been spinning since the day of its inception.

Entering into the eighth year of its commencement on July 2nd ’19 let’s know about 8 things that brought a huge transformation in Udaipur:

  • Mall Culture: Forum Celebration Mall is the first mall which claims of developing the true mall culture in Udaipur. It was only till 2011-12 when most locals were completely new to mall culture having big shopping brands, and international food joints like McDonald’s and Dominos for the first time; entertainment section and many other recreational activities to cherish upon on weekends. Most people admit that they experienced stair escalators for the first time in Celebration Mall back then. Thus a pioneer in building the so-called “big city” culture in Lakecity.

  • Shopping Destination: From apparels to accessories, Forum celebration Mall provides a one-stop solution to shopaholics. It is the one that redefined the shopping culture transforming it from street bargain hunting to window shopping culture. In fact, it is the hub of big brands including Clarks, Louis Philippe, Adidas, Woodlands are just to name a few. This mall not only offers a wide shopping experience but also a private excursion tour to domestic visitors. This is one of the reasons it is counted among the best places to visit in Udaipur.

Apparel brands at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

  • Community Building at Forum Celebration Mall: Unlike shopping culture which every other shopping mall in Udaipur offer, Forum Celebration Mall is a prominent place for social cause and other cultural activities. It not only provide reasons for people to unite and cherish but at the same time makes them aware of recent activities and things going on around the globe. An event like Junior Master Chef, Just Dance Competition, the Forum Purple Run (a marathon for awareness regarding Alzheimer’s) is some of the exemplary events that bring people of Udaipur together for a social cause.

Social Events at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

  • Recreational Activities: Before the spread of mall culture which is believed to come from metropolises, there were only a few places within the town where families could gather for fun and leisure. However, with the advent of Forum’s mall, it became the hotspot for foodies, youngsters, families and also tourists. The Gaming zone, Hungama 7D, the external kids play zone, spa nation, the fish spa, and the rides offers far more recreational assortments than ever before.


  • Movies and Entertainment Hub: Apart from shopping, leisure and entertainment are what people look for while entering a mall or an amusement park. Likewise, the Forum Celebration Mall offers an extensive range of entertainment options which captures the interest of all age groups. The successful establishment of PVR is one of the milestones which management must count for. The PVR cinema is recognized to be the first successfully running multiplex within the town.


  • Atrium: Forum Celebration Mall has the biggest atrium in terms of areas all over Rajasthan. The central entrance with huge overhead dome provides a ceremonial view to the visitors. The biggest advantage that it enjoys is the huge atrium which provides ample space for car shows and other auto workshops.

Atrium at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

  • A societal junction: The best part that one could notice in this mall is that this place is the hangout junction for all kinds of social classes. People from all classes and interest hit this place most prominently. Existence of big bazar also engrossed crowds from ration shops to mall shopping.

Retro Carnival at Forum Celebration Mall UdaipurRetro Carnival at Forum Celebration Mall UdaipurRetro Carnival at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur


  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle stores like Lenskart, Iconic, Reliance Trends, Max, etc., provide wide options to come and have a completely different kind of shopping experience. The biggest transformation is earlier people used to visit malls only for fashion commodities only but now the brands like Boxania, Lenskart, Reliance Digital and the like have transformed the buying culture over the years.

Brands at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

Knowing the fact that it is the only junction for all fun, leisure, relaxation, family time, shopping and entertainment, are you all ready to plan a visit?


Fatehsagar and Pichola soon to have ‘No-Selfie Zones’

A meeting was hosted by District Tourism Development Committee in the collectorate premises on Tuesday. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various steps that needed to be taken to improve the conditions of various tourist attractions in Udaipur. Tourism Industry is one of the biggest business sectors for the Udaipurites and needs reforms to strengthen its roots.

Steps like regular police patrolling, improving traffic conditions around the tourist spots were discussed at length. Common accident-prone spots at popular tourist attractions like Fatehsagar, Badi, Sajjangarh Fort, Gangaur Ghat, Jagdish Mandir, Fatehsagar, Ambrai, Rani Road will soon be declared as no-selfie zone due to safety concerns. The meeting was led by Additional District Collector Sanjay Kumar and Udaipur’s Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari, District Traffic Administrator Kalpana Sharma along with other officials attended the meeting.

The Heritage Walk which is closed from the past 2 years was also discussed and steps to restart it was one of the major discussion points. The mayor is in discussion with officials from the Udaipur Guide Association to restart the Heritage Walk at the earliest.

Udaipur is well known for its tourism industry and the government is taking various steps from time to time for its betterment.


Heritage Walks & Tours in Udaipur

A city is made up of mysteries, histories, and stories. Behind the buildings and beauty that keeps changing and developing with time, there are some things which stay intact and if you actually want to understand some city, it is important that you understand the base of it, you look and know the city the way its citizens look at it.

And when it comes to Udaipur, the beauty is just the aftereffect of the marvelous past it had. But it would be a mere waste if you are willing to explore Udaipur and leave without knowing the story, history, and people of it. Watching and visiting monuments and forts is something which everyone does but true wanderers are those who look for its essence. So here we bring to you the list of Heritage walks in Udaipur that lets you be the part of the city for a day or two.


Walk and pedal travel and tours

As the name clearly indicates, it conducts two kinds of exploration via a walk and via cycling. It has some very interesting names of these tours which include ‘As the dawn breaks over the horizon, Walk Down, Memory Lane, Spirit of Art, Pedal Tours, Ode to Matrimony, A Potpourri of Culture, To the Manor born – Peepliya Heritage Fort Stay and Farm Tour’. Doesn’t these compel you to go for them as soon as you hear their names? The prices vary according to the tour you choose.

Contact: +91-7339866520


Fish Eyes Artisan Walking Tours

This is one of the walking tours which connects you to the local artistry of the city. It makes you meet and explore the potters, miniature painting artists and many people like them. It creates a warm and friendly environment between the locals and the tourists which makes them feel a part of the city.

Contact: 88904 19048


Vintage Walking Tours

Some of us are morning people, some of us are not. Hence, there are three different kinds of tours according to the time of the day which is Dawn tours, day tours, and dusk tours and the prices of these tours vary accordingly. In the day tours, there are three more categories which are Udaipur comprehensive, Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh tour and countryside jaunt.

Contact: +91 9828276535


Virasat Experiences

Source: JustDial

Virasat experiences conduct ‘Udaipur Heritage walk’ where they tend to show the real Udaipur, its people, its traditions through a guided walking tour. This walk covers beautiful streets, sites, hidden alleyways, meeting various artisans, jewelry makers, potters and bamboo crafts. The prices of this walking tours are 1700, and 1000 for Adult and Children respectively.

Contact: 94140-66260


The Udaipur Story

This guided walk down the streets of Udaipur will allow you to get indulge in an experience where you will witness the beauty of the palace along with the local cuisine and people. This way, you will be able to understand the city by being a part of it for this walking tour. The tour covers entire old city which is the oldest part of the city hence it contains gems which are too good to miss. Duration of this walking tour is 8 hours and the price is 1700 per adult.

For booking visit –


Udaipur Heritage Walk by Rajasthan tours


According to them, it’s not a guided tour, rather it’s a Cultural Immersion. It is a full day heritage walk which includes meeting with craftsmen, silversmiths, exploring spice markets, temples, markets, and some unique artists. It also includes visiting homes of merchants, Warrior Communities, Priest Communities etc. The tour starts at from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

For booking visit –


Heritage walk in Udaipur through the Old city by wandertrails

The professional guides here will make you experience the old city streets, bazaars and monuments of Udaipur. The tour is suitable for all age group, minimum being 6 years. It is suitable for a group and a family as well. It is a 2-hour walk which includes historic temples, Havelis, Baoris, and places like Ganghaur Ghat, Bagore ki Haveli, Ganesh Ghati, Clock Tower, etc. You could opt for 4-hour tour if you are interested in going to City Palace. Prices for two hours is 700 and four hours is 1400 respectively.

For booking visit –


Walking tour by Udaipur magic tour

Source: Pinterest

Two kinds of tours are available here. One is Udaipur walking tour and the other one is sightseeing walking tour. Sightseeing walking tour includes exploration of forts, palaces, Heritage buildings, lakes, Museums, and temple. These sites are quite popular among the tourists. Udaipur walking tour is for those people who are too bored of exploring the overrated places and are willing to see the actual city by exploring and meeting artists, Handicrafts and meeting the local people.

For booking visit –


Walking tours by Heritage Royal Rajasthan

Two categories of Heritage walk is conducted here which are Heritage walking tour in Old City and Living Heritage walking. Walking tour in Old City covers the entire Old City including Temples, Palaces, Ghats, step walls, etc. and Living Heritage walking is to explore the main attractions of the entire city that includes Saheliyon ki Badi, Lake Fateh Sagar, etc.

For booking visit –


Your Summer Guide to Beat the Heat! | Travelling to Udaipur in Summers Made Easy

It is mid-June but the sun is still blazing! How can we combat such heat without getting tossed in the sun? Here is a brief guide for you if you are traveling to Udaipur in the summer months! We haven’t made it the obvious summer guide you would have read everywhere on the internet, rather it is custom made for Udaipur!

Although Udaipur doesn’t experience soaring temperatures throughout the summer months, but from mid-May to end June the temperatures are quite harsh and it is not recommended to leave your home/hotel without proper ‘beat-the-heat’ tools.

Here are some tips or you can call a guide for traveling in Udaipur in summers.

#5 Drink More

By drinking, I mean hydrating juices and Jal Jeera 😉Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

There are a lot of places in Udaipur where you can get freshly prepared juices and Jal Jeera which are really helpful in retaining the amount of water lost during your outdoor visit in the sun.

Get the list here

#4 Eat less and more often, Cafes can be your pick!

5 Best coffee places in Udaipur
Source: Justdial

Eating a lot doesn’t help in summers. I know you would be enticed by the luscious delicacies in the city but you need to take them in small quantities. This helps your body to maintain its metabolic activity at the same time won’t let you bloat.

Get the list of cafes here

#3 Dive in the pools

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

Take a bath or shower especially before bedtime. You can also indulge yourself in a brief dive in the pool which shall compensate your day’s heat. There are various pools in and around the city where you can enjoy your summer trip.

Get the list of pools here

#2 Be chic in summer clothes from Hathipol

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
Source – My Udaipur City

Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothes in the summers. And where can you find these other than the market of Hathipol? The whole market shall receive you well when it comes to shopping. There are other markets as well and if you are new to the city you can go to these markets in Udaipur to have a good shopping experience.

Get the list of markets here

#1 Get yourself Tan Proof! 

Men and women traveling to Rajasthan often get a bad tan due to the excessive heat they are subjected to. And not just them even the locals get tanned and trust me it’s not a nice feeling ☹ One must swap their usual body moisturizer with a cooling Aloe-Vera Gel which will help lower the temperature of the skin.


So, these were the tips that you can keep in mind when traveling to Udaipur in summers. Also, you can always read about the best time to visit Udaipur so you never have to compromise with the weather. Monsoons in Udaipur are great for people who love rains, the city is covered with great greenery and the weather is also beauteous. For people who are comfy in winters, the best time to visit Udaipur is winters according to me. The weather is great, the sun is not harsh at all and you can enjoy every bit of the city.

Tell me in the comment section below, when are you coming to Udaipur?


Things That You Should Not Do In Udaipur

Udaipur is a city of dreams. People from all around the world have bucket listed Udaipur on a priority and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. After all, it is one such city which is pretty appealing in every field whether it be history, culture, food, palaces, you name it and it shines already. Oh, and did I tell you it has several other names too such as city of lakes, Kashmir or Rajasthan, Venice of the east, etc.? With all these things, one thing is for sure that when one visits the beautiful city of lakes, he will not only be awestruck by the beauty of the city but on the other hand he will be completely smitten and would want to stay here forever.

But be careful, while you are just getting indulged in the beauty of the city and travelling with all your heart, there are some things which you should better not do, so that at the end of your trip, all that you have is memories and lots and lots of mind-blowing pictures at all the exotic locations.

Do not think of Udaipur as an ordinary city

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: maximvo

While we get tired of praising the city, there are so many people out there who think Udaipur as a small town with nothing much to explore. You should never ever do that. It is true that the city is not too large in area but, trust me, it is enough. It is not a drop in the ocean, it is an ocean in a single drop. In fact, the size of the city will be very helpful to you. You won’t have to travel for hours to go from one spot to other, unlike metros where you just spend your whole day and get to visit only 1-2 places. Here you can travel almost 50% of the city roughly in 24 hours. Isn’t it an added perk to the City of Lakes?


You should not utter a single bad word about Fatehsagar

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
Picture by: Anusha Bhardwaj

Fatehsagar has been the heart of the city for a very long time. You can spot people chilling at the pal of the Lake at every time of the day, at every season of the year. And on weekends, the place is literally flooded with people. And there’s no reason it shouldn’t. The place, after all, is something where nature shows the most beautiful self. So now that you know the essence of the place, it is quite clear that if you say anything bad about the Lake, the people here might get a bit defensive or it is also possible that they might change your perception towards it.


Do not have some random junk food as your meal

Source: Indobase

While you are on your visit to Udaipur, do not fill your stomach with ordinary food which you can get all around the country. Rather please your taste buds with the exclusive traditional food of Rajasthan which is Dal Baati. You cannot leave Udaipur without having this delicious delight. Other delicacies which you would want to have in here is Ghatte ki sabzi, Laal Maans (if you are non-vegetarian), Rajma, Ker Sangri, etc. These are all the traditional Rajasthani food which are so delicious that at the end of every bite you will keep licking your fingers.


You should not miss going to the palaces

Udaipur is very rich in terms of its history and culture. It is not, in any way, less than any other city when it comes to royal palatial properties and forts. Which is why it is also called the royal city. There are several palaces and forts which are directly connected to the history of its rulers who used to rule Mewar back then (Udaipur and some more cities combined was called Mewar back then). Forts like Sajjangarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, and palaces such as City Palace, Lake Palace, etc. are the monuments which are standing intact from those times in the city.


If you are a tourist do not go for any other means of shopping instead of street shopping

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
picture by:

If you are someone who doesn’t belong to Udaipur, then it would be a mere waste of money if you opt for any other means of shopping instead of street shopping. The main reason behind that is you will not get such forms of clothing, jewelry, and other handicrafts anywhere so you would not want to waste your money on something which you already have or you can get anywhere. You can get traditional clothing items, modern jewelry, different handicrafts, handmade painted t-shirts, paintings, etc. It is suggested that you go shopping in the old city of Udaipur.


Do not forget to praise the beautiful lakes all around

There are a total of 11 lakes in and around the city. Aren’t you astonished by the fact that in such a small city resides a total of 11 lakes? These Lakes involves famous lakes which are Fatehsagar, Pichola, Badi Lake, Udai Sagar and other Lakes such as Swaroop Sagar, Dudh Talai, Goverdhan Sagar, Purohito ka Talaab, Goverdhan Sagar, Madaar, Jaisamand Lake, and Rajsamand Lake. The shocking fact about these lakes is that most of these lakes are artificial, handmade lakes. These lakes are so beautiful and peaceful that they will just take all your worries from your life. You will be actually forced to praise them for their beauty.

Udaipur offers the same amount of peace and serenity to everyone who visits this city. It will just capture your heart right away and keep it here forever. Once you visit the city, you will always yearn to visit again. Well, these were some things which you absolutely not do while on your visit to the amazing City of lakes.

If you have any feedback regarding the article share with us in the comment section below or send an email to


Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

Udaipur is known by various names like the City of Lakes, Kashmir of Rajasthan, Venice of the East and so many more. The beauty of the place is evident in the pictures you must have seen all over the internet. Now that you are planning your visit to the spectacular and heavenly City of Lakes, let me help you build your personal itinerary for your first visit to Udaipur. I am aware that some of you won’t be able to cover all the spots enlisted below, but it is worth giving a shot.

Here are the Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur!

  1. Start your day by getting a perfect breakfast

Empty stomach won’t get along with you very far. So, first things first, get a perfect start to your day by having some good English breakfast. Although you might find a lot of places to eat in the city, especially if you are staying in the old city, but you obviously need a filtered list.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: Google Images

Thank us later, we are making you equipped with the list of the best places to have an English breakfast in Udaipur. Click here!

  1. Take a bike or car on rent and explore the streets of Old City

As per your convenience, you can take a car or a bike on rent and explore the nooks and corners of the Old City. There is a lot that you would see on the streets- from local vendors to artists painting at the roadside and a lot of scenes that you wouldn’t witness anywhere on earth!

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: kanishka bike rental

Plus, not just for the view, taking a vehicle is quite comfy for your to-and-fro as well and makes it easy for you to touch the extremes of the city effortlessly.

  1. Go shopping!!!

You have come down to Udaipur, would you dare to leave without any ‘oh-my-god-wow’ souvenir from the city? No, right?

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: My Udaipur City

Well, the shopping markets in Udaipur are like a color palette. Hundreds of shops selling things that are unique, vibrant and exhibit the very soul of the city. You can get apparels, tribal jewelry, gold/silver jewelry, zinc artifacts, wooden artifacts, leather bag, totes, to bedspreads, upholstery and so much more.

Check out all the markets of Udaipur here.

  1. Take a tour of the grand City Palace Complex

City Palace Complex Udaipur is one of a kind places in the city. It is a grand-majestic-palace and is the official dwelling of the Maharana (king) of Mewar. A part of the palace is closed where the Maharana resides with his royal family while a greater part of the palace is open to the public.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: Wikipedia

You can take a tour of the City Palace and have a walk through the time. Also, you can watch the light and sound show happening in the City Palace every evening.

  1. Take the Ropeway and watch the sunset from the Karni Mata hill

Karni Mata Temple is situated on a small hillock in Udaipur. The place is also known for its sunset point. You can either take the stairs to the peak of the hill for the sunset point or you can take the ropeway.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Alternative: If you want to have a glimpse of the culture of the city and sunsets do not entice you anymore, then you must pay a visit to the Darohar Show at the Bagore Ki Haveli Museum.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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The show starts in the evenings and is a must-watch if you are a fan of cultural dances.

  1. Spend your evenings at the Ghats of Udaipur

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Ghats are a noticeable part of the city. There are various ghats in Udaipur which are immensely peaceful and give you a close view of the waters of the lakes. Gangaur Ghat is the most significant and popular ghat in the entire city. It is known for hosting the Ganguar Festival and in recent times the place was seen in various movies in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

  1. Go for a boat ride in the Lake

You can go on a boat ride in Lake Pichola. It is a 20-25 minutes ride in the lake which covers all the places in the lake- I mean, you can have a close look at the Taj Lake Palace which is built in the middle of the lake, if in case you aren’t staying there! Also, you get to have a look at the Jag Mandir, which is also a floating (metaphorically) palace and is known for its beautiful life-size elephants standing at the entrance, carved out of stone.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Alternatively, you can go for a jet boat ride in the Lake Fatehsagar, which is one of the most prominent lakes in Udaipur. It is a great place to hangout and you would get a lot of street food and other delicious snacks just near the lakeside ‘chowpaty’. Also, you can visit the nearby parks and gardens to get a refreshing feel.

  1. Don’t miss Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) and the Biological Park

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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If you aren’t fond of riding in the boat, then taking a brisk tour to the Monsoon Palace would be great for you. Sajjangarh aka Monsoon Palace is perched on a hillock and gives one of the best views of the entire city.

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Adjacent to this palace is the biological park of Udaipur which has a variety of flora and fauna. This is a super fun and refreshing place for the nature lovers.

  1. Go to the largest aquarium in India- ‘Under the Sun’

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Under the Sun is the largest aquarium in India and is situated attached to the lake Fatehsagar. This is one great place to spend some hours. You would find a huge number of fish here, some of which are even rare to find in the Indian Subcontinent. Plus, you can find a Virtual Reality zone here which lets you enjoy underwater scenes in real time.

Read more about the aquarium here

  1. Last but not the least, Binge on the luscious food at a lakeside hotel/restaurant

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

By this time, I am sure you’d be feeling terribly hungry and what is better than having some great authentic Rajasthani or Continental Food at a lakeside hotel/restaurant.

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I knew you would be reading this on your first visit to the City of Lakes and hence I have prepared for you a list of the best Lakeside hotels where you can stay as well as eat at utmost peace, enjoying the natural beauty that Udaipur is! 😉

Check out the list here

Now that you roughly know where you’d be going, book your tickets and start packing!

Also, check out the best time to visit Udaipur and don’t miss your flight 😊

History and Culture

Mewar in the History of the World | In the Words of Ancient Travellers

Mewar and its lineage have been in light since ancient times for its greatness and grandeur. In classical India, it was said, that “The Maharana of Udaipur is the Sun of Hindutva.” Many ancient travelers visited our land and wrote about the glory and dignity of the state of Mewar. This time we bring you the excerpts (translated in English) from various ancient “Safarnamas” in which the visitors from faraway lands sang about the glory of Mewar.

Xuanzang– The traveler from China

About– He was a Buddhist monk, scholar, and traveler and visited India in 621 AD. He, in his book, mentioned about Vallabhi (presently a district in Gujarat) which was once the capital of ancestral kings of Udaipur. After the rampage and destruction in the city due to some battle, Mewar was properly formed.

Mewar in the History of the World
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Excerpt– “The lifestyle of people is somewhat influenced by Malwa region. There are undoubtedly 100 millionaires. The precious goods from all over the world can be seen here. The current king is the nephew of King Shiladitya of Malwa. His name is Dhruv Pat, and he is cheerful and, a bit, hot-tempered man. He seems to be least interested in ruling the kingdom. Every year, he holds a congregation, and he distributes precious jewels and exquisite food for seven days. He adores all the saints and deities with three dresses and medicines or equally valuable jewelry made of all seven kinds of precious stones. The king finds kindness as the greatest and he truly respects all those who are regarded as highly intellectual in the kingdom. He also honors all the monks and priests who come from foreign lands.”

Sulaiman-Al-Tajir – The traveler from Iran

About– Sulaiman was Muslim merchant, traveler, and writer from Iran and used to write in the Arabic language. He visited India and China in 851 AD. His Arabian works were translated in French and English by a French writer, Eusebius Renaudat.

Mewar in the History of the World
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Excerpt– “People of India and China believe that there are four most powerful kings in the world. In descending order of their power, the four kings are:

1) The King of Arabia

2) The King of China

3) The King of Greece

4) Balhara (the King of Mewar)

The Balhara is quite famous in India. All the Kings in India rule independently and are under no other king but they believe him to be the greatest. They honour him greatly. Like the King of Arab, he too distributes the gratuity lavishly. He owns many elephants and horses and possesses a ludicrous amount of treasure. Many of these kings lived for many years and some even ruled more than 50 years. Such is his generosity that even though the state is surrounded by enemy states, Balhara never orders the attack”

*Balhara is not any king particularly but all the kings of the clan were referred as Balhara.

François Bernier– The traveler from Paris

About– Mr. Bernier was a French physician and traveler. For a brief period of time, he was the personal physician of Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. After Dara Shikoh’s death, he was appointed to the court of Emperor Aurangzeb where he served for 12 years. He stayed in India from 1652-1669. He wrote about his experiences in India in his book, “Travels in the Mughal Empire” and wrote the following excerpt about Mewar and its bounty.

Mewar in the History of the World
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Excerpt– “There are more than 100 Kings who do not pay“Khiraj”. They are scattered all over the state with some being near and far from Agra and Delhi. Among them, 15-16 kings are unbelievably rich and strong, Especially, “Rana”, who was known as the “King of Kings” formerly and is known to be the descendant of King Porus*. If Rana, Jai Singh (King of Alwar) and Jaswant Singh (King of Marwar), join hands against Mughal Empire, they can be a huge threat to Mughal Empire because at a time, they possess, with them, the ability to take 20,000 soldiers to a battle. Nobody is as capable as these soldiers. They are known as “Sawaar-Rajput” (as in mounted on horses) and their warrior craftsmanship has been inherited from their warrior ancestors. The “Jagir” is given in the state at only one condition that whenever Times call (battle or a war), they should at once go wherever king orders them to.”

* In Col. Tod’s times, Sisodia Clan of Mewar claimed lineage from King Porus but these claims were based only on the fact that names of the descendants had supposed similarity with King Porus’s name.

Charles Umpherston Aitchison– Lieutenant Governor of Punjab from Scotland

About– Mr. Aitchison was born in 1832 in Edinburgh. In 1885 he took India’s first Civil Services Examinations and secured the fifth position. After several positions in and around Amritsar, he went on to become Lieutenant Governor of Punjab. He is also the founder of infamous Aitchison College, Lahore which was founded in 1886.

Mewar in the History of the World
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Excerpt– “The Royal Clan of Udaipur is the most prestigious and supreme amongst all the Rich Rajputs of India. King of Udaipur is said to be the descendant of the Ayodhya’s Raja Ram. This Royal Clan was founded by Raja Kanaksen of Vallabhi in 144 AD. The Kings of Dungarpur and Pratapgarh emerged from this Clan. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who founded the power of Marathas, was the descendant of this clan. None was a dominion in India which could fight Muslims (Mughals) with such valor and bravery as this clan did. They took pride in the fact that they never married any of their daughters with a Muslim (Mughals) King and for quite some time, broke all the marriage-related affairs with those Rajput dominions who married off their daughters to Muslims (Mughals).”

John Malcolm– The Governor of Bombay from Scotland

About- Sir John Malcolm was born in 1769 in Eskdale, Scotland. He arrived at Madras in 1783 and was positioned as a regimental soldier in the Army of East India Company. He was appointed Governor of Bombay in 1827. He finally went back to Britain in 1831. In his memoir, “Central India,” he wrote the following excerpt related to Mewar.

Mewar in the History of the World
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Excerpt- He wrote about the King Of Malwa, Mahmood Khilji that “Khilji was captured by Rana Kumbha of Chittor and after some time he was mercy-released by him and his territories too were given back to him. Almost all the memoirs written till this time, have in them that how Rajput Kings used to have a huge victory over Muslim Kings again and again.”

Abul Fazl– The Author of Akbarnama

About- Shaikh Abu al-Fazal ibn Mubarak was the Prime Minister of Akbar and Author of the official written record of Akbar’s days as a Monarch. He was also amongst the nine gems of Akbar. The following excerpt is from Akbarnama.

Mewar in the History of the World
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Excerpt- “After Badshah’s Procession, even the Kings, who never served beneath any King, accepted to serve Akbar. But Rana Udai Singh, the oldest, the bravest and the one who built an empire through mountains, denied serving Badshah. As a result, Badshah had to capture the Fort of Chittorgarh.”

And so there might be very few Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi books of Indian History which does not have in them the Greatness of Ranas of Udaipur written. There are numerous reasons as to why their greatness is so much celebrated. Firstly, The Chandravanshi and Suryavanshi Kings were said to be “The Greatest” in ancient India, especially the descendants of Raja Ramchandra and Royal Clan of Udaipur is said to be amongst the very first branches of this dynasty. And secondly, there are numerous accounts in history where this dynasty showcased its gallantry and valor by fighting Mughals bravely rather than surrender. Mewar and its Kings were, in a true sense, Royal because from generation to generation, each and every king brought nothing but prosperity and richness to Mewar.