Sharad Rang – Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Udaipur recently hosted a one of its kind food and music fest, organized by the West Zone Cultural Centre (WZCC) almost a week ago from October 25th to 29th at Shilpgram, which inevitably was one of the biggest food festivals to have been conducted in the city, funnily enough, agreeing to the fact that not many food festivals have been arranged in the city within the past few years. Nevertheless, as they say, its never too late, and so with the setting up of Sharad Rang – Food and Music Festival, we received an opportunity to witness exhilarating performances by different artists from all over the country delivering breathtaking dance and musical performances while hogging on some mouth-watering traditional delicacies of various states of India.

For those who missed a chance to munch on some of the very many delicious food items presented at the fest, here’s a quick overview of the different stalls and the mélange of food served  :

  1. Awadh ki Mithai

    Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

          The stall, as the name suggests had decorated containers of mithai (sweets) but didn’t quite boast of Awadhi sweets in particular. Although whatever that we tasted was very fresh and good, it didn’t totally feel like we were trying something new. They had Rabdi, Kulfi, Gulab Jamun and Kesariya Doodh (Saffron Milk) and were very affectionate, because obviously, ‘Muskuraiye, ap Lucknow mein hai!’

      2. Lucknowi Chaat

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

This was yet another stall owned by the same smiling face who served us Kulfi and Gula Jamuns. This stall had Basket Chaat, Baingan Chaat (Brinjal Chaat), Palak Chaat (Spinach Chaat), Moong Daal aur Mewa ka Dahi Bada. We tasted the Palak and the Basket Chaat and the first bite alone left us ordering a second one! Crispy and tangy just what a chaat should taste like.

      3. Kashmiri Food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Well, Kashmiris weren’t far behind in the race too. Coming all the way down to Rajasthan, they obviously had something appetizing in their menu too. While we sipped on Kahwa (a Kashmiri drink made of green tea, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and almonds), the owner of the stall told us about the delicacies he had prepared. Specialities included Rista, Gushtaba, Chicken Dhaniya Korma and Rogan Josh! Beginning of a Daawat surely, no?

      4. Maharashtrian food – Neelam food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Maharashtrians came with their set of preparations as well. Serving Zunka Bakar (a tempting preparation of  Jowar and Gramflour, the staple food of rural Maharashtra), Chaat Cone, Sabudana Vada, Puran Poli (sweet flat bread made with gram flour and jaggery stuffing) and Matka Roti, it was no doubt one of the major attractions of the festival, having already hooked the nation to the world famous Vada Pav! Are you addicted too!?

      5. Gujarati Food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Gujaratis never lag behind, you just name anything, and Gujaratis are sure to put you in awe. Nothing less can be said for Gujarati food and the love that they sprinkle over it. How could anybody not like the food served with so much of love and warmth? Gujarat brought a dozen of dishes on the plate to devour. Ranging from Thepla, Methi Gota, Ragda Patis, Undhiyu, Khandvi to Dabeli, Fafda, Jalebi, they had almost all of Gujarat kept on the table. Even we got confused what to eat and what not to!

      6. Bihari food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

This was apparently the most talked about stall of all. Food from Gujarat, Maharashtra and the South is much talked about these days, but we know very little of what Bihar has to offer. We were quite impressed seeing the crowd rushing to savor food from Bihar and eating with such fervor their specialties like Litti Chokha (Litti – lentil stuffed balls made of wheat, Chokha – dip made of eggplant, mashed potatoes, and tomato), Mawa ki Anarsa, Shahi Hing Kachori, Ghugni, Sattu Kachori, Mawa ka Chandrakala, Lal Mohan. Litti in the Litti Chokha had striking similarities with Baati, the only different thing being the gram flour stuffing.

      7. South and Punjabi food – Radha Rasoi

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

South Indian and Punjabi food is not new to Rajasthan. It has become a part of almost every restaurant menu and wedding and other celebrations. We had hoped for some better and new dishes apart from the Masala Dosa, Aloo Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, Spider Roll (similar to spring roll) but it failed to amaze us. The food was cold and double fried (referring to the Spider Roll here). There was one similar stall also serving Punjabi food in the form of Chole Bhature, Amritsari Kulcha, Sarso ka Saag, Makai ki Roti, which was otherwise fresh and tasty but didn’t quite hit the mark.

      8. Lucknowi food – Wahid Biriyani

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Lucknow has seen the footfall of various Nawabs in history and unlike any other stall we had high hopes for finding nice non-vegetarian food from Lucknow and just when we started feeling the absence of one, this came to the rescue! This was a huge setup and served vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies but with a drawback; they cooked both veg and non-veg in the same pan using the same oil which made it really worrisome for some vegetarians to choose to eat there. Apart from this, Mr. Aabid Ali Qureshi was a jolly person and insisted us on tasting each and everything. We tasted the Zaafrani Phirni which was mindblowing and some other specialties being Galauti Kebab, Chicken Masala, Mutton and Chicken Biriyani, Warki Paratha, Reshmi Tikka and Roasted Chicken. It was truly a treat for non-vegetarians.

      9. Padam Thaal and Aapno Rajasthan

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

How can Rajashtanis be left behind when there’s food been talked about on the counter!? People ate Daal Baati Churma, Besan Gatte ki Sabzi, Papad Methi, Ker Sangri, Sev Tamatar, Mawa Kachori, Jodhpuri Mirchibada, Ajmer Kadi Kachori, Bikaneri Jalebi, and Bajre ki Roti with equal craze and excitement and enjoyed beyond limits. Afterall, a happy stomach is a happy soul!


What are your views? Should we have more festivals like these in our city?


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P.S – The information mentioned above has been numbered just for the sake of reading and doesn’t pertain to any ranking of any sort.



5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Winter is about to hit the city of lakes. We’ve all started feeling those cold waves sending a shiver through our spine. It’s about time we take our sweatshirts and cardigans out. It’s also that time when we cannot resist eating sweets, be it that Halwa or Ras malai at wedding functions or those late night trips for Doodh Jalebi. Whatever it may be, winter provides us with an excuse to soothe our sweet tooth cravings. So here we are, with the list of the top 5 bakeries and patisseries in town that are sure to give you a sugar rush. Make sure you try each of them out! (And don’t worry, all the bakeries listed here serve eggless products, so you don’t have to control your hunger pangs next time you see one of them on the table!)

  1. Le Cakery Bakery and Café

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Opened in 2011 by Mr. Yash Bhatnagar, this bakery comes at the heart of every person. Situated in the center of the city offering some of the best cheesecakes in town, this bakery has made its way into every house. Their specialties include chocolate truffle pastry, macarons, tarts, and mousses. Our personal favorite had to be the caramel walnut pie and the blueberry cheesecake. The subtle flavors combined with the perfect ambiance makes for a great place. They have come up with two new varieties of cakes this festive season, namely, the Pistachio Velvet and the Orange Velvet cake. You can also give their home-made bread a try ranging from whole wheat and 8-grain (multigrain) to their focaccia and garlic bread. They even have a café serving amazing Risotto, Pasta, and Pizzas!

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Where – 73, Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Timing – 9.30 am – 9.30 pm

Home Delivery – Available


  1. The Bake Affair

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

‘Fresh Eggless Yummy’ is what the card reads and that’s exactly how their products are once they enter your mouth. That dense, creamy and mellow flavor you always wished for? All of it fits just perfectly to give your taste buds a tickle. Started in July 2015 by Mrs. Meenal Khamesra Agarwal, Bake Affair is a home-based bakery that serves appetizing cakes and pastries on an order basis. They specialize in puddings and cheesecake (Oreo cheesecake and red velvet cake are to die for!) and for this festive season, they’ve got Dry Fruit coated chocolates, dessert jars, and customized hampers to gift to your special ones. They also make customized and theme cakes along with red velvet and loaf cakes. Order 24 hours in advance because as they say, ‘Delicious things don’t come easy!’ or at least what foodies might say.

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Where – ‘Savitrikunj’, A-25, Alkapuri, Near Hotel Lakend, Udaipur

Timing – 10 am – 8 pm

Home Delivery – Available


  1. Simply Sweet

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

‘Do what you love and love what you do’ is exactly what Mrs. Diya Trivedi did. What started off as an inclination has finally begun to pay off with the bakery becoming much talked about in town. Calm ambiance with beautiful graffitis on one side makes for a great place to sip on a cup of coffee and desserts. Their bestsellers include, Nutella brownie, tarts, cake pops, and recent additions of the very trending Spiral Potato and Garlic Toast make for a wholesome package. Diya is one of the first home bakers in town providing customized cupcakes and cakes. For the festive season, they’ve come up with Gulab Jamun cupcakes and Cheese fruit tarts. We’re sure you’ll be tempted by her baking skills once you give the place a try.

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Where – 168 C, New Fatehpura, Near Baskin Robbins, Sukhadia Circle, Udaipur

Timing – 11 am – 12 midnight

Home Delivery – Available


  1. Zoe’s Cake Studio

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Mrs. Ankita Singhal is yet another amazingly talented home baker trained in eggless French entremets, Fondant cakes, Royal icing and Wedding cakes. She is one gem of a person and has been into baking for 6 years now. She has recently moved to Udaipur and started Zoe’s on an order basis in 2015. They also serve deconstructed desserts and cakes at Vantage by Panna Vilas, a rooftop restaurant by Hotel Viaan. Ankita tells us, cakes will soon be available to order from the latter. Her bestsellers include Gulab Jamun cheesecakes, Rabri Mousse and Almond Dredges. They’ve got flavored cashews, hazelnut date chocolates and dessert jars set up especially for this festive season. Order at least 24-36 hours in advance to get your mouth watering delicacy ready.

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Where – New Navratan area and Vantage by Panna Vilas, Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Udaipur

Timing – 10 am – 6 pm

Home Delivery – Available


  1. Celebration Bakery

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Talk about bakeries and any list would be surely incomplete without this one here. They’ve been around for about 17 years now and need no introduction whatsoever to describe their products. Specialising in Dark Chocolate cakes and cookies, they are the first choice of every person in town. Mr. Ritesh Jain is the owner and has got everything you are looking for. They even have a fast food counter serving hot dogs, footlongs, burgers, etc. They’ve got customized cookie hampers made for the festive season and have come up with Natural Ice cream cakes that are selling like hot cakes in the city. Drop over anytime with your order and they cater to it within minutes.

5 bakeries in Udaipur to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Where – Surajpole and Sector-4 (outlets), Shop no. 4/5 Fatehpura Circle (Main Branch), Udaipur

Timing – 8 am – 10 pm

Home Delivery – Available


Leave your comments and feedback below and let us know what you’d want us to review next! Happy Eating!




Non-vegetarian? Top places to satisfy your hunger pangs!


It’s tough to be a non-vegan when you can’t find good places to eat out. We know the plight and hence have listed some good places to enjoy and relish the best tastes of non-veg cuisine in Udaipur. Keep your stomach ready as you might feel the need to rush to these places ASAP!


Non Veg Platter

The restaurant is a ‘tribute’ to the legendary horse of Maharana Pratap, Chetak. The place is a mark of respect to the magnificent culture & history of Rajasthan. Sumptuous Non-Veg cuisines and a breathtaking view make this a place like no other. The Non-Veg Platter is a must if you happen to dine at Tribute. Accompany it with a glass of your favorite wine and you will surely feel heaven on earth.

Address: 89/B, Behind Monika Complex, Near Ambamata Temple, Rang Sagar, Udaipur,

Kabab Mistri

Source: JaiSingh Garh

Kebab Mistri is the Restaurant at JaiSingh Garh. If you have some serious non-veg cravings, this place is a must visit for you! The juicy pieces of chicken will fill up your tummy like anything!  Full of spices and grilled to perfection, the tender mutton portions with Peshawari naan is a must try; something you are surely gonna love. In a nutshell, the entire cuisine is lip smacking!

Address: 3, Haridas Ji Ki Mahri, Malla Talai, Fateh Sagar OR 23, Toran Bawri, Udiapole Road, City Centre



The joint is a well-known name in Udaipur for serving some hot non-vegetarian dishes. Roasted chicken, is one must-eat-dish of the place and can be taken for starters. Mutton masala is one delectable dish and can fill up your main course.  You’re surely going to love the fried chicken, the portion being big enough for four people.

Address: Imli Ghat, Chandpole Road, Udaipur


Source: Justdial

Since 1968, Parkview is perhaps the oldest restaurant which has been satisfying the taste buds of people having non-veg. It is a quite famous one when it comes to having a non-vegetarian cuisine. And I am sure you will also love the smell of those authentic spices.

Address: Opposite Town Hall, Bapu Bazar Rd, Udaipur

Raghu Mahal

Source: Raghu Mahal

Flames is the restaurant at Raghu Mahal, which is again known for its luscious non-veg cuisine. The tandoori chicken and fish tikka are to die for! If you wish to merge some good cocktails with food, you can go to their bar, Angara Bar.

Address: 93, Saraswati Marg, Darshanpura, Airport Road, Opp. MB College, Kumharon Ka Bhatta, Udaipur

Lal Bagh

Source: WildJunket

Lal Bagh is Udaipur’s first restaurant focusing on organic ingredients. Their unusual cooking styles bring out flavors in the cuisine which makes it succulent. A lot of people love the food at Lal Bagh, and you’re gonna love it too!

Address: 65, M.G. College, Near Daulat Chambers, Sardarpura, Udaipur

Ambrai Restaurant


Ambrai serves excellent non-veg delicacies to the guests. Amet Haveli (Restaurant Ambrai) is one great spot to dine in that Rajwadi sophistication and enjoying the luscious food.

Address: Amet haveli outside, Ambamata Scheme – A Rd, Chand Pole, Udaipur

Zaiqa Restaurant

Zaika is a takeaway and is running fluently for years. For the people who do not believe in eating amongst other people, takeaways are the best option. Everything is amazing here and a lot of people already crave for their servings. Zaiqa surely lives up to its name.

Address: Hospital Rd, Chetak, Chamanpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Trails of tandoor

The huge variety of Nonvegetarian food will firstly just confuse you whether what to eat and what to miss, but at the end of the day, you will just be like ‘mmm’. And make sure you prepare your appetite well because you cannot leave the place without overeating. From chicken, fish, mutton, eggs, and kababs to laal maas you can find everything here. It is a takeaway restaurant so that you can have as much as you want and eat it leisurely at your home.

Address: Near, R Decor, Celebration Mall Road, RK Circle, Bhuwana

Bal Bal To


It is one of those underrated and less known places of Udaipur. You might think that the ambiance will not suit you by looking at it from the outside but once you enter the place you will find that it is a perfect place for you for even a family gathering. The place is not much fancy and doesn’t have any exclusive décor but once you taste the food here, I bet you won’t regret coming here at all. It has both veg and non-veg food available here.

Address: Opposite Royal Raj Vilas, Shobhagpura Circle, Pulla Bhuwana, Shobhagpura

Mann Chicken Centre

Mann Chicken Centre is a very popular name amongst the citizens of Udaipur. It is founded by Mannpreet Singh which justifies its name. The place brought a drastic change in the city in terms of taste, quantity, and quality of non-veg food. The main attraction of the place is mutton and fish.

Address: Shop No 12, 13, Udaipur-Rajasthan – 313001, Under Seva Ashram Pulia

Biryani House

Source: udaipurtimes

The mere name of biryani is enough to get all the juices in our mouth, isn’t it? Well, Biryani house is one such place where you can satisfy your cravings for biryani. And not only Nonveg but veg biryanis are available too. There is a number of biryanis available at the place such as Hyderabadi biryani, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, Veg Biryani, Paneer makhani biryani, etc. Apart from biryani, you can enjoy other non-veg recipes too.

Address: Opposite Apaji Petrol Pump, Chetak Circle

Daawat restaurant

Situated amidst the city, this restaurant is a treat for all the non-veg lovers. It doesn’t fancy any décor or something but when it comes to food, it will be absolutely worth it. Home delivery is also available at the place.

Address: Khawaja Complex, Near Lok Kala Mandal, Madhuban

Mumal Chicken corner

This is another non-veg attraction popular in the city. Earlier it was situated near townhall and now it has been shifted to near Gulab Bagh. It is a takeaway restaurant so make sure you do not go there expecting a proper sitting arrangement. However, the taste of all the delicious delicacies will just excite your mouth like anything.

Address: Gulab Bagh Rd, Brahmpuri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Aren’t you drooling already!!??

Article Inputs: Juhee Mehta


Simply Sweet: A Home Baker Studio-Creating Art With Every Cake

Started off as a teacher, Divya always had an inclination towards baking. She calls herself a ‘dessert lover’ and turned her hobby into a career only because of the appreciation and motivation she received from her husband Ansh and her mother Geeta who has been a constant support to her. She began her career as a baker in 2014 and since then she has never looked back.

Simply Sweet
Divya: Simply Sweet

She is one of the first home bakers in Udaipur and now is determined to make her career even bigger than before. ‘Simply Sweet’ is her first outlet which is going to be operational in the first week of July. As I ran into talking to this ambitious and sweet lady, I learned a lot about home bakers and how she has emerged as one of the best in the town.

Let’s find out her story!

The kick-start: Where the journey started?

Divya always was a sweet-tooth; she loved eating sweets since childhood. This made her start baking cupcakes and basic cakes. As her hobby grew she started making cakes and other bakery products for friends and family. Being a teacher, she used to bake after returning from work, sometimes late at night as well. Her mother has not just been a robust support for her but also bakes with her.

Simply sweet Udaipur

Getting immense motivation from her mother and husband, she dared to take baking as her profession and quit her first job.  Gradually, since the year 2014 she has been baking her heart out, giving unmatched results and her clients love and appreciate her conviction in baking.

Delivering Bulk Orders? Challenge Accepted!!!

Telling me her story, she also mentioned some of the challenges she came across as a home baker and how her mother, Geeta came up as a source of constant encouragement. The main challenge she faced was bulk orders to be delivered in a short time frame.

Simply Sweet

She told me, “Sometimes people used to call me asking for 200 to 250 cupcakes to be delivered in a day, which I thought was impossible as I never used any professional equipment for baking. My mother always encouraged me for taking and accomplishing such tasks. And yes, my mom and I did a rigorous job and delivered 250 cupcakes to a client in a day, baking just 12 at a time in our normal oven. It was a huge accomplishment for me and made me proud. All thanks to my mom!”

Being a ‘Different’ Home Baker

In her words, “Two of the most special occasions are birthdays and weddings which revolve around the celebratory cake cutting. Such orders require a personal touch as these moments are to be cherished for a lifetime.”

She is the first customized fondant cake baker and makes matchless fondant cakes. Her customized cakes are a huge success and she gets orders from various parts of the city.

Simply Sweet
Divya With Her Mother Geeta

What makes her different is the way she indulges herself in the baking and garnishing of her baked items. She told me that if she is not satisfied with the outcome, she recreates every little detail and makes her cakes flawlessly beautiful.

Her Major Works

Her signature dish and the fastest moving are her chocolate cupcakes. Divya takes bulk orders for weddings and corporate events. Her best works are customized fondant cakes, cake pops, donuts, tarts, dessert jars. She also bakes customized products such as ‘Gulab Jamun Cupcakes’ for gifting on Diwali and other festivals.

Below is one of her orders for a destination wedding. This included customized fondant cookies which represented the bride and groom and were kept in the wedding hampers in the hotel rooms for guests.

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

Have a look at her amazing customized products!

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet


Simply sweet Udaipur

Simply sweet Udaipur


Simply sweet Udaipur


I am sure all the sweet lovers will be tempted by her amazing baking skills. Visit her bake studio- Simply Sweet and satisfy your sweet cravings.


168 C, New Fatehpura, Near Baskin Robbins, Sukhadia Circle

Desserts She Recommends:

Double Chocolate Cupcakes and Cheese Fruit Tarts

Price Range:

  • Prices start from Rs 25 for desserts, Flavored Chocolates Rs 10 per piece
  • Classic cakes (starting 350) and premium cakes (starting 500)

Place Your Orders at +91-8107102084

Also, you can follow her for the latest items and for placing orders.

Instagram: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Events News

1st Udaipur Food Drive concluded – The FUN of Foodies in Udaipur

Jab UB ne har foodie ko milane k liye ‘Food Drive’ organize ki, tab puri kaynat ne bhi shiddat se mausam badalne ki saajish ki…!!”

I am a Foodie

It was the “Springy-Summer evening” of May 7th, 2016, when Udaipur witnessed it’s first “Udaipur Food Drive”. And since it was an event, that was first of it’s kind, obviously the idea was nurtured and the event was successfully organized by the one and only “UdaipurBlog“.

The only thing in common between it’s participating “Foodie” members, was the passion to please their taste buds with the best of dishes, this city offers. The only exception were people like me who were more interested in meeting new people from what not professions and career courses.
Seeing the blooming list of 50 participants (that was occupied in a couple of days), I was sure that Lakecity is full of many talented heads and taste-loving tongues.

With its bright and youthful ambience, well-mannered staff, prompt service, and “Tortilla Pizza” (that made me forget all other items on the menu), OMG Food Court was the first stop of the drive and there could not have been a better start of the drive.

Following this, our next stop “Brewberry” served us with yummilicious beverages like Ice Tea and delicious Garlic Breads and Wraps, sprinkled with some amazing quotes here and there that made us love Coffee a little more!

Since the end has to be perfect, the last stop of the drive was “Chunda Palace” offering it’s antique lakeside ambience, the Royal hospitality and wide range of cuisines and mocktails.

And, not to forget, each spot was bombarded with hundreds and thousands of selfies; cell phone batteries went down by clicking pictures of beautiful faces with their mouth watering food. Here are some of the memoirs compiled for you.

Udaipur Food Drive OMG

Udaipur Food Drive - Brewberrys

Udaipur Food Drive - Chunda palace 2

In the end, UB team extends a heartfelt Thank You note to all the participating members and volunteers for their little spark of madness for food that made the event a success.

We are also very thankful to all our 3 destinations, viz a viz Manager of OMG – Mr. Deepesh Kothari, Manager of Brewberry’s Udaipur – Mr. Harsh Mehta  and Owner of Chunda Palace – Mr. Yaduraj Singh Krishnawat, for being a part of UB Food Drive and winning the hearts of every foodie.


Udaipur Foodie by UdaipurBlog

Udaipur Food Drive - Chunda Palace

I Love Udaipur

Udaipur Food Drive 2

Udaipur Food Drive 3 Udaipur Food Drive Udaipur Foodies UdaipurFoodieUdaipur Foodie 3


Udaipur Foodie

Moctails at Chunda Palace

Snacks at Chunda Palace - Udaipur Foodie