Simply Sweet: A Home Baker Studio-Creating Art With Every Cake

Started off as a teacher, Divya always had an inclination towards baking. She calls herself a ‘dessert lover’ and turned her hobby into a career only because of the appreciation and motivation she received from her husband Ansh and her mother Geeta who has been a constant support to her. She began her career as a baker in 2014 and since then she has never looked back.

Simply Sweet
Divya: Simply Sweet

She is one of the first home bakers in Udaipur and now is determined to make her career even bigger than before. ‘Simply Sweet’ is her first outlet which is going to be operational in the first week of July. As I ran into talking to this ambitious and sweet lady, I learned a lot about home bakers and how she has emerged as one of the best in the town.

Let’s find out her story!

The kick-start: Where the journey started?

Divya always was a sweet-tooth; she loved eating sweets since childhood. This made her start baking cupcakes and basic cakes. As her hobby grew she started making cakes and other bakery products for friends and family. Being a teacher, she used to bake after returning from work, sometimes late at night as well. Her mother has not just been a robust support for her but also bakes with her.

Simply sweet Udaipur

Getting immense motivation from her mother and husband, she dared to take baking as her profession and quit her first job.  Gradually, since the year 2014 she has been baking her heart out, giving unmatched results and her clients love and appreciate her conviction in baking.

Delivering Bulk Orders? Challenge Accepted!!!

Telling me her story, she also mentioned some of the challenges she came across as a home baker and how her mother, Geeta came up as a source of constant encouragement. The main challenge she faced was bulk orders to be delivered in a short time frame.

Simply Sweet

She told me, “Sometimes people used to call me asking for 200 to 250 cupcakes to be delivered in a day, which I thought was impossible as I never used any professional equipment for baking. My mother always encouraged me for taking and accomplishing such tasks. And yes, my mom and I did a rigorous job and delivered 250 cupcakes to a client in a day, baking just 12 at a time in our normal oven. It was a huge accomplishment for me and made me proud. All thanks to my mom!”

Being a ‘Different’ Home Baker

In her words, “Two of the most special occasions are birthdays and weddings which revolve around the celebratory cake cutting. Such orders require a personal touch as these moments are to be cherished for a lifetime.”

She is the first customized fondant cake baker and makes matchless fondant cakes. Her customized cakes are a huge success and she gets orders from various parts of the city.

Simply Sweet
Divya With Her Mother Geeta

What makes her different is the way she indulges herself in the baking and garnishing of her baked items. She told me that if she is not satisfied with the outcome, she recreates every little detail and makes her cakes flawlessly beautiful.

Her Major Works

Her signature dish and the fastest moving are her chocolate cupcakes. Divya takes bulk orders for weddings and corporate events. Her best works are customized fondant cakes, cake pops, donuts, tarts, dessert jars. She also bakes customized products such as ‘Gulab Jamun Cupcakes’ for gifting on Diwali and other festivals.

Below is one of her orders for a destination wedding. This included customized fondant cookies which represented the bride and groom and were kept in the wedding hampers in the hotel rooms for guests.

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

Have a look at her amazing customized products!

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet


Simply sweet Udaipur

Simply sweet Udaipur


Simply sweet Udaipur


I am sure all the sweet lovers will be tempted by her amazing baking skills. Visit her bake studio- Simply Sweet and satisfy your sweet cravings.


168 C, New Fatehpura, Near Baskin Robbins, Sukhadia Circle

Desserts She Recommends:

Double Chocolate Cupcakes and Cheese Fruit Tarts

Price Range:

  • Prices start from Rs 25 for desserts, Flavored Chocolates Rs 10 per piece
  • Classic cakes (starting 350) and premium cakes (starting 500)

Place Your Orders at +91-8107102084

Also, you can follow her for the latest items and for placing orders.

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