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Top 5 Places to Visit in Rajasthan in December

Planning a trip with your loved ones this December? How does Rajasthan sound? An absolute delight, I’m sure!

Rajasthan is one of the best places to visit in India, and with good reason too! There’s a lot to enjoy here for people of all ages: ancient temples, historical forts, beautiful lakes, colorful bazaars, traditional music and folk dance, appetizing cuisine, and so much more. And, of course, who can forget the majestic Thar desert?

People who want to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature, or people seeking thrill and adventure: Rajasthan will definitely not disappoint you.

The ideal time to visit Rajasthan is during the months of October to March. Compared to the sweltering heat in the summer, these months are accompanied by a slight chill in the air. Daytime temperatures (about 30° C) make travel significantly easier. The nights can go as low as 13° C – cool, but not unbearably cold.

Here are the top 5 places we recommend you to visit on your trip to Rajasthan this December. Get a chance to visit these places, and more, with Thrillophillia Rajasthan tour packages!

Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, is a must-see for anyone planning a trip to Rajasthan Also known as the summer capital of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is located in the Sirohi district. It is placed amongst the lush green hills of the Aravali range. Mount Abu’s cool climate makes it an ideal destination for all travelers. What’s more, there’s a lot to see at Mount Abu: Nakki Lake, Adhar Devi, Dilwara Jain Temples, Achalgarh fort, and many more places. Tourists can also visit the animal sanctuary and admire the beautiful leopards, wild boar, langur, etc.


Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden city’ of Rajasthan, is a major tourist destination of the state. The city got its name from the golden dunes and castles made from golden honey sandstone. A beautiful sight for anyone availing the Rajasthan vacation ! There’s a lot to see here for all who visit, including ancient havelis, Jain temples, Jaisalmer Fort, and many lakes. What’s most attractive about Jaisalmer, however, is the desert experience. Hop onto a camel and take in the sandy dunes. The several camps on the deserts provide you with traditional Rajasthani cuisine and traditional music and dance. An unforgettable sight for anyone!


Rajasthan trip ensures you do not miss out on the beautiful city of Udaipur. Also known as the Venice of the Easy by many, Udaipur has that wonderful romantic feeling to it. With a backdrop of the Aravali hills around it, there are many lakes to see here. Lake Pichola is a must for anyone visiting the city – feature in many Bollywood movies, too. Take a boat ride on the lake and witness the beauty of nature. There are many havelis, temples, and palaces, for tourists to see. If you’re still not satiated, the colorful bazaar will surely wow you.


Popularly called the Pink City, Jaipur is India’s first planned city and the capital of Rajasthan. It is one of the three cities that make up the Golden Triangle, along with Delhi and Agra, and is a destination in the Rajasthan Tour. Spacious gardens, pink houses – the city has one of the richest histories and cultures in all of India. The bazaars of Jaipur are popular amongst tourists for the plethora of jewellery, shoes, and rich fabrics that they offer for sale. Forts Nahargarh, Jaigarh, and Garh Ganesh Temple are some of the few tourist spots that are a must-see.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Everyone has heard of the Great Wall of China. Second to that is our very own wall in India – Kumbhalgarh Fort! This 3600ft tall and 38km long majestic fort surrounds the city of Udaipur. Located on the western Aravali hills, the fort has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fort is also said to be the birthplace of the legendary Maharana Pratap. Many Jain and Hindu temples are present within the fort. The Badal Palace, Shivalinga Temple, and Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary should all be visited.

Places to Visit

Museums in Udaipur you must know about

Udaipur has a very interesting history and the city is quite different from the rest of the Rajasthan. Udaipur has a great system of lakes, Ahar/Ayad river passes through the city, and the entire city is encompassed by lush Aravali hills. The terrain, the history, and the culture make the city an amazing one. The relics of the bygone era are preserved in the Museums in Udaipur and is something every local or tourist must pay a visit to. On the occasion of International Museum Day, let us take you on a virtual tour to the different museums in Udaipur.

Here is a list of Museums in Udaipur


The City Palace Museum, Udaipur

Source: TripAdvisor

The most celebrated museum in Udaipur is the City Palace Museum, which was set up in 1969 by Maharana Bhagwat Singh ji. It was to preserve the culture, heritage, and traditions of the people of Mewar. The museum contains relics including miniatures paintings, silver artifacts, recreational items of the royals, swords, and artillery and so many antiques.

Timings: 9:30am – 5:30 pm


Adult: Rs 300

Child: Rs 100

Camera: Rs 250

Guide: Rs 250

Audio Guide: Rs 200


Ahar Archeological Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

This museum was established in 1960 by the Archaeology and Museums Department of the Government of Rajasthan. This is a site museum which means that this museum is located in the vicinity of the excavation site itself.

The museum contains copper and terracotta pottery objects that are more than 3000 years old. It also houses sculptures of Hindu gods and ‘tirthankars’ (Great Jain teachers) from the 8th to 16th centuries AD. Here you can see earthen pots, iron objects and other artifacts that were a part of the lifestyle of prehistoric people. Some things are acknowledged to belong to 1700 B.C. Two of the main attractions are the metal statue of Lord Buddha and a statue of “Vishnu-Nag-Nathan” which are a great wonder to watch.

If you are interested to know more about the archaeology and origins of Ahar civilization, do watch the detailed documentary below:

Timings: 10:00 am – 5 pm, Closed on Fridays

Tickets: Rs 20


The Vintage and Classic Car Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: Trawell

Introduced in 2000, the Collection Includes 22 Splendid Cars. You can also have lunch at the adjoining Garden Hotel. Some of the cars are more than 70 years old. The collection embraces Rolls-Royce, MG-TC convertible, Cadillacs, Vauxhall-12, Ford-A Convertible, Mercedes – Benz, Chevrolet bus and other beautiful vintage cars.

Timings: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Ticket: Rs. 250


Bagore ki Haveli Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

West Zone Cultural Centre decided to restore as well as renovate Bagore ki Haveli in the year 1992 and set up a museum to restore its architecture. One can find, jewelry boxes, dice-games, hukkahs, pan boxes, nutcrackers, hand fans, rose water sprinklers, copper vessels and other household objects of the everyday life of the bygone era. The museum showcases the chambers of royal ladies, their dressing rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, worship rooms and recreation rooms as well.

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Foreigner (Adult/children): Rs. 100/-

Indian (Adult): Rs. 50/-

Indian Children (Age between 5 to 12): 25/-

Camera/Video: Rs. 50/-


Moti Magri Museummuseums in udaipur

There are paintings of Rajput kings and royal queens and models of the Haldi Ghati Battle and Chittorgarh Fort. This museum also contains an exhibition of the arms and weapons used in ancient fights by soldiers. The Pearl hill or Moti Magri is a great spot to visit, overlooking the lake Fatehsagar in the front and Pichola-Swaroop Sagar from the back.

Timings: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm


Adult: Rs 50

Child: Rs 15


The Crystal Gallery

museums in udaipur
Source: Rajasthan Tourism

The Gallery contains artifacts created by F. & C. Osler in the year 1877. These are furniture and cutlery, exclusively ordered by the Maharana Sajjan Singh and consist of Crystal chairs, tables, beds, sofas, dinner sets, perfume bottles, decanters, glasses, plates etc. The Maharana passed away before these crystals arrived so these were kept packed and intact for 110 years. In the year 1994, the gallery became open for public.

Timings: 9 am – 7 pm


Adult: Rs 500

Children: Rs 300


Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

The Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal museum displays a remarkable collection of ‘Lok Kala’ or Folk Art. It was founded by Padma Shri Devi Lal Samar in 1952. The museum houses folk heritage of India, traditional attires, ornaments, miniature paintings and many other art objects. In other words, one can say that the museum is devoted to the culture and folk art of states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Artifacts found here consist of wooden articles, old musical instruments paintings, masks, puppets, pottery, rural dresses etc.

Timings: 10 am – 6 pm


Adults: Rs 40 and other tickets include video/audio cameras


Tribal Research Institute Museum (TRI’s)

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurTimes

It is one of the 18 Tribal Research Institute of the nation. MLV (Manikya Lal Verma) Tribal Research Institute provides awareness about Mewar’s tribal communities. The museum houses artifacts belonging to the tribal communes, along with a library on tribal life and issues. The museum also has multiple household articles, costumes, arms and armors, musical instruments, ethnic art and wall paintings, agricultural implements, grain containers, handicrafts, ornaments and so much more.

Timings: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Tribal Museum Shilpgram

museums in udaipur
Source: TripAdvisor

A tribal museum was set up in 1995 inside Shilpgram. Here history, life, and cultures of the tribal communities like Bhil, Mina, Garasia, Kathodi, and Saharia have been exhibited with the help of photographs and ethnographic objects. Shilpgram or ‘Craftsmen Village’ is an initiative to promote the rural and tribal craftsmen by providing a platform to exhibit and sell their products. Shilpgram has about 26 huts which depict the lifestyle of the rural tribes.

Timings: 11am – 7pm


Indian (adult and child): Rs.30

Foreign visitors: Rs.50


Zonal Anthropological Museum

Out of 19 government museums in the state, Udaipur division has four – situated in Ahar, City Palace, Dungarpur, and Chittorgarh. Udaipurites are lucky to have a special museum at the anthropological survey of India, Western regional center at Pratapnagar inaugurated in March 2018. The popularity of the museum was evident from the fact that it was visited by no less than 9000 persons in the very first year. The diverse ways of life followed by various communities such as Kotwalia, Naika, Varlui, Rebori, Marwara, Meghwal, Rathwara, Tadi, Bhil, Gameti, Ahir and Jat of Gujarat as portrayed in the museum, make it a special one.

Source: Google Photos

As also communities such as Sahoria, Damor, Bhil, Brahman, Jain, Rajput, Dangi, Bhopa, Jogi, Langa, Lohar, Mangryar, Mudlim, Kumbhar, Prajapat, and Suthar of Rajasthan. Lifestyles of groups such as kali, Patel, Mahyavansh, Mitka, Halpati of Daman and Diu are presented in the museum so as to highlight the different socio-economic milieus with the help of specimens, sketches, charts, maps, and photographs. Specimens exhibited to help in the understanding of various cultural adaptation not only show their exotic appearance but also showcase the biocultural richness of the people of Western India.

Till date, the regional center has collected about 6000 ethnographic objects from different districts of Gujrat and Rajasthan from all communities including tribal. The specimens can be functionally classified as agriculture, hunting, fishing, etc. Bows and arrows, ornaments, musical instruments, crafts, objects, ritual, objects, pre-historical material and so on. The center arranged exhibitions on various themes at a different location such as Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur during Shilpgram Utsav and other occasions.

(Information by Ashok Mathur)


 How many of these have you visited?

Note: The above article is for information purpose. While we have tried our best to ensure the latest available time and ticket prices, etc., the respective museums have the right to change them. Readers are advised to do their research on timings/tickets/availability, etc.

Places to Visit

Delwara- The ‘Town of The Gods’ Near Udaipur

Do you know why Delwara is known as the ‘Town of the Gods’?

Not just the city of lakes is beautiful but also its surrounding area is awestriking. Located just 26 KM away from Udaipur is a small town named Delwara (not to be confused with Dilwara Temples of Mt. Abu). Delwara is quite famous because of the architecture of the monuments and buildings there but majorly it is known for being named as the ‘Town of The Gods’. Let us read why the place is known with such an unusual name.

Delwara is known as the ‘Town of The Gods’ simply because of the fact that the place has a high density of temples. It is evident that the town contains almost 2 to 3 temples in every street. Originally, it is said that Delwara had as many as a thousand temples out of which 400 were Jain Temples. Due to the same, Delwara was once known as ‘Devkul Paton Nagri’ which means the town of the gods.

There are various temples which still exist in Delwara in good condition, and are in fact great places to visit in Delwara near Udaipur.

Some of the sacred place in Delwara are enlisted below:

Palera Talab:

This Talab (small lake or pond) was built in AD 1800 by Rani Sajjan Kumari in the fond memory of her husband, the Jhala prince Mansingh, who died at a very young age. It is after his name, that the lake is also known as Mansarovar Sagar and is the major source of water of the town.

Statue of King Man Singh III:

Another thing made for the king Mansingh is this beauteous white marble statue, standing 2 meters high, in the center of Sajjan Vatika opposite the Bhagwan Vaikunthnathji temple.

Parshvanath Bhagwan Temple (Jain Derasar):

This temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Parshwanath, the 23rd Tirthankara of the Jains. One amazing feature of this temple is a chamber about 5 meters underground, which houses 13 stunning idols of Jain Tirthankaras.  The main temple has a gratifyingly carved idol of Bhagwan Parshwanath made in black marble.

Trimukhi Bawdi/Vav:

The name of this stepwell is due to the fact that it has triple entrances. It was built by the Shrimali Brahmins for performing the traditional rituals related to the temples of Vaikunthnathji and Hanumanji which are situated nearby the Vav.

Indra Kund:

Source: Trip Advisor

Indra Kund is one of the major attractions in the Delwara and was built by the king Rana Bairisalji. The kund was blessed in AD 1856 and a month-long festivity was held to the mark the blessing. The kund has stunning examples of stone carving and has a depth of 15 meters.

Shiva temple:

The temple is located close by to the Indra kund is also known as Kundeshvar Mahadev. This Shiva temple was built before the Indra kund and was under the local ruler’s terrain.  The temple has a lingam encircled by three faces of Lord Shiva covered by a cobra, the idols of his companion Parvati and the bull Nandi which was his vehicle.

Lakshmi Narayan Mandir:

According to a folktale, an idol from Dwarka flew on its own from and landed at the mandir. The shrine is said to have built here. The builder of the temple was a devotee of the lord, his was known as Shri Padmaji and has statue installed in the premises of the mandir. This temple is temple belongs to the Teli community; Shri Padmaji was also a Teli.

Other than these temples some other prominent names are:

Kasheshvar Mahadev:

It stands on a platform 16 steps high and was restored by the King of Delwara Raghodev II in the year 1927.

Kheda Mata Mandir, Bhil-Vas:

This temple is a sacred place for the Gametis which is a sub-caste of the Bhil community.

Rishabhdev Bhagwan Temple (Jain Derasar):

The temple is built in white marble and has 149 pillars and 52 shrines. The main shrine is dedicated Bhagwan Adinath, the first Tirthankara.

Source: Raas Devigarh

Another noteworthy place is the heritage hotel Raas Devigarh palace, which is the prime attraction other the temples here. Devigarh was once the residence of the kings of Delwara, from mid-18th century till mid-20th century. Delwara, the ‘Town of The Gods’, no wonder is a beautiful destination near Udaipur which is not much explored by the travelers coming to the city of lakes.

How to reach Delwara: 

You can take a public transport such as a bus from Udaipur or if you have your own vehicle, Delwara is approximately a 35-Minutes (26 KM) drive from Udaipur via NH58.

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Places to Visit

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur

The Taj Lake Palace is one of the most romantic hotels in the entire world and no wonder the unsurpassed beauty of this floating palace is one of a kind! But do you know that before it was a luxury hotel, it was the summer palace for the then Maharana of the Udaipur kingdom? This summer palace, now known as Lake Palace is indeed the most sought after destination in the whole world.

Let us read about the legendary palace built on the lake!

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

Jag Niwas Palace aka Lake Palace

Formerly known as Jag Niwas, the Lake Palace is built on a natural island of around 4 acres. It was built between the years 1743-1746 by the Maharana Jagat Singh II who ruled Mewar from 1734 to 1751 as the 62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar. The Maharana decided to build a palace and named it Jag Niwas after himself. It’s an east facing palace and was built to enjoy summers.

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

It is said that the Maharana had friendly relations with the Mughal emperors and hence Jag Niwas was inspired by the Mughal art and architecture. As one can avidly see, the palace has a remarkable Mughal architecture blending seamlessly with Mewar’s beauty.

The Lake Palace was once a Refuge to British Families

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

It was during the Indian Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 that several European families fled from Nimach and sought refuge in the Mewar kingdom. Maharana Swaroop Singh (reigned 1842–1861) helped these families by keeping them safe at the Jag Niwas (Lake Palace) and wiped out all the boats so that the agitators could not reach the families.

The Journey from Jag Niwas to the ‘Taj Lake Palace’

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

By the end of the 19th century, time and weather had deteriorated Jag Niwas, and the Palace started losing its fame. A French writer described Jag Niwas as – “slowly moldering in damp emanations of the lake.” Even its furniture and interiors started losing its dignity. Broken old chairs, clocks, and abrupt colored glass ornaments made the palace impassive towards foreign tourists. They described the place totally deserted.

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

In 1961, Maharana Bhagwat Singh decided to convert Jag Niwas Palace to a luxury hotel in Udaipur. An American artist became the interior designer and consultant of the project. He also mentioned in his words that – the palace was deteriorating and turning it into a hotel was only the way to restore and keep it maintained. He termed it as a job of conservation.

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

In 1971 the Taj group took over the management of Jag Niwas and the new name came out to be the Taj Lake Palace. Taj added another 75 rooms to it. Jamshyd D.F. Lam became the first General Manager of the Taj Lake Palace. Later in the year 2000, another restoration of the hotel was undertaken.

The art and architecture of the Taj Lake Palace

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

The upper room of the Lake Palace is a perfect sphere of 21 feet in diameter. Its walls, decorated with Arabic designs similar to Taj Mahal of Agra. However, they all are made according to the Hindu religion. The floor is ornamented with the finest quality of black and white marble. The courtyards lined with columns, pillared terraces, fountains, gardens and exquisitely beautiful domes.

Amenities at the Taj Lake Palace

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

The Taj Lake Palace has a total of 66 rooms and 17 suites namely Bada Mahal, Khush Mahal, Ajjan Niwas, Phool Mahal and Dhola Mahal. These exotic rooms are bejeweled with carved arches, paintings, crystal work, stained glass work, inland stones of pink and green lotus petals.

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

The rooms and suites give a magnificent look of the Lake Pichola. There are restaurants which serve Indian as well as European cuisines. This hotel is famous for Jiva Spa, outdoor pool, and yoga center. You can go for a boat ride on Lake Pichola provided by the Taj Lake Palace itself.

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

The Taj Lake Palace is undeniably one of the most luxurious properties across the country. It is invariably featured in the lists of all ‘Most Luxurious’, ‘Most Romantic’, ‘Best heritage Property’ that can give you an idea how travelers across the world praise the property. The palace’s beauty is well-known in the entire world and makes one of the most sought-after sights for travelers visiting Udaipur!

Lake Palace | The Floating Taj Hotel in Udaipur
Source: Taj Lake Palace

Have you ever been to the Taj Lake Palace? If yes, then share us your views on the most romantic hotel in the world, in the comments below!

Places to Visit

उदयपुर की प्रमुख गुफाएं

उदयपुर अरावली पर्वतमाला की गोद में बसा हुआ है, इस शहर में महलों, झीलों, ऐतिहासिक इमारतों, के आलावा कई प्राचीन गुफाएं भी है, जिनसे अधिक्तर पर्यटक अपरिचित हैं। प्रकृति ने इन गुफाओ का निर्माण प्राचीन काल में अरावली पर्वत माला के साथ ही किया था। हम उदैपुरिये खुशकिस्मत हैं की हमारे शहर पर प्रकृति ने इतने उपहार बरसाए हैं।

वेसे  तो इस शहर मैं अनेक छोटी-बड़ी गुफाएं हैं, लेकिन कुछ विशेष गुफाएं है जो की हम उदयपुर वालो के हृदय के बेहद करीब है, इनमें से अधिक्तर गुफाओ में पुराने समय में ही कुछ खास मंदिरों की स्थापना की गई है, आईये जानते है इनके बारे में –

गुप्तेश्वर महादेव गुफा

यह उदयपुर की सबसे प्राचीन एवं प्रमूख गुफा है, आध्यात्म की दृष्टि से भी इसका प्रमूख स्थान है, इसे “उदयपुर का अमरनाथ”  भी कहा जाता है। यह प्राचीन गुफा उदयपुर के बिलिया गाँव में ओड़ा पर्वत के शिखर पर स्थित है, जो की तितरडी के पास है| यहाँ भगवान शिव का प्राचीन मंदिर है, उपर पहाड़ पर यह मंदिर बड़े ही विस्तृत क्षेत्र में फैला हुआ है, इस गुफा की एक खासियत यह भी हें की इस तक चढ़ाई का रास्ता टेढ़ा-मेढ़ा हैं जो की आगन्तुको को अति आनंदित करता है!caves in udaipur

यह एक गहरी गुफा है जिसके दुसरे छोर पर शिवलिंग हें, इस गुफा में प्रवेश करते समय हमें हजारों चमकादड़े गुफा की दीवारों पर उल्टी लटकती हुई दिख जाती हैं, साथ ही पत्थर के  प्राकृतिक सर्प भी दीवारों पर दिख जाते हैं। इस मंदिर से अक्सर अखंड मंत्रोचार की आवाज़े आती रहती हैं कुछ विशेष अवसरों  पर पूरा पहाड़ सुन्दरकाण्ड, भजनों व मंत्रो से गुंजायमान रहता हैं। हर माह यहाँ 48 घंटो का अनवरत जाप होता  है।

इस गुफा का भ्रमण करने से एक विशिष्ट आध्यात्मिक आनंद का अनुभव होता है तथा यहाँ के सम्पूर्ण मंदिर परिसर में छाई शांति हमें खुद  में एक उर्जा का अनुभव करवाती हैं। इस गुफा के अंदर एक और छोटी  गुफा है जो की एक रहस्यमयी गुफा है, यह दूसरी गुफा इतनी बड़ी और लम्बी है की इसके दुसरे छोर पर आज तक कोई नहीं पहुच सका हैं, बड़े बुजुर्ग कहते हें की यह दूसरी गुफा काशी तक जाती हैं।

इस मंदिर का एक आश्चर्यजनक प्रभाव यह है की जब हम पहाड़ की चढाई से थककर गुफा में पहुचते हैं तो गुफा में कुछ ही क्षण बिताने पर हम फिर से खुद को उर्जावान महसूस करते हैं। यहाँ शांत वातावरण, शुद्ध एवं ठंडी हवा के झोके हमें चिंता मुक्त कर देते हैं, साथ ही सारी मानसिक थकान भी दूर हो जाती हैं। यहाँ पहाड़ से देखने पर पूरा उदयपुर दिखाई देता हैं, यहाँ एक सुन्दर बगीचा और एक भव्य हनुमान मंदिर भी हैं। इस गुफा में हर पूर्णिमा की रात को भजन संध्या होती हैं जो कि एक संगीतमय रात्रि जागरण होता हैं।

मायरा कि गुफा –

यह गुफा उदयपुर में गोगुंदा के निकट स्थित हैं। इसके आस-पास घना जंगल हैं, क्षेत्रफल कि दृष्टि से यह मेवाड़ कि सबसे बड़ी गुफा हैं। बारिश के मौसम में यहाँ  लगातार झरने देखने को मिलते है। इस गुफा कि संरचना भूलभुलैयाँ कि तरह है। इस गुफा में लंबी, टेढी-मेढी, संकरी गलिया हैं। हल्दिघाटि के युद्ध के दौरान यहाँ महाराणा का निवास स्थान था। इसकि जटिल संरचना के कारण ही महाराणा प्रताप ने इसे अपने शस्त्रागार के रूप में चुना था। caves in udaipur

इस गुफा में गुसने के तीन रास्ते है, लेकिन इसकि बाहरी संरचना कुछ इस प्रकार है कि बाहर से देखने पर इसका प्रवेश द्वार नज़र नहीं आता। इस गुफा के एक कमरे में महाराणा प्रताप अपने प्रिय घोड़े चेतक को बाँधा करते थे। इस कमरे के पास माता हिंगलाद का मंदिर भी है। यह राजस्थान के ही नहीं अपितु संपूर्ण भारत के सबसे अनछुए स्थानों में से एक है। अगर आप एक साहसिक भ्रमण पर जाना चाहते है तो यह आपके लिए एक सर्वोत्तम स्थान हैं।

झामेश्वर महादेव मंदिर गुफा –caves in udaipur

यह गुफा उदयपुर में झामर-कोटडा नामक स्थान पर है। यह एक बड़ी गुफा है,  इसके आस-पास पानी व हरियाली हैं। यह पूर्ण रूप से प्रकृति कि गोद में स्थित है। इसके आस-पास का वातावरण बहुत शांत एवं खुशनुमा हैं। लंबे-लंबे पैडो, पक्षियों कि आवाज़ों के साथ यहाँ सैकड़ों बंदर भी देखने को मिलते हैं। इस गुफा के अंत में एक प्राचीन प्राकृतिक शिवलिंग हैं, जिसकी खोज आज से करीब 600 वर्ष पहले हुई थी। यह मंदिर परिसर एक विस्तृत क्षेत्र में फैला है, हर दिन यहाँ कई श्रद्धालुओ व पर्यटको का आवागमन होता हैं।

उभैश्वर महादेव गुफा –

यह गुफा उदयपुर की बहुचर्चित एवं सर्वप्रसिद्ध गुफा हैं। उभैश्वर जी जाने का रास्ता मल्लातलाई चौक के दाई तरफ कुछ दूरी पर स्थित रामपुर चौक से जाता है। यह गुफा एवं मंदिर एक ऊँचे पहाड़ की चोटी पर स्थित हैं, यहाँ तक जाने के रास्ते में एक जोखिम भरी खड़ी व गुमावदार चढाई आती हैं। जो की बड़ी खतरनाक है, कयोंकि उस रास्ते पर एक तरफ पहाड है तो दूसरी तरफ खाई है। साथ ही यहाँ जंगली जानवरों का खतरा भी रहता है।caves in udaipur

अतः हमें वहाँ जाते समय रास्ते में सावधानी पूर्वक जाना चाहिए। अगर हम वर्षा ऋतु में वहाँ जाते है तो हमें प्रकृति की विशेष सुंदर छटा निहारने का विशिष्ट सौभाग्य प्राप्त होता हैं। ऊपर पहाड से नीचे देखने पर हमें कोई घर, कोई इमारत दिखाई नहीं देती, चारोतरफ दुर -दुर तक सिर्फ पहाड ही पहाड दिखते  हैं। पहाड पर एक सुंदर सरोवर हैं जो “कमल तलाई” नाम से विख्यात है।

यहाँ सुंदर श्वेत कमल खिलते है यहाँ से बहता हुआ पानी आगे जाकर झरने के रुप में गिरता है, जो की और आगे जाकर सिसारमा नदी में मिलता हैं। इसी तलाई से थोड़ा आगे एक बड़ी व लंबी गुफा स्थित हैं। जो की उभैश्वर महादेव मंदिर गुफा के नाम से विख्यात हैं। इस गुफा में शिव पूजन के समय सिर्फ कमल तलाई से प्राप्त पुष्प ही अर्पण किए जाते है।

तिलकेश्वर महादेव गुफा –caves in udaipur

यह प्राचीन गुफा उदयपुर में गोगुंदा हाई-वे के किनारे स्थित एक गाँव बैरन में स्थित हैं। यह एक दुर्गम गुफा है, इसमें प्रवेश के लिए हमें एक चेन के सहारे नीचे गुफा में उतरना पडता हैं। जहाँ नीचे एक झरना एवं जलाशय हैं इस गुफा में एक प्राचीन शिव मंदिर है जिसके बारे मे कहा जाता है कि, यहीं पर महाराणा प्रताप ने शक्ति सिंह का राजतिलक किया था। यहाँ पास ही में एक खाई है जिसके किनारे अधिक्तर पर्यटक फोटो खिचवाते हैं। यहाँ आसपास कई मनोरम दृश्य हैं  ।

पातालेश्वर गुफा-

यह गुफा उदयपुर में टाइगर हील से लगभग तीन किलोमीटर दूर, बडगाँव में नहर के पास स्थित हैं। इस गुफा की विशेषता यह है की ना तो यह गुफा पहाड़ पर स्थित हैं ना ही इसके आस-पास कोई पहाड़ हैं। यह गुफा जमीन में पाताल की दिशा में बनी है, इसीलिए इसका नाम पातालेश्वर रखा गया। इस अंधेरी गुफा में भी एक प्राकृतिक शिवलिंग है जिसकी सुरक्षा एवं देखभाल की जिम्मेदारी एक अघोरी ने अपने कंधो पर ले रखि हैं। इस गुफा के अंदर भी एक खुफिया सुरंग है जिसका दुसरा छोर आज भी एक रहस्य हैं।

Places to Visit

Sajjangarh Biological Park (zoological garden) in Udaipur

One of the major attractions in the City of Lakes, Udaipur is the Sajjangarh Biological Park, which is a zoological garden. It is located in the foothills of the Monsoon Palace (Sajjangarh Palace) and is about 4 km from the city center and 6 km from the city railway station.

The park was inaugurated on 12 April 2015 by Prakash Javdekar, Minister of Environment and Forests, Gulab Chand Kataria, MLA Phoolchand Meena, MP Arjun Lal Meena and Minister Rajkumar Rinva. Sprawling in an area of 36 hectares, it is a home to a massive variety of wildlife.Sajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur

The main objective of the park is to make people aware of the flora and fauna of the region and otherwise. To create sympathy towards the wild animals, which are ruthlessly killed for benefits and other reasons.

The animals in the park are kept in enclosures and visitors and spot these while on their visit to the park. Further, for taking care of the animals inside the park various measures have been taken and deployed to maintain the health of the fauna present in the Sajjangarh Biological park.Sajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur

There is a Zoo Hospital for taking care of the ill animals. The Biological park at Udaipur prohibits the usage of plastic covers/bags inside the zoo. There is a Nutrition Center at the zoo which serves to the feed requirements of wild animals of the zoo. There is a full-time experienced veterinarian and a trained compounder to take of the animals. Also, CCTV cameras are installed in the zoo for 24 hours surveillance.

Wildlife at the Sajjangarh Biological Park-

  • Himalayan Black Bear
  • Jungle Cat
  • Leopard
  • Tiger
  • Sambar
  • Striped Hyena
  • Lion
  • Indian Porcupine
  • Common Fox
  • Sloth Bear
  • Chital
  • Blackbuck
  • Jackal
  • Chousingha
  • Chinkara
  • White Tiger
  • Gharial
  • Marsh Crocodile
  • Star TortoiseSajjangarh Biological Park UdaipurSajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur

Facilities for the visitors at the Sajjangarh Biological Park-

  • An easy and spacious Vehicle Parking
  • Golf carts (ticketed) are available which tour the major routes of the zoo
  • Drinking water Facility
  • Rest areas at various points
  • Canteen facilities
  • Cycle Facilities also available
  • Children’s Park for recreational activities
  • The zoo also provides toilet facilities
  • Wheel-chairs are available for physically handicapped visitorsSajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur

Timings of the Sajjangarh Biological Park-

Winter Season

21 October to 15 March

Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm

Tuesday Closed

Summer Season

16 March to 20 October

Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 9 am to 5:30 pm

Tuesday ClosedSajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur

Entry Fee-   

The Entry in the Biological park Udaipur is ticketed. Below is the ticket information:

Adult:   Rs. 30

Foreign Tourist: Rs. 300


Camera: Rs. 80

Video Camera: Rs. 200Sajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur

The Biological Park, Udaipur Prohibits the following activities-

  • Feeding by the visitors
  • Vandalism or damages caused by the visitors
  • Teasing the animals is strictly prohibited
  • Smoking or consumption of alcohol
  • Cooked food isn’t allowedSajjangarh Biological Park UdaipurSajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur


Sajjan Garh, Main Gate, Malla Talai, Eklavya Colony, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Photos By: Siddharth Nagar


Places to Visit

Places to Visit at Jaisamand

Jaisamand is located in Udaipur district, away from the main city and is a retreat for people of the neighboring cities. There are many places of interest at Jaisamand that can make a day well spent. Here we are stating the places to visit at Jaisamand, for a fun and exciting trip!

Jaisamand Sanctuary

Places to Visit at Jaisamand
Source: Rajasthan Trip

Jaisamand Sanctuary is situated at a distance of nearly 51 km south-east of Udaipur and spread over an area of 160 square km. Jaisamand Sanctuary was introduced in the year 1957. This sanctuary is the habitat of innumerable species. The species include sloth bear, leopard, chital, chinkara, wild boar and a wide variety of the birds that breed here such as darter, open bill stork, pond heron, little cormorant and Indian Shag. The aquatic life and the amphibians are also found in the lake such as the fish and the crocodiles.

Best time to visit Jaisamand Sanctuary: November to April.

Jaisamand Island Resort

Places to Visit at Jaisamand
Source: Jaisamand island resort

The Jaisamand Island Resort is the sole resort in North West Region of the country to be built on a Private Island of 40 acres. Jaisamand Lake and the Sanctuary are rich in fauna with counts of over 300 bird species, which makes the place ideal for bird watchers too, who can enjoy bird watching while on their stay the resort. This resort has an idyllic location to enjoy the vastness and beauty of the lake.

Also, Jaisamand Lake is famous its quality of fish, which is sold in nearby places. Fried fish is a common delicacy of the Jaisamand region.

Jaisamand Lake

Places to Visit at Jaisamand
Source: Shubham Chouhan

Jaisamand Lake known as the second largest artificial lake in Asia. Located at a distance of nearly 51 km from Udaipur. About the history of this artificial lake, it is said that there was a small puddle or lake, which was called Dhebar Lake. Further, it is said that Maharana Jayasingh’s childhood name was Dhebar and the name of this lake was named after him.

Maharana Jaisingh later named this magnificent lake Jaisamand after his known name which means ‘Ocean of Victory’.

Later, this small puddle was converted into a huge lake forming a dam or wall by the Aravalis on the Gomti River. The Jaisamand Lake Dam is 300 Meters long and is a part of the Heritage Monuments of India. This dam has a Shiva temple, the lake also boasts of six interesting cenotaphs carved from marble on its embankment.

Places to Visit at Jaisamand
Source: Hotels in Udaipur

One can enjoy a boat ride that is ticketed.

Assistant Director of Tourism Department, Sumita Saroj had also announced setting up jetty and Houseboats and Catamaran Boats for the visitors to spend their stay in the middle of the lake. This will set off soon.

Roothi Rani ka Mahal

Places to Visit at Jaisamand
Source: wikimedia

Maharana Jaisingh built many grand palaces along the banks of the lake. This also included the small palace for his queen, Kamladevi. Also popular as Hawa Mahal, this palace is also known as Roothi Rani Ka Mahal and is quite fascinating. Constructed in A.D. 1680-1698, it was gifted to Maharana Jaisingh’s youngest queen Kamladevi. Legends say, being dismayed with Jaisingh, she left her palace to lead a segregated life, hence, the name came to be known as Roothi Rani-ka-Mahal. Roothi Rani Ka Mahal is a heritage structure which is now being maintained by the archaeological department to attract more tourists.

The place is developed as a trekking spot as well and is great for the same.

How to reach Jaisamand:

The lake is nearly 51 km away from Udaipur City can be reached by using road transportation.

Places to Visit at Jaisamand
Source: Shubham Chouhan

Best time to visit:

Can be visited any time of the year, but monsoon is the best time to visit Jaisamand. From July to August.

Places to Visit

Places to have a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day in Udaipur!

The week has already started and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. To make this day a super special one, I am listing some places which will give you an impeccable view of the city so you can fall in love all over again- both with Udaipur and your Bae! These places are sure to revive that spark!

Make sure to book your table in advance!

Jagat Niwas Palace


This place is one of my favorites in Udaipur- isolated from the hustle-bustle of the city and dipped in tranquility. The ambiance is perfect for having a candlelight dinner with your beloved. Watch the birds returning to their nests and sunset from here and then dive into the pool of luscious cuisine.



A new addition to the restaurant league in Udaipur, Amber has a great location as it is situated close to the ghat next to Ambrai and overlooks the magical waters of Pichola. The one restaurant is known for its Mexican cuisine, this place can surely set your evening on fire!

Raas Leela

Source: RaasLeela

Superb food and quick service, Raas Leela situated adjacent to the majestic Leela Palace and at the banks of Lake Pichola, is a comfortable place to celebrate Love. The peaceful ambiance will have misty winds blowing on a winter evening and you and your partner will love it!


Source: UdaipurBlog

Known for its exquisitely romantic ambiance, Upre is a place you cannot miss! The place gives you ‘sitting on the cruise’ feeling. I don’t know many of you have been to Upre on a full moon night, but trust me it’s one hell of an exciting and beautiful view. Date and Upre go hand in hand.

Sunset Terrace

Source: Wedfine

One exotic and the extravagant location is resting in the City Palace Complex- the Sunset Terrace. Live music and the kingly City Palace behind you, a sight and night to remember. The food is delectable and the place is immensely beautiful and a must visit.


Source: TripAdvisor

Almost everyone in Udaipur knows and loves BlueMoon Kinaraz. Known for its beautiful location that overlooks Pichola and gives a magical view of the City Palace, at night this place becomes heaven. The special setup can be made on demand at the exclusive terrace of BMK and you can have a candlelight dinner and spend some quality time.

Chunda Palace

Source: ChundaPalace

Giving a totally different view, the restaurant at the Chunda Palace will take your breath away. Perfect for a dinner, the place serves the delicious dishes. The service is suave and the view, unimpeachable. What are you waiting for, book a table for two!


Source: TripAdvisor

A beautiful new addition to the restaurants in Udaipur is Vantage, situated at Haridas Ji Ki Magri the place has a great view as it’s a rooftop restaurant. The interiors and ambiance are great to take your loved ones on a date they’ll never forget! Mild music playing at the back, this place gives a complete view of the city.


Source: Gobymobile

This place has two sitting venues, one inside and another outside. Known as a spot bird watching, Tribute has a sumptuous cuisine and the humbleness and courtesy of the staff make you feel truly special. The place becomes a haven for nature lovers after the dusk and is a must visit on Valentines.

Swayamwar Restaurant, Shouryagarh Resort

Source: HungryDunia

Last but not the least, Swayamwar Restaurant at Shouryagarh Resort and Spa. This one of a kind restaurant is known for its revolving sitting. The place serves great taste and can be on your list of V-day venues undoubtedly. They have also a special setup for the Valentine’s as well.

Also, do tell what are your special plans for the V-Day or where are you taking your darling this year!


Not just lovers, you can hang out with your best friend or your siblings or parents or any form of Love! The main thought behind writing this is that you take out some time for people you love. 😊


The Prominent Churches of Udaipur

Places of worship in Udaipur is something everyone must know. Here we are listing the major churches in Udaipur.

Rajasthan Pentecostal Church

The Rajasthan Pentecostal Church was established by Late Dr. Thomas Matthew, an Apostle of North India. It was in the year 1963 that he started the church; earlier the church was under the Shepherd Memorial, and it was 1987 when it got its own building and management at Rani Road.Churches of Udaipur

Since then, the daily meetings and prayers are conducted at the church, which is Independent for its own practice.

By 2005, there were over one thousand local churches that had been birthed as a result of the work that began in Udaipur by Late Dr. Thomas Matthew. Also, till 2005, Late Dr. Thomas Matthew was pastor of the church. On the 24th November 2005, en route Punjab to preach, he passed away in his sleep, after him Pastor Paul Thomas Mathews took over.

The church has a great architecture, able to accommodate almost 500 devotees at a time.

Rajasthan Pentecostal is of the Protestant churches of the city. The church also helps in the field of education and healthcare. It has educational institutions and hospitals, St. Matthew’s School at Rani Road is one of the institutes.Churches of Udaipur

The Rajasthan Pentecostal Church is affiliated to Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India (Regd.), a national fellowship of 1600 affiliated churches.

Address: Opposite Sanjay Park, Rani Rd, Malla Talai, Udaipur

Shepherd Memorial Church

The Shepherd Memorial Church is carved in the Scottish architecture and is the oldest church in Udaipur. The first worship was offered in this Church after sanctification on 05 July 1891.Churches of Udaipur

It was built by the Scottish Missionary and a Medical Doctor from Aberdeen, Scotland, Rev. Dr. James Shepherd (02 Feb 1847 — 29 Mar 1926) who with the great help of the then State Executive Engineer Mr. Campbell Thompson constructed the church. The church is named after Dr. James Shepherd. It is said that the land for the construction of the church was given to Dr. Shepherd by the Maharana of Udaipur.

Campbell Thompson also constructed lake Fateh Sagas Dam, Railway Line to Chittorgarh, Victoria Memorial Hall (Saraswati Library in Gulab Bagh).Churches of Udaipur

The church is located near Chetak Circle, also known as Church of North India. Shepherd Memorial is a protestant and an independent church and nearly 300 people can pray together in the church. In its earlier days prayers were conducted by Dr. James Shepherd after whom the clergy has changed 18 times and now prayers are being conducted by Rev. Jitendra Nath since 2016.

Address: Shepherd Memorial Church, Church of North India, Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral

As per a source, there is a story behind the establishment of this church. A devotee of Our Lady in Germany sent a statue of Our Lady of Fatima to India and remained in Ajmer unopened from 1964 to 1967 in the Bishop’s House.Churches of Udaipur

Bishop of Ajmer helped the Tridium management of Udaipur in fulfillment of their want of a life-size statue of Lady Fatima, where the statue was never opened from its cover. The Tridium Management welcomed to take it.

It is said that Late Rev. Fr. Avito Coutinho expressed amazement seeing the statue which arrived from Ajmer. He was spellbound by the beauty of the statue and immediately decided to take it for their worship. It was kept in a cover till it found a decent place for worshipping, which later on came to be the church where it is now.Churches of Udaipur

In its initial days the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was kept in a newly constructed block in St. Paul’s school campus then it was shifted permanently in the Our Lady Fatima Church.

The church has a huge hall for prayers in which 500 devotees can pray. Also, it is the largest church in Udaipur and has beautiful interiors.

There are many institutions which come under the management of the church, as follows:

  1. Mary’s Sr. Sec. School
  2. Teresa’s Sr. Sec. School
  3. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur
  4. Teresa’s Sr. Sec. School
  5. Asha Dham
  6. Missionaries of Charity
  7. Maitri Sadan
  8. Teresa Hospital
  9. Prerna Press

Address: Opposite St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Bhopalpura, Udaipur

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church

The church at St. Gregorios celebrates its Foundation Day in January 1987. It was created as a parish of Malankara Orthodox Church but the Church was named after St. Geevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala who is the Patron Saint of the Church building.

A statue of the Patron Saint of is also erected inside the prayer hall, of the Church. It is an orthodox church, and the infrastructure is similar to the churches in Syria.

Churches of Udaipur
Source: Udaipurtimes

Malankara Syrian Christians’ history dates back to their origin when St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, came to India in 52 A.D. A major section of the parent body of St. Thomas Christians constitutes the Orthodox Church under the Catholicos of the East with headquarters at Devalokam, Kottayam. Today, the Church is running a number of Schools, Charitable Institutions like Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Hospitals, etc. all over the country.

The Church can occupy as much as 200 devotees at a time. The Diocese of Delhi Malankara Orthodox Church was the governing body of the church, which later on got acquired by the newly established Diocese of Ahmedabad.

Address: St.Gregorios Orthodox Church, P.B.No.172, Khar Kuan, New Bhupalpura, Udaipur

Emmanuel Mar Thoma Church, Udaipur

The Mar Thoma Christians migrated from Kerala to Udaipur, after which they felt a necessity of having a place to worship. Thus, they formed “Malayalee Syrian Christian Congregation” which accommodated Mar Thoma and Orthodox Christians. Rev. K. V. Varkey, of Mar Thoma Church Valsad, Gujarat was the first Mar Thoma vicar who visited Udaipur and conducted Holy Communion on 4th September 1966 at the Shepherd Memorial CNI church, Udaipur.

The desire of the Martomites was fulfilled on 6th March 1993, and  Rev. Geeverghese Mar Athanasius, Bombay-Delhi Diocesan Bishop laid the foundation stone of Emmanuel Mar Thoma Church Udaipur & the dedication ceremony by Rt. Rev. Dr. Issac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa on 27th August 1994.

Churches of Udaipur

Later, the members felt the need to have a separate room for the guests who visited the parish. The construction of the guest room was completed in the year 1998.

Churches of Udaipur

Address: Emmanuel Mar Thoma Syrian Church 61, Sukhadia Nagar, University Road, North Ayad, Udaipur

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What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

Read Below at your own risk! Risk of drooling heavily!!!

Udaipur has a picturesque cityscape. Whether you live in Udaipur or are planning a trip here, your stay isn’t complete if you haven’t tasted the authentic taste of Udaipur! Here we are listing some of the ‘must-try’ dishes, and places under what to eat in Udaipur, and where?

Street food

For all those of you who love to eat ‘street food’, here is a list of top spots, which according to us must be in your checklist to have a gala time eating street food in Udaipur.

  • Kachoriiiiiiiii

Not afraid of eating oily stuff? Here is your pick-Kachori!! The best kachoris of the city are here. Dip them into relishing ‘Hari- Chutney’ and find yourself lost in the melting taste. Drooling? Aren’t you!

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
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#UBTip: Add curd to it and thank us later.

 Where: At Lala Mishthan Bhandhar Opposite KeematRam and Paliwal ki kachori Near Jagdish Temple

  • Anda Bhurji

For the EGG-LOVERS, Anda Bhurji at Chetak is a paradise. You might have to stand in a queue but the taste is worth the wait. The guy will serve the best anda bhurji that accompanies with a packet of bread.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
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#UBTip: Try Tandoori Omelet there, that’s another famous dish!

Where: Chetak circle opposite old chetak cinema

  • Chaaaaat!

Love eating ‘Teekha’? The yummy Chaat at Shiv Shakti is a dream-come-true for the spicy side of you. Dahi Chaat is the most famous and the tastiest snack he gives.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Ask him to add some more ‘Dahi’!!

Where: Shiv Shakti Chat, Bapu Bazar

  • Vada Pav

Hungry? Need a quick snack? Vada Pav is your ultimate pick. A small shop somewhere between chetak and Hathi pole road serves the best Vada Pav in just rupees 10. One of the cool things about this vada pav is its packing, yes do try, and watch the amazing quick wrapping of the pav…haha!!

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Taste of City

#UBTip: Take a glass of Chaach, which is also served here for just rupees 5!

Where: Poornima Vada pav- Chetak-Hathipole Road

  • Pani Puri

Tired of tasting the same old flavor of Pani puri? Your savior is here! This pani puri stall named 5 Flower Pani Puri gives you the best five flavors to try, all classic in their own way. He’ll give you Lehsun, Heeng, Khatta (Extreme Khatta), Meetha, and finally, Pudeena flavored paani.

#UBTip: Try the Heeng Pani, you’ll surely love it.

Where: Five-Flower Pani Puri- Opposite Big Bazaar, near Sukhadia Circle

  • Aloo Bada

Aloo bada is quite famous everywhere. So, there is one spot in Udaipur which will serve you this mouthwatering stuff at a nominal price and great taste; it is Pandit Ji.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?


Where: Pandit Ji opposite RCA college

  • Jalebi

Enough of the spicy food! Time to TICKLE YOUR SWEET TOOTH!!! This eatery is placed amidst the chaotic city center, Delhi gate. Relish drool-worthy Jalebis here.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Taste of City

Where: Bhole Mishthan Bhandar, Delhi Gate

  • Cold Coffee

The thirst-quenching cold coffee is a must try, especially when you are sitting at Fatehsagar. This is one of the most famous outlets in Udaipur and the oldest one also.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Try the famous kullhad coffee also

Where: Vinod Coffee, Fatehsagar

Make your boring evenings lit up! Udaipur has an abundance of cafés which are pocket-friendly and serve some really toothsome snacks. Enlisted below are some of the most sought-after cafés in the city which are filled with kicking aromas of fresh bread and mouthwatering beverages. Have a look!


  • Jheel Ginger Coffee bar near Ganguar Ghat

Much acclaimed café of the city; it is famous for its seating near the Jheel (lake) Pichola and hence the name. It serves the great Paneer sandwiches and fresh lime soda.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: trip advisor

#UBTip: Try to find a place back side of the café, facing the lake (It’s Great!!)

  • Z27 by Café Lake city at Gangaur Ghat

Having an aesthetically pleasing ambiance, Z27 by Café Lake City is a great place to sit and relax. The food is great and is served very beautifully. They also serve you at the Gangaur Ghat on request.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: trip advisor

#UBTip: Try a smoothie or a pizza or a burger….the list can be endless!

  • Apple delight café at Celebration Mall

Apple delight is a great place to chill while you shop at the Celebration Mall. You’ll find the best shakes and beverages.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source:udaipur times

#UBTip: Try Heavens delight shake and Bourbon Shake, trust us you’ll love them.

  • Stories Less Told at Madhuban

It is a newbie in the café zone in Udaipur but has a nice ambiance to chill with your friends. You’ll find a green cold/hot coffee here which is the USP of this place.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Try noodles out there, you’ll love it.

  • Oladar Village Café at Gulab Bagh

Unmatched interiors! Yes, once you visit this place you’ll never want to compare any interior with it. The food is also good.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Oladar Villlage Cafe

#UBTip: Click.Click.Click. The interiors are awesome; get some good pictures, my friend.

  • Shakes and bites at Saheliyon ki Bari

Crazy about Oreos? You’ll love the Oreo shake here. Believe us; it serves one of the best shakes in the town.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Try hazelnut shake, it’s awesome too.

The final segment is for those who wish to have some privacy and to spend a little good time with their loved ones, family or friends on a breezy evening in Udaipur. Enlisted below are the top Restaurants that are sure to leave your taste buds wanting for more.


  • ShouryaGarh- Swayamwar Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
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The restaurant at Shouryagarh is quite appealing. It has a theme of ‘Swayamwar’ and carries the same name. The restaurant is unique and is one of a kind in Udaipur as it has a revolving panel on which the seating is done. The panel or seating takes roughly an hour to complete its one round.

Where: Near Shilpgram, Rani Road

  • Chunda Palace- Royal Cuisine Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Oyster Hotel Reviews

Want to get served as royalty? Chunda Palace has a great regal ambiance. The look and feel of the place make you feel like you are in a royal Rajasthani palace. It’s for all those who wish to enjoy palatial comfort Chunda Palace is the place meant for you.

Where: Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Main Road

  • Panna Vilas-Palanquin Restaurant

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: trip advisor

It is a deck restaurant. Amazing view of the Lake Fatehsagar makes this place worth a shot. The ambiance is super cool and the food is a must try. It is quite a famous restaurant in Udaipur.

Where: Rani Road near Mahakal Mandir

  • Raj Darshan- Ambar Restaurant

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The restaurant is a classy Multi-Cuisine Restaurant serving Indian, Chinese and Continental delicacies. It is a rooftop restaurant that has a great ambiance and superb food. Go with your family or friends and spend some good time.

Where: Pannadhai Marg, Hathipole

  • Upré by 1559 AD

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: 1559 ad

Upré is a rooftop restaurant, located on the terrace of Lake Pichola Hotel with a majestic view of the waterfront. The amazing view of the City Palace of Udaipur makes dining at Upré a vivid experience.

Where: Lake Pichola Hotel, Roof Top, Outside Chand Pole

  • Amet Haveli-Ambrai Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Hotel Amet Haveli

Perfectly located on the western banks of the Lake Pichola, Ambrai has its charm. The food is great and so is the ambiance. Ideal for a candlelight dinner. Make a plan to Ambrai today itself!

Where: Amet Haveli, outside Ambamata Scheme – A Road, Chand Pole

  • Lalbagh Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Gobymobile

For the non-vegetarian crowd, Lalbagh is bliss. Though it serves vegetarian as well, it is much known for its non-veg cuisine.

Where: 65, M.G. College, Near Daulat Chambers, Sardarpura

  • Tribute Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: trip advisor

As the name indicates the restaurant is a tribute to Chetak, the legendary horse of Maharana Pratap. The restaurant offers a view of the Rang Sagar Island that has the breeding Colonies of the Resident and winter migratory birds; offering bird watching.

Where: Behind Monika Complex, Near Amba Mata Temple, Rang Sagar

  • Raghumahal- Flames Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: raghumahalhotels

Flames is a multi-cuisine restaurant and is one of the best in Udaipur. Talk about service, experience or food, Flames is among the best!

Where: Saraswati Marg, Kumharon Ka Bhatta, Central Area

  • Raasleela Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: RaasLeela

Raasleela supremely located on the banks of Lake Pichola with a panoramic view of Jagmandir, City Palace, and the Lake Palace. It is situated adjoining to the Leela Palace and has a breathtaking ambiance. Ideal for a candlelight romantic dinner, it has some amazing delicacies.

Where: Sony Ji ki Bari, Adjoining the Leela Palace, Outside Chandpole

  • Udaipuri

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Venuezz

An ideal place to have some decent food, Udaipuri serves vegetarian food (primarily Rajasthani Delicacies). It is a nice place to have a family gala dinner.

Where: 1st Floor, Hotel Orbit Building, Moksh Marg, Shastri Circle


Feel free to recommend any place you like and also tell us the specialty of the place as well!