Best Time to Visit Udaipur

Udaipur is among the most beautiful places you would visit! The lush valleys and hills; the picturesque lakes, the culture, and heritage make Udaipur the most sought-after destination. Although the city is situated in Rajasthan (which is the desert state of India), Udaipur is totally different. The place doesn’t have a desert and the climate is also not extreme.

The Best Time to Visit Udaipur


Winter (October to Mid-March)

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Unlike any other place in Rajasthan, winter is great in Udaipur! The season witnesses mild drop in temperature throughout the daylight with ample of sunlight to make you warm. While the mornings and nights experience a drastic drop in the temperature going as low as 5-6 degree Celsius. Winters is one of the best time to visit Udaipur, as the city observes fog, a little bit of shower, winter breeze and so much! Summing up, Udaipur becomes all the more romantic in winters! And thus, if you are a seeker of romantic dewy weather then winters must be your time to visit Udaipur.

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Summer (Mid-March to June)

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Scorching sun might want you to stay in shade! The summers are not the ideal time to visit Udaipur, although it often rains in the middle of summer months hence lowering the temperatures. Exploring the city becomes quite strenuous in the daytime because of the sun. Evenings and nights are comparatively cooler than the day but people do not prefer to spend their vacations in summer in Udaipur until it’s where their granny’s stays!!! The temperature in summers in Udaipur reaches up to 42-43 degree Celsius while the minimum remains somewhere around 24-27 degree Celsius.

Monsoon (July to September)

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Monsoons can be considered to be the Best Time to Visit Udaipur for the love of petrichor! Although the city receives somewhat lesser rainfall, Udaipur is considered at its best during the rain showers. All the lakes are filled with water, the Ayad River flows fervently during this season – the entire city’s beauty is at its peak in the monsoons. It is highly recommended for tourists to visit Udaipur in the Monsoon season as it is great to witness lush green Aravali Ranges along with the overall beauty of the city.

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Now that you know the best time to visit Udaipur, when are you planning your trip??? Let us know in the comment section below, Udaipur will be glad to host you!

Featured Udaipur Speaks

The Aftermath of May Heat

This Summer heat in may has Crossed The records of last 50 years temperature of City Of Lakes. It rose upto 48*c in the starting of may month itself. Aint that too catastrophic because Udaipur a city being in the south of Rajasthan was amongst the one of the most coolest city due to its green environment and lakes.

But this was undone in 2010 when the temperature of the city crossed 45*c in the month of May itself which broke all the previous records heat. This Has lead to cause of loo(wind), more people suffering from fever etc.

But the ‘Unstrange’ Thing i myself noticed was this heat caused a lot of harm to vegetation which included plants, trees, vegetables etc.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped in My garden which shows the Ill effects of the alarming Heat even though these are well watered.