Private Schools can collect 70% of Tuition Fee: High Court

The Rajasthan High Court on Monday announced a major decision regarding payment of fees in the private schools in Rajasthan. The court asked schools in the state to charge only 70% of the total fees during the time of COVID-19.

The state court directed that the parents can pay the school fees in three instalments till January 31, 2021. The three instalments can be fixed by depositing the first instalment on or before September 30, 2020, the second instalment can be paid by November 30, 2020, and the third instalment by January 31, 2021.

The court has been hearing petitions against a state government order barring schools from collecting the fee for three months. The court said that on non-payment of fees, students can be barred from joining online classes, but cannot be expelled from the school.

The petitioners argued that there has already been a deferment of fees for a long period of almost six months. They asserted that the schools also required to maintain the infrastructure and also pay salaries to its staff, including teaching and non-teaching staff.

As an interim measure, the high court directed that schools may collect 70% of the tuition fees from the total fees being charged for the year until the situation gets normalised.


What are the Ideal Characteristics of a Best School in Udaipur?

No matter where you look, every school out there claims to be the best. But at the end of the day, the decision falls on you as to which one is actually the best school for all-round growth and development of your child. This decision of yours will affect the tomorrow of your child on a large scale; so apparently, there is no scope for a faulty decision.

However, in the world of rigorous marketing everywhere, it is very difficult to decide if a school is ideal for your ward or not and so in this article, we will give you 10 points which you should look for before choosing the right school for your little one.

Know the roots of the school

Mount Litera Zee School is an initiative by the Essel group which is guided by Dr. Subhash Chandra in order to develop students to walk along with the advances of the 21st century from its education body, Zee Learn Limited. It is one of India’s most awarded school chain spread across the country with more than 150+ MLZS (Mount Litera Zee School).

Mount Litera Zee School is the best school of the not just the city but the entire country and is a part of India’s no. 1 school chain facilitated by the renowned brand ‘Zee Learn’. Since the year 1994, Zee Learn limited has been a pioneering leader in Indian education. Zee learn has successfully introduced many endeavors in the country which are one of its kind including Mount Litera Zee Schools, ZeeQ, Mount Litera School International, Kidzee preschools, BrainCafé School Programs and Zee institutes of Media Art and Creative Art.


World Class infrastructure

MLZS’s is the best school of Udaipur as its infrastructure is at par with the international standards. The spacious classrooms are abounding with high tech facilities for better learning and understanding of the student. It is also equipped with facilities such as

  • Day Scholar – MLZS offers one of the finest day scholar program where each and every minute of a student is preplanned to nurture the uniqueness of your child.
  • Day Boarding – A great option for working parents where the parents can conveniently work throughout their day and the child can get involved in the school activities such as academics, sports, extra co-curricular and personality development.
  • Residential – sending your loved one away from you is a difficult decision but once you see the loving as well as the protective environment of MLZS Hostel, you will know that you have made the right decision.


Teaching Methodology and Curriculum

Home Page of Luminosity

Udaipur’s best school Mt. Litera Zee School follows a uniform study pattern throughout the country which assures you that your child in Udaipur is studying the same thing which a child in MLZS Mumbai is studying.

Moreover, the teaching methodology of MLZS is enriched with the New Age Learning Management System known as Luminosity. It is a digital portal with a unique mix of 2D and 3D content, 3D animated videos, and well-designed activities for grades 1 to 10, specially designed for the students to understand everything thoroughly and with clarity. It also has a personalized app for all the students, parents and teachers for a proper structure of the study pattern and convenient management for the students.

The methodology also involves the Litera Octave model which implements various pillars that impacts an individual during their learning period. The model comprises eight critical interlinked elements of school engagement with children along with their parents. These elements are Litera Infra, Litera Network, Litera Life skills, Litera Content, Litera teacher, Litera Parents, Litera Assessment and Litera Enrichment.


Outdoor and Indoor Sports Facilities

The school hosts an array of facilities for both indoor as well as outdoor games for the age-appropriate development of the children. These sports include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Splashpool, Skating, Cricket, billiards, gymnasium and Swimming along with indoor sports like table tennis and carom. During vacations, students get the opportunity to participate in the Trekking, adventure trips, and summer camps making it the best school of Udaipur.


All-rounder skill programme

The best school of Udaipur MLZS believes in all-round development of the student where a student engages in the all kind of curricular activities such as music, dance, theatre, and other art activities. They help a student to explore their inner strength and passion and excel in the same. Here, students get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of artistic pursuits guided by professional instructors.


Highly qualified and trained teachers

For a better learning process, it is very important for a teacher to interact with the students and make learning a pleasurable experience for the children. All the faculty members at MLZS, which is the best school of Udaipur, persistently upgrade their skills through the multiple in-house training programs and workshops by experts.


Convenient transport facilities

The best school of Udaipur, MLZS has an ample amount of AC equipped transport facility which is operated throughout the city. These also have male as well as female attendants that make sure that your child reaches you safely every day.


Regular assessment and evaluation

MLZS conducts various assessments and parent-teachers meetings on a regular basis to review and discuss children’s pace of growth rather than just during the stressful time of exams. These assessment sessions are based on the feedback from various stakeholders which also involves the parents wherein they are oriented through various workshops and are inculcated awareness about important parenting issues.


Community connect and social awareness programme

While your little one is growing, it is important that he/she inculcate the values of giving back to society. Students at the best school of Udaipur, MLZS constantly work towards creating a sustainable environment. Students, as well as parents, are encouraged to connect to various organizations working for the welfare of the senior citizens, poor people, etc.


Winning hearts, bagging awards

Mount Litera Zee School is the best school of Udaipur and has won the most prestigious awards and recognition in the country. Some of these awards are

  • Awarded as ‘India’s leading education brand’ by Praxis media group.
  • Awarded as ‘K-12 school chain of the year’ by the Indian education group.
  • Awarded as ‘Dream companies to work for in education’ by World HRD Congress.
  • Awarded as ‘Leading brand of the year K-12 schools’ by WCRC.
  • Awarded as ‘Brand excellence award for education’ by World Marketing Congress.
  • Awarded as ‘International school award 2017-2020’ by The British Council.
  • Awarded as ‘CEO awarded outstanding school leader’ by Indian education congress.
  • Awarded as ‘MLZS Network awarded great place to study’ by Forbes Marquee.

Mount Litera Zee School is an aspiration of innovative ideas and constant development. For years, it has helped students to get over mindless cramming and rote learning. The entire process helps students to explore their inner strength focusing on identifying what students are good at instead of whether they are good or not.

For more details, visit Mount Litera Zee School

For Admissions, contact – 7665586655 

With all the above points, now you know what’s the right choice for your child. 


Heritage Girls School: As Distinctive as Your Daughter

Going to boarding school isn’t an easy decision. Selecting a school is much worse. The physical separation from your family and old friends can make the decision emotionally difficult.

Then why a boarding school?

● Living in a boarding school community leads you to learn something that is more valuable than the education you get in a classroom.
● The art of dealing with life smartly and effectively, to a great extent, can be learned imperceptibly when you spend some time in a boarding school.
● In the rough and tumble of boarding school life, one learns to take problems head-on right from a young age. She has to seek out her own solutions, look for peer guidance or learn to approach the right person to get out of a sticky situation. That process trains her to be a solution seeker.
● A person who has learned to tackle all sorts of situations in life, glides through disasters, tragedies and turmoil with a stiff upper lip. The roller-coaster ride of boarding school life prepares children for the most difficult of times.
● Self-confidence comes when self-esteem is high. When a child learns to cope with myriad
situations on her own, sometimes successfully, her confidence in her own abilities improves.

Why Heritage Girls School?

● Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio
● Finishing School
● Practical based learning
● 24*7 Security & CCTV Surveillance
● 15+ sports
● Organic vegetable farm & dairy
● Special focus on co-curricular activities
● Good connectivity with all major cities

An insight on school life at Heritage Girls School, Udaipur from our student; Khushi Agarwal
(Head Girl 2018-19)
“Yes, Heritage Girls School is indeed a traditional public school where we learn about all the
things that lie between the covers of books as well as of the outer world. On day one itself, we are told that we are very important and that each one of us is a valuable member of the Heritage fraternity. Whatever happens, every ‘I’ matters in the scheme of things here. At Heritage Girls, we become serious thinkers at a young age.”

We are encouraged to enunciate, to speak correctly and persuasively and to build on our
vocabulary. We are shown how reading books is enriching and enjoyable, taught to appreciate the nuances of language and style. The girls are, in turns, responsible to arrange activities. The focus, at the end of it all, is to grow up into a well-rounded individual.

Heritage Girls School was founded on the vision that there is a leader in every child and given the fact that the girl is the beginning of the new generation, leadership will filter down to the next generation too. The school assures that every child gets opportunities for leadership exercises be it voicing their opinions, giving vent to what they feel and what their viewpoint is, planning events, organizing events and envisioning them the way they ought to be. These are the things that we are engraving in the young women and we believe that this is something that will go on to make valuable citizens for the country.

VIP Visits: Gen Bipin Rawat (Chief of Army Staff), Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani, Vinesh Phogat, Mrs. Maadhuri R. Sharma (Mrs. Earth International 2016).

Rankings & Recognitions:
● 1st in Udaipur by Education World & Education Today
● 2nd in Rajasthan by Education World & Education Today
● 9th in India by Education World & Education Today
● Best Infrastructure Award by Franchise India
● Best Upcoming Girls Boarding School by Education Today

Annual Events: National Cooking Competition, TEDxYouth@HGS & HGS-MUN

Creating Identity with Heritage Girls School
Nurturing Individual Talents | Heritage Girls School

Udaipur Speaks

Do Uniforms make Schools better? Schools Turns out to Be Expensive for Parents’ Pockets

cps imposing kids to buy these shoes

School is the foremost stair of every child’s life to penetrate into this world. Schools facilitate them to learn and to get educated. Parents prefer to admit their child into the best school of their possible ways. But, nowadays there is a lot of competition in the education line. They play various tricks to make out their school quiet poles apart from the other ones. In the race of these, they deploy surplus compulsions on the students. And this load directly or indirectly reaches to the parents.

Schools desire to make available each and every competence which other school is having, so they lift up the monthly fee. They are referring numerous expensive books other than NCERT books recommended by government just to demonstrate that they are providing astonishing schooling. Junior classes are more exaggerated by the problems of expensive books. Students are required to use the Notebooks of the School-Prints only, which are also expensive than the usual notebooks existing in the market.

Now, the main question arises. What about Uniform? Do Uniforms make schools better? Better teaching can do, not the uniform. Schools are forcing students to purchase the uniform at pocket tearing prices. For a Uniform we just think of shirts, pants/skirts, tie, belt and shoes. But, we can see that, in the cost of shoes, we can purchase all other elements of uniform.

One more innovation in this field is made by one of the renowned school of Udaipur – Central Public School to grasp some extra cream from parents. They are providing a shoe pair, which is available only with Adidas. No supplementary brand can be chosen. And for the growing foot, expenditure of 1500/- to 2000/- is not a good choice to make for a middle class family. Although, keeping the price apart, we focus on the thing that what they are teaching the kids about the dress code. We all know that according to the normal formal dress up, with the combo of Shirt-Pant-Tie-Belt, leather shoes are the best match. There is no place for sportswear. Just look at the way they are taking advantages of parents. They are having the counter outlets in the schools only saying that they are available at some discounts, but no one can believe; they are actually giving discounts or they are filling their own pockets. God knows.

Schools have now become ‘Money Making’ rather than ‘Mind Making’. They are earning a good secondary income with all these. But, we also know, Uniforms can’t make the school better or can’t affect child’s academics. They have lost the essence of teaching and moving towards showing off. They are putting more emphasis on these unwanted expensive compulsions rather than imparting good quality education. For good quality education, Parents are ready to pay more if money is for some new education technology/task. But, education is no more prior now. In this expensive world, it is one of the horrible situations.



After hearing complains from many parents and students this post was made and we would be happy to hear if any of the school authorities come forward and reply to this matter through comment or Email Us: is an open platform for the people to contribute if you face any problems or issues related to your City, then come forward and raise your voice. A Small step of yours can impact the Society. 🙂