Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!

When we talk about the most established schools of Udaipur, we come across several names. In these, the only girls’ convent school in Udaipur is St. Mary’s Convent Sr. Sec. School. It is the school where every parent in the city wants their daughter to be educated, and as mentioned above it is the only girls’ school in the city and yes, undoubtedly this is the significance of this school.

‘St. Mary’s of the Angels’ as they call it! There are certain things only and every St. Marian can relate to.

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!
When they ask us? Are you a Marian?

‘St. Mary’s we Love You’

This is the school anthem of St. Mary’s and this anthem is something that every Marian has learned by heart.

Here it goes: “…And now we give you thanks,

For all we have and are,

We know you’ll guide us well,

Until we have crossed the bar”

Tying the ‘Blue Ribbon’ 🔷

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!Daily checking of the Blue Ribbon in the assembly was something every Marian was afraid of. And let me add, more afraid than being caught for riding without a helmet! Tying the Blue Ribbon on pony-tails and braids was a part of wearing a perfect uniform!

Late Comers Making a Separate Line! 😒

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!Making a separate line and standing until the assembly got over and then listening to the yelling PT Sir; filling the latecomers’ remarks in the diary, who can forget it!

Sick Room and the Green Curtains 😐

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!The sick room is where all of us (I mean we all Marians) have been to once every year; some coz of being really sick and some coz of skipping physical training periods!

Games Period Shenanigans 🎾 

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!Not playing and hanging out with friends and talking about life- yes, literally life, was the motive behind going for a Games Period.

The Fear of the Term ‘SISTER’ 👀 

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!Shouting in the class and enjoying would suddenly come to an end as soon as we heard: ‘Sister is here’. Even the teachers used to scare us taking their names! Mostly it was referring to Sister Principal.

Do you remember how many times you were caught by sister principal!?

Preparations for the Assembly 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 

Have you ever come across a St. Marian preparing for her assembly? Oh no, you would like it haha. The brainstorming to get an apt topic for assembly, the rehearsals, the selection of musical instruments and making it as top-notch as possible was something I did until my end years at the school!

Houses at the School 🏠 

Why am I in Shastri House this time? I wanted to be in Pratap! Gosh…! I know you people can easily relate to it!!!!

Cultural week followed by the 25th December Celebration 🎅

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!The cultural week was one of the biggest events in my school time. And a great escape from studies and a way to showcase our talents.

That Craze of Wearing a Saree on the Day of Farewell 👸

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!The best part of being in the 12th class was wearing a Saree (with a lot of restrictions back then in school) on the day of farewell.

The Random Bag Checking 😁

Yeah, I still mourn over my lip-balms and combs!

The Ego Issue, as they say! 😎

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!In our lives, we have always listened to this- ‘St. Marians have an Ego Issue’! Haven’t you ever heard this? :p

Things Which Every St. Marian Can Relate To!

And how can we forget our domestic staff, office staff and all the teachers and PT drills and parade practices? We have all gone through this to become what we are today. Kudos to us and to St. Mary’s!

Tell your memories of being in St. Mary’s Convent; I shall love to read ‘em all 🙂 

PS: I’m Also a Marian 😇

Udaipur Speaks

Do Uniforms make Schools better? Schools Turns out to Be Expensive for Parents’ Pockets

cps imposing kids to buy these shoes

School is the foremost stair of every child’s life to penetrate into this world. Schools facilitate them to learn and to get educated. Parents prefer to admit their child into the best school of their possible ways. But, nowadays there is a lot of competition in the education line. They play various tricks to make out their school quiet poles apart from the other ones. In the race of these, they deploy surplus compulsions on the students. And this load directly or indirectly reaches to the parents.

Schools desire to make available each and every competence which other school is having, so they lift up the monthly fee. They are referring numerous expensive books other than NCERT books recommended by government just to demonstrate that they are providing astonishing schooling. Junior classes are more exaggerated by the problems of expensive books. Students are required to use the Notebooks of the School-Prints only, which are also expensive than the usual notebooks existing in the market.

Now, the main question arises. What about Uniform? Do Uniforms make schools better? Better teaching can do, not the uniform. Schools are forcing students to purchase the uniform at pocket tearing prices. For a Uniform we just think of shirts, pants/skirts, tie, belt and shoes. But, we can see that, in the cost of shoes, we can purchase all other elements of uniform.

One more innovation in this field is made by one of the renowned school of Udaipur – Central Public School to grasp some extra cream from parents. They are providing a shoe pair, which is available only with Adidas. No supplementary brand can be chosen. And for the growing foot, expenditure of 1500/- to 2000/- is not a good choice to make for a middle class family. Although, keeping the price apart, we focus on the thing that what they are teaching the kids about the dress code. We all know that according to the normal formal dress up, with the combo of Shirt-Pant-Tie-Belt, leather shoes are the best match. There is no place for sportswear. Just look at the way they are taking advantages of parents. They are having the counter outlets in the schools only saying that they are available at some discounts, but no one can believe; they are actually giving discounts or they are filling their own pockets. God knows.

Schools have now become ‘Money Making’ rather than ‘Mind Making’. They are earning a good secondary income with all these. But, we also know, Uniforms can’t make the school better or can’t affect child’s academics. They have lost the essence of teaching and moving towards showing off. They are putting more emphasis on these unwanted expensive compulsions rather than imparting good quality education. For good quality education, Parents are ready to pay more if money is for some new education technology/task. But, education is no more prior now. In this expensive world, it is one of the horrible situations.



After hearing complains from many parents and students this post was made and we would be happy to hear if any of the school authorities come forward and reply to this matter through comment or Email Us: is an open platform for the people to contribute if you face any problems or issues related to your City, then come forward and raise your voice. A Small step of yours can impact the Society. 🙂