Heritage Girls School: As Distinctive as Your Daughter

Going to boarding school isn’t an easy decision. Selecting a school is much worse. The physical separation from your family and old friends can make the decision emotionally difficult.

Then why a boarding school?

● Living in a boarding school community leads you to learn something that is more valuable than the education you get in a classroom.
● The art of dealing with life smartly and effectively, to a great extent, can be learned imperceptibly when you spend some time in a boarding school.
● In the rough and tumble of boarding school life, one learns to take problems head-on right from a young age. She has to seek out her own solutions, look for peer guidance or learn to approach the right person to get out of a sticky situation. That process trains her to be a solution seeker.
● A person who has learned to tackle all sorts of situations in life, glides through disasters, tragedies and turmoil with a stiff upper lip. The roller-coaster ride of boarding school life prepares children for the most difficult of times.
● Self-confidence comes when self-esteem is high. When a child learns to cope with myriad
situations on her own, sometimes successfully, her confidence in her own abilities improves.

Why Heritage Girls School?

● Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio
● Finishing School
● Practical based learning
● 24*7 Security & CCTV Surveillance
● 15+ sports
● Organic vegetable farm & dairy
● Special focus on co-curricular activities
● Good connectivity with all major cities

An insight on school life at Heritage Girls School, Udaipur from our student; Khushi Agarwal
(Head Girl 2018-19)
“Yes, Heritage Girls School is indeed a traditional public school where we learn about all the
things that lie between the covers of books as well as of the outer world. On day one itself, we are told that we are very important and that each one of us is a valuable member of the Heritage fraternity. Whatever happens, every ‘I’ matters in the scheme of things here. At Heritage Girls, we become serious thinkers at a young age.”

We are encouraged to enunciate, to speak correctly and persuasively and to build on our
vocabulary. We are shown how reading books is enriching and enjoyable, taught to appreciate the nuances of language and style. The girls are, in turns, responsible to arrange activities. The focus, at the end of it all, is to grow up into a well-rounded individual.

Heritage Girls School was founded on the vision that there is a leader in every child and given the fact that the girl is the beginning of the new generation, leadership will filter down to the next generation too. The school assures that every child gets opportunities for leadership exercises be it voicing their opinions, giving vent to what they feel and what their viewpoint is, planning events, organizing events and envisioning them the way they ought to be. These are the things that we are engraving in the young women and we believe that this is something that will go on to make valuable citizens for the country.

VIP Visits: Gen Bipin Rawat (Chief of Army Staff), Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani, Vinesh Phogat, Mrs. Maadhuri R. Sharma (Mrs. Earth International 2016).

Rankings & Recognitions:
● 1st in Udaipur by Education World & Education Today
● 2nd in Rajasthan by Education World & Education Today
● 9th in India by Education World & Education Today
● Best Infrastructure Award by Franchise India
● Best Upcoming Girls Boarding School by Education Today

Annual Events: National Cooking Competition, TEDxYouth@HGS & HGS-MUN

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