Breaking the Stereotype: 5 Pocket-friendly finds from Old City, Udaipur

Old city streets of Udaipur have been a boon for those who love collecting local trinkets. Moreover, it is the best for them who wish to take them home as a memory of this culturally amusing excursion. And when shopping at reasonable prices is your thing, you’re utilizing your time wisely for reading this article.

‘Old City souvenirs are way too expensive!’ This is what many of the locals assume. You must have heard this too. But surprisingly, that is absolutely not true.

If you ever roam around thoroughly for a day or two you will find things that won’t make a big dent in your wallet! You just need a keen sense for finding the right items and a willingness to negotiate and there you go!

Let us guide you to find some pretty things that are missing in your closet for no good reason.

1. Mojris & Juttis, Mochiwada

Mojris from Udaipur
Source: Udaipurian

If you are utterly in love with traditional footwear, the remedy is to be on one of the streets called Mochiwada Bazaar. You will discover juttis and mojris that have been exquisitely fashioned by their hands, waiting to be yours. And they are just very eco-friendly for your pockets; pun intended.
Mojris are a must-buy item in Udaipur and available in a multiple of styles, textures, and embroidery. Also, they make lovely footwear that look fantastic when paired with exotic clothing, for both men and women.

Price Range: Just starting from Rs.250* and else depends on you being an ace in barter!

2. Jhumkas, Jagdish Chowk

jhumkas from udaipur
Source: So City

Jhumkas bring a lot of elegance to ethnic clothing in addition to making a statement. And when we talk of oxidized jewels, they just go perfectly with every color in kurtis and salwar suits. Having pairs of oxidized jhumkas will make your go-to earrings decisions quicker. And you can easily find these at affordable prices near the renowned Jagdish Temple. If you are on a heritage walk, you will find yourself there without a doubt and will have a chance to get your hands onto some adorable jhumkas for sure!

Price Range: It begins from Rs.40-50* and gets higher if you wish to buy heavier ones!

3. Gorgeous Dupattas near City Palace

dupattas from udaipur
Source: Travel Triangle

When you’re one of those waiting for that filmy moment of your dupatta getting stuck into some guy’s hand, then maybe you should start manifesting it by having a prettier one! Having an adorable dupatta is always going to hype you up and flaunting it will eventually make you feel elegant without making any alternative move. Where to find them? Well, it is extremely easy. While walking down from the City Palace, you’ll catch a lot of shops. Trust us, you will not regret having one, not only because of the beauty it beholds, but also for such a nominal price it has.

Price Range: Scoping from Rs.250* and onwards according to your taste in ethnicity!

4. Leather Journals near Jagdish Temple

journals from udaipur
Source: Udaipurian

Many people love to write everything down. Let it be feelings, aspirations, motives or where they went/want to go, in their journals. Our very own Old City has a lot of shops offering authentic journals made of leather. People presume the starting range to be so higher that they avoid buying it from the area. But wait a minute! Let us clear your doubts for the same. The initial costs are exceptionally low, anyone could buy and maintain their journals precisely.

Price Range: Starts from the range of Rs.100-150* and goes higher if you’re a core journal lover, no cap.

5. Embroidered & Printed Clothing near City Palace Road

printed kurtis from udaipur
Source : Local Samosa

Hand-woven is the soberest yet enchanting kind of clothing range. One’s style statement looks upgraded with the printed and embroidered kurtis, culottes and shirts in it. Here’s a quick suggestion: add some of them into your closet too and look at them popping-up your style. It’s easy to hunt down some of the beautiful kurtis and shirts at a good deal near City Palace road itself. So don’t wait and get yourself one of those asap!

Price Range: You’ll get them easily under Rs.500* and higher, if you are not a fan of just the light looks.

Visiting Udaipur without taking something to cherish your experience here will leave a loophole in your travel diary. We recommend you to walk around the city and grab the pretty stuff that you can adore for life. 

These were our recommendations. If you have some more shopping ideas and locations that we might have missed, you can email on





Broken Pipelines, Potholed Roads & etc.: Would You Call Udaipur “Smart” Yet? 

Udaipur ranks fifth in the country and first in the state when we speak of smart city work. But the dissatisfied citizens of the city and the respective councilors of the wards give rise to irony. Despite the ranks given, we still lag in the race of becoming a smarter city soon.

It has been months since we are waiting for the smart city works to pace up and get done. The slow work of the project has infuriated both the ward members and councilors. The time taken to make things right has not reached expectations.
In recent days, pipelines broke during the work which led to no supply of water in the area. Living without a proper supply of water is unimaginable. Seeing the agitated people, the concerned officials called for water tankers.
Even though the actions were taken by the heads, the problem couldn’t be solved completely before the evening. That is where we can look for problems. Finding solutions after days of distress leads to discontent.
There is so much that is covered in the smart city project. The redevelopment, retrofitting, and introduction of smart infrastructure pan city. But instead, the work is taking a long time and the existing facilities are also deteriorating.
The deadline for the completion of the 99 smart city projects was extended twice already. Still, 21 projects stay unattended. The aspects covered under the smart city include

  • CC roads
  • Underground cabling
  • Sewerage-drainage system
  • Water supply

The tasks have been majorly completed. The work from Rangniwas to Jagdish Chowk is supposed to be completed by March 31 this year. The ACEO of Smart City, Pradeep Sangawat claims that the citizens would not have to face the problem for long.
Being a citizen of the city, we understand that the smart city work takes time. But, the swirling dust and dirt have taken tolls over the patience of the people here. Potholed roads are a thing these days.
People, when asked, do not remember how it was like driving on a road without digs. From the locals to councilors and ministers, all are frustrated from the slow-paced work. Even though the move was towards the development of “smart” cities, people are convinced that it was not smart enough.
It has been six long years; there is improvement too. But the changes are not visible. That makes us question the officials about the very decision that was targeted towards only growth and development in the near future.
Had it been the other way round, it would have been different. On the ending note, it is important for the officials to focus on management and time that has been taken to accomplish the project. Even now, if they keep a track of this stuff, there could be chances of finishing the work by deadline

Article by: Paridhi Mehta


This Modern Jewelry in Udaipur will Blow your Mind and They Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket!

The Old City of Udaipur is that area of the City which every Udaipurite is crazy about. And trust me, it’s absolutely worth it. Be it culture, traditions, temples, or versatile shops, one can find literally everything here. Now that we are talking about shopping, we picked one thing that is most liked and bought by the people here which is the jewelry.

To all the jewelry lovers in the city, this article is completely made for you. Unlike ordinary gold and diamond jewelry, the jewelry available here is modern jewelry which includes many intricate designs made out of oxidized metals and oxidized silver. Jewelry is something which defines who you are. And if you choose to be a hipster then Old City is just the place for your shopping spree this weekend.

We went out in the city to look for ourselves what is it actually that people are going crazy about and the things we saw stunned us. Watch the video below to know more.

Where to buy:

The entire alley starting from Ghanta Ghar at Sindhi Bazaar to Jagdish Temple. This alley cover shops of all kinds of imitation jewelry, silver jewelry and tribal jewelry of black metal. These modern pieces of jewelry will appeal your eyes with its unique and cool designs.


What to buy:

I am sure your heart would yearn to buy literally everything but for a start you can put your hands on large jhumkas, designer nose pins and nose rings, Oxidised Kade and bangles, anklets, kamarbandh, pendants, neck pieces, rings, silver wallets and sling bags for girls and the list doesn’t end yet because guys they have something for you too. There has been an increased demand for jewelry for boys and they have an ample amount for them. There are several designs for boys in Ear studs, rings, pendants, chains, nose pins, bracelets, and whatever you like.


Time best suitable for shopping:

It would be best if you go in the morning at 11:00 am. However, if you are planning to go in the evening note that the maximum number of shops close by 7:00 pm.


Pro tip:

Although the prices are minimal, you can always try your hand at bargaining. It will surely save you a few bucks.


A perfect day out for shopping:

If you are planning for a day out then you can wander around these places which happens to be in your way. You can complete your shopping in the morning and visit Jagdish temple is situated at the end of the jewelry alley. Further, if you are interested in handicrafts and clothes, you can continue walking on this alley which ends at City Palace. Go have a look at this amazing museum. You might click some amazing pictures in this palace as well. Now since you would be exhausted by then you might want to refresh yourself and have a wonderful meal at a cozy restaurant inside City Palace – Palki Khana.

At the end of the day, get ready to have the funky look with all the modern jewelry that you’ve bought and do not dwell over your empty pockets because it’s all worth it.