12 Resolutions that Authority in Udaipur Should Take this New Year

New Year doesn’t assure any novelty or changes around you but it definitely comes with new hope and lots of expectations. Now that we bid adios to the year 2018 and welcome the year 2019, there are a lot of changes and developments that we as a citizen of Udaipur would like to see in the city. Below is the list of those 12 resolutions that authority needs to take in Udaipur this New Year which will lead to a better future for the citizens in Udaipur.


Better Road conditions

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This has been an all-time problem for the Udaipurites, no matter what the season is. Uneven roads, potholes, and dry dust covering your face while you drive leads to frequent accidents. Not just that, but it also results in long traffic jams creating an improper traffic structure in the city. Which leads us to our next point.


Organized traffic structure

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It seems like there is a season of following the traffic rules. During some part of the year, wearing a helmet would be necessary or you would be fined and during some part, even the traffic lights won’t work properly. It creates an irregularity in the traffic structure of the city which ultimately makes a citizen think it is okay if he breaks the rule.


Lake conservation and cleaning

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If you observe carefully, our city is unimaginably beautiful. Not just in pictures but also in reality. All it needs is proper attention, maintenance, and regular cleaning. Just cleaning the lakes would immensely add up to the above statement. Lakes such as Lake Pichola, Lake Fatehsagar, Lake Doodhtalai, etc. all have the same story. If our Lakes itself isn’t clean, then there’s no point of dreaming the city to be like Venice.


Taking care of the tourist attraction points

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Tourism is one of the major income generating sources for the city. Thus it is very important to maintain them and add to their beauty. The tourist attraction points don’t just end up on prominent places but also the heritage and cultural festivals which boost up the tourism rate in the city. Maintaining the beauty of the places and adding up more festivals and programs such as Lake Festival and Shilpgram festival would definitely attract more tourists in the upcoming year.


An ideal clean city – Udaipur

Source: Shivangi Reviews

To discuss this point, I would want to take an example of the city of Indore which is being considered as the cleanest city in the country. The municipal corporation in Indore has adopted some smart ways that have changed the way garbage was hitherto disposed in the city. These methods included door-to-door garbage collection and night cleaning which were very effective in reducing littering on the road.


Flyover construction

Source: Udaipur News

The news of a flyover being constructed in the city has been in air from quite a long time now. Still, it is very difficult to say when it will be constructed. The list of resolution for the year 2019 should definitely be added with the point.


Implementation of No vehicle zone

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Currently, there is only one ‘No vehicle zone’ in the city which is at Fatehsagar paal. It really made a great leisure spot for all the citizens without any traffic hassle. More such ‘No vehicle zones’ should be added especially where there are narrow roads and more traffic such as ‘Old City’ area, etc.


Promoting Nightlife in the city

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Nightlife is a major void when it comes to the city of Udaipur. After 10:00 pm, the entire city gets closed down resulting in zero nightlife. To promote the same, strict security system should be implemented along with festivals and programs to promote nightlife in the city.


Preserving the Heritage of Udaipur

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While we are in Udaipur, one thing is for sure that we would be completely surrounded by Heritage sites. But it is aptly said that with great power comes great responsibility. And so it is necessary that proper attention and care is given to the heritage sites of the city which is quite lacking in the city. For example, Gangaur Ghat and even the Ambrai Ghat, both of which offers a breathtaking view of the city, is all messed up. People come here to wash their clothes or to bathe. Some measures should be taken against issues like such.


Smart City – Public Wifi Zone

Source: India Today

It shouldn’t be just in the name but also in the actions. Smart city Udaipur should be equipped with smart actions and facilities that can help the citizens. And one of such smart move can be creating wifi zones in the public areas.


Development in the outskirts of the city

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It looks like, amidst the attention given to the tourist spots and the city area, the outskirt area of the city is often being forgotten. No development can be seen in those areas as such and the maintenance as well is not taken care of. The major examples of these areas are Rampura Chouraha, Pratapnagar, etc.


Animal security and control

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Cows sitting on the roads, stray dogs disturbing the chores of people, pigs, and horses finding a place to live, these issues in the city create an imbalance between animals and people. These animals should be assigned a proper place to live where they are not injured by the fast-moving vehicles on the road and rather be taken care of with food and a healthy living environment.

With the above 12 resolutions for the authority, we hope this New Year shall be happy for the city as well as you.

What changes do you wish to see in the city this year? Share in the comment section below and let your voice be heard.


5 Star Hotels of Udaipur can Cost you 14 Lakhs a night on 31st December

Are you also thinking about spending your New Year’s in style? Well here in the City of Lakes Udaipur, you can get all the leisure you want but the only condition is that you have to burn a giant hole in your pocket, a hole as enormous as 14 Lakh rupees a night. Shocked, aren’t you?

Well, don’t be. With New Year’s just around the corner, the tariffs of all the luxurious 5-star hotels of Udaipur have reached the zenith. Generally, the tariffs of the premium suites are much higher than the usual rooms but on the occasions such as New Year’s, the prices go up significantly.

Enough of the saying part, let’s get onto the real deal. Below are the charges for the premium suites of the popular 5-star hotels in Udaipur on the 31st December for those who want to celebrate a grand and extravagant New Year’s in Udaipur.


The Oberoi Udaivilas

The Oberoi Udaivilas- Udaipur
Source: Oberoi Hotels

The Kohinoor suite here in Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur will cost you around 14 Lakh rupees for a night where you can spend your day like royalty with private indoor pools, spa, restaurants, free wifi, and some extraordinary services. And in case you are wondering that who would want to spend so much on hotels, then let me tell you that Oberoi Udaivilas is absolutely sold out for New Year’s Eve.


Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace- Udaipur
Source: Taj Hotels

A grand celebration calls for a Grand Presidential suite at Taj Lake Palace situated amidst Lake Pichola in Udaipur. This suite will cost you around 11 Lakh rupees for a single night and include facilities such as Minibar, Data port, balcony, Lake View and an internet connection. The suite is furnished with high curved arches and has a European touch to its design.


The Leela Palace

The Leela Palace- Udaipur
Source: The Leela

To experience the royalty of The Leela Palace in the Maharaja suite of the Hotel, you will have to pay approx. 8 Lakh 80 thousand rupees this New Year’s. Additionally, if you are willing to attend the gala dinner you have to pay 34,000 rupees more.


RAAS Devigarh

RAAS Devigarh- Udaipur
Source: RAAS Devigarh

The prices of Devigarh suite at Devigarh, Udaipur on 31st December would be rupees 76,800 and in case you want to opt for the gala dinner you have to rupees 9000 additionally.


Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu- Udaipur

Presidential suite of Radisson Blu, Udaipur on the occasion of New Year’s may cost you approx. 70,000 rupees inclusive of taxes as well as Gala dinner.

 So, made your New Year plans yet?

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Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar welcomes 2013

The twisting-turning year came to an end with a lovely New Year party Royal Extravaganza 2013 at Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar. The advent started with a genial welcome in the traditional style, followed by an evening glittered with the sounds of Padhaaro Mhare Des & Runak Jhunak furrowed by the colorful arrays of Ghoomer; and rhymed with the strings of Sitar & Dholak.


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

The scattered bonfires amidst the frost, the dim light lanterns of the palace, shivers in the lawn & the terraces were all set to turn-up a quality motion.

While the resplendence of heritage shimmered in the whole palace, a totally different colorful theme was prepared in the Khush Mahal for the DJ night with a wide dance floor. Disco Lights and LEDs with the brilliant mixing of dance classics, raps and pop took ahead the party till 3 a.m. in the morning. The New Year was welcomed with a huge fire show & lighting of sky-lanterns with the hands of the guests. The gala dinner was perfect with its cuisine, so was the bar with its variety.

Though since opening, Rajmahal Bhindar has been a destination dearer to the foreign crowd, the Hotel invites people from Udaipur to visit & spend some time in the palace of Bhindar. A sure quality experience is what you get promised!

Follow the pictures Udaipur & on our personal advice, do visit the palace for Valentines, it’ll definitely be a loving and cherishing experience.

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar 2



Hotel Rajamahal Bhindar



Rajmahal Party in Udaipur



Hotel RB udaipur



DSC_0352 (Large)



Rajmahal Bhindar Main

Photos by: Yash Sharma


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar : Royal Extravaganza 2013

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Following the grand opening in the previous year, the Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar yet again presents you a relishing splendor and incandescence to welcome the New Year 2013. The best place to live up the beauty of heritage with the shimmers of magnificence and modernity. A quality service is what the Hotel keeps priority for, keeping in mind, soothing rates to your pockets.

The New Year party includes gala dinner, beverages, DJ night and live performances. You can also have a look over the pictures and customer reviews @

Bookings for the New Year Eve have started, if you plan to bring back some lovely memorable moments from the Palace, you are cordially invited for a visit.

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The rates for the New Year Passes will be as per:
Couple: 2500 INR
Stag: 1500 INR

For bookings & queries:
Contact: +91-9929594881, 9461503339

All the best for a beautiful New Year experience.


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar : Bookings Invited

“See Off 2012 and See in 2013 in regal style with our annual NEW YEAR’s EVE PARTY”

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar udaipur

Make the last night of this memorable year an evening to remember at our HOTEL RAJMAHAL BHINDAR. It’s time for a big bash because New year is here and hope you party your heart out and enjoy a rocking New Year With us.


The passes include the royal welcome of each and every guest, live entertainment by amazing folk artists, Rocking DJ party, Mouth-watering gala dinner and dazzling fire works at midnight. Drinks will be available with payment.

If it is quality, fun and regal experience you are looking for, then please book early to ensure your place at the latest. Bhindar is just an hour’s drive from Udaipur. You can also avail night stay facility in case you need. Hope you enjoy raising a toast to this special time of the year and have a rocking celebration with us.
If you would like to be added to our guest list please contact our reservation team on:

+91-9929594881, 9461503339

Hope to see you at the party.


rajmahal bhindar


And the Grandiosity of the Royal Palace Released

hotel rajmahal bhindar

The long-awaited ecstatic wait of envisioning the charm of the age-old royal palace: The Rajmahal Bhindar finally came to satiety this New Year.

The celebration of its 434th New Year- The Royal Extravaganza 2012, brought inside the common public to witness this grand opening. The hotel was flowingly packed 3 days before the event. With a number of large enquiries heard even after that!

The Bhinder Raola (as denoted till now) was in its whole beauty & magnificence amidst the breezes of cool fresh air. Camp-fire in one area, DJ party in another (the Khush Mahal); along with a serenely lighted Bar. The celebration continued till around 3:20 a.m. in the morning with the lovely sounds & dancing beats of the rock band & DJ.

In all, a successful start of a well-awaited Heritage venture, a Restaurant (Bagichi) with a splendid taste (Truly, such quality is rarely found in Udaipur) and even after that, commercially still an upper mid-segment Hotel.

The Palace holds its specialty in Royal Weddings; & with this very successful party in its commencement itself, a clear portrayal of a fantastic wedding & group arrangement was made!

We wish all our best to the Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar for its upcoming future.
Special mentions to the Director- Ms. Parthvi Shaktawat– without whom this dream project couldn’t be completed. You really deserve a standing appraisal, aptly a princess! 🙂

And here we present you some fabulous pics of the palace by Yash Sharma:-

hotel rajmahal bhindar

hotel rajmahal bhindar

hotel rajmahal bhindar

hotel rajmahal bhindar

hotel rajmahal bhindarHotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar