FORTIS JK HOSPITAL starts Udaipur’s first bike ambulance service

Fortis JK hospital has introduced the first bike ambulance service in the southern Rajasthan. The idea to introduce such a service is to decrease the response time post-mishaps. The decrease in quick response time will play a significant role in saving a person’s life.

The service was inaugurated by SSP Gopal Mewara, Parbat Singh, DYSP, Traffic Department, Udaipur, Facility Director Retd. Col. H.S. Bhagat, Senior Cardiologist Dr. CP Purohit, Medical Director Dr. Tarun Vyas, Dr. Sandeep Bhatnagar, Dr. Mani Bhatnagar, Director Aman Chhabra, and Marketing Head Kalpesh Chand Rajvar.

The bike service was started keeping in mind the geography of Udaipur. Localities like Ghanta Ghar, Hathipole, Maldas street and other areas of the old city are too crowded and have narrow lanes. This makes it difficult for a 4-wheeler ambulance to reach the spot in time. Bike ambulance service will make the first aid quicker as compared to the other services.

The bike service will be available 24 hours on call at the emergency call number 0294-6669911. The service will cater to the medical emergencies within 10 minutes of the call received. The bike ambulance is equipped with an emergency kit, medicines, and a trained doctor. The service will provide immediate first aid to the patient before transferring him to the hospital. A rally was carried out to make the people aware of this special service which included 100 bikers spreading the message. The bike ambulance facility will be available up to a radius of 25 to 30 km in and around Udaipur.

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Combating Swine Flu – Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions

Swine Flu cases in the city have seen a sudden spike recently with almost 9 patients registered within the last 14 days at MB Hospital. The highly-contagious H1N1 virus is taking a toll on people’s lives as it spreads through the city with 2 positive cases within the last 2 days putting the health department in a fix.

For those unfamiliar with the widespread disease, H1N1 flu, also called the swine flu, is a respiratory disease that appears in pigs caused by a type of Influenza A-virus. People do not usually get swine flu but human infections saw a rise in 2009 as it became prevalent when a strain of swine flu infected many people around the world. It typically happens during the onset of winters. Swine Flu is a transmittable disease and the virus spreads usually through coughing, sneezing, or touching any bacteria-coated surface and then touching eyes or nose with those hands.

It is natural for people to be skeptical about it as every year many people succumb to death due to this very disease but there are certain myths that people normally believe in and are not generally true.

Combating Swine Flu - Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions
Source – Deccan Chronicle
  1. Swine flu has no cure

This is one big myth that makes people lose hope, which, to no surprise, is false. Oseltamivir (commonly sold under the name Tamiflu) has the ability to decrease the severity of the flu within 48 hours of the symptom appearing. It helps to prevent infection.

  1. I’m young and strong, it cannot happen to me

Mind you! This is the biggest myth you could possibly have. Patients with ages as low as 30-40 have been admitted to hospitals and many have fallen seriously ill due to it. Rather than being over-confident, it would we wise if each one of us takes some precautions.

  1. Swine flu happens just once

The H1N1 virus, like any other flu virus, may reoccur. Vaccination helps, but only lasts for a certain time period. You must keep this in mind and get re-vaccinated before it starts spreading.

  1. Don’t eat pork, you might get infected!

Again, false! Despite the name, it has no relation whatsoever with the flesh of a pig. The virus spreads through bacteria expelled in the air through people coughing and sneezing.

  1. Its just cough, it’ll go

Coughing and sneezing for prolonged periods isn’t good. You must visit the doctor to get it treated and if that doesn’t help either, no harm taking a test. Why regret later!?

Symptoms and precautions

Combating Swine Flu - Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions
Source – Free Press Kashmir

You must visit the doctor if you happen to experience any of the below-mentioned flu symptoms :

High fever


Chest pain when you breathe



Loss of appetite



It becomes fairly necessary to brace ourselves from this deadly disease. There are some simple things one should keep in mind to ensure the virus never comes close. It is imperative that you and the people around you follow these set of precautionary measures. Life is too precious to be wasted on a disease like this!

Combating Swine Flu - Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions
Source – Lybrate Blog
  • Always cover your nose and mouth with a mask or tissue. Stack your house with masks and remember putting them on whenever you go out.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water and also keep a hand sanitizer with you.
  • Avoid touching eyes and nose while you are out or when you have dirty hands. Germs spread this way!
  • Try keeping a distance from people who are sick or are coughing and sneezing.
  • Call in sick and take a leave, if you have to. No need to push it.
  • Rush to the doctor, first thing, if you see any symptoms for an extended period.
  • Vaccinations are not always effective, if you come in contact with the virus, rush to the doctor and ask for Tamiflu. These antiviral medicines halt the progress of this virus.

Comment below with your suggestions and ideas on how to combat this deadly disease.

Be clean, be safe!

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At age of becoming grand parents, IVF turns childless couple parents

The excitement is palpable in Dhundarka village of Mandsaur. A childless couple, who was not able to conceive a child for over 35 years, has recently given birth to a baby boy through IVF. The mother is 50 and father 54years old. The couple is blessed by the advancements in technology .  It is amazing to see the satisfying shine on their faces,” said IVF specialist Dr. Shweta Agarwal of R.K.Hospital & Infertility (IVF) Center, Udaipur.
The Couple with their Child

The couple, Sohandevi and Suratram, said that they had been trying for a child and undergoing treatment and visited various temples also in past 30 years now. The father is a correspondent in local news magazine. Getting older, the social urge to have a child became more intense and the couple decided to give technology another shot.
Dr. Shweta

“Sohandevi is uneducated, but she understood all about the treatment and was very patient. And by God’s grace she got pregnant in the first attempt of IVF only”, said Dr. Shweta Agarwal. “We had counseled the couple about the challenges of getting a child so late in life, but they were ready. When we placed the son in her lap, she seemed content,” Dr Shweta said.  Sohandevi’s case only highlights the acceptability IVF has gained in the society. “People from lower socio-economic strata who are not very educated are getting comfortable with IVF but do not accept surrogacy. They feel that society will accept the child better if the child is reared in her own womb”, says Dr Shweta.



World Breastfeeding Week concluded with series of Awareness Programmes

Mother’s milk is the first gift by a mother to her newborn. It is the healthiest form of milk for the baby which contains the right amount of fats, sugar, water, minerals and proteins that ensures his complete physical and mental growth. Mother confers immunity to her baby through this milk which protects him from respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases. Breastfeeding the child reduces the risk of blood loss after delivery, breast and ovarian cancer, gaining excess weight and iron deficiency.

Breastfeeding Week | UdaipurBlog
world Breastfeeding Week logo for 2011

To protect, promote and encourage breastfeeding, World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated from 1st to 7th August every year by over 120 countries under the guidance of WHO and UNICEF. WHO recommends that the neonate must be exclusively breastfed (i.e. no other fluid or food to be given other than mother’s milk) up to 6 months of age. After that solid foods and nutritional supplement can be started but breastfeeding must be continued up to 2 years of age or more.

To commemorate the world breastfeeding week, there were many programmes held throughout the week by many organizations.

The Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital held week long programmes for students, doctors and common masses from 1st to 7th of August. Students actively participated in the various activities and doctors gave their best to promote breastfeeding among general public of Udaipur.

Various activities such as poster making, rangoli, quiz competitions, etc were held for students of Medical, Nursing, Physiotherapy Colleges, Talk shows/camps were held in various institutions like Military School, M.G. College, and Guru Nanak by the doctors of Community Medicine Department to educate young girls about the benefits of breastfeeding the newborn.

The week was concluded today by a Seminar followed by Prize Distribution of various events. Dr. Harish Mathur, Prof. & Head Community Medicine, spoke on the various aspects of breastfeeding issues. A mind boggling statistics about breast milk and breastfeeding was presented by Dr. A.P. Gupta, Prof.  & Head, Pediatrics. Dr. Sharda Goyal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, explained how to prepare a mother for breastfeeding and how to breastfeed in difficult maternal situation. Lastly, Mr. Kamlesh Joshi stated the role of nurses in promoting breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Week | UdaipurBlogBreastfeeding Week | UdaipurBlog

There were talk programmes, conversations, and discussions held by the Rotary Club Udaipur ‘Meera’ and the Rotary Innerwheel Club throughout the week. President Dr. Veena Sanadhya and Dr. Vimla Dhakad emphasized on proper education in the rural masses for awareness on the same. Quizzes were conducted and were awarded too.

Breastfeeding Week | UdaipurBlog

Contributed by: Palak Jain

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A Walkthrough in the Life of Doctors

A person wearing an angelic white coat, stethoscope around his neck, listening to the pain and sufferings of the people. Isn’t that the image of you get in your mind when you think of a doctor? And when you are in utter pain, you do find a Doctor equivalent to God. A Doctor is the noblest profession of serving the entire society.

The Doctors’ day is celebrated every year on 1st July in commemoration of the birth anniversary of eminent physician and freedom fighter, Dr. B.C. Roy, and holds a special significance to the medical practitioners in India. So on this occasion, we tried to find out what some of the renowned doctors from our own udaipur wish to say about their life and profession. This article is dedicated to all the Doctors, and the would be Doctors.


Dr. N.C. Sharma, the present CEO of Geetanjali Medical College, is a very vibrant and dynamic personality. Brought up in Jaipur, he did his MBBS from SMS Medical College (Jaipur) in the year 1972 and MD (Radio diagnosis) in 1976. He manages his clinical practice with administrative affairs very efficiently.

dr. N.c. sharma
Dr. N.C. Sharma

Through his belief in discipline and team work, he was able to save the lives of four patients who went under anaphylactic shock when CT Scan procedure was done on them. Therefore, he asks the aspiring doctors to work hard in their studies so that they can give their best to their patients. He wants them to work as a team in a disciplined manner and be courteous and honest to the mankind.

When asked about the hardships he faces during his day to day clinical practice, he says that a doctor has long working hours with absolutely no time for leisure & comfort during workdays. He is answerable to patients, their relatives and the society as a whole. Despite all this he has to keep himself calm and should not lose his patience and temper.

He finds Udaipur growing very fast and very well in terms of medical facilities with two medical colleges and many hospitals in the city. But he wants that the people must respect doctors and the paramedical staff and maintain their trust in them.


Dr. Kamla Kanwrani, aged 62 years, has created a benchmark in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology. She completed her MBBS and MD from RNT Medical College (Udaipur) in 1972 & 76 respectively. She got her FICOG degree in 1987. British government awarded her with MCH (UK) Certificate in 1992 and she even worked as IMA President for two years. She retired from RNT Medical College in 2009 as the Prof.  & HOD of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and is presently giving her services in Geetanajli Medical College & Hospital as Prof. and H.O.D.

dr. kamla kanwrani
Dr. Kamla Kanwrani

She has handled many critical cases very efficiently which many senior doctors have refused to treat or operate uponincluding a major surgery for removal of a uterine tumor approximately 10 kg in weight. She feels the need of introduction of Laparoscopy technique in Udaipur for the rapid diagnosis.

Cherishing her UG college life, she says to the aspiring doctors that it’s the most beautiful phase of life and they must enjoy it to their fullest. But at the same she reminds them to work hard. They must realize the dignity of this profession and should not lose their values and ethics for the sake of earning money.

She enjoys her work and gets an inner satisfaction by relieving the pain and sufferings of her patients especially of poor and needy women. Her only message to the people of Udaipur is that they must never compromise with the health of females in their families.


When the patients enter the Medicine OPD of Geetanjali Hospital, they find a doctor who is ready to help them in any possible way. He is soft spoken and easily wins the confidence of his patients. He is the Prof. and HOD of Department of Medicine, Dr. B.S. Bomb.

Dr. B.S. Bomb

Motivated by his parents and religious guru to choose this profession, he did his MBBS and MD (Medicine) from RNT Medical College in 1968 and 1973. He was the former HOD of the Medicine Department in RNT Medical College & M.B. Hospital.

He takes his every case and every patient as a challenge to him. He finds that practicing in a country like India with limited resources is a major difficulty. A doctor has to keep in mind the pocket of the patient while deciding his investigatory procedure and the treatment. He also feels the need of an effective emergency treatment and critical care in Udaipur

He believes that knowledge of your field along with god’s grace and support from family is the backbone of a doctor’s success. He also feels that patient’s blessing gives much more happiness than money. He is indebted to people of Udaipur who have blessed him with their love, affection and trust.



Have you ever seen a very senior doctor singing a romantic song in front of his UG students? May be no one will believe this. But this can be true when that doctor is Dr. S.K. Luhadia, Prof. and HOD of T.B. & Chest Department of Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital. His patients have faith in him and respect him very much. For his students, he is the best teacher.

dr. luhadiya
Dr. S.K. Luhadia

With a noble cause to serve the humanity, he did his MBBS and MD from SMS Medical College (Jaipur). He has been serving in Udaipur from past 30 years. He is also a retired Prof. and HOD of RNT Medical College.

Though unscheduled patients create lots of troubles in his day to day clinical practice, still he never loses his temper on patients. He always tries to assure & reconcile the patients who are in a state of mental turmoil. He remembers a case where a young boy swallowed a pen cap. He was suffering for 10 years, not getting any effective treatment. But Dr. S.K. Luhadia relieved him from his sufferings and pain. He feels the need of introduction of Allergy Tests in Udaipur.

Cherishing his college days, he misses the singing programmes where he used to perform. He feels sad that now-a-days meritorious students do not opt for this challenging profession which ultimately leads to distorting values and ethics in this medical profession. He asks the medical students to have patience as it takes a very long time to establish in this field as compared to others.


Team UdaipurBlog salutes all the Doctors all throughout the nation on this occasion


-By Palak Jain

Edited by Prasun Bannerjee


Ganga Jamuna Saraswati: Udaipur Couple gets Triplet Test Tube Girls

A couple from Lakhawali village,Udaipur, Kesar Singh and his wife Leela Devi have been missing cries of a child in their small family of two,married for the last 18 years. After trying all available options, be it medical or religious, finally, the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique came as a blessing for the couple. And for the first time, the family heard the cries of its own child. To a surprise, there wasn’t a single baby, nor two. There were three babies, all girls.

This incident happened on 3rd March when Mrs Leela Devi gave birth to three lovely and healthy children at the R.K. Hospital in Madhuban, Udaipur. Dr. Shewta Agarwal of R.K Hospital, counseled the couple and suggested them to go for IVF or the In Vitro Fertilization process for Test Tube Baby in which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the body.

In a press conference, Dr. Shweta Agarawal, test tube baby specialist of R. K. Hospital told that this achievement is nowhere less than achieving a noble prize for herself. She is more happy than even the couple. Dr. Tarun Agarwal was also present at the moment.

Father of the triplet, Mr. Kesar Singh says, that after 18 years, the happiness brought in the family by the R.K. Hospital is above all and they are highly indebted for the same. He adds, the triplet have filled the empty spaces in their life, and now they have no more demands for their life.

(L to R) Dr. Shweta Agarwal, Leela Devi, and Kesar Singh with the triplet