Udaipur ranked in World’s 100 Most Polluted Cities

Our Lakecity has always been in news for its beauty and its lakes. But this time there’s a complete U-turn and it is not at all pleasant to hear for Udaipurites. Udaipur has been named amongst the world’s 100 most polluted cities by IQ AirVisual in its World Air Quality Report 2018.

Source: IQ Air Visual

Udaipur was ranked 94th in this list. The average PM2.5 level in Udaipur is 55.1. The air quality of this level comes under the ‘Unhealthy’ category and is dangerous for sensitive groups. The growing traffic and the regular deforestation happening around the city in the name of development is now turning out to be dangerous.

Source: IQ Air Visual

Unfortunately, 7 out of the top 10 most polluted cities in the World Air Quality Index Report are in India. Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai were the toppers from India and this is not something we Indians should be proud of.

Don’t you think it’s high time for us as Udaipurites to rise as One and take some important steps to improve the air conditions around us and make our Udaipur proud again?

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Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

Who doesn’t want to have memories of their big day of life saved in the form of pictures to cherish for a lifetime? It’s every bride’s dream of having a lavish wedding; these moments are to be captured and can only be taken by some professional. Planning on for a party and thinking about the snaps? Or are you organizing a live performance by some great artist? If you are into any of these then look no further, Star Photoworks is to your rescue!

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

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Who are the faces behind Star Photoworks?

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Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Kushal -Cinematographer, and Editor
Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Hemendra -Lighting Head
Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Praveen- Photographer

What makes them stand out?

Devotion towards one’s work is what makes anyone stand out. The team Star Photoworks works on the motto of creating happy moments for its precious and beautiful clients. Their pictures speak for them and are much loved by the clientele.

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Themed Party

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Portfolio-product shoot

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Praveen Photography Udaipur

Praveen Photography Udaipur

Praveen Photography Udaipur

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

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Events News

A Perfectly Inspiring class by the Missile Man

APJ in Udaipur

APJ Abdul Kalam is a man of great vision, an eminent scientist and engineer who served as the 11th President of India from the period 2002 to 2007. A person with the pure and down to earth personality was in the city of lakes yesterday. He arrived at the Maharana Pratap international airport at 3:30 P.M., and went straight to the circuit house for rest, where he enjoyed the pleasing and every refreshing view of our own Fatehsagar. After resting for about an hour Kalam sir took the the class of the Lakecity students in Delhi Public School at Chitrakoot Nagar. One could also see the crowd waiting outside for Dr. Kalam to have a view of our very own people’s president. In his half an hour class in DPS, the ironic missile man of India firstly asked the students about what they wanted to become in their future life. In this process he found that there were majority of the students who wanted to become engineers and lesser wanted to become a teacher.

Talking about building a personality, he added that one should have the knowledge as well as the purity of the heart. In this process he gave the students the knowledge equation i.e.

Knowledge = Creativity + Purity in heart + Courage

In his speech he did not forget to mention the role of mother in the prosperity of the nation.  In the series of questions and confusion many students raised their points to the iconic man. In this chain he told the students about how he enjoys his role of a teacher. On the question about India’s possibility to become the superpower by 2020, Dr. Kalam again reminds the role of a mother in nation building and explains “If a child keeps his mother happy, he will sure keep the family happy, if he makes the family happy he will surely make the Udaipur happy, and if he makes the Udaipur happy he makes Rajasthan happy, if he keeps the Rajasthan happy he indeed keeps the India happy and if country is happy then what more do you need to make the country a super power.”

On being asked about his source of inspiration, Dr. Kalam did not forget to mention his teacher V. Subrramanium Iyyer. On a question about why India is always giving a handful of friendship to Pakistan and is not using this hand to slap him for the activities, Kalam quoted “strength respects strength” and explained that being a democratic country we are not supposed to risk the lives of 112 billion people who rely on us.

Dr. Kalam, the teacher of ideas and an environment ambassador inaugurated the Eco Club of the School by watering a plant. In the end with a conversation with the principal of Delhi Public School, she shared her experience about the program and also felt honored as the great personality was between them in their very own campus. The facility provided by the school and the arrangements for the program was excellent. And they wish to have many more interactions of the eminent personalities with the ordinary students of Udaipur in the coming times.

A glimpse of the event can be seen below via the following photographs:

APJ in Udaipur APJ in Udaipur

APJ in Udaipur APJ in UdaipurAPJ in Udaipur APJ in Udaipur APJ in Udaipur 
APJ in Udaipur APJ in Udaipur

APJ in UdaipurAPJ in UdaipurAPJ in UdaipurAPJ in Udaipur


Photos By: Yash Sharma

Video By: Gaurav Bhattacharya

Edited By: Prasun Bannerjee