When Mewar’s Gavri Traveled To The National Capital

Rajasthan is a state of culture, heritage and royalty, and primary among the attributes of the state, is the kingdom of Mewar, the place where festivals, tribes, rituals and folk mingle together to form a diverse view of culture and lineage.

An American photographer, Waswo X. Waswo, has done much to promote the regional culture of this land. His latest effort, in collaboration with local photographer and artist Rajesh Soni, has been the book and various exhibitions titled “Gavri Dancers”.

Waswo works in the vintage studio portrait mode, making images with painted backdrops at his studio in the Village of Varda. He then prints black and white photographs that are hand-brushed with colour by his long-time collaborator, Rajesh Soni, a third-generation Udaipur photo hand-colourist.

A recent show has just opened close to New Delhi, presented by Gallery Latitude 28 in the large galleries of Museo Camera, Centre for the Photographic Arts in Gurugram. The exhibition is called “Gauri Dancers: The Opera of Mewar”.

Before diving into the event, let’s reconcile what exactly Gavri is.


  • In the versatile land of Mewar, prevails a tribal dance form known as Gavri, Gavari or Gauri.
  • The folk dance is treated as a festival by the Bheel tribe of Mewar.
  • They perform and celebrate the dance ritual with full joy coupled with spirituality.
  • The festival is significantly celebrated on the next day of Shravani Purnima or Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima.
  • Young boys and men of the tribe dress as females and perform the dance form, village to village, telling stories through their folklores and tales.


  • The art is being presented by Gallery Latitude 28 in the large galleries of Museo Camera, Centre for the Photographic Arts in Gurugram.
  • The exhibition commenced from September 17, 2021 and will close on October 17, 2021.
  • The display of such extensive documentation of a little-know tradition to the Delhi crowd attracted and drew the attention of New Delhi’s art community and high society.
  • Waswo even brought a group of farmers from the village of Boro Walla Madri to make the traditional Gavri elephant within the gallery, symbolically marking it as a ritual performance.
  • The elephant was made up of grass straws, three cots, bangles, and other village materials.
  • The tradition of Gavri is almost unknown known outside Mewar. The seventy-five photographs in this exhibition and book are beginning to change that.
  • Each of the 75 black and white photographs you’ll find in the gallery have been patiently hand-tinted by Rajesh Soni, a well-known artist from Udaipur.


Rajesh Soni is from Udaipur and is a third-generation photo hand-colourist, primarily known for his abilities to hand paint digital photographs. His grandfather was Prabu Lal Verma, a court photographer to the Maharana Bhupal Singh of Mewar.

Waswo X. Waswo was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the U.S.A., and studied photography in both his hometown and Florence, Italy. He has lived and travelled in India for over twenty years and has made his home in Udaipur from the past thirteen. Waswo is known as an artist who collaborates with local artists and miniaturists. Waswo X. Waswo’s series on Gavri began over ten years ago. His style is to capture portraiture with natural light and an eye for detail. Though he shoots his portraits in a studio, he does his best to capture the naturalistic moment.   

In 2019 the duo of Waswo X. Waswo and Rajesh Soni created the first full-sized hardcover book on Gauri Dancers, published by Mapin, India.

When Mewar’s Gavri travelled to the national capital, it was definitely a proud moment. The collaborators from our city are on a mission to promote and elaborate the art and culture of Mewar throughout India and the world. Amidst the times when we are losing touch with our history and culture, this exhibition has reminded us to stick to our roots and be proud citizens of Mewar.


Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

Who doesn’t want to have memories of their big day of life saved in the form of pictures to cherish for a lifetime? It’s every bride’s dream of having a lavish wedding; these moments are to be captured and can only be taken by some professional. Planning on for a party and thinking about the snaps? Or are you organizing a live performance by some great artist? If you are into any of these then look no further, Star Photoworks is to your rescue!

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

The dreamy pictures taken by Star Photoworks have made many faces smile and cherish memories forever. So whether you are looking for unmatched candids or posing a smile, Star Photoworks can make you feel not less that prince or a princess. The enthusiastic team of Star Photoworks makes it happen for you in real life.

Who are the faces behind Star Photoworks?

Praveen, Kushal, and Hemendra are the main faces behind the brilliant photographs. Capturing candid moments is a tough task, but these photography enthusiasts have taken it not just as a job but as creating memories of people across India. They work in Udaipur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa.

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Kushal -Cinematographer, and Editor
Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Hemendra -Lighting Head
Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Praveen- Photographer

What makes them stand out?

Devotion towards one’s work is what makes anyone stand out. The team Star Photoworks works on the motto of creating happy moments for its precious and beautiful clients. Their pictures speak for them and are much loved by the clientele.

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Themed Party

When you would go through their photos, you can see a myriad of emotions imparting from a single click! That’s the beauty of a photograph.

What projects does Star Photoworks undertake?

They take pre-wedding, wedding, parties, live gigs, commercial shoots, portfolio, baby shoots, maternity shoots and many more.

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Portfolio-product shoot

How can you contact them?


Contact Number: +91 7891102233


So what are waiting for? Capture memories of your wedding day or any event, call Star Photoworks and let them spread their magic.

Praveen Photography Udaipur

Praveen Photography Udaipur

Praveen Photography Udaipur

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

“They made my pre-wedd shoot so much fun. I was camera conscious and was feeling a bit unready about being shot, but these guys made it so easy for me. After a year too, whenever I go through the albums of my shoot with Star Photoworks, each image comes to life! Literally, they have created memories that last forever”- Rashmi (A beautiful Bride)

Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever

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Star Photoworks: Creating Moments That Last Forever
Pool Party

Udaipur’s Tara bags the International Photography Award

Evidence of Udaipur’s budding talent is here in front of us again where recently Tarachand Gawariya, a talented Press Photographer from Udaipur is announced to be awarded with a certificate of merit by the P.S.A.H.M (Photography Society of America) in the first international photo competition.

Tara Chand Gawariya | UdaipurBlog

This competition was held some days back in Jodhpur by the Jodhana Journalist Society. It is a matter of extreme proud that Tarachand is the only person across the state of Rajasthan to be awarded under this category. Moreover, Society Head Mr. Ram ji Vyas has specified that Tarachand is able to leave his mark and has risen above almost 900 people who had sent approximately 9000 photographs in order to win this league.

The Judges’ Panel of the competition included Mr. Sudhir Saxena, Mr.Shivji Joshi,Mr. MK Shastri  and Mr. Virendra Jaiswal. Interestingly, the competition included categories like Open Section, Nature Section, Photo Travel Section and Photo Journalism. The winning entry photo has also been shown below, which is shot while filming of the action sequence in the multi starcast comedy movie Dhamaal, shot few years back in Udaipur itself.

Winning Entry by Tara Chand Gawariya | UdaipurBlog—————