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Instagram worthy Places in Udaipur

Being called as one of the most beautiful and exotic tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Udaipur is truly blessed with the presence of mesmerizing lakes, larger than life hotels, temperate weather, and its romantic vibes. Not to forget, it is home to some of the most instagrammable pictures which act as a source of major attraction for travelers and backpackers.

Although there are a plenty of picturesque places in Udaipur, according to me, I have selected some of the best and handpicked locations for awe-striking and Instagrammable Pictures.

1. City Palace-

The top choice and a must visit place in Udaipur, City Palace is surrounded by beautiful balconies, tall pillars and Cupolas towering over the lake. A combination of vibrant blue sky and Golden city Palace gives a perfect click for Instagram.

2. Lake Badi hill-

Lake Badi hill has become a major tourist attraction recently because of its stunning view and the best time to visit is in evening to click the perfect sunset.

3. Old City Market-

Old city market consists of amazing handicrafts, artistic paintings, beautiful jewelry and colorful textiles that gives a true essence of the city. This is a can’t miss photo opportunity place when you are visiting the City of Lakes.

4. Fateh Sagar Lake-

The charm of Udaipur is incomplete without a visit to Fateh Sagar Lake. It is a photographer’s paradise and generally, the best shots get captured in the night. You will find at least one picture of Fateh Sagar Lake in every Udaipurites Instagram account.

5. Ambrai Ghat-

Surrounded by a detailed view of City Palace on one side and Lake Palace on another, Ambrai Ghat is undoubtedly the most photogenic place in Udaipur. The best pictures get shot in the daytime as well as night.

6. Footbridge at Pichola lake-

The famous footbridge of Udaipur looks lit in the night and gives you a true feel of a romantic city. Pictures of the footbridge show the beauty of the old city.

7. Peepliya Ji-

A top destination to click pictures, especially if you are a nature lover. Best snaps get captured in the early morning during sunrise. The foggy morning makes u feel trippy and happy at the same time.

8. Gangaur Ghat-

Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, Gangaur Ghat is a delight for all photographers as one can capture the beauty of the old city in a single frame. The Ghat is also home to some of the famous movies that have been shot here like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Ramleela.

9. Sahelion Ki Bari-

The sprawling garden is a must visit not only for photographers but for every individual who loves flora. The enchanting fountains, lotus pools, and marble pavilions are sufficient to catch the eyeballs of every person. Sahelion ki Bari is an oasis of peace within the city of lakes.

10. Sajjangarh fort-

The Monsoon Palace is home to a great variety of Flora, Fauna and gives perfect Ariel clicks of the city of lakes. You need to be present there to witness the ultimate beauty.

This was just a short list of most camera-ready and Instagram worthy places in Udaipur. Trust me, you will capture the best clicks here!

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The History of Udaipur: The City at A Glance

About Udaipur

Ask any Udaipurite and they will tell you what the City of Lakes means to them. The love for the city is immense when we talk to the people of the city. Udaipur is a beautiful and scenic city, encompassed by lush Aravali Ranges. The lakes of Udaipur are interconnected, forming a unique lake system. The city sits amidst the peaceful milieu of a dense thicket and people from all over the globe come and experience the tranquil.

The History of Udaipur: The City at A Glance
Photo Courtesy: Lala Deen Dayal

History of Udaipur

In 1553, Maharana Udai Singh shifted his capital from Chittorgarh to a fertile valley region which later got its name as Udaipur. How did his happen? Let’s read further!

This valley was famous in the past for Ayad (Ahar River) for being a bustling trade town in Mewar region. But Ayad was flood-prone. He foresaw that Bahadur Shah or the campaign of Sher Shah Suri may arise.

Maharana Udai Singh had realized the advantages of the hilly areas when he was residing in exile at Kumbhalgarh. He decided to move his capital to a secured place and chose the eastern side of Lake Pichola. This was the place where he had met a hermit, Goswami Premgiriji while hunting in the ranges. The hermit blessed him to build a palace at the shoreline of the Lake, now known as Pichola. So, he decided to shift the capital from Chittaurgarh to Girwa Valley.

The History of Udaipur: The City at A Glance
Photo Courtesy: Lala Deen Dayal

The valley, at the eastern part of the Aravalli Hill Range, was fed by two perennial rivers -Ayad and Sisarma, they merge further downstream to form Bedach River. This strategically located Girwa valley was endowed with a natural defense system, which made it as an ideal location for human settlement. Further, there was the lake Pichola which could suffice the water needs of his people. Also, the hills of Aravalli provided natural fortification and the hilly region made it difficult for armored Mughal horses to climb.

The foundation day

Taking all aspects into consideration Maharana Udai Singh founded the city on the auspicious Aakhaa-Teej day of 1553 CE (Akshay Tritiya, Vaishaakh Sudi Teej, Saturday- April 15, 1553).

The History of Udaipur: The City at A Glance
Photo Courtesy: Lala Deen Dayal

In 1567, when Mughal Empire was threatening Mewar and captured Chittorgarh fort, Udai Singh built a large, six-kilometer long wall to protect Udaipur from attacks. The wall had seven gates. Even today, this region is called as the walled city of Udaipur.

Mughal Emperors Akbar (1576) and later on by Aurangzeb (1680) attacked the city and the city’s terrain proved to be an advantage for the Maharana.

Maharana Udai Singh also constructed a major masonry dam to the east of the capital city which he named after him as Udaisagar.

After the change of the Capital

The Maharana encouraged people of all castes & communities to settle in the new city for which he liberally granted lands.

The nobles and traders also settled here with the construction of their havelis, while the general masses constructed ordinary houses. Step wells were also constructed in addition to the bathing ghats on Pichola’s banks.

The History of Udaipur: The City at A Glance
Photo Courtesy: Lala Deen Dayal

Maharana Jagat Singh-I (1628-1652) further added more rooms to the Palace that Maharana Udai Singh built and further developed Jagmandir island palace and temples in the city. Over the centuries, four more water bodies were added to Pichola to its north- Amar Kund, Rang Sagar, Kumbhariya Talab (an extension to Swaroop), Swaroop Sagar.

What happened after the Mughals?

Later on, when Mughal Empire became weak, Sisodia called upon themselves independent and reasserted Udaipur and other areas of Mewar except for Chittorgarh. Though Mughals tried to recapture Udaipur and its nearby areas, it remained by the Sisodias until it became a princely state under British control.

The History of Udaipur: The City at A Glance
Photo Courtesy: Lala Deen Dayal

Today, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar is the 76th custodian of Mewar Dynasty.

Quick Facts about the City of Lakes Udaipur

Area: 64 sq. km

Date of establishment: In the year 1553

Founded by: Maharana Udai Singh

Location: Southern part of Rajasthan state

How to reach:

  • By air- Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur,
  • By rail- Udaipur railway station
  • By road- Ahmedabad (256 km), Chittorgarh (115km), Alwar (348 km) Jaipur (418 km), Jodhpur (255 km), Kota (248 km) and Jaisalmer (508 km),

Best time to Visit: September to March

Languages Spoken: Hindi, English, and Rajasthani (Mewari)

Famous delicacies: Daal Baati Choorma, Baajre ki Khichdi, and more.

Source: andbeyond

City Overview:

The city of Udaipur located in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan, near the Gujarat border. The abundance of lakes and the Aravalli Range that acts as a border and separate the city from the Thar desert makes the city differ in the climate as well as terrain.

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Tie the Knot amidst the Royalty: Palatial Weddings in Udaipur

Rajasthan has been known for its perfectly themed, royal weddings. The state is the land of exotic castles, palaces, and rich cultural heritage. Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes has a multitude of bright colors and endless places of interest. It is truly one of those places in the state that will leave you mesmerized with its charm and its regal grandeur. That is why Udaipur is a sought after place when it comes to a perfect wedding destination.

While there are a lot of places to have your dream wedding turn into reality, there are these four places that surely can leave a mark on your memory. For all those who dream to be a king or a queen on the day of their wedding, these four impeccably beautiful destinations in Udaipur are sure to make your marriage vows picture perfect. Have a look.

The City Palace Udaipur

Palatial Weddings in Udaipur
Source: Best Location Hotels

Shiv-Niwas Palace is an extension of the City Palace, which is a crescent-shaped palace, built in the early 20th century, during the reign of Maharana Fateh Singh. It gives a panoramic view of the city facing Lake Pichola. It certainly gives you an aura that delineates the royal majestic of the city and its history.

A perfect wedding destination, Shiv Niwas in the City Palace Udaipur gives you all the facilities and an ambiance of being served by the royalty. One can feel not less than a royal couple. There are other properties as well in the City Palace Udaipur where a grand a grand wedding can be held; those are, Jag Mandir Island Palace, Durbar Hall, Zenana Mahal and Manek Chowk.

Raas Devigarh

Palatial Weddings in Udaipur

Raas Devigarh is your ultimate destination for a picture perfect wedding. Earlier known as earlier as Delwara Fort Palace, Raas Devigarh is located amidst the lush hillocks. The wedding at Devigarh is a grand affair. Wedding are measured as one of the most celebrated events of one’s life. Every couple desires of celebrating their marriage in an imperial and majestic way. For a royal wedding, Raas Devigarh is a seamless destination for a magnificent wedding day.

Chunda Palace

Palatial Weddings in Udaipur

Fairytale weddings do come true! Chunda Palace brings to you indomitable environs for your dream wedding. The enigmatic beauty of the palace stands upright giving you a picturesque view of the city. Chunda Palace holds a significant rank when it comes to a royal wedding. The palatial façade of the Palace can captivate your guests and make unmatched memories as beautiful pictures.


Palatial Weddings in Udaipur

Wish to have a palatial wedding in a totally vintage aura? Yes, then Fatehgarh should be your pick. Built on a hilltop facing the city it offers luxury rooms and suites, extensive leisure facilities like Zip-Line, which is a unique feature offered by any hotel or resort in Udaipur. Well, undoubtedly Fatehgarh is an unimpeachable terminus for taking those holy vows.

A palatial wedding in Udaipur is all about that supreme experience of espousing in a princely manner. A royal chariot for a handsome groom and a palanquin for the mystic and beautiful bride; aren’t you in dreams already? Well, quite effortlessly all these dreams can come true when you plan a palace wedding in Udaipur.

Expert views on palatial weddings in Udaipur by Frozen Apple Events

Frozen Apple Events is one of the leading wedding planners in Udaipur. Their forte is holding splendid Palatial Weddings.

Palatial Weddings in Udaipur
Sahil Thakur

Udaipur is known for its beauty and imperial repute. It is one of the best places to have a palace wedding; not just because it is scenic but also due to the fact that it holds some of the most beautiful Palaces and Palatial hotel property.

Many properties are famous across the world for their grandeur and people from everywhere flock to Udaipur to make their dream wedding come true. The amenities provided by these palatial properties are also world-class.

If you want to feel like a royal Maharaja, then you must plan a wedding at Udaipur.” – Sahil Thakur (Owner at Frozen Apple Events)


[Video] The City Palace Museum Udaipur

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City Palace Udaipur


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Illustrating the grandeur’s of ‘The Venice of East’

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