Street Food in Udaipur: Winter Special

Yes, the winters in Udaipur have gradually started to soar!!!

And this undoubtedly is another best season to enjoy the city vibes. Beautiful lakes, foggy mornings, misty and hazy mountain range, and the amazingly delicious street food in Udaipur!

The city of lakes offers some of the best street food choices to beat the winter chills. From Dabelis to Mirchi Bada, Egg Bhurji, Kulhad Coffee and much more, the city has so much to treat your tummy with yummy food.

Here we have listed some of the best, hot and delicious street food in Udaipur and where to find it!

Egg Varieties
Tandori Egg
Tandori Egg

Egg dishes are perfect winter beaters. Be it Egg Bhurji, Omelette, Boiled Egg, or Udaipur’s famous Tandori Egg, every dish prepared with egg, when served hot, taste equally amazing. If you are an egg-lover, don’t forget to try Chetak Circles’s famous Egg World for Tandori Egg. Besides, there are many other food joints in Udaipur that specializes in egg delicacies.

Dabeli in Udaipur

Originally hailing from Gujarat, Dabeli is like an Indian burger which is quite popular among the foodies of Udaipur. The dish is prepared by stuffing boiled potato Tikki between two buns. The yummy dish is traditionally served with sliced onion and chutneys. In Udaipur, Shankar Dabeli at Panchwati is the most popular joint for Dabeli lovers.

Bread Pakoda
Bread Pakoda in Udaipur
Bread Pakoda

This yummy dish prepared from bread is quite a hit, especially in winters. When in Udaipur, do not forget to head to Fatehsagar where you will find a popular joint, ‘Kamlesh ji Bread Pakoda’ serving fresh, hot and spicy Bread Pakodas. Stuffed with boiled and mashed potato and dipped in ‘besan’ mix, these ‘pakodas’ taste super yummy in winter when you are having them at the most happening place with an amazing view.

Aloo Tikki Chaat
Aloo Tikki Chaat in Udaipur
Aloo Tikki Chaat

Another street food item made out of boiled potato, Aloo Tikki, is a popular street food snack of North India. When served hot, this spicy and a bit tangy – due to imli (tamarind) chutney – street food item becomes a popular choice for winter food cravings. Udaipur’s Sanwariya Chaat Center located at Ashok Nagar serves delicious Aloo Tikki Chaat. You can also try the vendors at Babu Bazaar and 100 ft Road.

Maggi & Sandwiches
Vegetable Maggi in Udaipur
Vegetable Maggi

Although hot and luscious Maggi is the most sought after street food all year round, it tastes even yummier in chilling winters when topped with lots of winter vegetables (carrot, green peas, capsicum etc.), spices and cheese. Panchwati’s famous Bajrang Bali Sandwich is one of the most popular Maggi and Sandwich seller in Udaipur. Apart from ‘everybody’s favourite’ Maggi, you can also try Masala Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich and other popular sandwich varieties here.

Kulhad Coffee
Kulhad Coffee in Udaipur
Kulhad Coffee

When the capacity of your belly is over with food, there is still something that can find its place in the tummy – Hot & frothy Kulhad Coffee! The age-old popular beverage, coffee got its makeover in India when vendors started serving it in environment-friendly clay cup – ‘Kulhad’. Udaipur was never far behind in joining this environment-friendly way of serving hot coffee. Fatehsagar is the most popular and best place to enjoy Kulhad Coffee in winters. Sai Sagar Coffee House and Vinod Fast Food are a couple of the most popular coffee joints in Udaipur.

Kadai Doodh
Kadai Doodh in Udaipur
Kadai Doodh

A sweet and rich delicacy prepared by boiling milk in a Kadai, this dessert-cum-beverage becomes extremely popular during winters. To give it a little richness, lots of dry fruits, Kesar and a few spices are added to it. Vasudev Doodh Bhandar at Suraj Pol is an age-old shop selling Kadai Doodh in Udaipur. Besides, you can also get yummy and thick Kadai Doodh at few shops at Fatehsagar.

With the above list, we surely have given the foodies of Udaipur, a few options to satiate their hunger pangs in this winter with some hot and delicious street food variety. So, head right away and fill your palate with some amazing street food of Udaipur.

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Best Winter Delicacies of Udaipur and Where to Have It

Winter season is around the corner. We might not like the harsh weather with having to carry so many heavy jackets around all day long, but one pleasure of winter that no one can deny is the scrumptious winter delicacy of Mewar. Udaipur is flooded with mouthwatering delicacies all around but you have to accept that some things simply tastes better in the winter season. And apart from that, it is said that our body engine works better in winter and the food is digested quickly. So you can have all the guilty pleasures this winter without having any regrets.

We bring to you a list of all the best winter delicacies that you should try this winter in Udaipur.

Garam Doodh (hot milk)

Source: Udaipur Mart

What’s better than the thick nutty milk topped with savory malai in a kulhad cup? This is the most loved drink of every Udaipurite in the winters.

Where – Jodhpur Misthan Bhandaar, Bapu Bazaar, Opposite Town Hall


Makki ki Raab

this authentic mouthwatering Rajasthani delight is something which can’t be resisted by anyone, especially in winters. Raab is a healthy and nutritious porridge made from corn flour, curd, and rice. It is not just healthy but gives a peculiar pleasing taste to your taste buds as well.

Where – Bapu Bazaar


Makki ke dhokle

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

This warm and comfort food of winters from Rajasthani cuisine is usually had with dal and onion salad. Loads of ghee is poured upon the dhokla to make it irresistible. Apart from Dal Baati, this is one dish which shouldn’t be missed at all.

Where – Gordhan Thal, 32, Shopping Center, City Station Road


Makki ki Papdi

Source: Ankita dabla

Deep fried papad served with either salad or spices. It is the best snack for winters when eaten fresh. Usually, it is consumed with tea.

Where – Aapni Dhaani and Shilpgram


Boiled egg

Source: youtube

Non-Vegetarian? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you at all. Eggs are an amazing source of protein which will promise you a good dose of nutrition along with a fabulous taste and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.

Where – Opposite Samor Bagh, Dudh Talai


Tomato soup

Tomato soup is not alien to anyone but at this place, the taste of the soup will remain in your mouth until you die. This exceptional tomato soup is topped up with fresh coriander leaves and pieces of dry toast which compliments it.

Where – Mayur Tomato soup opposite Woodland showroom, Bapu Bazaar



For me, winter is the best time for having desserts and why wouldn’t it be? All the luscious sweet and sizzling Rajasthani desserts will just let you have another cheat day. So here’s a quick food bucket list for all the foodies out there to try this winter season while you are in Udaipur.

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Gur Til Chikki

Source: YouTubeSource: hindustannewsnetwork

This one dessert can be called the star of the winters. It is a dessert made from sesame seeds and jaggery. Apart from being absolutely delicious, sesame seeds have some health-boosting mineral which is good for your skin and bones. It is also a rich source of protein.

Where – You can find this delicacy at any sweet shop in Udaipur during winters and while you are there don’t forget to try the peanut chikki as well.



Be it Badaam halva (almond pudding), suji halva (semolina pudding) or Gaajar ka Halwa (carrot pudding), as soon as the first warm spoon of this dish gets into your mouth, you just cannot help yourself but have at least a bowl of it.

Where – Lala Misthan Bhandar


Gaund ke laddu (Edible gum laddu)

Source: Patrika

Gaund is a heat giving edible gum extracted by the bark of a tree. This heat giving dish is heartily devoured in Udaipur during the winter season. It is usually had with a glass of milk during breakfast while some prefer to have it as a dessert after their meal.

Where – Nagda Misthan, Asthal Mandir Chouraha, Surajpole, Udaipur



Soft and sweet bread soaked in the warm chashni (sugar syrup) is all you would want this winter. This sweet dish contains the entire essence of winter in Udaipur. Maalpue has one more variation known as Rabdi ke maalpue which is made out of another sweet dish known as ‘Rabdi’.

Where – Shastri sweets, Shastri Circle, Udaipur

Where are you heading to this winter season?

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You Aren’t a True Udaipurite If You Haven’t Tried These Food Items in Udaipur

In the last few years, the love for food in the city has escalated to a whole new level. One can find a foodie in every hook and corner of the city and to fulfill the hunger pangs of these foodies, every now and then some lip-smacking food items get introduced through various outlets in the city. While some are not able to allure much food lovers, some become an instant hit.

Amongst the plethora of these scrumptious food items, we have handpicked some which were able to secure a place in the minds and tummies of Udaipurites:

Potato Tornadoes at Crave Eat Repeat

If you have been noticing the UIT circle from last few months in the evening, it is generally very crowded. All the credit goes to this delectable food item. Potato tornado, twisted potato, potato twister, potato swirls, call what you may, the taste will surely stay in your mouth for quite a long time. These come in different flavors such as peri peri, lime pepper, spicy mint, garlic potato and a lot more.

Price: 70/-

Address: Lakeway Estate, 95 New Fatehpura, UIT Circle, Panchwati, Udaipur


French Fries and Frying Out Loud

What’s unique and new about French fries? After all, it can be found in almost every other café of Udaipur. But one thing that separates these fries from others is the way it is prepared and presented. Frying Out Loud is a dedicated fries outlet which serves more than 20 types of fries with different flavors, the most popular being peri peri fries, Lemon chilly fries, and cheese chili fries. The good thing is they are absolutely pocket-friendly and you can get all of them under 150 bucks.

Price: Starting from 75/-

Address: 28, Near R Kay Mall, Panchwati, Udaipur


Cone pizza at Coneeza

Picture by: Roopam Jain

Now that you are done with both potato twister and fries, reach to Coneeza which is at walking distance from both of these places. If you are one of those pizza junkies, cone pizza would just be the right thing to experiment with your taste buds. Different flavors of pizza on not your regular base but ‘soft on the insides and crunchy on the outside’ cones would be the perfect treat for you this weekend.

Price: 100/-

Address: Near U.I.T, Nazar Bagh, Panchwati, Udaipur


Cheese pull garlic Bread at Senor Swanky’s

If you are a fan of cheese garlic bread then don’t think twice and head straight to try these mouthwatering cheese pull garlic bread. This garlic bread is available in 5 different flavors.  Choose whatever you may, you won’t be disappointed and that’s for sure. While you are there try XXL Doritos, Maggi & Cheese as well. The dish will take you to Mexico and back.

Price: 150/-

Address: 168-C, Sukhadia Circle, Udaipur


Toofani Samosa at Raajwada

Not an ordinary samosa you’re thinking of. Mere one piece of this toofani samosa is enough to fill your stomach to the fullest. The filling of this huge samosa consists of pomegranate seeds, dry fruits, cottage cheese (paneer), potato mix and a lot of interesting spices. And it won’t burn a hole in your pocket at all.

Price: 35/-

Address: River Front Enterprises, Opposite Anand Plaza, Ayad Rural


Tandoori Chai at Chaifeteria

Tandoori chicken and tandoori roti is old news. Tandoori chai is the new in. Merely watching this Chai getting prepared will tempt all of your senses. This unique tea is prepared in the steaming hot kulhad which gives it the extraordinary smoky flavor that it has.

Price: 20/-

Address: Khaugalli, near Sukhadiya Circle, Panchwati


Chur Chur Naan at Ranaji

The crunchy, buttery and instant Chur Chur naan served with your favorite paneer handi or dal makhani is something which will force you every day to skip your meals and come for this scrumptious feast instead. The best thing about Chur Chur naan at Ranaji is that you’ll get to have both of them in just 60 bucks per plate. Seems like a great deal, isn’t?

Price: 60/-

Address: Khaugalli, near Sukhadiya Circle, Panchwati


Burj Khalifa Burger at Z27 Cafe

The name gives you hint enough. Burj Khalifa burger is one hell of a tall burger which will not just satiate your stomach but your eyes too. Just a look at it will make your mouth water. Trust me, the tangy and creamy sauces dripping onto the huge burger is the best sight in the world.

Price: 170/-

Address: 58 B, Behind Royal Motor, Near Sukhadiya Circle, Panchwati


It’s time to bid goodbye to those old school dishes and try something different this time. And who knows you might discover your new favorite dish in this food marathon, right?

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5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset

In words of George R. R. Martin, ‘Winter is coming!’ And so is the time to watch those beautiful sunsets, sitting by the lake, sipping on wine with your loved ones. Needless to say, this mesmerizing city of lakes abounds with places offering panoramic views of mountains, overlooking the lakes with the sun setting down at the horizon as if going underneath them and while it all happens, one cannot help but notice the water sparkling with the reflection of the fading sun! Can’t stop visualizing it, eh!? Well, it’s about time you put your imagination to rest and experience this affair for real because we are here with the list of five cafés/restaurants that offer a view of the sunset in all its glory and you should definitely visit these once while you are here.

  1. Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar and Bakery

    5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset

Water touching your feet and the Sun kissing your cheeks is nothing less than a blessing from Gods above. This place has a unique charm to it and what adds to the beauty is the smell of freshly grounded coffee beans. Not more than a year after it’s opening in 2011, it became the hotspot of town offering handmade loaves of bread, sauces, pancakes and other bakery items. The owner Mr. Pradhumna Jethi tells us the place has seating options on two different floors (ground and fourth) and a third one is in the preparation at the rooftop (fifth floor) offering a wider view of the city as well as sunsets during the evening. They have recently started wood-fired pizzas as well which seem quite delicious going by the looks and everyone seemed to be trying them. The average cost of a meal for two would cost around Rs. 400-450/-

Timing – 8.30 am – 9 pm (Veg).

Address – 52, Gangaur Ghat, near Bagore ki Haveli, Udaipur.

5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset
Mushroom and Herbs Pizza with Oreo Shake


  1. Sun n Moon Restaurant

    5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset

This place offers a view unlike any other in town and is sure to bewitch your eyes. With one of the highest rooftops in the area combined with a delightful ambiance and a variety of cuisines both veg and non-veg, this has become our favorite spot for watching sunsets and you’ll definitely end up sitting here for hours. And not just this, they provide facilities for all types of tourists, be it a hostel, hotel, restaurant or café, they’ve got it all. The owners Mr. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Mr. Shakti Singh Rathore, Mr. Vivek Khar and Mr. Sumit Junelia define as their specialty, the continental dishes namely Chicken Princess, Chicken A La King, and others such as Malai Kofta, Mewari Khichdi, etc. Climb up to the Hawa Mahal (highest point of the roof) and you’ll actually feel on ‘top of the world’. It’s so high that all of the city seems as if it were underground (not kidding, experience it yourself). Average cost of meal for two is around Rs. 450-500/-

Timing – B (8-10 am), L (12.30-3.30 pm), D (7-10.45 pm) (Veg and Non-veg).

Address – Nr. Jagdish Temple, Gangaur Ghat Marg, Udaipur.

5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset
Penne Pasta at Sun n Moon


  1. Amber by Amet Haveli

    5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset

This place totally blends with nature. The blue and white furniture along with the sky and water creates a perfect camouflage. But this is not it, they have their own kitchen garden on one side where they grow Mexican Tomatillo, Bell Pepper, and other veggies and a unique barbeque unit on the other that adds to the spirit of the place. They’ve left no stone unturned to provide this restaurant a Mexican feel and honestly speaking, it does feel like one. They serve authentic Mexican dishes like their famous Mexican Chicken with Mexican Rice served in Molcajete, Enchiladas, Tortillas, and others like the Banofee pie. This recently opened restaurant is a big news for all the Mexican cuisine lovers in town and will absolutely leave a lasting impression on you. Average meal for two would cost around Rs. 1400-1500/-

Timing – Evening 5.30 – 11.00 pm (Veg and Non-veg).

Address – Amet Haveli, Outside Chandpole, Udaipur.

5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset
Molcajete (Mexican Chicken with Mexican Rice)


  1. CHARCOAL by Pratap Bhawan

    5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset

This place comes at the heart of every Udaipurite, known for it’s mouth-watering Mexican and Levantish dishes namely Quesadillas and Baba Ganoush, this place leaves a mark on you just with that first bite. They even serve Gluten-free and Vegan dishes making them one of a kind in the city. And the list doesn’t end here, this place seems to be all about food, catering to all types of food lovers with their freshly made daal baati churma (churma with jaggery). The seating is comfy and the ambiance cozy enough. The place offers a good view of the sunset and is absolutely worth a visit. Cost of meal for two would be somewhere around Rs. 1200-1300/-

Timing – L (1.00-4.00 pm), D (5.30-11 pm) (Veg and Non-veg)

Address – 12, Lal Ghat, Behind Jagdish Temple, Udaipur.

5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset
Tacos with chicken fajita filling


  1. Rainbow Restaurant

    5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset

Looking for a multi-cuisine restaurant with an enchanting view of the sunset? Then this is the place for you. Situated right on the bank of Lal Ghat, this restaurant has a big menu and a mind-blowing view of the lake. The owner Mr. Veerendra Singh Rathore is a very humble person and describes as their specialty, their Roasted Chicken Rosemary, Mutton Rogan Josh, Farmer’s Pizza and Pastas. The best time to be here is during evening watching the Aravalis and the bathing Ghats shimmering with sunshine. The average cost of meal for two would be around Rs. 700-800/-

Timing – D (7.30-10.30 pm) (Veg and Non-veg).

Address – 27-28, Lal Ghat, Udaipur.

5 cafés/restaurants in Udaipur that offer a gorgeous view of the sunset
Chicken Rosemary

We’d love to get a feedback from you. Leave your comments below and let us know more about what you’d want us to do next! Happy Eating!

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Udaipur’s Favorite Road Side Food Stalls [Part 1]

You bath with Park Avenue Soap. Apply Axe deodorant; wear Arrow shirt and Killer jeans. Apply Set Wet gel, wear Ray Ban sun glasses, Adidas shoes and go out to roam in the city with your best friend on your favorite Yamaha R15 bike. Then your friend asks to eat something to quench his hunger. You find out a place and stop your bike at a road side food stall. Just a minute and hold on. From head to toe you are representing an entire shopping mall comprising a series of branded items and to eat; you opt for a road side stall. How come, this is really surprising! Something special is there in the taste that brings you here.

To find out we surveyed some of the popular road side food stalls of Udaipur. Some of them have already become popular and some are on the way to become popular.


Bhairunath Tea Stall

bherunath tea stall udaipur

Bhairunath Tea Stall is situated at Sukhadia Circle. Before considering anything about his tea I decided to confirm first and I ordered a cup of tea. Who would say no for a cup of tea in winters; provided that it satisfies you. I took a sip and really it was good. It refreshed me thoroughly. The owner of the stall told us that he is running the stall from last 10 years. They run it from 9 am to 8 pm. Although Mr. Bhairu lives in Fateh Nagar but for his business he is residing at Udaipur. A refreshing for only Rs 5 is not a bad deal.


Shankar Madrasi Dosa Centre

shankar madrasi dosa udaipur

Let us take you towards Sardarpura Road. Beside this road you would find Mr. Shivlal who is running the South Indian food stall from past 8 years. You may find a delicious Masala Dosa in Rs 30/- and Idli (2 Pcs) for Rs 20/- only. It is a good deal to extinguish your hunger for Rs 20/- or 30/-. Mr. Shivlal takes care of hygiene right from the preparation till it is served. South Indian food stall is rare in Udaipur.


Jai Shree Bhairun Bhawani Chinese

bheru bhawani chinese food udaipur

The first thing I received as soon as I reached their stall was the menu card. There were 21 items in the menu. I asked whether all of them would be available. In answer he said around 17-18 would be available. It is amazing to have huge no of items at a small road side stall. Mr. Nirbhay Singh the owner of the stall hails from Gogunda and running the stall of Chinese dishes since 5 years outside RMV School Gulab Bagh Road. From Manchurian to Paneer Chilli and Soup is available in the price range of Rs 15/- to 45/-. Most of the visitors to his stall are school and college children.

American Bhutta

american bhutta

Everyone is aware of the American Bhutta stall at Bank Tiraha, Bapu Bazar. The stall is being run from last 10 years by the owner Mr. Shankar. From 11 in morning they sell fresh corn and from 5 pm onwards they start selling various preparations made from corn which include boiled corn, sweet corn, cheese corn, corn chaat and raab. Mr. Shankar revealed the fact that the corn sold in Malls generally uses the frozen corn whereas they sell fresh corn only. They use Amool butter for where it is required, means they do not compromise with the health of their customers. They generally order corn from Gujarat and Maharashtra when it is not available in Udaipur. The price range of their products is between Rs 10 to Rs 40. A wide range of customer visits their stall.


Sanwaria Chaat Centre

sanwariya patase

You may find Sanwaria Chaat Centre outside TRI office, Ashok Nagar Main Road owned by Mr. Rohit Sahu. You can enjoy spicy and tangy chaat after 5 in the evening. Most of the time he is occupied with lot of customers. The chaat available include Paani Puri made from Semolina (Suji), Aloo Tikki, Bhelpuri and Dahi Puri. They prepare special soup for Paani Puri using Heeng and Jeera (Cumin). Pure Ghee is used for preparing Aloo Tikki. Mr. Sahu belongs to Gangapur Bhilwara and running the stall from 8 years.


Bombay Paav Bhaji

bombay pav bhaji

At 100 Feet Road Tiraha University Road you may find Bombay Paav Bhaji stall being run by Mr. Nathulal. His Paav Bhaji is really delicious. You may enjoy other items on his stall such as Dabeli and Kashmiri Pulao from 3 pm to 10 pm. He has recently added Kashmiri Pulao in his regular menu. Plain Paav Bhaji would cost you Rs. 30/- and Butter Paav Bhaji Rs 40/-. Mr. Nathulal is working very hard to deserve his space in the hearts of the residents of Udaipur by offering his best and delicious food.


Pandit Ji’s Aloo Bade

pandit ji aloo bade

Every resident of the city must be aware of Mr. Prahalad Sharma aka Pandit Ji who is running the stall of Aloo Bade outside Fateh School opposite Agriculture University. Although it was my first meeting with Pandit Ji. I usually notice a number of customers whenever I pass by from the road and today also the situation was same. He made around 50 Aloo Bade which were all sold out within 3 minutes. Soon he started preparing the next lot. Mr. Sharma is running the stall since 1994. You can enjoy his delicious preparation from 12 to 6 till evening. Mr. Sharma is from Nagda Gujrat.

We will keep come up with more new places and stalls to try in our next articles 🙂


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