Udaipur’s Favorite Road Side Food Stalls [Part 1]

You bath with Park Avenue Soap. Apply Axe deodorant; wear Arrow shirt and Killer jeans. Apply Set Wet gel, wear Ray Ban sun glasses, Adidas shoes and go out to roam in the city with your best friend on your favorite Yamaha R15 bike. Then your friend asks to eat something to quench his hunger. You find out a place and stop your bike at a road side food stall. Just a minute and hold on. From head to toe you are representing an entire shopping mall comprising a series of branded items and to eat; you opt for a road side stall. How come, this is really surprising! Something special is there in the taste that brings you here.

To find out we surveyed some of the popular road side food stalls of Udaipur. Some of them have already become popular and some are on the way to become popular.


Bhairunath Tea Stall

bherunath tea stall udaipur

Bhairunath Tea Stall is situated at Sukhadia Circle. Before considering anything about his tea I decided to confirm first and I ordered a cup of tea. Who would say no for a cup of tea in winters; provided that it satisfies you. I took a sip and really it was good. It refreshed me thoroughly. The owner of the stall told us that he is running the stall from last 10 years. They run it from 9 am to 8 pm. Although Mr. Bhairu lives in Fateh Nagar but for his business he is residing at Udaipur. A refreshing for only Rs 5 is not a bad deal.


Shankar Madrasi Dosa Centre

shankar madrasi dosa udaipur

Let us take you towards Sardarpura Road. Beside this road you would find Mr. Shivlal who is running the South Indian food stall from past 8 years. You may find a delicious Masala Dosa in Rs 30/- and Idli (2 Pcs) for Rs 20/- only. It is a good deal to extinguish your hunger for Rs 20/- or 30/-. Mr. Shivlal takes care of hygiene right from the preparation till it is served. South Indian food stall is rare in Udaipur.


Jai Shree Bhairun Bhawani Chinese

bheru bhawani chinese food udaipur

The first thing I received as soon as I reached their stall was the menu card. There were 21 items in the menu. I asked whether all of them would be available. In answer he said around 17-18 would be available. It is amazing to have huge no of items at a small road side stall. Mr. Nirbhay Singh the owner of the stall hails from Gogunda and running the stall of Chinese dishes since 5 years outside RMV School Gulab Bagh Road. From Manchurian to Paneer Chilli and Soup is available in the price range of Rs 15/- to 45/-. Most of the visitors to his stall are school and college children.

American Bhutta

american bhutta

Everyone is aware of the American Bhutta stall at Bank Tiraha, Bapu Bazar. The stall is being run from last 10 years by the owner Mr. Shankar. From 11 in morning they sell fresh corn and from 5 pm onwards they start selling various preparations made from corn which include boiled corn, sweet corn, cheese corn, corn chaat and raab. Mr. Shankar revealed the fact that the corn sold in Malls generally uses the frozen corn whereas they sell fresh corn only. They use Amool butter for where it is required, means they do not compromise with the health of their customers. They generally order corn from Gujarat and Maharashtra when it is not available in Udaipur. The price range of their products is between Rs 10 to Rs 40. A wide range of customer visits their stall.


Sanwaria Chaat Centre

sanwariya patase

You may find Sanwaria Chaat Centre outside TRI office, Ashok Nagar Main Road owned by Mr. Rohit Sahu. You can enjoy spicy and tangy chaat after 5 in the evening. Most of the time he is occupied with lot of customers. The chaat available include Paani Puri made from Semolina (Suji), Aloo Tikki, Bhelpuri and Dahi Puri. They prepare special soup for Paani Puri using Heeng and Jeera (Cumin). Pure Ghee is used for preparing Aloo Tikki. Mr. Sahu belongs to Gangapur Bhilwara and running the stall from 8 years.


Bombay Paav Bhaji

bombay pav bhaji

At 100 Feet Road Tiraha University Road you may find Bombay Paav Bhaji stall being run by Mr. Nathulal. His Paav Bhaji is really delicious. You may enjoy other items on his stall such as Dabeli and Kashmiri Pulao from 3 pm to 10 pm. He has recently added Kashmiri Pulao in his regular menu. Plain Paav Bhaji would cost you Rs. 30/- and Butter Paav Bhaji Rs 40/-. Mr. Nathulal is working very hard to deserve his space in the hearts of the residents of Udaipur by offering his best and delicious food.


Pandit Ji’s Aloo Bade

pandit ji aloo bade

Every resident of the city must be aware of Mr. Prahalad Sharma aka Pandit Ji who is running the stall of Aloo Bade outside Fateh School opposite Agriculture University. Although it was my first meeting with Pandit Ji. I usually notice a number of customers whenever I pass by from the road and today also the situation was same. He made around 50 Aloo Bade which were all sold out within 3 minutes. Soon he started preparing the next lot. Mr. Sharma is running the stall since 1994. You can enjoy his delicious preparation from 12 to 6 till evening. Mr. Sharma is from Nagda Gujrat.

We will keep come up with more new places and stalls to try in our next articles 🙂


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