No rains No strong wind flow: Still increasing cases of falling electric poles have become a major issue

slashed power pole

Udaipur,Even no heavy rainfall or strong wind flow has been observed during the past two weeks, still there are increasing cases of falling of power poles in Udaipur. Recently the falling of a power pole in Badgaon Panchayat, took a toll on lives of two innocent kids. Even after the mishap, local authorities and Nagar Nigam are taking no serious actions to avoid further damages.

A second similar case has been observed on Saturday morning when an electric pole fell on the ground in Dhar Panchayat region. The pole also had a small transformer affixed on it and luckily there were no vehicles or individuals standing near it, otherwise it could have done enormous damage to life and property. As per one of the witnesses “the pole suddenly started shuddering, observing which the people nearby distanced themselves from the pole and in a few seconds the pole flattened down on the road. After, observing the increasing number of such incidences a major question has been raised upon the work of Nagar Nigam. In such case people should remain alert and should not stand near any kind of poles, as even there are chances of getting electrocuting.


Techno NJR students performed Flash Mob for Awareness about General Elections 2019

Techno India NJR Students have been actively participating in various social activities for welfare and awareness among the community. This time, the students of Techno NJR performed a Flash Mob at Fateh Sagar Paal and Celebration Mall on the evening of 7th April 2019 to make public aware about General Election 2019 which will be held in Rajasthan on 28th April. The event was presented by the Techno NJR students in collaboration with Election Commission of India, Udaipur along with Nagar Nigam Udaipur,  for making people aware about the elections and to encourage them to cast their vote which is their constitutional right. The large crowd which gathered at both the places also took the oath to vote and promote voting. A team of 31 Techno NJR Students from a first and second year performed the Flash Mob:

Akhilesh Joshi, Anam Quazi, Ann Mary Thomas, Ashi Kothari, Bhavesh Verma, Bhavini Mittal, Chirag Jain, Damor Mohit, Devyani Gupta, Gargi Sharma, Gazala Patwala, Hardi Jain, Harshita Mehta, Ishika Jain, Jinisha Jain, Kavish Lodha, Laxmi Panwar, Mahima Kothari, Nupur Thakur, Pranjal Jain, Rahul Choudhary, Ritu Sen, Sakshi Madrecha, Sejal Jain, Shaurya Bhansali, Shivangi Dharmawat, Surbhi Singh, Vidushi Dhakad, Yash Joshi and Yash Porwal.

The Flash Mob was choreographed  Jitendra Verma and managed by Gaurav Kumawat. Overall  Coordination of the event was done by Shri Puneet Sharma on behalf of Election Commission.



New Authorities Kick-start Projects in Udaipur | Read to Know

Recently many transfers took place in the State which has given new authorities to the Udaipur city including the new and first women collector of Udaipur – Ms. Anandhi along with the new Nagar Nigam commissioner – Anjali Rajoria. Due to the same reasons, existing projects, as well as new projects, are kick-started in the city. Let us look through the recent two projects which are going to be undertaken in the city.


Public Cycle Sharing System in Udaipur

A meeting was held on Tuesday by Udaipur Smart City Ltd. where the officers of smart city project gave information about the cycle sharing system to Udaipur’s new Collector Anandhi. Moreover, a brief about all the proposed projects as well as the completed projects were also given. According to the CEO of Smart City, tenders are being invited for the 25 low-floor and 10 low-floor AC buses.

Source: getfitso

Under the public sharing system, cycle sharing will be provided at public places and for the same, cycle stands will be constructed. From these cycle stands, any person can pick cycles and leave them at the nearest cycle stand once they are done with their work.


Foot Over Bridge at Hospital Road

On the other hand, Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) will begin the construction of Foot Over Bridge at the MB Hospital Road. This bridge will connect the entrance of the hospital to the medical shops at the other end which will make it very convenient for the patients and their relatives to move to the other side during heavy traffic on the road.

Source: Gohoardings

Along with that, 18 more Foot Over Bridge will be constructed in the city which will cost Rs. 75 Lakh Rupees. These FOBs will be constructed of the Iron-steel material on a single pillar which will be placed on a divider. The work for the same would probably begin by 10th January 2019.

Looks like acche din’ have finally arrived, eh?

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Anjali becomes New Nagar Nigam Commissioner and Ravindra Shrimali Removed from Chairman of UIT

The state government of Rajasthan transferred 3 divisional commissioners, one collector, 21 IAS officers and 16 officers of Indian Police service at 12 midnight on Wednesday. In the 20 days of the formation of a new government in the state, 129 IAS has been transferred. This is the fourth transfer list of IAS and second transfer list of IPS.

Anjali Rajoria

Ajmer SDO Anjali Rajoria will now be commissioner in Udaipur Municipal Corporation, while Pankaj Kumar Singh, CEO of Chittorgarh Zilla Parishad has been made Managing Director of RSMM. Kota Divisional Commissioner Kailash Chand Verma will be the Divisional Commissioner of Jaipur. Municipal Commissioner Municipal Corporation has appointed Vijaypal Singh as Commissioner.

Principal Secretary Rajat Kumar Mishra has given additional charge of UDH. Shyamsingh Rajpurohit will be the new collector in Pratapgarh. In the IPS transfer list, DG NRK Reddy has been given the responsibility of DG Jail. Dr. Bhupinder Singh has been imposed as DG in ATS and SOG from DG jail.

Whereas on the other hand, later in the month of December 2018, 8 UIT Chairmen were removed including that of UIT Udaipur, Ravindra Shrimali. As per the orders released on 31st December 2018, UIT Chairman of Udaipur, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Jaisalmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Sikar, and Sri Ganganagar was removed.

Ravindra Shirmali

Until the next orders, this additional responsibility will be the taken by their respective collectors.

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What’s the Difference between Nagar Nigam and UIT in Udaipur?

Confused about what is UIT and Nagar Nigam and what is the difference between both of these government organizations? Then this article is entirely for you. This article explains the meaning, roles, and difference between both the organizations.

Nagar Nigam

What is Nagar Nigam?

Nagar Nigam is called by different names such as the municipal corporation, City Corporation, Mahanagar Palika, Mahanagar Nigam, or Nagara Sabha. It is a local government body in India that administers urban areas with a population of more than a million. Whereas the urban local body that administers with more than 15,000 and less than 25,000 inhabitants is classified as a “Nagar panchayat” or “Nagar Parishad”. Nagar Nigam works for providing necessary community services such as health care, educational institution, housing, transport etc. by collecting property tax and fixed grant from the State Government.

Nagar Nigam is headed by the Mayor who in Udaipur is Mr. Chandrasingh Kothari, elected in the year 2014. And the tenure of the same is five years. In some states and Union Territories, the role of Mayor is often ceremonial as the executive powers are with the Municipal Commissioner who is Mr. Siddharth Sihag in Udaipur.

Source: Patrika

Roles and responsibilities

  • Urban planning including town planning.
  • Regulation of land-use and construction of buildings.
  • Planning for economic and social development.
  • Water supply for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes.
  • Public health, sanitation conservancy, and solid waste management.
  • Fire services
  • Urban forestry, protection of the environment and promotion of ecological aspects.
  • Safeguarding the interests of weaker sections of society, including the handicapped and mentally retarded.
  • Slum improvement and up-gradation.
  • Urban poverty alleviation.
  • Provision of urban amenities and facilities such as parks, gardens, playgrounds.
  • Promotion of cultural, educational and aesthetic aspects.
  • Burials and burial grounds – cremations, cremation grounds, and electric crematoriums.
  • Cattle pounds – prevention of cruelty to animals.
  • Vital statistics including registration of births and deaths.
  • Public amenities including street lighting, parking lots, bus stops and public conveniences.
  • Regulation of slaughter houses and tanneries.

Wondering what are the major development plans of Nagar Nigam in Udaipur? Click here.

Organizational structure

Website – Udaipur Municipal Corporation

Address of the Nagar Nigam Office – 21, Nagar Palika Link Rd, Palika Bazar, Townhall, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur


Urban Improvement Trust (UIT)

What is Urban Improvement trust?

Urban Improvement Trust works on the Urban Improvement trust act. These improvement trusts were created and entrusted with town improvement schemes, town expansion schemes and provision of essential services, amenities, etc.

Source: udaipurtimes

Roles and responsibility

  • Nazul lands (The land situated beyond two miles of the Municipal limits, which has escheated to the State Government and has not already been appropriated by the State Government for any purpose.)
  • Transfer of private street or square to Trust
  • Provisions of a drain or water work to replace another situated on a land.
  • Has the power to turn or close a street or square.
  • To make surveys or contribute towards them
  • Has the power to purchase or lease by agreement
  • Has the power to restrict any improvement in urban areas
  • Restriction on change of use of land and power of State Government to allow the change in use of land.
  • Power to prevent or demolish a building.
  • Can order to demolish a building.
  • Power to stop improper use of land or buildings in urban areas
  • Power to stop building operations
  • Encroachment or obstruction on public land.

Want to know about the projects of UIT? Click here.


Organizational structure

Source: UIT Udaipur

Website – Urban Improvement Trust, Udaipur

Address of the UIT Office – UIT Circle, Moti Magri road, Udaipur


Difference between UIT and Nagar Nigam

The functions of both of these government bodies are distinctly the same, but there are several factors and points that draw a line between both of these organizations.




Nagar Nigam




Mode of Selection (Members)






Periphery of development


Mostly functions within the City


Mostly functions in the Outer regions of the city





Town planning, Road Constructions, Development of Basic amenities

Maintenance of specific areas such as parks, parking, etc., Provision of important services such as water supply, fire services, etc.



Taxes such as property tax and receives a fixed grant from State Government

Doesn’t receive Grants from the government, collect revenue by lease, application for land conversions, etc.
Constitution A part of the constitution Not a part of the constitution


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