Two day Workshop on writing Effective Conference Papers at Techno India NJR

Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur is conducting a two day workshop titled “Writing Effective Conference Papers,” on 18th and 19th Feb 2012 as a part of the series of ISTE-IITB workshops, sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India, under the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT). There are no Registration fees at all, and it is funded by MHRD. There was even the facility of On the Spot registration on the first day, i-e 18th February at the Remote Center.

There has been immense response from the participants across the Rajasthan making Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, third highest remote center in the country among 35 remote centers. TINJR always promotes enhancement of Knowledge of faculty members and this is third type of workshop that we are organizing in this series. Workshop will target to enhance the quality of papers being produced at conferences.”

Piyush Javeria, Workshop and Remote Center Coordinator


The first day of the Workshop was dedicated to introduction to general technical writing, alongwith the contours and details of a technical conference paper, writing styles, alongwith some practical exercises.

The workshop will continue today also, where the topics dealt will be focusing with plagiarism, avoiding it and instead paraphrasing the technical works, as well as advanced elements of writing style.

This workshop is likely to benefit faculty members and students in academic institutions who plan to write research papers for conferences. Experienced researchers as well as those in the initial stages of research, such as M.E. and Ph.D students, have been encouraged to participate in this workshop. Excluding the on the spot registrations, 150 participants including 20 Research scholars and M-Tech students have enrolled so far and TINJRIT is proudly, the only remote center in whole of Rajasthan for the workshop.


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ISTE Workshop by IIT-B to impart knowledge about Free and Open Source tools

IITB - 2 week ISTE Workshop

An important initiative has been taken by IIT Bombay, to work with Engineering Colleges in the country, to enhance the teaching skills of faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science subjects. This initiative has now become a part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, supported by MHRD.

With a motive to augment the use of Free and Open Source Tools for teaching and computational needs and make the teaching skills of faculty serving in Core Engineering and Science Subjects take a turn for the better; IIT Bombay has started a free two week ISTE workshop from 5th of this month under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, and Govt. of India.

Seminar a Techno India NJR

Organized under the Distance Learning Programme, theworkshop will be exclusively conducted in the coordinating remote centers across the country with the interaction revolving around the topic “Software Development Techniques for Teachers of Engineering and Science Institutes”. There will be live lectures through AVIEW mechanism on Internet in the centers selected for the same. The workshop will be conducted across five weekends (5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27 November 2011, and 3-4 December 2011) so that the interested participants can gain access to the workshop conveniently even during the semester.

“This workshop is aimed at enhancing the teaching skills of our faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science Subjects and will benefit the faculty who want to use Open Source Tools for teaching and computational needs. Free and Open Source Software is need of hour as source code is available for study, modification and redistribution. Government of India is laying lot of emphasis on it.” 

-Piyush Javeria

Remote Center Coordinator and Workshop Coordinator


The workshop will benefit faculty colleagues, teaching in engineering and science institutes, who wish to use open source software tools for all their computational and teaching needs, thereby improving the quality of instruction and learning in their colleges / institutes.

With as much as 60 participants registered from all parts of Rajasthan, Techno India NJR Institute of Technology from Udaipur is also selected as a remote centre for this workshop. The workshop will be transmitted live through internet to various coordinating remote centers across the country. Because of this, various faculties that are providing their services in the city will come hand in hand with the Free and Open Tools that have become the need of the hour in the field of teaching, ultimately improvising their teaching skills.

IITB Conducted Seminar

IITB Conducted Seminar

IITB Conducted Seminar


[Toppers Speak] Six hours of Daily Studies enough to grab AIR 99 in IIT-JEE: Saleha Hussain

Saleha Hussain believes in maintaining a balance between all things in life. ‘Living it up’ is an equally important aspect of her life as are her studies and academic goals. The student of Bansal Classes Private Limited grabbed the 99 rank (AIR) this year in IIT and is probably first in Udaipur. She wants to join IIT Mumbai and want to be a Computer Engineer

Daily basis studies made this dream came true for her. She not has rocked in IIT-JEE but has also scored 90.04% in Class 12th CBSE. “I devote 6 hours daily for study no matter what” said Saleha. During the conversation with Team UdaipurBlog she proudly shares her experiences. “I want to dedicat this success to my family for undivided attention and unconditional support and Bansal Sir for his constant encouragement and valuable guidance” adds Saleha.

Saleha Hussain | UdaipurBlog
Saleha Hussain who scored 99th Rank in IIT-JEE 2011

But there is a lighter side of Saleha as well. This topper enjoys watching Tom and Jerry in her free time. Adding in her achievements her mother Prof. Sofiya speaks that she has recently awarded with Maharana Fateh Singh Award. “I have a room full of her laurels both academic and co-curricular activates” she explains proudly with a smile.

Congratulations to Saleha on Behalf of Team UdaipurBlog. We wish all the best for her bright future