उदयपुर वासियों की ख़ुशी हुई फ़तेहसागर के साथ ओवरफ्लो!

उदयपुर में गुरुवार की सुबह शहरवासियों एवं पर्यटकों के लिए खुशियों की सौगात लेकर आई। शहर की प्रमुख झील फतहसागर के चारों गेट गुरुवार 7 अक्टूबर की सुबह 9.15 बजे जिला कलक्टर चेतन सिंह देवड़ा द्वारा खोल दिए गए।

जल संसाधन विभाग के अनुसार ऐसा पहली बार हो रहा है जब झील के गेट अक्टूबर में खोले जा रहे है। इसकी भराव क्षमता 13 फिट है और बुधवार शाम तक यहां 13 फिट 3 इंच पानी भर चुका था। जल संसाधन विभाग के अधिशाषी अभियंता के.सी.जैन ने बताया की पिछले वर्ष 6 सितंबर को गेट खोले गये थे।

फतेहसागर में पानी आने का अर्थ है साल भर पानी का संपूर्ण प्रबंध अथवा गेट खुलने के बाद अब यह झील पर्यटको के लिए आकर्षण केंद्र रहेगी। अब गेट खुलने के बाद फतेहसागर का पानी शहर के बीच यूआईटी पुलिया से आयड़ होता हुआ उदयसागर पहुंचेगा। सुरक्षा की दृष्टि से पुलिस थाना अंबामाता को भी विभाग की ओर से सूचना दी गई है।

कोरोना का संक्रमण कम होने के कारन प्रशासन ने उदयपुर वासियों का संयम देखते हुए फतेहसागर के गेट गुरुवार को खोलने का फैसला लिया। ऐसे में फतहसागर का गेट खुलने के दौरान भी जिला प्रशासन ने आमजनों से कोविड प्रोटोकॉल की पालना करने की अपील की है। जिला कलक्टर ने कहा है कि इस दौरान मास्क एव सोशल डिस्टेंशिंग का विशेष ध्यान रखे।


Monsoon Update: स्वरूपसागर, उदयसागर के गेट खाेले, फतहसागर 12 फीट पार

  • उदयसागर का जलस्तर क्षमता से ऊपर। बांध के गेट खोल पानी को वल्लभनगर बांध में किया जाएगा अपवर्तन।
  • पिछोला लबालब होने के बाद स्वरूपसागर के काले किवाड़ खोले गए।

गुरुवार को हुई 2 घंटे की तेज़ बारिश के बाद शहर के सभी झीलों में पानी की आवक लगातार ज़ारी है। पिछोला में लगातार आवक के चलते स्वरूपसागर के गेट खोल दिए गए जिससे आयड़ नदी के ज़रिए उदयसागर तक पानी पहुँचने लगा।

उदयसागर बांध का जलस्तर भी 24 फ़ीट के चेतावनी स्तर से ऊपर पहुँच गया जिससे गुरुवार रात बांध के दो गेट 1-1 फ़ीट तक खोल दिए गए।

अगर ऐसी ही बारिश का सिलसिला जारी रहा तो फ़तहसागर जो अब तक 12 फ़ीट से ऊपर पहुँच गया है उसके भी गेट 13 फ़ीट भराव होते ही खोल दिए जाएँगे।

शहर में दाेपहर करीब डेढ़ घंटे में पौने तीन इंच पानी बरसा। गिर्वा तहसील कार्यालय के रेन गेज स्टेशन पर 65 मिमी बारिश रिकॉर्ड हुई। माैसम विभाग के विशेषज्ञों के अनुसार मेवाड़ में अगले दाे दिन में कहीं तेज ताे कहीं मध्यम बारिश हाेने की उम्मीद है।


8 days, 5000 clicks, several videos: ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’

Udaipur is like a peaceful dream; a place called the City of Lakes amidst the land of sand, a city against all the odds. The very soul of the city was captured in a recent video clip named ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR.’ It is the first of its kind video of Udaipur. It is a short clip of 3 minutes and 41 seconds delineating an arousing story of the city.

A mesh of inventive ideas, striking visuals, seamless editing, and the comforting soundtrack is what ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ is all about.


The sound of chirruping birds, people talking, the waves of the lakes and grandeur of the royalty of the city; A Summer in Udaipur expresses how beautiful can a place look even in the most parched and dried state of India. The city indeed is shown as a masterwork by the hands of nature. The video starts with a glimpse of a typical Rajasthani couple riding a bike. As the video finds its course, one can witness an immense aesthetic appeal. The soundtrack of the clip makes it all the more surreal. The video concludes on a quick note, leaving a mystical essence that compels the onlooker to press play again.

The Man Behind A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR- Ayush Dinker

The young and talented Ayush Dinker from Delhi is the artist behind the appealing and involving short clip shot on a trip through Udaipur and completed over the course of a month. He also runs a youtube channel named ‘Ethereal.’ Ayush traveled for more than a week through every nook and corner of the city along with UdaipurBlog’s Team from the morning before the dawn till evening, while working on this project.

A Still From The Video

The footage of ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’ was captured with a GoPro, Canon 6D Camera, Flycam Stabilizer, a microphone and three different lenses. The stills for the hyper lapses were shot handheld. The video is a mixture of match edits, in-camera effects, some hyper lapses, compositing shots and small video clips. Crash zooms, back-time cuts, picture inverses and light effects were also added to add a dramatic touch between the cuts. The real challenge was of stitching all these shots together while maintaining a fluid movement of the footage.

Nearly 5000 clicks and numerous clips and hyper lapses were taken during Ayush’s visit to the city of lakes. He traveled with our teammates to various parts of the city covering every little detail. Facing some troubles too, the video came out to be a spectacular one.

As per Ayush, whenever he used to hear about Rajasthan, he would think of some of the obvious places and the sweeping desert. He perceived Udaipur to be a small city which he knew less about.A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR

He further expresses his sight of the city as, in his words, “The moment I sat down beside Lake Pichola on a summer evening, I knew this place is beautiful with a flavor unmatched in this world. The vast expanse of a number of lakes and the magnificent palaces huddled with narrow city lanes is a synthesis to make you a guest here. No doubt the hotels are soaring high for the best view. Whether the city has any more romance left is for you to conclude.”

The video has achieved soaring views of about 250k on Facebook alone and is still a trending video in Udaipur.

A visually compelling masterpiece takes time, patience, dedication, talent, creative vision, and a lot of hard work. ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ can indeed elevate your senses and make you love your city even more. Have a look at the video 

An initiative by UdaipurBlog in collaboration with Ethereal.



Events Featured

[Invitation] Sky Full of Lighters 2014

People!!!!! Diwali is round the corner and so is the excitement of firing rockets and chakris and fuljhadis and innumerable crackers on this fest.

But have you ever thought of giving up on these interests for the safety and protection of our surroundings and environment…

Sky Full of Lighters 2014

A wonderful opportunity is waiting for you to come and join the mission of UdaipurBlog of encouraging pollution-free Diwali by lighting Lanterns at Fateh Sagar Paal on the Eve of Sunday, October 19th, 2014.

Participate and enjoy the mesmerizing view of Lighters floating in the sky taking the message of a peaceful and green Diwali.

UdaipurBlog has taken the initiative to promote this social cause of an eco friendly Diwali and has successfully been organizing “SKY FULL OF LIGHTERS” event from past two years with great verve and enthusiasm.

Therefore, with great pleasure we notify everyone that for the year 2014, the event is being presented by Gionee in Association with Frozen Apple Event Entertainment and Sunrise Group of Institutes and is Co-Sponsored by GoZopping Venture Pvt. Ltd., TIME Institute and TLC Media. Also, the Supporters of the event are, AIESEC, The City Angle, The, TJ Solutions, Kiara Clothing and lastly DNG Studio.

Following the green path of Honorable Collector of Udaipur, Mr. Ashutosh Pednekar, along with the support of district administration, we look forward to celebrate this Diwali with an unforgettable joy and a delightful experience in the presence of all the beloved people of Udaipur.

This event is specially organized for all the Udaipurities and without their participation and support this event cannot be taken on a new level for raising awareness of clean and green Diwali.

Lastly but importantly, all the dignitaries have been invited for the same and we kindly request everyone to grace the occasion with their presence and make this celebration an indelible one.

Photos and Videos

[Pictures] FatehSagar OverFlows 2011

Finally the Excitement and wait for FatehSagar Overflow ends when fatehsagar overflowed late night around 9.30p.m. (on 3rd September, 2011) meanwhile the confusion arised about the time of overflow as the water was slowly overflowing in the evening too but who cares 😛 Its Overflowing !! Yippe and Congrats to Udaipur and Udaipur Lovers 🙂  🙂

We provided you Best and Fastest news, pictures of overflow of Lakes and we hope you like our efforts 😀

Also Check :

Last Year Pictures:

Pictures of Swaroop Sagar Overflow:

Here are Some Great Clicks of Yesterday 😀 We will keep adding new pictures of Overflow here 🙂 if you also want to submit your best pictures of overflow you can email us on : and we will feature them with your name.

Here Are Some Pictures By Yash Sharma, Sanjit Chohan and Gaurav Bhattacharya : Date : 4th September, 2011

Sweet Girl enjoying Fatehsagar
The Sweetheart Enjoying FatehSagar 🙂

Picture by Aayush Devpura , Student , Udaipur
Picture by Aayush Devpura , Student , Udaipur

Pictures and Reporting by Mujtaba Rg













Video :


[Exclusive Pictures] Chota Madaar Lake Overflowed

Hey Udaipur!! What are your Plans this Weekend ?? If not decided yet then we have an idea.


The Msealed2ain source of water in Fatehsagar i.e the Madar Lake (Chhota) finally overflowed this morning bringing smile on the thirsty faces of Udaipies. As the water continues to come from Madar Lake (Bada) and Swaroop Sagar Link Channel the level of Fatehsagar has now reached near to 8 Ft 🙂

The level of  Madar Lake (bada) has now reached 21 feet.


These places are great to enjoy your weekend for a Picnic Spot

We expect to see the magnificent view of the overflow at Fatehsagar in coming a week or two weeks.

We have got some clicks for you 🙂







[Exclusive Pictures] Swaroop Sagar Gates Opened


The gates of our very own Swaroop Sagar is now open. 🙂

Nah nah Don’t be so Happy !! Hold your excitement guys for some more time as it is just a cleaning process by Irrigation Department preparing themselves to release the water to Lake FatehSagar. 😛

After the rains in the city and the suburbs we wish to see these marvelous beauty once again with the clear water flowing very soon.

The Water Level in Various Lakes: (via Patrika and Others)

Dewas : 19ft.

Fatehsagar: 5.7ft.

Pichola: 8.8ft.

Lake Badi: 1.10ft.

Bada Madaar: 22ft.

Chota Madaar: 18.4ft.


Here are some clicks of Today of the Water being released via Lake Swaroop Sagar !! 🙂

sealed 1






[Pictures] Water from Madar inflows to Fatehsagar

The ‘very’ excitement of water coming into Lake fatehsagar finally gets completed after a wait of a Month of Low Monsoon 🙂

After a heavy rain during the day time in various part of the city the gates of madar were finally opened to allow the inflow of water into lake fatehsagar 🙂  Udaipies gathered at at the Dewali Chhor of Fatehsagar to see the exclusive influx of water into our FS 🙂 We hope it overflows soon and the monsoon persist for a much longer time as it cheated us this year with delay 😛

Here are some of the pictures I clicked just for my Udaipur and UdaipurBlog team 🙂 Enjoy


Hariyali Amavasya – Welcoming Greenery and Monsoon

haryali amavasya udaipur

Haryali Amavasya – A perfect green day for recreation and enjoyment in Udaipur. The
 beautiful festival is round the corner, waiting for a splendid welcome 
by us on 30th of this very rainy month. As the name suggest, it is 
celebrated on first amavasya of ‘saawan’ to celebrate the lush greenery
 of Udaipur.

 Haryali amavasya is a day of extreme importance for us as it traces its
 path from the past. The kings of Udaipur considered it as an
 auspicious day and used to put on a fair for the common people of and around Udaipur. The fair gathers all the people together acting as a means of national
 integration. Being a traditional fair, the tradition is followed unbroken till date.

There is a huge festive fair that begins from Saheliyon ki Bari and spreads its 
glories till Fatehsagar. The various places midway are open for the people for free like Moti Magri, Saheliyon ki Bari. The loud noise and screams of the vendors fill this
 fair with extreme energy.
Guess what adds taste to this vibrating festival??  
Yes!! The very famous “Rabri Malpua”  😀 of Udaipur. Adding to the life and color of this festive fair are ‘poopadia’, ‘paani ke gubbare’, colorful caps, chat-pakoda stalls, and various high rides and swings. Traditional songs, dance, food and costume escalate the verve of hariyali amavasya celebrations.

The fair is continued to next day but is restricted only till female 
folks. The vibrant colors of the costumes and ethnic jewellery
 catch the attention of all the beautiful ladies. A special care is 
taken, that the joyous moments of these beauties are not stolen by the
 men. All the females of the city can walk around, dine with friend
and shop for themselves without any obstructions.

 This day is usually declared as an off for all the government offices and schools by the Collector of Udaipur City. In the plight of this, the various schools celebrate it a day before with
 colorful and energetic programs. The social clubs running in Udaipur 
celebrate this amavasya with enthusiasm and excitement through
 execution of various cultural programs including tree plantation and
 enjoying the feast together. Many delicious food items are cooked at homes also and families are seen enjoying Garma Garam Pakodas and boiling hot tea with roasted Corn at Fatehsagar.

The festival just adds to the unforgettable memories. The light scatters from the rain drops and spreads the feeling of brotherhood, humanity and love for the tradition.

 But let’s not forget our duty and love for our very own city. This charming city belongs to us and being fellow citizens it is our responsibility to encourage cleanliness and spread the word of hygiene all over. It is seen very often that a traditional event is well 
followed by the usual sight of littering roads, thrown wrappers and
 peels of fruits which leads to various kinds of fatal diseases like
 malaria and cholera. The beautiful lakeside is seen carrying rubbish
 on the surface of water which masks its sparkling blue color. It’s a humble 
request to all the Udaipies to keep the city clean, green and beautiful. Contribute in the best possible way to take care of cleanliness of this heaven on earth.

 Let’s unite, rejuvenate and enjoy this festive season to the fullest!! 🙂

Article By : Himani Sethiya Contributed by: Chani Soni and Edited By: Palak Jain

:: Here are a Few Pictures of Last Year’s Celebration by Yash Sharma ::

haryali amavasya udaipur

haryali amavasya

haryali amavasya

News Photos

Monsoon Aayo re!!

Rain Udaipur

Happy Monsoon Udaipies !! Light and Steady rains for the past 15 hours has eased the Summer heat, the rain started at about 12 last night and from then on its been truly majestic. Chocked roads and batti gul could not stop us from enjoying the fine weather, rain started with Hiran Magri and Savina and then till the time it reached the other end of the city the whole of Udaipur was dripping.

This is the Third Rain and a Beginning to Monsoon. The weather forecast department had suggested that early monsoon would arrive in south Rajasthan by today and that Heavy Rains are expected in the next 48 hours.

With enthusiasm and utter excitement we hope that this time the monsoon comes in handy and leaves behind a brimming Fateh Sagar. So guys enjoy the rain with pakodas and jalebis and have a blast this monsoon  ..!!

Here Are a few Pictures of Rain and Udaipur 🙂 Enjoy ..

Monsoon Udaipur
Picture By Yash Sharma
Monsoon Udaipur
Photo By Pramod Soni(Rajasthan Patrika)

Photos By Mujtaba 🙂

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur
Photo By Prasun bannerjee(PB)

— A Post By Chitransh Joshi 🙂 —