Hariyali Amavasya – Welcoming Greenery and Monsoon

haryali amavasya udaipur

Haryali Amavasya – A perfect green day for recreation and enjoyment in Udaipur. The
 beautiful festival is round the corner, waiting for a splendid welcome 
by us on 30th of this very rainy month. As the name suggest, it is 
celebrated on first amavasya of ‘saawan’ to celebrate the lush greenery
 of Udaipur.

 Haryali amavasya is a day of extreme importance for us as it traces its
 path from the past. The kings of Udaipur considered it as an
 auspicious day and used to put on a fair for the common people of and around Udaipur. The fair gathers all the people together acting as a means of national
 integration. Being a traditional fair, the tradition is followed unbroken till date.

There is a huge festive fair that begins from Saheliyon ki Bari and spreads its 
glories till Fatehsagar. The various places midway are open for the people for free like Moti Magri, Saheliyon ki Bari. The loud noise and screams of the vendors fill this
 fair with extreme energy.
Guess what adds taste to this vibrating festival??  
Yes!! The very famous “Rabri Malpua”  😀 of Udaipur. Adding to the life and color of this festive fair are ‘poopadia’, ‘paani ke gubbare’, colorful caps, chat-pakoda stalls, and various high rides and swings. Traditional songs, dance, food and costume escalate the verve of hariyali amavasya celebrations.

The fair is continued to next day but is restricted only till female 
folks. The vibrant colors of the costumes and ethnic jewellery
 catch the attention of all the beautiful ladies. A special care is 
taken, that the joyous moments of these beauties are not stolen by the
 men. All the females of the city can walk around, dine with friend
and shop for themselves without any obstructions.

 This day is usually declared as an off for all the government offices and schools by the Collector of Udaipur City. In the plight of this, the various schools celebrate it a day before with
 colorful and energetic programs. The social clubs running in Udaipur 
celebrate this amavasya with enthusiasm and excitement through
 execution of various cultural programs including tree plantation and
 enjoying the feast together. Many delicious food items are cooked at homes also and families are seen enjoying Garma Garam Pakodas and boiling hot tea with roasted Corn at Fatehsagar.

The festival just adds to the unforgettable memories. The light scatters from the rain drops and spreads the feeling of brotherhood, humanity and love for the tradition.

 But let’s not forget our duty and love for our very own city. This charming city belongs to us and being fellow citizens it is our responsibility to encourage cleanliness and spread the word of hygiene all over. It is seen very often that a traditional event is well 
followed by the usual sight of littering roads, thrown wrappers and
 peels of fruits which leads to various kinds of fatal diseases like
 malaria and cholera. The beautiful lakeside is seen carrying rubbish
 on the surface of water which masks its sparkling blue color. It’s a humble 
request to all the Udaipies to keep the city clean, green and beautiful. Contribute in the best possible way to take care of cleanliness of this heaven on earth.

 Let’s unite, rejuvenate and enjoy this festive season to the fullest!! 🙂

Article By : Himani Sethiya Contributed by: Chani Soni and Edited By: Palak Jain

:: Here are a Few Pictures of Last Year’s Celebration by Yash Sharma ::

haryali amavasya udaipur

haryali amavasya

haryali amavasya

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No need to say your article is so good.We Udaipurians are always enjoying it.Hope all those person not from Udaipur will also enjoy Hariyali Amavasya fair.

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