Polling for first phase of panchayat elections in Udaipur

Preparations have been done for the first phase of Panchayat Elections in Udaipur along with the entire state of Rajasthan. There are more than 93 lac voters voting for 2726 Gram Panchayats in 87 Panchayat Committees.

As per the State Election Commissioner, Mr P S Mehra, the counting of the vote will be done on the day of the election itself i.e. Friday, January 17 2020. There 17242 candidates competing for the post of Sarpanch and  42000 candidates for the post of Panch.

This is the first time that elections of Panchayat Samiti and District Councils are not been conducted with Panch-Sarpanch. Therefore the Panchayat Election process in Rajasthan is likely to be a prolonged one.

The counting of the votes will take place immediately after the voting process ends and the results will be declared the same day.

The election for the post of Up-sarpanch (Deputy Superintendent) will be held on 18th January 2020 who will be elected from the selected Panchs.


Candidate List for 28 Seats covering Mewar & Vagad Region | Rajasthan Election

Rajasthan Assembly election will be conducted on Friday, 7th December 2018. As a citizen of this city, it is important for you to know about who is going to be the future MLA from your city. These 28 seats from the Mewar and Vagad Region will play a very crucial role in the Vidhan Sabha elections.

So, here are the names of all the candidates standing for the State Assembly elections from Mewar and Vagad region which includes 6 districts namely Udaipur district, Banswara district, Chittorgarh district, Dungarpur district, Rajsamand district and Dhariawad district. These candidates belong to different parties the major ones being Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress. Some candidates don’t belong to any particular party and are standing in the elections as an individual.

Udaipur District

Udaipur City

Party Name Sign
BJP Gulab Chand Kataria Lotus
INC Girija Vyas Hand
BSP Pushkar Lal Elephant
SHS Dimple Rathore Bow and Arrow
JSR Dalpat Singh Surana Pan
AAAP Bharat Kumawat Broom
JD(S) Ramchandra Salvi A Lady farmer carrying paddy on her head
Independent Kalu Lal Salvi Gas Cylinder
Daulat Ram Sahu Belt
Praveen Ratlia Key
Rajesh Vaishnav Wall
Udaipur city

Udaipur Rural

CPI Ghanshyam Singh Tanwar Ears of Corn and Sickle
BJP Phool Singh Meena Lotus
BSP Laxman Elephant
INC Vivek Katara Hand
BMUP Prabhu Lal Meena Gas Cylinder
JSR Someshwer Meena Pan


Udaipur Rural

Udaipur District

Salumber(ST) Gogunda (ST)
BJP Amritlal Meena Pratap Lal Gameti
INC Raghuveer Singh Meena Dr. Mangilal Garasia


Jhadol(ST) Kherwara(ST)
BJP Babulal Kharadi Nanalal Ahari
INC Sunil Bhajat Dr Dayaram Parmar


Mavli Vallabhnagar
BJP Dharamnarayan Joshi Udailal Dangi
INC Pushkar Lal Dangi Gajendra Singh Shaktawat

Banswara District

Banswara(ST) Ghatol(ST)
BJP Hakru Maida Harendra Ninama
INC Arjun Barnaniya Nanalal Ninama


Garhi(ST) Bagidora(ST)
BJP Kailash Meena Khemraj Garasiya
INC Kanta Bheel Mahendrajeet Singh Malviya


BJP Bheema Bhai Damor
INC Alliance (Loktantrik Janta Dal)

Chittorgarh District

Kapasan(SC) Badi Sadri
BJP Arjun Jeengar Lalit Ostwal
INC Anandi Ram Khatik Prakash Choudnary


Nimbhaera Pratapgarh(ST)
BJP Shrichand Kriplani Hemant Meena
INC Udaylal Anjana Ramlal Meena


Begun Chittorgarh
BJP Suresh Dhakad Chandrabhan Singh Akyan
INC Rajender Singh Bidhuri Surendra Singh Jadawat

Dungarpur District

Dungarpur(ST) Aspur(ST)
BJP Madhav Lal Varhat Gopichand Meena
INC Ganesh Ghogara Raiya Meena


Sagwara(ST) Chaurasi(ST)
BJP Shankarlal Decha Sushil Katara
INC Surendra Kumar (Bamania) Manju Devi Rot

Rajsamand District

Bhim Kumbhalgarh
BJP Hari Singh Rawat Surendra Singh Rathore
INC Sudarshan Singh Rawat Ganesh Parmar


Rajsamand Nathdwara
BJP Kiran Maheshwari Mahesh Pratap Singh
INC Narayan Singh Bhati Dr. C.P. Joshi

Dhariawad District

BJP Gautamlal Meena
INC Nagaraj Meena

Rajasthan Assembly Elections are on 7th December 2018. We request you to take some time out of your busy schedule and go vote. We are the only one responsible for our own tomorrow.

‘Mharo Kehno, Vote Deno’

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