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A Visit to Lakes of Udaipur on 15th

It had been long UdaipurBlog team made an outing. But finally bored of our studies we went out to have a look to our Beautiful lakes which were filling day by day. Firstly we went to Lake Pichola which was than at +7.2 Feet. The mesmerizing view of the lake and water rejoiced the hearts of udaipur. It seemed the whole udaipur has gathered their to see the Lake and Admire it.

Than we moved to Lake Fatehsagar where we found a huge crowd in start of the Lake Observing something. We went nearby and found that the water from lake pichola was now being transferred to Lake fastehsagar via Swaroop Sagar Link Channel.

Fatehsagar lake Udaipur

Here Are a Few Videos and Photos Of The Lakes 🙂 Enjoy Them.

Water Inflow at Fatehsagar Lake:

Awesome Lake Pichola:

Water Fountain:


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Bageri Ka Naka

Bageri Ka Naka, Nowdays Most Liked Place for Udaipies and People Nearby in The Monsoon.

Bageri Ka Naka

It Has Now Turned to a Famous Picnic Spot for Sundays (Fundays). Situated in District Rajsamand initially built to fulfill the needs and thirsts of the local people of Rajsamand and nearby areas.

UdaipurBlog Paid a Visit to Bageri Ka Naka. It was Much Crowded their as it was a SUNDAY  And Here We Have a Wonderful Collection of Photos and Videos :

Video 1:

Second Video:


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Shooting of Battle Of Qadisiya Documentary

Hi Udaipies!!!! Udaipur is proud to host the Documentary being shot in our City near Lake Badi. Gathering the enthusiasm UdaipurBlog Team made a visit to the Shooting set in Lake Badi.

We thought that you people would like to know a bit about this Syrian Production. This is the largest documentary being directed in Udaipur (in terms of crew and animals).

This Movie being shot is about Battle Of Qadisiya which was war between Persians and Arabians.According to the sources Jamal Chukair is in the leading role. The Unit has lodged in ‘The Trident’.

“The most persistent sound which reverberates through men’s history is the beating of war drums”

The Production Unit Had:
20 camels
10 Elephants
100 Horses
100 Body builders (Indian as well as Syrian)

The Total Unit was of About of 300 People including the

The shooting was scheduled to complete in 10 Days.

The thing to be appreciated is that the entire arrangements and event has been organized and moderated by our very own ‘The CREW’. A group of enthusiastic Udaipies who hold within themselves a strong desire to do something for Udaipur. So they are into this Event Management work.

UB team would like to thank ‘The Crew’ for the news and proper information about the Documentary. We appreciate their work.Stay in touch to know more about it.

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Finally Monsoon Arrives in Udaipur

After such a long wait from past one month finally the monsoon paves a way to Udaipur. With a Heavy rainfall this evening  04.07.2010 approximately 50mm+ in just 1 hour . Here are 2 Videos and Link to our Facebook Page Monsoon Pictures Captured By UdaipurBlog. 🙂 Enjoy it,  Like it and Share it.

Video Before and After Rain:

A Look Of the Monsoon Arrival in Udaipur:

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monsoon udaipur