The Journey of a Stone Shaper

Sculpture Artist udaipur - Amba Lal

Today we bring you a fascinating story of a man who rose up from a roadside boy to become a famous sculpture artist of the country.
Famously known as Amba lal ji Modern Art Waale, Ambalal Ji hails from the district of Nagor in Rajasthan where his family is engaged in creating puppets and playing puppet shows. His family shifted to Udaipur when he is was a small kid, the need for employment and the want for money brought them to Udaipur.  They lived on roadsides sometimes in tents and other times in the arms of the open sky carving wooden puppets and having puppet shows they earned their living. Ambalal grew among its family members learning how to carve wooden puppets which was their family occupation and the only thing which they knew to earn money. His father used to have puppet shows in Lake Palace and earn a living. As a child he was interested in puppet art forms and took interest in learning to make wooden puppets and also stone crafts. He has no ideas where his future was taking him.
In his journey of his life as a teenager he met Mr. Harish Bhai Trevedi who was a marble mine owner as well as a sculpture artist. Harish Bhai taught him to make stone sculptures and got him well endowed with this art. Ambalal worked with him and learned this art for as long as 10 years and earned his living. Harish bhai was the first person to inspire him and take care of this artist.
Soon Ambalal started taking part in Shilpgram fest where he ran a temporary shop where his creations where liked and purchased by many national as well as international tourists. He also took part in various cultural fests across the country and displayed his art In Goa, Ahemdabad, Jaipur and various other states. These experience and exposures helped him understand the value of his art work and he worked further more to enhance his skills and be a better artist.

sculpture artist udaipur
In his words    “Kya raat kya din, maine apni jee jaan laga di is kala ko aage le jane me
Soon he started working for various famous handicraft showrooms and export houses in the city as an employee creating sculptures. He worked for almost all the famous art houses but his art and hard work was not very much appreciated and rewarded but these business people. He was just an employee out there serving and following his master’s instructions. At times he even didn’t got his salaries on time and thus those were really a hard times for him.

These hardships provoked him to start his own art or sculpture shop. And in the early months of the year 2011 he stated a shop near pula circle.
His beautiful craftsmanship along with the strategic location of his shop proved a good luck to him and soon customers started coming in. These customers where all highway customers who were returning to their homes after their stay in Udaipur and on the way they found this shop who sold pretty artistic sculptures and art pieces. Customers from Gujrat, Maharastra and foreign tourists bought some art pieces from him as sovereigns before returning to their homes.

Scupture artist udaipur
Very recently he got an order from a businessman from Gujarat for creating a giant hippopotamus of granite stone. The hippo is exact as a real hippo and is one of its kind in the country. The size and dimension of this hippo are huge i.e 5 feet tall and 10 feet and 6.5 feet in diameter. No artist from the city has ever created as a huge masterpiece with a single block of stone.

Giant Hippo carving
He has got his family with 2 kids the elder one 15 years old and the young son is 13 years old. Unlike their father his both son’s go to school and also take a keen interest in learning this art in their free time.

Udaipur Sculptures

Presently he has got a dedicated team of craftsmen who work/learn and help him to create stone wonders.
These craftsmen are not just employees to him but rather they are a family to him and he trusts them like his sons. Many art enthusiasts also come to him to learn this art and he always welcomes everyone who comes to him.
Agar kaam karo to beta ban ke karo baap ban ke nahi

If you want to learn then have no egos or attitudes. Have a childlike and selfless attitude towards people and things and the learning’s will come to you.

Ambalal ji can be found at his shop and display centre near New Pula Circle, Nathdwara Road. The name of his shop is  Art Stone Gallery. For more details about his you can also contact us at or through Email Form 🙂

Giant Hippo

A Post By Ronak Chauhan


We Don’t Really Need a Political Identification! – Shri Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

As was the occasion of our M.L.A. Shri Gulab Chand Kataria’s birthday; Kalpit Rajak, Mujtaba RG & Yash Sharma from Team UdaipurBlog were present at the Seva Bharti Hospital for being a part of the celebration. The day was spent in a very serene and noble manner with a blood donation programme and some little happy chit-chats with the people present and party-workers. Our Special thanks to Mr. Manoj Joshi Ji for Coordinating this meet 🙂 –

UdaipurBlog: Sixty Eight years; indeed a very long journey, a broad political life.. In your words, how do you visualize it…

Gulab Ji: It has really been a long journey. Met many people during this time; who not only taught me the morals and values but also helped come up in the political arena. I have been a part of the Sangh since the starting and I feel lucky to have instilled in me the principles of sacrifice and commitment. Working for public welfare without any selfish motives is the only thing I’ve given priority to throughout my life. And that’s what I expect from the upcoming politicians. I am always overwhelmed with the love, people have given me; since 1977 when I was elected as the MLA till the present day… Nothing has really changed- neither me nor their love.

UdaipurBlog: The major population of our country is formed by the youth, and although many of them are interested in politics- nobody knows where and how to enter it…

Gulab Ji: Being a MLA or MP is not just the deal. Politics is..! Working for the welfare of people, they don’t always need a political identity to do that! Many people are doing it by their own means, in their own ways; and are recognized even more than political personalities. So it’s just a thinking that a political identification is needed to work for the people! It can be done anyhow.

UdaipurBlog: There have been many ups-n-downs on the name of BJP’s contender for the PM post for the next Lok Sabha elections. Who is your choice?

Gulab Ji: These are not healthy perceptions… We don’t need a name or face to gather support. If votes are casted; all are for the party. Even a prior declaration won’t do much at present. Yeah if there were persons like Atal Bihari Vajpayee JI yet with us then it could have mattered; for such name really had a strong public appraisal and sentimental attraction. Rest, it’s just that the one who will be the most suited and worthy for handling the post; will be the appropriate face- after the elections!

UdaipurBlog: What do you say about the role of money & muscle power in our elections? Don’t you think the identity of common man is being entombed in all this!

Gulab Ji: I have worked on the principles Sangh had taught me- Tyag avum Samarpan, i.e. Sacrifice & Commitment. I have believed in working selflessly for the people but; what is happening these days is, many politicians are satirically more interested in Personal Welfare than Public Welfare! Not all of them are like such, there are noble men too; but still it is a truth.

UdaipuBlog: You have been the former Home Minister of the State; the problem we clearly see these days is the weakness of our Police Structure! What do you say about it?

Gulab Ji: Our Police System actually is not weak! It’s really very sad to see the cases of attacks and murders of cops. But you should know this that the force remains the same; just that every 5 years- the Minister changes! He is the sole commander; whatever he’ll guide them to do, it’ll be the outcome! The Minister above is definitely very influential in running the department; depends on him, how he uses the power!

UdaipurBlog: Another problem is of Corruption. The Indian democracy has seen historic happenings this year; movements, especially that of Anna Hazare has led a great impact on people. In fact, a negative wave has impulsed amongst the masses against political leaders. What do you say about it?

Gulab Ji: The movement of Anna Hazare has thoroughly shown us that the Indian public is still united. They still have great respect for the noble human values. Anna is wealthy of the same characters and this is the reason why he has become so popular in a very short time. It’s really a plight that politicians and social workers after working for a long time in public welfare don’t get that much recognition.
That’ll be all.

UdaipurBlog: Lastly Sir, any message for the people of Udaipur through UdaipurBlog?

Gulab Ji: I really thank the public of Udaipur for their support and love. And I wish that their blessings always remain with me.
Also, we all appreciate the team of UdaipurBlog for their work for our City Of Lakes. 🙂

Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria


University Politics: The President Speaks

Paramveer Singh Chundawat

Student politics is back into play in our state. And after a month of severely heated atmosphere in the game of this very powerful fundamental step of our national politics, Paramveer Singh Chundawat of Chatra Sangharsh Samiti emerged out to be the winner of the elections in the second largest University of Rajasthan – The Mohan Lal Sukhadia University covering more than 180 colleges in 7 districts of the state.

Kalpit Rajak from UdaipurBlog got a chance to talk to him for a cup of coffee and this is how the conversation went :-

Q. Everyone knows Paramveer Singh Chundawat as the President of MLSU, will you tell us some more details about you? Your family and educational background!

A. Well…  I had held the 7th merit in my B.Com from UCCMS, then completed my MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur. I’ve also worked as an Assistant Professor in Sabar College, Gandhinagar for a year. While right now, I’m pursuing my management Ph.D from the same university and yeah my schooling went from St. Paul’s.
Talking about family… My father, Mr. D.S. Chundawat is currently the Dean of the University College of Commerce & Management Studies (UCCMS), mother is a housewife; have an elder sister who is a Doctor and a younger brother half the way through his engineering.

Q. You have worked as an Assistant Professor, also are qualified well enough to work in management sector, then why did you chose entering politics and not any other field?

A. It’s just that I wanted to work for the welfare of students; and thankfully I’ve got the best post I required to do it.

Q. As the students’ highest representative now, what are you plans to accomplish this year?

A. Presently I’m trying to fulfill all the promises that I made in my election manifesto. My major emphasis is on campus placements and a membership in the Board of Management (BOM). A healthcare center will also be opened in the campus for providing medical facilities to the students. Moreover, the old exam pattern has also been revised, paving way for more advancement & simpler qualifying.

Q. And what about cases like peons checking exam papers…

A. Actions were taken in that incident..! Moreover now the pattern will also be totally changed, (smiles) 😀 no peon can check an OMR unless he’s an optical reader.

Q. After your tenure ends, what future are you seeing to frame yourself into?

A. I’ll stay in politics.

Q. And who is your role model?

A. Wholly and solely, Mr. Rahul Gandhi!

Q. What role do you justify of your family and the former president, Mr. Dilip Joshi in your reaching to this reputable post?

A. The teachings of my parents are worth everything I could have ever had, they taught me for the best! And Dilip Bhaiya… has been my mentor… my supreme guide, my utmost inspiration in politics…
[DIlip Joshi– the record victory maker (margin of more than 1500 votes) in the history of student elections was responsible for the self-attestation rule and in ceasing lessening of marks in rechecking]

Q. Who are your other team members in the Central Student Union?

A. Nobody has joined yet, everybody was busy..! They’ll be soon in their office.

Q. Do you want to give any guidelines to the young students who are keen to join politics?

A. There’s just one rule- “Work for student welfare.” Help them heartily & that will make your way.

Q. Recently there was the famous movement of Anna Hazare, which was supported by the youth in almost each & every part of the country. In future, if any such problem arises; will you lead the students of this University as a part of the rebel; irrespective of the party it is against!

A. I won’t say that I’m against any party but yeah I oppose corruption and will support every movement against it. We ourselves are big fans of Anna Hazare and if things went well, Udaipur will be lucky enough to see him on our land soon.

Q. These days, the issue of not following constitutional reservation in the recruitment of Professors in MLSU is also in high light! What do you say about it?

A.  That’s the reason; we are trying for membership in the BOM! By the law, student representatives aren’t allowed to interfere in these matters. I; at my post can’t do anything right now but hopefully to my knowledge, proper rules…! will be followed in the recruitments.

Q. Any message you want to give to the students through

A. I’m extremely thankful to you all for selecting me for this post.  You are my power… You all are my ultimate fuel! Thanks a lot.

Wish you good luck, have a great day…  🙂 


Vitthal Vaghela – Professional Tattoo Artist of Udaipur

VS tattoos

A few days  ago during my hangout at the Jagdish Chowk I came across a shop. Generally I simply gaze at the shops, the colors, people and observe the typical odour of that place but that day was something special I checked out the banner and saw the logo of V’s Tattoos. For a long time I was planning to get a permanent Tattoo but couldn’t find any reliable Tattoo Artist. I walked into the shop and had a chat with Mr. Vitthal Vaghela (Owner V’s Tattoos). Though it is a general fear in people’s mind that a Permanent Tattoo = Pain, Infection etc !! However Mr. Vitthal helped me to come out of my mindset which had  ‘Fear’ related to tattoos. A few minutes later I gathered the courage to let my curiosity and questions burst out, He told me that it was not only me who questions him alot. Infact this was his routine work. Mr. Vitthal has created a solution for this ‘Query- Session’ in which before Tattooing his clients he completely explains them about the process of tattooing, gives a brief idea about the machines, inks and other things related to the same.

I hope this article helps those people who are planning to opt the Profession of Tattooing or are just curious about Tattoos and this profession.


About Vitthal Vaghela :

He started his carrier as marketing person and reached the highest heights in his trade.Tattoos always fascinated him. Vitthal says “From the very beginning  I had a so called ‘talent’ or ‘hobby’ of accepting challenges. At the time of my job I took the risk of launching New products into the unknown market and developed the skill to turn the waves in my favour“.

Vitthal’s First and Last Motto is ‘Customer’s Satisfaction With Perfection and Precision of the TATTOO’

About V’s Tattoos :

V’s Tattoos is a Tattoo parlour which is fully equipped with all the machines and stuff required for this task. The Equipments include :

  • Tattooing Machines
  • Ink Stand
  • Inks
  • Needles
  • Needle Grip etc etc…

Vitthal’s list includes more than 500 Satisfied clients in various countries as well as various Indian cities. The best thing about him is that He never compromises with quality. He uses completely disposable materials. Apart from this He takes special care about hygiene and customer’s health. He personally sees to it that the the clients are made to fill the Medical Form (which includes various details such as diseases (if any), allergies etc) before being tattooed.

V’s Tattoos provides a wide range of Tattoo Options which are :

Angel Tattoos Animal Tattoos Asian Tattoos
Butterflies Cartoons Celtic Tattoos
Clowns Cross Demon
Native American Tattoos Devil Fairy
Floral Monster Pinup
Religious Skeleton Tribal
Sun and Stars Name in all languages

Apart from being a Professional Tattoo artist he even imparts the training for the same.

Vitthal’s Training Program :

His training program is a 12 step program, which includes :

Step 1-Understanding Your Tools
Step 2: Learning about the Tattoo Machine
Step 3: Understanding How to Properly Use Needles
Step 4: Learning about Tattoo Inks
Step 5: Getting Organized
Step 6: Working with Tattoo practice “skins”
Step 7: Preparing Yourself and the Client to Tattoo
Step 8: Making and Applying Tattoo Stencils
Step 9: Outlining
Step 10: Shadowing and Shading
Step 11: Things to be done After the Tattoo Session
Step 12: Setting up your Own Tattoo Shop


In Conversation with Vitthal Vaghela :

Me: How did this drastic change in profession came in your life?

Vitthal: Tattoos always fascinate me, this Bodyart form apart from being challenging is a very complex and elegant. Though choosing Tattooing as a Profession was a very challenging task and I happily accepted it.

Me: From where did you get it’s training ?

Vitthal: I got my training from a Professional Tattoo Trainer Mr. Kamaldeep, who had an experience of over 6 years in this challengeable yet elegant body-art form.

Me: How did your family and friends react when you entered the Tattoo Business?

Vitthal: I got immense support from my wife. Though it was a risky decision to make still my friends and family was very supportive. After all I told you about my ‘Talent’ (smiling). Maybe they knew that I would even turn these waves in my favour.

Me: What is the thing that you like the most about being a Tattoo artist?

Vitthal: The Freedom to let my imagination fly is something that makes me passionate about Tattoos. I come across various people, some of them are more interesting than others but their is a common thread that links them all and that is each person has a story, I personally find these stories quite interesting. And these stories are the one which actually led them to get the Tattoo.

Me: Where do you see this art of tattooing in the forthcoming years ?

Vitthal: Well, Future can always change. Still I think that Modern tattooing is into its budding stage specially in India or our state to be precise.So there is plenty of opportunity in this field of art.However I would like to make it clear that this form requires tremendous dedication and long hours of work. I would ask the people who lack these qualities to give it a second that. Also in case you are searching for a field with instant outcome Sorry but this is something not for you.

Me: Thank You Very much for your time. Is there anything that you would like to add ?

Vitthal: Well just that in case you guys are looking forward to get tattooed, I would suggest you to go to some reputable Tattoo parlour and make sure that the instruments (if reusable) are packaged into sterile pouches.Though this is a common practice by me still incase you opt out for somewhere else kindly take care and make sure that you follow the suggestions, precautions given by the Tattoo artist in order to prevent any problem. Because ‘Prevention Is better Than Cure’

For More Information Visit my site: Vs Tattoos or call me at +91-9829274278


I would really appreciate the Hospitality by Mr. Vitthal ji 🙂 i will get my tattoo done soon.

Here are few of his tattoo creations : (click to enlarge)








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A Walkthrough in the Life of Doctors

A person wearing an angelic white coat, stethoscope around his neck, listening to the pain and sufferings of the people. Isn’t that the image of you get in your mind when you think of a doctor? And when you are in utter pain, you do find a Doctor equivalent to God. A Doctor is the noblest profession of serving the entire society.

The Doctors’ day is celebrated every year on 1st July in commemoration of the birth anniversary of eminent physician and freedom fighter, Dr. B.C. Roy, and holds a special significance to the medical practitioners in India. So on this occasion, we tried to find out what some of the renowned doctors from our own udaipur wish to say about their life and profession. This article is dedicated to all the Doctors, and the would be Doctors.


Dr. N.C. Sharma, the present CEO of Geetanjali Medical College, is a very vibrant and dynamic personality. Brought up in Jaipur, he did his MBBS from SMS Medical College (Jaipur) in the year 1972 and MD (Radio diagnosis) in 1976. He manages his clinical practice with administrative affairs very efficiently.

dr. N.c. sharma
Dr. N.C. Sharma

Through his belief in discipline and team work, he was able to save the lives of four patients who went under anaphylactic shock when CT Scan procedure was done on them. Therefore, he asks the aspiring doctors to work hard in their studies so that they can give their best to their patients. He wants them to work as a team in a disciplined manner and be courteous and honest to the mankind.

When asked about the hardships he faces during his day to day clinical practice, he says that a doctor has long working hours with absolutely no time for leisure & comfort during workdays. He is answerable to patients, their relatives and the society as a whole. Despite all this he has to keep himself calm and should not lose his patience and temper.

He finds Udaipur growing very fast and very well in terms of medical facilities with two medical colleges and many hospitals in the city. But he wants that the people must respect doctors and the paramedical staff and maintain their trust in them.


Dr. Kamla Kanwrani, aged 62 years, has created a benchmark in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology. She completed her MBBS and MD from RNT Medical College (Udaipur) in 1972 & 76 respectively. She got her FICOG degree in 1987. British government awarded her with MCH (UK) Certificate in 1992 and she even worked as IMA President for two years. She retired from RNT Medical College in 2009 as the Prof.  & HOD of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and is presently giving her services in Geetanajli Medical College & Hospital as Prof. and H.O.D.

dr. kamla kanwrani
Dr. Kamla Kanwrani

She has handled many critical cases very efficiently which many senior doctors have refused to treat or operate uponincluding a major surgery for removal of a uterine tumor approximately 10 kg in weight. She feels the need of introduction of Laparoscopy technique in Udaipur for the rapid diagnosis.

Cherishing her UG college life, she says to the aspiring doctors that it’s the most beautiful phase of life and they must enjoy it to their fullest. But at the same she reminds them to work hard. They must realize the dignity of this profession and should not lose their values and ethics for the sake of earning money.

She enjoys her work and gets an inner satisfaction by relieving the pain and sufferings of her patients especially of poor and needy women. Her only message to the people of Udaipur is that they must never compromise with the health of females in their families.


When the patients enter the Medicine OPD of Geetanjali Hospital, they find a doctor who is ready to help them in any possible way. He is soft spoken and easily wins the confidence of his patients. He is the Prof. and HOD of Department of Medicine, Dr. B.S. Bomb.

Dr. B.S. Bomb

Motivated by his parents and religious guru to choose this profession, he did his MBBS and MD (Medicine) from RNT Medical College in 1968 and 1973. He was the former HOD of the Medicine Department in RNT Medical College & M.B. Hospital.

He takes his every case and every patient as a challenge to him. He finds that practicing in a country like India with limited resources is a major difficulty. A doctor has to keep in mind the pocket of the patient while deciding his investigatory procedure and the treatment. He also feels the need of an effective emergency treatment and critical care in Udaipur

He believes that knowledge of your field along with god’s grace and support from family is the backbone of a doctor’s success. He also feels that patient’s blessing gives much more happiness than money. He is indebted to people of Udaipur who have blessed him with their love, affection and trust.



Have you ever seen a very senior doctor singing a romantic song in front of his UG students? May be no one will believe this. But this can be true when that doctor is Dr. S.K. Luhadia, Prof. and HOD of T.B. & Chest Department of Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital. His patients have faith in him and respect him very much. For his students, he is the best teacher.

dr. luhadiya
Dr. S.K. Luhadia

With a noble cause to serve the humanity, he did his MBBS and MD from SMS Medical College (Jaipur). He has been serving in Udaipur from past 30 years. He is also a retired Prof. and HOD of RNT Medical College.

Though unscheduled patients create lots of troubles in his day to day clinical practice, still he never loses his temper on patients. He always tries to assure & reconcile the patients who are in a state of mental turmoil. He remembers a case where a young boy swallowed a pen cap. He was suffering for 10 years, not getting any effective treatment. But Dr. S.K. Luhadia relieved him from his sufferings and pain. He feels the need of introduction of Allergy Tests in Udaipur.

Cherishing his college days, he misses the singing programmes where he used to perform. He feels sad that now-a-days meritorious students do not opt for this challenging profession which ultimately leads to distorting values and ethics in this medical profession. He asks the medical students to have patience as it takes a very long time to establish in this field as compared to others.


Team UdaipurBlog salutes all the Doctors all throughout the nation on this occasion


-By Palak Jain

Edited by Prasun Bannerjee

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Lets Bless Dogs

Volunteer UdaipurEver heard of a stray dog making a celebrity appearance on the streets of Udaipur ??

Oh yes !! This happened many times after getting a make over done by experts. Being popularly known as “Dog waali Aunty” Mrs. Poonam Prabha with her husband Mr. Praveen Prabha a graduate from University of Delhi is selflessly serving the lame dogs with out any help from the external factors since long they have been together. Today they care for about 25 dogs including the street as well as the bread dogs.

 ‘Today when I walk in and around the street with my dear dog for a walk I see people disturbing the dogs and as I feel the tolerance of people towards the external stimulus is zero’ says Mr. Praveen running his own corporate training firm ‘The learning Organizations’.

Mr. Praveen’s interest aroused in animals since he was in tenth standard and has seen the Delhi Government recklessly killing the animals in order to minimise their population with a poison known as ‘Strychnine’. The first pet he blessed was a cat, he founded it in a very bad situation and took it to Maneka Gandhi Shelter in Delhi. In the course of a conversation with Mrs. Poonam Prabha she narrated an incident when a street dog bitted her while she was trying to take it out from a real bad situation. Since then, she developed a caring attitude towards animals, especially dogs.

Mr.Prabha was inspired by a program known as Heads and Tails which is guided by Maneka Gandhi with the vision of blessing animals and caring for them . the story doesn’t ends here . Uday , son of Mr.Prabha , a student of fourth grade in The Junior Study said that even he is in love with the dogs and is quite attached to them too. These dogs are not less than family members for Prabha family and enjoy their Care, love and tenderness.
No creature is big or small, good or bad. A caring nature is hidden inside every human being. Volunteer Udaipur, a group by the youth and for the youth decided to voluntarily help this family and give their best to these stray animals.


There is so much good we can all learn and do from this.
Lets make the move and bless animals. 🙂

Article by Mujtaba R.G. and Edited by Chani Soni 

News People

IIM Banglore faculty appointed the new director of IIM Udaipur

One of the Hottest and Deeply searched topic in Udaipur right now is the newly set up IIM (One of the Country’s best brand of MBA Schools). Though everyone in Udaipur is quite excited and proud to have it here, allow us to give you guys another reason to cheer for it.
Recently Janat Shah, a faculty of IIM-Bangalore has been given the responsibility to head the IIM Udaipur.

About Janat Shah:

janat shah director
A graduate from IIT-Bombay in mechanical engineering (1980),  he undertook a PhD programme in ‘Operations Management’ from IIM-Ahmedabad in 1989. He joined IIM-Bangalore as faculty in 1991,after working at IRMA in Anand for two years.

His expertise lay in Supply Chain Design, Manufacturing Strategies and Service Quality, apart from this he even taught these subjects at IIM-B. His father Mr. Ghanshyam Shah wanted his son to become a Chartered Accountant, but later he was convinced that Janat belonged to a different genre.

Mr. Janat also has a rich experience of working in the corporate sector and has published many research papers alongwith writing articles and editing books, contributing valuably in the field of management studies.

Apart from all this he is a pioneer in studying the BPO sector in India and is certainly a promising figure in propelling IIM Udaipur to the heights of success. 🙂

You can Find More Details About Janat Shah On : Click Here


[Toppers Speak] Six hours of Daily Studies enough to grab AIR 99 in IIT-JEE: Saleha Hussain

Saleha Hussain believes in maintaining a balance between all things in life. ‘Living it up’ is an equally important aspect of her life as are her studies and academic goals. The student of Bansal Classes Private Limited grabbed the 99 rank (AIR) this year in IIT and is probably first in Udaipur. She wants to join IIT Mumbai and want to be a Computer Engineer

Daily basis studies made this dream came true for her. She not has rocked in IIT-JEE but has also scored 90.04% in Class 12th CBSE. “I devote 6 hours daily for study no matter what” said Saleha. During the conversation with Team UdaipurBlog she proudly shares her experiences. “I want to dedicat this success to my family for undivided attention and unconditional support and Bansal Sir for his constant encouragement and valuable guidance” adds Saleha.

Saleha Hussain | UdaipurBlog
Saleha Hussain who scored 99th Rank in IIT-JEE 2011

But there is a lighter side of Saleha as well. This topper enjoys watching Tom and Jerry in her free time. Adding in her achievements her mother Prof. Sofiya speaks that she has recently awarded with Maharana Fateh Singh Award. “I have a room full of her laurels both academic and co-curricular activates” she explains proudly with a smile.

Congratulations to Saleha on Behalf of Team UdaipurBlog. We wish all the best for her bright future


[Toppers Speak] Hard Work is the Key to Every Success: Somya Singhvi

Devoting three hours on school days and five on holidays for studies, bangs the highest position in science by scoring 96% in the CBSE 12th Boards. “Regular studies and undivided attention towards all subjects are my mantra for success.” said Somya Singhvi. He has done his schooling from Alok Senior Secondary School, Hiran Magri and coaching from Catalyst, Sardarpura.

Somya Singhvi | UdaipurBlog
Somya Singhvi

In a course of conversation with UdaipurBlog he deeply thanked God and gave the credit to his parents for their never ending support and his teachers who guided him in the difficult times. “My teachers’ efforts contributed to my success and the constant encouragement has made this dream possible,” said Somya. But he is not resting on her laurels yet and is getting ready for his next goal in life. Somya wants to be a mechanical engineer. He accompanied by his brother leaving for United States for higher studies. He has to join University of Cornell for which both Somya and is brother Divya received a scholarship of USD 60,000 per year from TATA. He believes that hard work alone can bring victory in any field that one desires.

But at the other side Somya is also good at co-curricular activities. A State level swimmer and has won many laurels he adds. Recalling his achievements somya says that he has also represented India in Japan recently. He has also achieved the first place in the state in Science project.

Somya and Divya are twin brothers. Lastly looking at Divya he proudly says that he has got many advantages just as they are twins.


[Women’s Day Special] Salute to a Legend: Mrs Meera Ranawat

A fine morning at Techno NJR knowledge campus, buses bringing students to the college and you see a tall lady welcoming every student with a sweet smile. The ones who have guessed it, yes they are right. She is none other than the sweet, caring, down-to-earth and ever smiling chairperson of the Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Mrs. Meera Ranawat.

Meera Ranawat
Mrs. Meera Ranawat

Meera Ranawat was born on 17.4.1952 at Merta city (Home town of Meera Bai). She did her schooling at MGD School, Jaipur. In addition to being a good student she was a good sports person and represented her school and college in Basketball. She did her graduation in Arts (B.A.) from Maharani College, Jaipur.

Her husband, Shri J.S. Ranawat, a management graduate, was a corporate executive and worked for Birla group in India and Indonesia, Sigapore and Malaysia. He was GM of a carpet company in Abu Dhabi when he left for heavenly abode on 5.6.2003.

Navdeep, her son, a bright student completed his schooling from St. Columba’s School, Delhi and international school, Jakarta,Indonesia and  did his undergraduate degree in  Telecommunication Engineering from Polytechnic University, NewYork. He subsequently did his M.S. from the same university. He was working with Reuter when he met an accident and left the world in 2001.

It was in memory of her husband and her son, Meera Ranawat established Navdeep Jitendra  Ranawat (NJR) Foundation on 12.6.2003 along with Shri R.S.Vyas, a very close family friend with an objective of setting up a world class engineering college at Udaipur, her husband’s hometown.

Mrs Meera Ranawat in discussion with Lakshya Raj Singh Mewar
Mrs Meera Ranawat in discussion with Mr. Lakshya Raj Singh Mewar

It is her sheer determination and perseverance that has resulted in establishment of Techno India NJR Institute of Technology. Her dream is to take this Institute to further heights and make it among top engineering colleges of India. She treats every student of the college as her own child and helps them or guides them in any of their doubts or problems. Student welfare is her topmost priority, also, she does not withdraws any salary from the college or the foundation.

She is a living example of how you can put your personal pains behind for a larger purpose in life. She is a role model for Women of India. Team Udaipurblog and the entire Udaipur salutes her on International Women’s day.