A Spur Of Tourism Post Lockdown In The City Of Lakes

When everything did stop due to a virus that turned our lives upside down, it was not easy to stand still as an economy. Especially, when the concept of lockdown was introduced to us; that was a for sure hit!

Well, like every other thing, Udaipur that is majorly dependent on the tourism sector for its economic developments, did hit rock-bottom. Lockdown made us suffer all. But as much as the year 2021 was filled with bad news, the good news arrived this year soon after the lockdown. Tourism took a major surge in the city of lakes and in such a way that a decade of Udaipur’s tourism did not witness such hiked amount of tourists.

According to the reposts of the Regional Tourism Office, Udaipur showed a near 1 million domestic tourists visiting Udaipur in 2021, with 67% of the total being recorded in the last 5 months of 2021. The city of lakes recorded nearly 7 lakh tourists between August & December.

Also, in 2021, from August, September, October, November till December, the city sited maximum tourist hits in approximately last one decade. August recorded 100,580 tourists; September 86,240; October 115,450; November 160,000 and in December the number was 180,000.

udaipur sees maximum tourist in december breaking records of past decade, regional tourism office, udaipur
Source: Udaipur Times

As we are commencing 2022, how can we foresee the ups and downs of 2021? But, seeing the world from the glass half full side, the domestic tourism boom in 2021 actually recovered many losses that occurred due to lockdown. Though domestic tourism post-pandemic took a spur, nothing much was received from international tourism.

Well, what we can do is to keep our fingers crossed and take major steps in order to avoid the onset of the third wave, when the new corona variant, omicron is on the go. Counting on good fortune and great economic developments ahead for the tourist’s hub, Udaipur.

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