A Spur Of Tourism Post Lockdown In The City Of Lakes

When everything did stop due to a virus that turned our lives upside down, it was not easy to stand still as an economy. Especially, when the concept of lockdown was introduced to us; that was a for sure hit!

Well, like every other thing, Udaipur that is majorly dependent on the tourism sector for its economic developments, did hit rock-bottom. Lockdown made us suffer all. But as much as the year 2021 was filled with bad news, the good news arrived this year soon after the lockdown. Tourism took a major surge in the city of lakes and in such a way that a decade of Udaipur’s tourism did not witness such hiked amount of tourists.

According to the reposts of the Regional Tourism Office, Udaipur showed a near 1 million domestic tourists visiting Udaipur in 2021, with 67% of the total being recorded in the last 5 months of 2021. The city of lakes recorded nearly 7 lakh tourists between August & December.

Also, in 2021, from August, September, October, November till December, the city sited maximum tourist hits in approximately last one decade. August recorded 100,580 tourists; September 86,240; October 115,450; November 160,000 and in December the number was 180,000.

udaipur sees maximum tourist in december breaking records of past decade, regional tourism office, udaipur
Source: Udaipur Times

As we are commencing 2022, how can we foresee the ups and downs of 2021? But, seeing the world from the glass half full side, the domestic tourism boom in 2021 actually recovered many losses that occurred due to lockdown. Though domestic tourism post-pandemic took a spur, nothing much was received from international tourism.

Well, what we can do is to keep our fingers crossed and take major steps in order to avoid the onset of the third wave, when the new corona variant, omicron is on the go. Counting on good fortune and great economic developments ahead for the tourist’s hub, Udaipur.


Udaipur becomes the second most favourite travel destination across the country!

Too much crowd on the city streets and congestion on the road? Well, we bet that would increase every year. Udaipur is indeed a sought after destination for people across the country as well as in the whole world. Diwali vacations have just ended and we can still spot many tourists on the streets.

Source: UdaipurTimes

A recent report from the famous travel website cites that with Goa topping the charts, Udaipur had the second highest domestic travel bookings in the country at the time of the festive Diwali season. And not only this, stats show that the city of lakes has witnessed an upsurge of 56 percent in travel bookings across the nation.

The same number or more would be repeated at the time of Christmas and New Year, hopefully. Undoubtedly, day by day Udaipur is becoming the ‘hot spot’ for holiday getaways or one of the most favourite travel destination across the country.

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These Stats Show That Udaipur really is a Touristic City!

It wouldn’t come as a matter of surprise to anyone if I say that Udaipur is a tourist city. And it definitely should be with the inordinate amount of beauty it beholds. From history to nature and to hospitality there is absolutely no field left where the city disappoints any tourist which is one of the reasons why people love coming to the city and spend their leisure time between the lush Aravali Hills with their friends and family.

Being a bit curious about tourism in the city, we had a very interesting conversation with the Deputy Director of Udaipur Tourism, Miss Sumita Saroch. In this conversation, we came to know about the current as well as the past status of the tourism in the city. In Addition to that, we also came across the statistics related to the tourism where certain points could be noted.

Source: Patrika

Facts derived from the statistics of tourism in Udaipur:

  • The number of tourists that flocked to the city in the year 2017 was 2.74 Lakh where 83,400 were Indians and 1,90,500 were foreigners.
  • It was noted that the maximum number of tourists in the year 2017 came to Udaipur in the month of November and December which were 1,31,000 and 1,38,000 respectively.
  • While the minimum was in the month of May with just 61,000.
  • About 9% increment in the tourist rate was seen in the year 2017 from the previous year.
  • In the past 7 years, 2017 was the golden year in tourism as the maximum number of tourists flocked to the city in this very year.
  • There are around 658 authorized tourist guides in the city of Udaipur from which 600 holds a city-based license and the rest holds a state-based license.

While this conversation, Ms. Saroch gave a very important message to the people of Udaipur by which they can effectively contribute to the tourism of Udaipur. Watch the video below to know what the message is.

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Tourist Police Station in Udaipur

Exploring different places in the world is fun but there are so many things that one should know while satisfying their wanderer soul. Now while you are in a different city and get cheated by some guide or shopkeeper, what should you do? Where should you go? And who are the people responsible that will address your grievances?

Udaipur is a renowned tourist hub and hundreds of tourists flock to the city every day to explore its splendor. Hence, it is an important issue that needs to be focused in our city. Since a lot of people aren’t aware of the basic tourist things, we went to the tourist police station in Udaipur to know what all problems do tourists face and how are they resolved.

Source: UdaipurTimes

We met head constable Babu Lal there who told us about the problems a tourist faces in Udaipur and what is the contribution of Tourist police station to resolve those. He told us that tourist police station is completely meant for grievances redressal. The major problem that a tourist faces at tourist hubs such as our city is fake guides who tend to loot or do fraud with the tourists by attracting and tempting them to provide facilities like boat riding, exploration at fewer prices etc. Some of them also claim to provide you with original handicrafts at fewer prices and in return they get a commission from the respected shopkeepers as well as money from the tourists.

There are several unauthorized guides in the city who tries to loot the tourists and make their experience displeasing. Although very few people actually come to the station to report fraud, maybe because of the lack of awareness, Babu Lal told us that there are 15 constables, out of which 4 are female constables who visit the famous tourist spots and identify the fake guides and protect tourists from them.

Udaipur’s tourist police station was the first one in Rajasthan. Today, there are 3 tourist police stations in Rajasthan one of which is Udaipur and the other two are at Jaipur and Jodhpur.

There is only one act which strictly needs to get followed by the tourist police authorities and complaints regarding the same can be registered here. This act is Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) Act, 2010. Rajasthan Tourism Act provides acceleration of growth of tourism trade and industry in the state and makes the experience of tourists hassle-free. It provides protection to tourists against touts (commonly known as ‘lapkas’), beggars, hawkers, taxi-cab drivers, (which includes auto rickshaws and rickshaws) or any other elements who unduly harass or annoy the tourists. Apart from that unauthorized guides, people who tend to harass or follow them without their consent, or people/shopkeepers/traders selling something at a higher price than displayed can be complained against here, or people who continuously bug them to buy their products or avail their services.

We further asked Babu Lal about the process of registering a complaint at Tourist Police Station. He informed us that a tourist can directly walk into the station which is located at Pichola Road near Tibetan Market or call at 0294-2425242. There is no way to register to your complaint online. The station is available for 24 hours. However, in case of theft or any other such crime one needs to register a complaint in the general police station of the particular area.

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History and Culture

Tourism in Udaipur Gets A Boost | Know About The Developments In Our City

The tourism industry has got a big boost as Udaipur has been included in the list of most beautiful cities of the globe. It is fast becoming one of the most liked holiday destinations. In the list of Trip Advisor travelers’ choice ranking, there are three cities of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur – among the top ten. New Delhi is at the top followed by Goa and Jaipur. Udaipur gets the 6th place while Jaipur and Jaisalmer bag the 6th and 8th rank respectively. Not to be left behind, Udaipur hotels have also won laurels. Among the top 25 hotels of India, the ranking of hotels of Udaipur is The Leela Palace (2nd), Taj Lake Palace (4th) and Oberoi Udai Vilas (7th). The Leela Palace, Udaipur has also bagged 13th place among the top 25 hotels of the world. Earlier, Udaipur has been given top ranking as a leisure spot by Conde Nast Traveler India Reader award and as the most beautiful city of the world by travel and leisure magazine.

Source: The Leela

It augurs well that several agencies such as forest department, tourism dept., Municipal co., and urban improvement trust are making concerted efforts to boost tourism in and around Lake City. Some already existing spots of tourism importance are getting facelift whereas some new ones are being developed. Baghdara Nature Park, that is about 20 km from the city would now be a big attraction for nature lovers as they would not only be able to watch wildlife like panthers and crocodiles at close quarters but spend nights in tents to be in the lap of nature. To make the stay of tourists, more facilities like a zip line, zig-zag adventure sports, and a cafeteria have been provided. On the neighboring hills have been planted 500 plants. The private agency that would be managing all these facilities would also look after the safety of the visitors. The choupati at Swaroop Sagar is the first of its kind to be built on the Swacch Bharat theme, would cost about 2.70 crores. There would be steel frames on either side. Garden area is to be developed in small parts with walking tracks. The 200 by 60 feet choupati is to have 6 stalls with 6 modular kiosks to keep the area clean.

Ecotone Park on the bank of Badi that is about 10 km from the city where one can reach either through Rampura and Gorela or through Fatehsagar bank, has been developed to enable tourists to have a close view of wildlife and stay in the tents at night, according to OP Sharma, DFO. To know more about Ecotone Park and camping, click here.

Source: Patrika

The badgaon hill that covers an area of about 400 hectares is also being developed as a tourist spot by UIT. Situated in Sector 14 of the city, Nela talab has also been developed on the lines of Fateh Sagar with an attractive main gate, sitting space and LED lights, rows of coconut trees also add to the attraction. Religious places like Amrakhji and Badbadeshwar are also being developed.

According to UIT Chairman Ravendra Shrimali, Nandeshwar is being developed as a tourist spot with an amusement park more greenery, broader approach roads, viewpoints and renovation of the ancient Mahadev Mandir and Baori. Udaipur Paal is also being made more attractive for tourists.

During this monsoon season, tourists on way to Mount Abu would have another new attraction at Kanan Kuteer, Ghata Nadi with facilities for trekking in dense forests, stay in newly built rest house and camps. Van Surakhsa Evam Prabandh Samiti, Thamlaberi would provide food, guides, and safety. At the processing center, tourist can watch how different products like juice and shampoo are made from aloe vera, amla, sitaphal. Segura hill, Bedwas on the road to Chittorgarh is also being developed as eco-park with selfie points having Mewari paintings, models of wild animals, huts for shade, flower, plants and creepers and a long boundary wall for safety.

Located about 100 km from Udaipur, the Kolda region has a green forest, flowing rivers and waterfalls, dense sanctuaries. After traveling about 70 km one comes across high hills and serpentine roads, the view of numerous palm trees near the Kalibor and Sabarmati dams is extremely charming. Between the hills flows the Vakal River, other attractions include the herbal plant gardens near Jogiwad dam, the bridge viewpoint, and the famous Phulwari ki Nal sanctuary spread over 511 sq. km.

Source: TripHobo

To commemorate the sacrifice of Panna Dhai to save Maharana Pratap’s life, Panna Dhai Panorama is coming up fast, near her village Kameri, about 10 km from Amet on the Deogarh road. Located on a hill, it is to have a huge 9 feet statue of Panna Dhai. There would also be an auditorium, tourist resting hall, a museum, and a library.

Nearer home, for the entertainment of tourists at night in Sahelion ki Badi, programmes of music, dance and puppet shows are to be started. At present, the Badi has only ancient fountains and a garden. The work on Kalangan art gallery is also progressing fast. On average, the Badi has a footfall of about 7 lac Indian and foreign tourists every year and the number goes up during festival time. The lawns and the huge variety of colorful flowers in the Vibhuti Park near Fatehsagar Paal have also become a big attraction for tourist. Some creative persons from Gadio Luher community have introduced heritage bullock carts that have brass nails and colored stripes. No wonder tourists in the city enjoy joy rides on them.

It seems with the addition of this attraction, the number of tourists in Udaipur would shoot up.