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Best Walking and Running Spots in Udaipur

Awareness about good health and fitness has been increasing rapidly from past few years in Udaipur and that is indeed very good for all of us. In the era of modernization, unhealthy food and laziness are not uncommon. It is important that we take care of ourselves and the key element to that is a good diet and exercise.

Jogging and running have been proved the best exercise for a human body. Running temporarily rev up your metabolism which in turn burns your calories for energy. Hence, it is important that you run regularly to keep yourself fit and healthy. Here, we have compiled a list of the best running and jogging places in the city where you can acquire the dream of keeping yourself away from obesity.


Gardens and Pal

Gulab Bagh

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This huge garden is widely known for its beauty and along with that a large number of people of all ages daily come here for running, exercise, Yoga, sports, etc. This is one of the biggest advantages here that you get a number of variants here whether you want to run on a concrete road or soil track, everything is available here.


Lake Fatehsagar

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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The most preferent spot of all. People from all around the city come here for running, jogging and cycling in mornings and evenings. The fresh air coming from the direction of the Lake is one of the motivations that keep you going.


Rani Road

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If you are willing to run big time, then choose the track all the way from Fatehsagar to Rani Road that forms a complete lap. Mornings are usually the time when it is less crowded and ideal for your healthy and fit start of the day.



Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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Begin with Dudhtalai going all the way to Lake Pichola back and forth. It will give you a good view, some running companions and a few stalls and shops in case you feel thirsty or hungry after your running session.


Goverdhan Sagar Garden

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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Goverdhan Sagar Garden is very convenient for people living in Hiranmagri sectors. It is a pal which overlooks entire Goverdhan Sagar and Panna Dhai ship which is why it is named after it. It is usually less crowded and will give you the peace and calm while you match your feet with the rhythm of your heartbeat.


Vivek Park, Sector 3

Another option for Hiranmagri residents. You will find people working out and doing yoga here in the morning as well as in the evening. The park has a small lap that will help you maintain your speed all the while.


Ram Leela Park, Sector 5

Ram Leela Park has a track on which you can run in peace away from the hustle bustle of the city. However, if you are looking for a large place for your work out, you might want to look up some other place.



Karni Mata temple

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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The distance of this trek would be somewhere around 150 m from Din Dayal Upadhyay Park. You can go back and forth if you want to work out a bit more. And the best thing about the trek is when you reach the top of the hill, the gorgeous panoramic view of the city will be worth every single drop of sweat of yours. Both stairs and a slope is available to climb up to the temple. On weekends, Poha and tea are served by the devotees at the temple. So, your workout and breakfast are completely sorted on weekends here.


Neemuch Mata temple

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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The distance of the trek is around 900 m and would serve you good if you are looking for a large distance. You will be enchanted by the view from the top of the hill which overlooks entire Fatehsagar Lake and some parts of the city. The best time to enjoy the trek would be early morning or evening as the sun would be a bit generous on you.



Running in the grounds listed below is absolutely free of cost. It provides you with a plain surface which would be the best option if running creates any kind of a pain in the legs. Running in the grounds creates less tension in the legs which will help you have a calm and comfortable run.


Gandhi ground

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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Situated at the Chetak Circle, Gandhi ground would be a good option if you want to opt for a professional running.


BN College ground

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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It has huge grounds appropriate for running as well as sports. One ground is equipped with basketball and football court.


MB college ground

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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MB college ground is covered with grass rather than soil. If you want to run on a green ground then this is it for you.



Roads are the most convenient option if you do not have any ground or park around your home. But if you are opting to run on a road, make sure that you take all the safety measures for it. It is important that you choose a road which is less crowded and with less traffic. Because with vehicles moving all around the way, it doesn’t just become difficult to run but it becomes quite risky too. Also, run on the edges of the road and not the center and while you are running on a sharp turn decrease your speed a bit because you would not know what would be coming from the other end. Here are some roads that you might want consider on your next run.


Jungle Safari road

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Jungle Safari Road

If you are already on the track of Dudhtalai and Pichola and want to do some more exercise, head on towards the Jungle Safari Road. It is usually less crowded and will give you good space to run with trees and greenery on both sides.


Tiger Hills

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If you are a resident near to the area, consider running here once instead of going to Fatehsagar or Rani Road daily. The long stretches of usually empty roads and a small valley will give your leg a proper workout overall. On your way, you can also see Maharana Pratap’s huge statue at Pratap Gaurav Kendra.


Pannadhai road, Sector 14

Best Walking and Running Tracks in Udaipur
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This road begins from right opposite to the Saras Parlour from where one can be able to reach Pannadhai Museum. It overlooks Goverdhan Sagar and meets with the main road near to Goverdhan Garden which can possibly be your next destination.


100 feet road, Sector 3

A road which has been constructed recently has a good amount of length and width pretty appropriate for your morning walk or run. But make sure you are pretty careful here as a number of small and large vehicles come here on a daily basis. It would be better if you choose this road in the morning time only and not the evening time.