Fun- O -Carnival

Fun ’O’ Carnival

Carnival !! Nowadays an earshot for Udaipur people !!! Really because what Udaipur celebrated on 10-10-10 was actually a history !!! The people who attended the Lakecity Carnival were amazed by the glory of unforgettable performances, fireworks, and definitely the unforeseen gathering & environment. Moreover the people who missed it, still feels miserable !! Resembling that they have missed something big, something really entertaining & pleasing. So Everyone, this time another huge event will shortly take place and I feel glad to notify that yes it is again a Carnival !!! Yeah,  Diva’s RBS Group in association with Ashoka Cinema (Cineplex) has organized a remarkable Fun-o-carnival on 24th October 2010 (Sunday) in the premises of Ashoka Cinema (at 3 Panchsheel Marg, Surajpole).

As the name Fun-o-Carnival indicates it’s gonna be totally fun filled… There will be various entertaining & amusing activities to delight everyone !! Yeah, like Puppet Show, Toffee & Bubble Clown, Magic Show, Kid’s FUN Rides, Juggling , Folk Dance, Performance by Live Band ‘ADBHUTT’, Horse Ride, Candy Land, Tattoo Artistry,Peanut Master , Bamboo Man, Tarot Cards ,Photo Studio, Gaming Zone, Food Court, Shopper’s Stop-Exhibition cum Sale Booths, Lucky Dip, Camel Ride and lots more…….

Everything at same place same day same time !!! 😀

Organizers, Sponsors & Supporters:

Organizers: Diva’s RBS in association with Ashoka Cinema.

Sponsors: Dainik Bhaskar, Jagat Retreat, Rajasthan Bakery, Sangram Marbles, OMG Restaurant (Rkay Mall),Arhaam Event Organizers etc.

Suppoters: Pacific Industries, SRG Financers, Roopsi International, D Fair deal Properties, NICC, Shubh Gp & Shubh Builders, Nahar Coatings, Mewada Hospital, Gopalia Petrol Pump, Kanish Computers, Tvs Udaipur etc.

Don’t forget to buy your passes (Free for children below 10 yrs.) at just 30 for children (10-18 yrs.) and 70 forAdults.

Buy your Passes at:

  • Rajasthan Bakery, Surajpole
  • Cake Plaza, Chetak
  • Jai Ambe Boutique, Shakti Nagar
  • Rajasthan Bakers, Fatehpura

Note: For more Details on stalls and passes contact on 8890018048.

We invite and advice you to participate and attend the first ever Fun-o-Carnival (fun unlimited) on 24th October. Make sure this time you don’t miss the truly enjoyable, beyond doubt, fun filled occurrence.


Events Photos

LakeCity Carnival Rocked Everyone

Lakecity Carnival

10th October 2010 (10.10.10):  a remarkable date once in many years & also a significant day in the history of Lakecity !! Now if u’ll ask why ?? Then I’ll be glad and at the same time surprised to tell u that it was the first time that Udaipur had a Carnival !!! Oh sorry, not just a carnival a Huge Carnival yeah !! Hope everyone will be Familiar with the Carnival that occurred yesterday in the city for the very first time. Truly, if you missed the carnival then you actually missed something really magnificent and breathtaking !!! oh it was so astonishing to watch, the whole city celebrating the joy of god’s grace of greenery, overflowing lakes and promising the increase in No. of tourists with hundreds of ingeniously designed floats representing science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom, traditions and various other aspects of life with heart exhilarating fireworks and thousands of audience!!!! Really marvelous

So the entire thing started at 5.00 p.m evening, Town hall. Crowd in Thousands searching for joy & entertainment, waiting for the first ever carnival to narrate a mesmerizing history forever. The moment just came and finally Mr. and Mrs. Gattani (head of Oriental Palace Resorts & main sponsor’s of the carnival) revealed the flag and all started!!! Fun and entertainment unlimited…

lakecity carnival udaipur

The crowd in thousand’s kept moving on and on to almost half of the city celebrating the merriment with full enthusiasm and zeal. Everyone lost in fun and entertainment of various unique performances by different groups representing their floats, dancing, singing and bustling with full security, moving towards the final destination to The Heart of Udaipur, none other than The Fatehsagar Lake. A stage set up and final performance segment was deliberated at the pall of Fatehsagar Lake for the audience who were unable to watch the performances all the way. Every performance was devotedly observed by the honorable judges and guests Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar (HRH group), Mr. Hemant Gera (collector, city Udaipur),T.L Meena (I.G , Udaipur ), Mrs. Rajni Dangi ( Unit head, Nagar Parishad), Mr. Rajeev Sharma (Lic head, Udaipur), Mr. K.G Gattani (head, Oriental Resorts), Mr. V.S shekhawat (Unit head, Dainik Bhaskar Udaipur) and many other renowned personalities from Udaipur & outside For awarding the prizes. Winners will be announced in Dainik Bhaskar’s 12th October Edition & on Facebook page of Udaipurblog.

Some of the most entertaining and interesting performances were prepared by West Zone Culture, Narayan Seva Sansthan ,Diva’s group, Girish & Party, Susheel Parihar & Party (Badmer), Matrix Dance Academy , CPS School, Dolphin Recreation, Pacific College, Vishveshvarya college, Sunrise Group of colleges and St. Paul’s school etc.

Being the Online supporter of the Lakecity Carnival we wanna thank Everyone Organizers ( Dainik Bhaskar & Oriental Resorts specially) , Performers , Sponsors , Creative team, Udaipur administration, Security Team, Police, other supporters last but not the least audience and every Udaipur Citizen for making the Event Successful…

Kalbelia DanceAbstract From Newspaper: Click Me

Photos Clicked By Rishabh Jain


Tarachand Ji
Photos Clicked By Tarachand Ji

Here are some of the exclusive photos of Lakecity Carnival by Udaipurblog Shot By TaraChand Ji & Rishabh Jain:

Photos and Videos

Lakecity Carnival Inauguration Party

Dainik Bhaskar Carnival

The Biggest Event to transpire in the History of Udaipur i.e, The Lakecity carnival Organised by Dainik Bhaskar Corp. in association with Oriental Palace Resort was cheerfully inaugurated on 27 September. A grand ceremony which marked the inauguration of Lakecity Carnival was held in premises of Oriental Palace Resort on the Occasion of World Tourism Day.

Event was inaugurated in Presence of various renowned personalities, Business associates & some certain citizens of Udaipur. All the guests showered there benedictions in the ceremony. The Event was inaugurated in the presence of Mrs. Rajni Dangi (Sabhapati Nagar Parishad), Mrs. Neelima Sukhadia (member of Honourable Sukhadia Family), Mrs. Madhu Mehta (City Head) , Shraddha Gattani (from oriental Palace resort) , Mr. V.S shekhawat (Unit head, Dainik Bhaskar Udaipur), Mr. Anunya Goswami (State Buisness Head, Dainik Bhaskar) & many other conscientious personalities & business associates.

Flying the Balloon

Guests inaugurated the event by lighting Hot Air Ballons to the sky. Most probably the Carnival is to be Organised in the Second week of October. The main event will comprise of Decorative Floats (on science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage etc) which will be presented on horses & elephants with fireworks, lamps, mashals & air ballons etc. initially beginning from town hall to the most prominent parts of city ending at Fatehsagar lake. Award will be given to best performers.

Award categories in the Carnival are:

  • 1st Prize : 51,000 cash,
  • 2nd Prize: 21,000 ,
  • 3rd Prize: 11,000 ,
  • And three consolation Prizes of 5100 each.


You can also participate:


Dainik Bhaskar Corp. invites All Entertainment groups to partake in this prestigious Event through various participating options available.

Groups related to science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom & traditions or any other aspect of life that attracts and entertains people can participate in the event.

For registering & more details Contact: 9672872968, 9672862405

For more info keep reading Dainik Bhaskar &