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Lakecity Carnival Inauguration Party

Dainik Bhaskar Carnival

The Biggest Event to transpire in the History of Udaipur i.e, The Lakecity carnival Organised by Dainik Bhaskar Corp. in association with Oriental Palace Resort was cheerfully inaugurated on 27 September. A grand ceremony which marked the inauguration of Lakecity Carnival was held in premises of Oriental Palace Resort on the Occasion of World Tourism Day.

Event was inaugurated in Presence of various renowned personalities, Business associates & some certain citizens of Udaipur. All the guests showered there benedictions in the ceremony. The Event was inaugurated in the presence of Mrs. Rajni Dangi (Sabhapati Nagar Parishad), Mrs. Neelima Sukhadia (member of Honourable Sukhadia Family), Mrs. Madhu Mehta (City Head) , Shraddha Gattani (from oriental Palace resort) , Mr. V.S shekhawat (Unit head, Dainik Bhaskar Udaipur), Mr. Anunya Goswami (State Buisness Head, Dainik Bhaskar) & many other conscientious personalities & business associates.

Flying the Balloon

Guests inaugurated the event by lighting Hot Air Ballons to the sky. Most probably the Carnival is to be Organised in the Second week of October. The main event will comprise of Decorative Floats (on science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage etc) which will be presented on horses & elephants with fireworks, lamps, mashals & air ballons etc. initially beginning from town hall to the most prominent parts of city ending at Fatehsagar lake. Award will be given to best performers.

Award categories in the Carnival are:

  • 1st Prize : 51,000 cash,
  • 2nd Prize: 21,000 ,
  • 3rd Prize: 11,000 ,
  • And three consolation Prizes of 5100 each.


You can also participate:


Dainik Bhaskar Corp. invites All Entertainment groups to partake in this prestigious Event through various participating options available.

Groups related to science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom & traditions or any other aspect of life that attracts and entertains people can participate in the event.

For registering & more details Contact: 9672872968, 9672862405

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nice to visit udaipur blog for the first time……
happy to see latest update on most of the events/news but disappointed..that SO CALLED FATEH SAGAR LOVERS of udaipur have uploaded pictures/videos of fateh sagar dated as long back as 15th aug….VERY SAD…………..
im udaipur lover & keep on CLICKING udaipur & surroundings …how can i contribute..???

@jitendra: We appreciate ur Comment. Hope u liked the Website. For any kind of contribution u can mail us at We will tell u the ways by which u can contributeto
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