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Food for the Mood at The Celebration Mall

A healthy food, for a zesty mood!

There is always a reason to go out and eat! I love food and if granted a reason would definitely grab the opportunity to eat out at any food outlet. Udaipur has some of the most YUMMM food courts, one of the best being the “Food Court” at the Celebration Mall.

Food capital celebration mall

Being a mammoth foodie, I love to try out food and savor those smells, which I personally call the “Food-Aroma”. This food court has all those aromas to stir up your taste buds. Done watching a movie at the PVR or If you are tired of shopping at the mall, which by the way none of the ladies will agree to, you can go to the food court and relish some of the most appealing dishes and mouth-watering desserts.

I love taking pictures of food and upload them on various social sites; there at the food court one added advantage to people like us is the free Wi-Fi. Also I could charge my mobile as they had on table charging points.

Whether your friends want a treat or you just want to eat out; listed below are all the food outlets of the Food Court at the Celebration Mall (3rd Floor) that can suffice your hunger at any occasion:


Subway - food court celebration mall

We all so aware of Subway, for all the health conscious one’s Subway serves 97% fat-free subs and salads. They give you a choice that you can actually customize your subs or salads.  Everything is freshly baked and yes! Now talking about the taste, Aloo Patty and Roasted Chicken were quite fancy and I loved them; a must try indeed!

Soo Foody

Vinods cafe celebration mall

I met the man himself, Mr. Vinod, who owns and runs this chain of these outlets and is an excellent cook! The things you must try at the Soo Foody outlet of Celebration Mall are the very famous Cold and Hot Coffee, pizzas and garlic bread. I also loved the Club Sandwich they offered me.

The prices are moderate and the food is yumm! What more could I have asked for!

Bamboo Grilles

Bamboo Grilles - Celebration Mall

Bamboo Grilles is one outlet that is totally dedicated to Chinese Food. The veg-momos start from a very nominal price of 50 Rupees. What I personally loved was their veg-sizzler and chicken lollipop with a coke! The prices are relatively good but affordable.

Tikka Express

Tikka Express celebration mall

From Indian tandoor to Chinese tandoor they serve all. It is a franchise chain of restaurants from Chandigarh and has around 7-8 outlets across India. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines and their veg paneer tikka and non-veg chicken tikka was to die for!!!


Keventers celebration mall

Some of us must be quite familiar with their shakes. Keventers is an iconic brand when it comes to milkshakes. It is a well-known franchise and has its roots down till 1925 when it first started in Delhi. Out of the 22 shakes they offer, I had some and found hazelnut and chocolate Oreo shake the best!!!

They serve in beautiful glass bottles, AND YES! You guessed right, you can take your bottle home! Voila!

Frozen Factory

Frozen Factory Celebration Mall

It is a Thailand-based Concept and has two more branches at Bengaluru and Lucknow. The fun part is that they make “live Ice-cream” yes, they made it in front of my eyes. I totally loved the taste and got quite carried away by the performance too! Haha!

Dosa Plaza

dosa plaza celebration mall

It is a Mumbai-based food outlet and has around 68 other outlets across India and 4 outlets outside the country as well. They have 104 varieties of ‘Dosa’; varying from Mexican to Chinese and yes India too.  A must try at the Dosa Plaza at the Celebration Mall Food Court is the ‘Maharaja Masala Dosa.


Dominos Food COurt celebration mall

Domino’s is a world famous brand and the cheese burst pizza is my personal favorite. Here in Food court, I tried margarita, country special, and Barbeque chicken pizzas too.

The Chocolate Room

the chocolate room celebration mall

It is an Australian based franchise and serves all chocolate stuff. Chocolate sizzler and Chocolate Avalanche are their signature chocolates and were too yummy as well.

These are the major 9 outlets at the Food Court, apart from these; there are some more outlets in the Celebration Mall that can quench your thirst for food good.

These are Barbeque Nation, Apple Delight, Café Hideout, Waffles and Shakes, Brewz Rock Café. Other than the above mentioned, The Celebration mall also has Mc Donald’s, Baskin and Robbins, Café Coffee Day etc.

Food Brands in celebration mall

Celebration mall in Udaipur has become a one stop shop-n-eat arena, the Food Court itself has a seating area of 250 plus people at a time so grab your stuff and just enjoy your treat.

birthday party zone celebration mall

In addition to this, they have a “Party Square” as well at the Food Court and have a ‘Hungama Game planet’ next to it. The capacity of the Party Square is around 50 to 55 people. It is a nice decent place to have a small get-together or a birthday with food served straight from the Food Court.

I loved it totally and ate my belly-full! Give it a try and check it out yourself, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Bon appétit!!!

Let us know your reviews of the food out there; we’ll be glad to know!


Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #15

News tid bits 15

#1 IIM Udaipur Celebrates its Second Anniversary

IIM-U celebrated its second birthday on 27th July, 2013. With this the institute has successfully stepped into its third year, the celebration was witnessed among the presence of Prof. Janat Shah (Director) , faculty members, students and the administrative staff. It is noticeable that IIM-U’s second edition of the Leadership Summit is scheduled to be organized on August 3rd at Darbar Hall, City palace.


#2 Vidyapeeth’s Fourth Convocation Ceremony Concludes

Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University held its fourth convocation ceremony on 24th July, 2013 at its administrative office, Pratap Nagar. The event witnessed the convocation of its 55 students; the ceremony also marked the successful completion of the three year course by 12 foreign students. Prof. Bhawani Shankar Garg (Chancellor, HNGU) and Dr. Hemixaben Rao (VC, HNGU) distributed the awards. Prof. S.S. Sarangdevot (Vice-Chancellor, JRNRVU) conveyed his greetings to the students.


#3 Mock Drill: Rehearsing How To Cope with A Hijacking Situation

A hijacked plane was forced to land at the Dabok airport on 25th July due to lack of fuel. The four terrorists that hijacked the plane also killed two passengers…!!  The anti-hijack committee, Dabok Police, A.SP, SDM, CISF and other administrative officials responded to this situation. Well nothing to worry about! It was just a mock drill that focused on rehearsal of mitigation and tactics for such Hijacking contidions.


#4 Oath To Protect The Environment

Celebration mall celebrated its second anniversary in an unique and environmentally friendly way. The mall ‘s management in association with the Rotary Club led their environmental protection movement  by distributing about 1000 plants to the people. The mall also encouraged the use of environmental friendly bags. As per the mall authorities, the customers can enjoy special offers till 31st July.


5 things I hate about The Celebration Mall, Udaipur

The Celebration Mall Logo
This Logo is a Property of The Celebration Mall and is taken from their website


The Celebration Mall, Bhuwana : A joint development of CapitaMalls Asia & AIPL (Advance India Project Limited) is the first and only Heritage Mall of Udaipur offering wide ranging services of a Mall. But there are certain things we hate about it and it will be really appreciable if they can work on this.. !! And make this Mall – A happening place to Be 🙂

Proper Drinking Facility:

While checking out the complaint/suggestion book of the celebration mall I found that the most hated problem is of “Drinking Water Facility”. This problem is prolonging and no one is taking care of it. Can’t the mall Authorities add Proper Drinking facilities in the Mall to facilitate people???

No Personal Celebration in Celebration Mall:

For this point I would refer to one of the incidents me and my friends faced.. ! It was one of my friends birthday and we all planned to have birthday celebration in our ‘Celebration’ Mall. We were ready with the birthday cake but there was no place to cut the cake; Finally we found our space on the 3rd Floor in front of the local shoppee zone. We found a table to place the birthday cake and when we were about to cut the cake the security guards caught us all and stopped us to ‘Celebrate’.  So My question is why can’t a Mall named ‘THE CELEBRATION MALL’ have some space(apt suggestion for this will be to get a FOOD COURT soon!) to really ‘celebrate’ Waiting to hear the answer from them.. 😉

Not enough place to sit:

How do you feel when after buying a McDonald’s Meal on Sunday you don’t find enough space to sit comfortably and have your meal. I hope that sentence was enough to describe my feelings. This BIG Mall with 90,000 sq. ft Area don’t even have enough space to make proper seating for people who come there. 🙂 Anyways.. I hope they improve this too 😀

No Locker Rooms:

Again would add my personal incident in this heading.. 😛 Being a responsible citizen I always care to wear Helmet as my Local Traffic Police suggests. One fine day me along with my friends planned to go for movie; Maybe it was my first time to enter into celebration mall with a Helmet. 😛 When we went to PVR we found that no valuables were allowed inside. There was no place to keep our helmet or bags in the complete mall. As my tickets were already booked so I had to keep my Helmet outside in open space(maybe some construction site inside!!). After enjoying the movie with fear of losing my Helmet when we came out I found that I have really lost my HELMET worth : 1200Rs.  I don’t know whom should I blame is it the Mall Authority or PVR. I had my point so stated it here 😛

Official Website ain’t updated about Events:

Every now and than there are various events that keep happening in The Celebration Mall (Maybe In order to prove itself that it really celebrates :/ ) but their Official Website: is never updated about these events and schedules or even photos of these events.. 🙁 Its our generous suggestion to keep us all updated about your mall happenings through your site because we have more reasons to love it than to rather have 5 things to hate about it 🙂

There are still many points people hate such like not being allowed to clicks pictures inside, can’t run or have fun inside etc. Do Share your comments what are your views about the celebration mall. We will definitely inform the Mall Authorities and wait for their answers about this.. 😉



  • has taken the initiative to keep the site updated with upcoming events.
  • This Article was forwarded to Mall staff but No response from the Mall staff yet including the Managerial Team. :/

The Celebration Mall Celebrated

The Celebration Mall Inaugural

The NH 8 of Bhuwana got all the more crowded as the Udaipur cannot stop itself to move towards the soft launching of the celebration mall on Saturday. The celebration mall is the first of its kind in the city. The heritage architecture of the mall stands to preserve the heritage culture of the city, and this inaugural function added the western color to it.

In the series of two day celebration at The Celebration Mall the Udaipur witnessed the dazzling performance by fame Gaurav and Bhakti. And sizzling Jazz, Tango, Spanish dance performance. It also Included Surprise and Unique group dance which was a markup to All Performances. Our own RJ cum Anchor Ankit rocked the mall with many interesting activities.

The Complete Inaugural was handled by the Celebration Mall Team. Ankit Talesra from the Celebration Mall team Quoted:

“We will keep bringing such new Acts and Events in future to entertain our City of Lakes in their own Heritage Mall.”

The mall today welcomes you for Indian idol fame Sandeep Acharya’s concert.

Here are a Few More Pictures of the Launch :


The Celebration Mall is All Set to Celebrate the Launch

The Celebration Mall Udaipur

“Malls cannot operate in Udaipur. There is no such culture in the city. People of Udaipur will not go to malls.” These were some of the comments I got from the people of Udaipur, a few months ago. I took those comments with a pinch of salt. And when I
visited McDonald’s Udaipur, for the first time, in January, I was pleased to see what Celebration Mall was going to be.

Earlier today, When i heard about the official launch of Celebration Mall, I was more than happy. The first mall in the City of Lakes, is scheduled for a soft launch on Saturday, 2nd July, 2011. Not only it features the only McDonald’s store in Udaipur, it also features the city’s first multiplex, PVR, Easyday Market hypermarket (Bharti – Walmart), Food Celebrations food court, Reliance Trends department store, Crossword, Dominos Pizza and many more.

Yeh mall chalega hi nahi, Daudega.

The Celebration Mall, developed by a joint venture of CapitaMalls Asia Limited and Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL) is a Claim to Fame for Udaipur. With around 390,000 sq ft of super built-up area across seven floors, the mall will have 144 retail
units which will include fine dining restaurants, cafes, and department stores. There will be 302 parking spaces over two basement levels. The mall has been designed by the architects Nimish Patel and Parul Zaveri from Panika of ‘The Oberoi Udaivilas’ fame.

On the 2nd of July, there will be dance performances by Gaurav Bajpai and Bhakti Dabolkar. Additionally, there will be performances by International Samba, R & B and Spanish dancers. On the 3rd of July, shoppers will be dazzled by Belly Dancers from Russia along with a few Bollywood numbers followed by the Grand performance of the Indian Idol season 2 winner – Sandeep Acharya who will enthrall the crowd with his tunes.

Inside the Celebration Mall Udaipur

We have some very encouraging comments regarding the growth prospects of the mall and Udaipur from the key people associated with Celebration Mall.

Mr. Kevin Chee, Country Head, India, CapitaMalls Asia, said,

“CapitaMalls Asia is pleased to have signed a strong line up of key anchor tenants for The Celebration Mall, Udaipur and we are on track for a soft launch on 2 July 2011. Other than the anchors, we have also signed on a good number of branded apparel retailers and restaurants, and expect a stronger take-up for the other units in the mall. Reliance Trends, McDonald’s and Hungama Game Zone have opened and are performing well, and we look forward to PVR opening. Easyday Market hypermarket and Food Celebrations foodcourt are expected to join us in the near future as our partners in redefining the retail experience for the city’s shoppers. CapitaMalls Asia is committed to growing our presence in India. The Celebration Mall, Udaipur is our first mall in India and our first project with AIPL. With the highest per capita income in Rajasthan, the provisional data released from Census 2011 mentions the population of Udaipur district is about 3 million. As the first shopping mall in the city, The Celebration Mall, Udaipur will help meet the under-served retail aspirations and needs of the city’s residents and tourists. CapitaMalls Asia will leverage on our experience in developing and managing 93 shopping malls in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan and India to deliver a retail and lifestyle destination that will resonate with them.”

Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, President – Corporate Strategy & Business Development, AIPL, said,

“In collaboration with CapitaMalls Asia, AIPL is delighted to welcome these key tenants for The Celebration Mall, Udaipur. These retailers are demanding clients who follow a stringent set of criteria for site selection and are very quality conscious. Their decision to work with The Celebration Mall, Udaipur is a fantastic endorsement of the project. We are confident that with the presence of these operators and other leading brands, The Celebration Mall, Udaipur will become the shopping destination of the city.”

Mr. Andrew Levermore, COO, Bharti Retail, said,

“We believe our location in The Celebration Mall, Udaipur is perfect for us to offer the city, which exhibits the true values and culture of Mewar and its people, the Easyday Market store efficient and wholesome shopping experience. We are committed to bringing our standards of excellence to the residents of Udaipur. The Easyday Market store in The Celebration Mall, Udaipur will become a one-stop store for customers by offering consistent lowest prices across a wide assortment of quality products like apparel, food, personal care, electronics, home products among others. Shopping at Easyday Market will enable the people of Udaipur to live better by saving money.”

Mr. Arun Sirdeshmukh, CEO, Reliance Trends, said,

“Reliance Trends, India’s leading apparel retailer, is indeed excited to offer fashion at great value to the beautiful city of Udaipur. We are proud to be associated with CapitaMalls Asia and AIPL who have developed The Celebration Mall, Udaipur – the city’s first mall and an answer to our requirements. Reliance Trends, ranked India’s No. 1 department store, has 35 stores across 26 cities of India and eagerly looks forward to catering to people of Udaipur as their first fashion choice.”

Mr. Vardhman Kothari, Partner, Hungama Game Zone, said,

“We have always prided ourselves on being the ‘fun’ destination for people seeking entertainment with their family and friends. Being part of The Celebration Mall, Udaipur, is in keeping with Hungama Entertainment’s aim of providing maximum satisfaction to the residents of Udaipur by providing them world class high-tech gaming experience with the latest games, excellent contests, varied entertainment options and more. It is our opinion that the developers CapitaMalls Asia and AIPL have indeed created a benchmark of quality for the city with The Celebration Mall, Udaipur, and we look forward to enthralling our customers and have them visit us at the mall over and over again.”

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Joint Managing Director, PVR Ltd., said,

“We are extremely delighted to bring forth the first-ever multiplex to Udaipur. Our decision to launch our cinema here has been strongly influenced by the romance of Udaipur and we believe that bringing the finest movie viewing experience here will add to the enchanting aura of this city. We are certain that the movie lovers in the city and around would appreciate the new-age cinema experience that we will provide in the first organised mall in Udaipur. The Celebration Mall, Udaipur has provided us with the perfect setting to create the unique PVR experience in the city.”

Mr. Vikram Bakshi, Managing Director, McDonald’s India (North & East), said,

“We have been looking to enter Udaipur for quite some time but haven’t been able to for lack of quality real estate that could fulfill our requirements. The Celebration Mall, Udaipur met all our requirements and presented us with a great opportunity to serve the food lovers of the city. It has solid potential to become the foremost retail destination of the city and its strategic location in city suburbs is clearly advantageous for us.”

Mr. Amit Prakash, Director, UN Foods Pvt. Ltd., the operator of the Food Celebrations foodcourt, said,

“We have always wanted to cater to the residents of Udaipur, who wish for a more sophisticated, yet integrated shopping and dining experience in a comfortable environment. The Celebration Mall, Udaipur will deliver that experience, and we are pleased to offer our Food Celebrations foodcourt at the mall to provide greater dining choices for shoppers. We believe this mall is the long-awaited iconic property that will modernise the retail scene in Udaipur, bringing it on par with the rest of the country.”


The Celebration Mall Udaipur