Techno NJR student Invited for Google I/O 2018

Techno NJR student Invited for Google I/O 2018

It is a matter of pride that Udaipur Boy Akshay Nandwana studying B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering at Techno NJR Institute of Technology has been invited by Google to attend their annual Developers meet .

Akshay Nandwana


Google I/O is an annual event of Google started in 2008. This year’s I/O will be held at Shoreline Amphitheatre situated in Google headquarter in Mount View , California where 5000 developers  all over the world will meet to know about latest launch of Google.  Google I/O 2018 will be addressed by Sunder Pichai, CEO – Google Inc.


Google has selected 5 students from India to attend this prestigious event and is paying for  their ticket, visa, hotel & other expenses. Akshay has been working with Google Applied CS with Android group for the last 2 years and had set up Developers Student Group at Techno NJR with support from Google.


” It is a great opportunity and honour to be selected to attend Google I/O 2018 which brings mw a step closer to my dream of getting a job with Google ” says Akshay. He was guided at Techno NJR by college faculty cum mentor Aaditya Maheshwari.  Aaditya himself was selected by Google in 2012 to work for Google Summer of Code 2012 summit in California. ” It is a dream come true that one of my students has been selected by Google ” says Aaditya. ” I am sure many more students of Techno NJR will get selected by Google in future ” he further added.


US$6000 (Rs.4 lacs) Prize for Udaipur Students Project by Intel Corporation, USA

It was the time for students of Udaipur based engineering college Techno India NJR Institute of Technology to make a splash on international technology scene. World’s biggest chip maker Intel Corporation of USA organised a Hackathon with a challenge to   build innovative devices to improve human life. Thousands of entries were received for this challenge from all over the world.      

3 students of Techno NJR  Electronics and Communication branch  took this challenge and decided to create a device to improve quality of water in Udaipur lakes and wells. First step to improve is to measure  water quality . Traditional way to measure quality of water is to take sample of water from the lake and do the testing  in a laboratory  where you get results next day. And it  was not done regularly. Also data on quality of water remained with authorities and laboratories only.

techno india njr students

These students decided to create an Internet of Things (IoT)  device which could measure water quality continuously without taking water sample and also  share results  with everyone through an App so that so that every Udaipurite can contribute in improving quality of lake Water.

So this is what they did

They created a box and installed 4 sensors to measure following four parameters of Water quality “

  1. Temperature
  2. PH
  3. Turbidity
  4. Dissolved oxygen

They also installed a data logger to collect all readings of these sensors and also added a solar panel to supply power to the box. They connected  this system to IBM Bluemix cloud to store the data on quality of water sent  every half an hour  by the sensors. They also used IBM Watson to analyse this continuous data to create reports and graphs and created an App  called Lake Monitoring System ( available on Google Play Store ) through which anyone in the world can see quality of water in Udaipur lakes on live basis. 

This will help in authorities and Udaipur lake lovers in improving the quality of water by taking suitable measures. If Ph is increasing it will imply that some water from sewage is coming in lakes. Dissolved oxygen level indicates suitability of this water for fishes and fauna in the lake. If dissolved oxygen level is low it can be improved by installing aerators. 

For this highly valuable project  students Ritwik Dave, Roshni Mehta and Himmat Khatik won second prize of US$ 5000 and Best Student project of US$ 1000 in Intel Hacks 2017 for their entry – Smart Well Monitoring System . This system has been installed by the students at Fatehsagar lake in Udaipur . 

As a highly gracious and commendable gesture, students have offered to use Prize money of Rs.4 lacs to make 6 more systems like these and install them in other six lakes of Udaipur so that Government authorities and general public can see water quality of all 7 lakes through one App on their mobile. Computer Science students Ritwik Joshi and Vansh Soni designed the dashboard and the App based on IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson platform. You can see the system at:

Project was mentored by  Prof. Pradeep C. & Dr. Jonathan Joshi  on IoT side and Aaditya Maheshwari on Cloud and Analytics .

UdaipurBlog congratulates these students for this useful device which will help Udaipur keep it’s lakes pristine and clean.


The World’s Biggest Hackathon at Techno India NJR

The World’s Biggest Hackathon at the Techno India NJR

The world’s biggest hackathon was held in the Udaipur at Techno India NJR Institute under Digital India campaign of Indian Government. It was an ‘36 hours’ continuous quest to find solutions to various social issues in India. 10,000 participants across India worked together in order to solve a list of tribulations present in the country. The Smart India Hackathon 2017 was anticipated to promote innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in young minds, especially engineering students.

For those you are unaware of the term hackathon, it is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others collaborate on certain software projects. In this Smart India Hackathon, 584 teams, 10,000 engineering students participated and accumulated at 26 nodal centers across India.

Techno India NJR Institute got the opportunity to be the Nodal center of Ministry Of Railway. 61 teams from the best of engineering colleges in India consisting of 484 students along with their 54 mentors worked at the campus non-stop for 36 hours.

Around 60 teams along with their mentors reached the Techno Campus on the morning of 31st March 2017.  The registration for the event began at 10 in the morning which continued till 3 pm. After that, a sightseeing of Udaipur was organized for all the participants of Smart India Hackathon 2017.

The event started on 1st April 2017 at 7:30 am at the campus and was followed by a video speech by the minister of HRD, Mr. Prakash Javadekar who announced the commencement of Smart India Hackathon 2017. The students also had a live interaction with the minister of railways, Mr. Suresh Prabhu. The whole day passed with the participants working in the labs. The judgment procedure started by 7:30 and lasted till 9:00 pm.

The biggest attraction of the hackathon was- Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing thousands of aspiring innovators and programmers participating in Smart India Hackathon 2017 on Saturday 10:00 pm through video conferencing. A Zumba dance performance for 15 minutes was conducted by the college in the campus itself which was followed by a 5 Minutes DJ party session.


All the participants were awake all night and were working on their projects. The next day was started by a yoga session for the participants. After the second judging session at 9:00 in the morning on 2nd April, there was a final round in which 8 teams were selected from 64 teams and were asked to give the presentation of their projects. After which the winners were decided. This was followed by the price distribution, DJ party, and dinner. With this, the Smart India Hackathon 2017 came to an end with the official closing ceremony.

The Winner of the Hackthon 2017 was the team ‘Veer-3’, the second position was grabbed by ‘Mac-1’ team and the third position was grabbed by the ‘Lenister’s’ team. Each of the winners was given a prize money, 1 lac, 75 thousand, and 50 thousand respectively. The fourth and the fifth runner-ups were given 10 thousand rupees each.

Position Prize Team Name City Project
First Prize 1 lac VIER 3 Kotambi Accident at Unmanned Level Crossing
Second Prize 75,000 MEC 1 Kakkaveri Smart waste container
Third Prize 50,000 Lanisters Pune Dire tracks
Fourth Prize 10,000 Tech Infinity Mumbai Women Security
Fifth Prize 10,000 Cerebro Gaziabaad Virtual Tour of Railway Station

The hackathon was centered on the problems of social importance acknowledged by 29 ministries and departments of the government. They identified 598 problems, which 7,531 teams of approximately 42,000 students responded to. Of them, 1,266 teams of 10,000 participants were shortlisted for the finale.



National Workshop on Android Application Development

Computer Society of India, Udaipur Chapter, and Techno India NJR Institute of Technology,Udaipur announces five days National Workshop on Android Application Development for computer professionals from September 1st to September 5th 2012 at Techno NJR Research Center 202, Trimurty Heights above Kotak Mahindra Bank 8- C , Madhuban, Udaipur with an aim of giving detailed insight into the Open Source platform of Android, its architecture and its abilities for development of a wide variety of mobile applications.

Photo Courtesy :

 About Android :

The Android platform embraces the idea of general-purpose computing for handheld devices. It is a comprehensive platform that features a Linux-based operating system stack for managing devices, memory, and processes. In the current handheld device market, it’s the closest competitor of Apple’s iPhone. Google Inc purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., in 2005. Android’s mobile operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. Android’s source code and libraries are published under Apache License 2.0, and the Linux kernel below Android is under GPLv2 license. Thus, the openness of this powerful and robust mobile platform attracts and encourages the mobile developer community for development of Applications for Android enabled devices. Brief Description about the Workshop

About The Workshop :

This workshop will primarily focus on understanding the key concepts, best practices and insights of the Android architecture, and learn some basic skills of Android Application development . The workshop will be conducted by experienced software developers and co-corporate trainers .


Topics Covered:

  • Introducing Android and User Interfaces
  • Activity and Intent /Services
  • Storing & Retrieving Data Notification & Alarm
  • Telephony and Graphics & Animation/Multimedia
  • Problems Solutions and Application Development Practices


About Organizers:

Chairman – M.L.Talesra
Organizing Secretary – Mr. Mazher Hussain
Coordinator – Mr. Piyush Javeria


Venue : Techno NJR Research Center 202,

Trimurty Heights above Kotak Mahindra Bank 8- C

Madhuban, Udaipur

Date :  September 1st to September 5th 2012


For More Details Contact:

  • Mazher Hussain – 9828058105

Email –


  • Piyush Javeria – 8696932742

Email –




Three Day National Seminar IPMC 2011 began yesterday

The 27th National Convention of Electronics and Communication Engineers and National Seminar on IP Multimedia Communications (NC-IPMC) 2011 began yesterday at the Institution of Engineers (India) centre at Sec. 11, Udaipur. This is being organized by the Institution of Engineers (India), under the aegis of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Division Board in association with College of Technology and Engineering (CTAE), Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Special Interest Groups-Wireless Networks (SIG-WN) and e-Agriculture, Computer Society of India (CSI), and with academic collaboration with the International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Foundation of Computer Science, New York (USA) from 14th-16th Oct 2011.

In the inaugural ceremony of the conference, the welcome address was given by Dr. Y.C. Bhatt, where he welcomed all the eminent guests for their gracious presence at the IPMC-2011. Then, Dr. Dharm Singh informed about the National Convention.  He told that in total 91 papers were received for consideration and after reviews, 35 papers have been selected for the presentation in the conference. The presented papers will also be published with ICJA, USA.

Next to it, the guests of honor, as well as presiding chairman gave their thoughts about the importance of the conference, and role of student phase throughout one’s life. Later, Mr. P.N. Goswami gave a motivational speech, sharing his life experiences. After that, Prof. S.K. Mitra Memorial Lecture was given by Prof O.P.N. Calla. He emphasized on the use of microwaves, and explained its wide applications in many fields such as communication, industrial, medical, remote sensing, etc. Vote of thanks was given by Er. Syed Irshad Ali, later followed by sessions of paper presentations.

Given below is a glimpse of the event that took place yesterday. the conference will be continuing for 15th as well as 16th of October too.