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  • “Since 1947” – A short film against corruption

    “Since 1947” – A short film against corruption

    This short film was shot in Thada (near salumber) and surpura (near pushkar) it depicts the state of Corruption in India. How the agents and middlemen raise the price of basic things like Passport, Ration Cards etc. threefold. Learn How to verify Ration Card Online.  Every time when someone pays to the agent the corruption […]

  • [Short Film] 28 Rupees… Enough??

    [Short Film] 28 Rupees… Enough??

      With the vast potential for development, abundant natural resources and 1.2 billion population (a lot of manpower), India is worldwide termed as one of the fastest growing economic power of the world. But this “manpower” is lying useless on the streets of the country. Question yourself; have you ever saw a public place, temple […]