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Udaipur’s film gets nominated at Asia’s Top Film Festival- JIFF

A feature-length documentary film, ‘The 14th February & Beyond‘ directed by Udaipur-based filmmaker Utpal Kalal has been nominated for the 12th Jaipur International Film Festival, one of Asia’s top and world’s reputed film festival.

This is the first time that a director from Udaipur has made it to Jaipur International Film Festival. Utpal Kalal is a filmmaker based out of Udaipur, who has directed several music videos, short documentaries and commercials. ‘The 14th February & Beyond‘ is Utpal’s first feature-length documentary film.

A doctor by profession who went on to pursue his passion for cinema, Utpal Kalal got the inspiration to do this film from his curiosity to understand the hype and negative situation arising on 14th February, popularly known as Valentine’s day. As an adolescent, he never had any pleasant thought about this day in his tender mind.

Utpal’s film talks about the same thought about this day. It brings in front, the bizarre shades of this global lovefest and its negative effects on the society. ‘The 14th February & Beyond’ is trying to explore the ground facts regarding Valentine’s Day while sharing some experts’ views around the topic into the form of a documentary film.

Utpal has made this film with the hope that it ignites a conversation about this issue that has been overlooked so far.


“Since 1947” – A short film against corruption

This short film was shot in Thada (near salumber) and surpura (near pushkar) it depicts the state of Corruption in India. How the agents and middlemen raise the price of basic things like Passport, Ration Cards etc. threefold. Learn How to verify Ration Card Online.  Every time when someone pays to the agent the corruption grows. This Short movie inspires to carry out work one-self and Stop corruption.

The movie is directed by : Abhishek Sandu who is a resident of Sector 6 and is presently pursuing his MBA from Welingkars, Mumbai.

Since 1947 - A Short Film