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Are we really a REPUBLIC INDIA?

Republic means a country in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president. But sometimes I ask myself a question “Are we really Republic…?” The answer that comes is “NO”.

It’s said that government is for the people, by the people and of the people. But it doesn’t seem to me like this. If we would have been republic then our views won’t be overlooked, our voices won’t be tongue tied. This Republic Day I don’t feel like celebrating but mourning on our past activities.

Republic Day


Talking about the “Nirbhaya’s” case, it’s been more then a month and the culprits are not being punished. People say that it’s the fault of girls, just because of their outfits, but is it their fault that some “Idiots” can’t change their so called filthy mentality, its their they can’t control the beast in them. Can anyone one please tell me does a 3 yr old girl, or a 35 yr old housewife, or a 55 yr old aged women wear western clothes or is it the fault of the animal that can’t control himself. They say it takes two hands for a clap. I request these people please “Grow Up”, respect women instead of admonishing them, stating them guilty for everything, change your bloody mentality about them, and know their worth. Every person is given birth by a woman, whom he calls mother. I thought that may be after the Delhi case, we won’t hear of any rape cases but am sorry to say these mindless monsters haven’t stopped. Every day in newspapers we hear about these cases, but the bitter truth is that these culprits are not even punished, they easily get bailed. It’s even been said by the mother of one of the similar mishap victim that the police didn’t even registered their case, not until the pressure of media. Even after that, they were taking the culprits lightly. She mentioned in her statement that it was because the culprits has strong connections with the politicians. (TOI, 18th Jan. 2013)
Who the hell are we afraid of, representatives of our voice whom we have elected..? You tell me that by remaining silent are we giving justice to all those girls who have lost their lives, or who are still suffering, or who won’t be able to live a stable life. By not punishing the criminals rather let them roam free or enjoying their lives or making a family getting married. You tell me are we correct in this..? So I request you all, please take a stand. Now the time is for us “The Young Guns of India” to take a step change the laws, change the rules, change the people’s mentality, punish the culprits and give justice to women. And I think instead of just hanging the culprits they must be killed brutally, the same way they have destroyed lives of various girls and women.

I want to ask our government few questions: “Were you waiting for something like Nirbhaya’s case to happen to take some action against it..? What about all those girls who have suffered before it..? Was it a normal thing for you rather being an offence..? Why does it take too long for you to wake up?”

I am also ashamed on the way our government is treating Pakistan for the brutality they have shown since ages. They killed our soldiers, beheaded them, as well as firings and series of bombings in our country so far. And what we do is cancel our cricket matches with them, don’t allow them in the social meetings. Can’t we rather give them a proper “reply” the way they have treated us so far. They say that they hanged “Kasab”, but none of them who are self appreciating have noticed that he stayed in our country like a VIP, a celebrity for more than 4 years.

We are republic, but our country suffers from loopholes inside our own system. Why can’t we take a strong action against any external or internal brutality? Why can’t we just be a part of a cleaner democratic and republic India rather than living in a world of dirty politics, even when the people stand for a peaceful protest on roads, their own representatives issue orders to disperse the mob forcefully and brutally.

Please people, lets stand up for all the victims of Incredible India. Corruption is embedded in our system till depths. Its time for us now to take some action against all this, to make India worth calling “Mera Bharat Mahan”. And until that, even we are worthless. Let us not allow them to take advantage of our silence. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

P.S.: By this article if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, I am sorry for it. No offense, but these are my independent views about our Republic India.


Article By: Rhythum Tamra