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Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300

During the summers in Udaipur, it looks like the sun is quite angry with all of us. Advertisement of glucose powder where the sun is sucking the energy out of us seems literal. Each day seems like a new challenge especially when we have to get out of our house and face the prickly sun. While nobody really likes the side effects of summers, there is something which makes us look forward to it. And that is a pool party.

In such hot weather, all we want to do is leap into the cool water and give our body the pleasure of summers. But when we think about it, the first problem that pops up in our minds is POOL. So, here we are presenting with a list of pools which are not just body soothing but also pocket-friendly.

Aravali Silence Lakend Resort

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: trip advisor

To all the skin-conscious girls and boys out there, here’s a good news for you. The water in the pool here is CHLORINE FREE. So you do not have to worry about the tanning that catches your skin and water that irritates your eyes after the pool party. There’s a garden beside the pool where you can put your belongings, have snacks or just rest in case you are one of the people who doesn’t want to go inside the pool. It is situated at a distance of approx. 15 km from the city.

Price: Rs. 100/- per head

Time limit: 1 Hr

Address: Nathawato ka Guda, Lake Badi

Dhar Lali Padma Bagh

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: Trip Carta

If you are looking for a large pool for a large number of people, this one’s for you. Away from the chaos of the city, Padma bagh is situated at a distance of 25 km from the city. The pool is large and appropriate for a large number of people. However, it is recommended to call and book the pool in case you are planning a pool party here. You can take snacks and beverages along with you with no additional cover charges.

Price: Rs. 200/- per head

Time limit: 3 Hrs

Address: Village Dhar, Dist. Udaipur

Amantra Shilpi Resort

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: Amantra Shilpi Resort

Amantra Shilpi resort is a well-equipped pool party destination which is not very far from the city. It is located at a distance of approx 8 km from the city. Restaurant and bar are available at the resort as well. Note that it is mandatory to wear swimming costumes in the pool here or in this case any clothing will work as long as it is made up of Lycra fabric.

Price: Rs. 250/- per head

Time limit: 2 Hrs

Address: Fateh Sagar road, Near Shilpgram

Q Hotel

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300

If you are quite too excited for the pool party and do not want to travel much, this is a wonderful place for you and guess what? It even fits your budget. The size of the pool is comfortable for 4-5 people at a time. Therefore, if you are planning for a pool party with a large number of people then it is recommended to look elsewhere.

Price: 250/- per head

Time limit: 2 and half hours

Address: 2-A, New Flora Complex, Near New Pula Bridge, Fatehpura


Vijaygarh resort

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300

Vijaygarh is a picture perfect resort situated at Tiger hills in the lap of nature. The pool is placed in a top corner of the resort. The restaurant is just above the pool so you can have a meal or snacks too. Although, the pool is not much large but is comfortable for 5-6 persons at once. You can look at the statue of Maharana Pratap from the resort. With amazing aura, good facilities, and picturesque environment Vijaygarh resort is a must visit place.

Price: Rs. 300/- per head

Time limit: 3 Hrs

Address: Tiger Hills, Badgaon


Gazebo Inn

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: Trip Advisor

Perfect pool destination for a family as there are two adjoining pools. One pool has shallow water for kids and another one has deep water for adults. The name of this place justifies itself quite enough as there are a number of gazebos installed all around.

Price: Rs. 250/- per head

Time limit: Unlimited

Address: RJ SH 50, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313031


Blu feather hotel

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Blu Feather Hotel & Spa

It has a rooftop swimming pool and posh luxurious environment. The size of the pool is suitable for an average number of 8-10 people at a time. You will be provided with a welcome drink as well. However, if you wish to have a meal and snacks along with the pool party, you can choose from one of their packages accordingly.

Price: Rs. 300/- per person + Tax

Time limit: Unlimited

Address: No. 4, Pratap Nagar Road, Bhuwana Sukher bypass


So now that you have so many amazing and inexpensive list of pools in Udaipur, tell your friends, pack your bags and get ready to challenge the sun this summer.

If you have some more suggestions for pocket-friendly pools in Udaipur, tell us in the comment section below.


Wet Saturday Pool Party in Udaipur by Purple Turtle and VS1 Studio


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Pool party Udaipur

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Entry Scheme :

Entry will be strictly on the basis of Guest list/ Passes.
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The Party Will Include :

★ Unlimited Veg. & Non -Veg Food (INCLUDING SNACKS)

★ Stag ( FEMALE only )

★ Couples

★ Group discount Available ….

★ On the Spot Entries will be Charged More as per The Management Decision & Rights Of Admission are Strictly Reserved by management .

★ Stag(only female) : ( includes snacks ,dinner,desert for 1 person and 3 complementary – 1 welcome and 2 drinks.)

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