Best Holi Parties in Udaipur in 2024

As winter fades away and summer starts to peek in, the buzz for Holi in Udaipur is hard to miss! It is euphoric that we are locals of the city of lakes. Holi in Udaipur is celebrated in the best possible manner.

With the city’s rich heritage and scenic beauty, celebrating the festival of colors here is a treat like no other. From the vibrant markets to tranquil shores, every corner of the city is alive with anticipation.

With so many vibrant events lined up, choosing where to celebrate can be a challenge. But worry not! Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for an unforgettable Holi experience in the city of lakes! We are sure you are excited. But have you thought where would you celebrate this year?

Do not worry, we have got your back. And if this is your first time in Udaipur, we have some great suggestions to make your first visit memorable as well.

List of Holi Parties in Udaipur


Udaipur is gearing up for its highly anticipated Holi party, “Rang-e-Udaipur,” which is scheduled to take place on March 24th, 2024 at the Royal Retreat Udaipur. Hosted by Event Dastaan, this extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience with performances by renowned hip-hop artist – Paradox, and other talented artists such as Rohan Mukati, RIB, and Tales of Tomorrow. Against the majestic backdrop of the “Royal Retreat”, this Holi party guarantees a vibrant celebration filled with music, dance, and colourful revelry.

Address: Hawala, Badi Hawala Rd, Udaipur, Bari

For bookings and queries: 9119769307, 8955056643


Join the ultimate Holi celebration at the “Field Club Udaipur” on March 24th, 2024. Hosted by The White Dessert event will be held at the Field Club Udaipur and promises an electrifying atmosphere with an impressive lineup of DJs, including Shivam, Deepali, Ann, Ashmyraah, and D. Prepare to dance non-stop to amazing music, splash around in the rain and foam dance zones, and bask in the festive spirit amidst the picturesque surroundings of the Field Club. Also if you want to have a Pre-Holi Celebration it is happening on 23rd March 2024 at Big Shot Club Udaipur.

Address: Sahelion ki bari, Fatehpura Rd, Udaipur

For bookings and queries: 8928190264, 9660550441


Join the iconic “Ghat Holi” celebration at Gangaur Ghat in Udaipur, a tradition that has been cherished for the past 15 years. With DJ music, vibrant colours, and the serene backdrop of the ghat, this celebration epitomizes the essence of Holi in Udaipur. Come, be a part of this timeless tradition and revel in the joyous spirit of the festival.

Address: Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur


Embark on a journey of music, dance, and colours at “Holiwood – Season 3” hosted by The Catalogue on 25th March 2024. Located at “Bamboo Saa Resort and Spa, near Sajjangarh”, this event features performances by I am Felix and other talented DJs, along with rain dance, Holi activities, and more. Immerse yourself in the festive spirit and create memories to last a lifetime.

Address: 1499/1500, Rani Rd, near Sajjangarh Bio Park, Harsh Nagar, Eklavya Colony, Udaipur

For bookings and queries: 7528045834, 8058693780, 7355900009


Get ready for a Bollywood-inspired Holi extravaganza at “Southland’s Holi” celebration at “Southland Hotel” on 25th March 2024. With Punjabi dhol beats, delectable food stalls, refreshing drinks, and a plethora of games and activities, this event promises a day filled with laughter, joy, and camaraderie. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable Holi celebration like no other.

Address: Pulla, Bhuwana, Udaipur

For bookings and queries: 6377180110

Summing Up

In India, festivals are all about unity and love. And Udaipur is a versatile place. It is host to tourists from all over the world which makes the festival of colours even more zealous. It is the perfect time to boast about the rich heritage in the form of distinctive occasions.

Holi is indubitably one of the most favourite festivities of people. We look forward to celebrating with our families and friends. So, there is no chance that we will not enjoy Holi in 2024.

This year it is going to be brighter and louder than ever! The enthusiasm of locals and the eagerness of the tourists is what will add to the excitement.

So, which party will you go to this Holi to create another year of colourful memories?

Curated by- Chavi Jain


Holi Celebrations in Udaipur

The soft footfalls of Holi festivals can be heard weeks before the grand fiesta is celebrated with great gusto in Lake City. A couple of days in advance on the occasion of Amalka Ekadsh, rural folk from neighboring areas of Udaipur flock to the religious and historic place Gangoudhara (Gangukund) near the Chhatris, the cremations ground of the royal families of Mewar in Udaipur. The ancient ‘Kund’ is believed to have the presence of the river Ganga. In fact, people start gathering here days in advance. There is a big crowd of devotees at the Rajrajeshwar Shiv Mandir to perform rituals. Young and old are seen enjoying themselves on Chakri ‘jhulas’, eating ‘Chat pakodi’ and the like. They go on a shopping spree as there is a huge variety of items including cosmetics, bangles, and domestic ware on sale in this traditional fair. A special feature of this fair (mela) is the availability of earthen ‘matkas’ that Udaipurites in large numbers buy for their cool water supply in summer. It is also popular called ‘matka mela’ fair where pot makers from outside Udaipur begin to reach weeks in advance.


Udaipur markets start buzzing with activity. For the last couple of years, herbal ‘gulal’’ is having good demand and a fort night the Forest dept. has created a record by selling about 1100 kilos of this items. It is prepared in neighboring tribal areas of Udaipur such as Thamla Ber Devla of Kotda region Dang, Malviya-Merpor, Kodiyat and Chukdia of Udaipur and Jorma of Gogunda with a target of about 50 quintals. The income goes to the Van Suraksha and Prabhand Samiti. Mainly four kinds of ‘gulal’ is made from different material like roses, ‘amaltash’, ‘chukandar’. Tribal women go out in the jungle everyday to collect flowers and their juice is extracted. And after adding it to a rarest flower it is dried again. This material is then ground till they take the form of fine powder. Attractively packed in 200 and 250 gram packets the material is sent to the market. It is in big demand not only in outside places such as Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat. Herbal ‘gula’ is proving very popular with its several advantages. It is eco friendly and does not hurt the skin or the eyes. The clothes are not stained. Its sweet smell and natural colors are added attractions. It has also become a source of income for tribal women who are becoming better aware of protection of forests but a big order has also been received from Australia.

Holi celebration at City Palace Udaipur

Children and boys can be seen buying different kinds of ‘pitchkaris’ in markets, especially Surajpole, Delhigate and Bapu Bazar. This year also, a big favourite ‘ankwali pichkari’, that has the capacity of 1 to 2 liters of water and can be hung from the waist. So are gun and pump shaped ones. On sale are ones with stickers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, as also those of cartoon characters like Doromon. With these are being bought spray color, capsule color, tube color and ‘gulal’. The prices have gone up this year due to GST.
With the beginning of Holastak a week before Holi, special celebration of Fagoutware, started attracting devotees to the temples of Udaipur. During these eight days that are of special significance for Vaishnavas of Pustimagiya Vaishnavas, the devotes to the temples of religious fervour. Devotees of Udaipur and Gujarat come to the Shrinath Mandir Nathdwara, in large number. There is a lot of rarely devotees in the form of different gods and goddesses dance before the Lord. On this occasion are sung ‘garis’ that are dialogues between the lord and the ‘gopis’. Devotees have the ‘darshan’ of ‘lilas’ of Kamdeo for forty days when he tries to overpower the Lord in various ways. However, two days after Holi, Kamdeo accept his defeat.
Jagdish Mandir is also drawing a large number of devotees who participate enthusiastically in ‘bhajan’ singing and other programmes. According to an old tradition, thousands of villagers of Pherapheri do not work on Ekadash and visit this temple to worship the Lord. In Kalyan Shaktipeeth Udaipur , ‘Maha-aarti’ is performed after decorations the idol with ‘Chandan gulal’ of different colors.
In the main streets of the city can be seen persons of Vagaria community from Marwar and Mewar singing on the beat of the ‘chang’ and asking for ‘shagun’ money.
The whole city begins to vibrate with joyous festive vibes. Parties of singers from Nathdwara Srinath Mandir come to Udaipur to sing ‘rasia’ songs. To sing songs composed by the great ‘bhakti’ poet Ras Khan, singers from Brij also come to Udaipur.


होली – नए रंग नयी उमंग मेरे शहर में…..

Holi Celebration Udaipur फतेहसागर और पिछोला में  पानी की गपशप है. सहेलियों की बाड़ी में गीत मुखर हो गए है, गुलाब बाग में तरुनाई का नृत्य है, रंग चटक हो गए है. सुखाडिया सर्किल पर उम्र और जात पात की दीवारें टूट रही  है और राणा उदयसिंह जी की नगरी संगीत में नहा रही है. उदयपुर में अरावली की पर्वत मालाएं बोलने को आतुर है, नाथद्वारा बसंत की अगवानी को तैयार है, यह ठाकुर द्वारा मेवाड़ में गुजरात का द्वार है. रंगो का पावन त्यौहार, राधा कृष्ण के प्रेम का त्यौहार, भाईचारे और संगम का त्यौहार. पूरे भारतवर्ष में मनाई जाने वाली होली का मुख्य केन्द्र मथुरा और वृन्दावन है. यह बसंत के आगमन की खुशी है. Buying Colors on Holi आज होली का त्यौहार है. सुबह से ही दुकानों पर भीड़ है, रंग-पिचकारी, मालपुआ-गुझिये और भांग-ठंडाई की मनुहार है, अपनों का अपनों को इंतज़ार है, अतिथियों का सत्कार है. बाजारों में बुजुर्ग पाग का अदब है, हाथीपोल पर युवा रंगो का गुबार है, सर्किल पर चेतक अकेला खड़ा है, उसे महाराणा का इंतज़ार है. मेवाड़ में यह अपनापन उसकी अनूठी विरासत है. Udaipur Market रंगो के साथ हवा में घुलती उमंग ने शहर को सतरंगी चादर से ढक दिया है. नयी फसल- नया धान आने को आतुर है,  लोग घरों से निकल कर गलियों में आ गए है, और आज मजबूरी में ही सही, मोबाइल से निजात पा गए है, चटक रंगो के साथ चेहरे खिल उठे है. आज उदयपुर की फिजा का अलग ही दृश्य है. घर घर की रसोई में माँ बेटी से रौनक है, घी की खुशबू फैली है, बच्चे हुडदंग मचा रहे है. दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है की इस उत्साह के व्यवसायीकरण ने बाजारों में ढाक और पलाश के फूलों से बने प्राकृतिक रंग की जगह कृतिम रंग और डाई को ला दिया है. फूहड़पन और अतिआधुनिकता में सतरंगी इन्द्रधनुष का कोई रंग खो ना जाये, जल और वायु में प्रदुषण का स्तर बढ़ ना जाये, इसका ध्यान रखना होगा. उदयपुर की प्रकृति को संजोये रखना हमारा हमारे शहर के प्रति पहला कर्तव्य है. मौसम के बदलाव से चर्म रोग, नेत्र रोग और श्वास से सम्बंधित बीमारियों के दस्तक देने की संभावना है, इनसे बचना होगा. प्राकृतिक रंगो का प्रयोग करे, सूखी होली खेले, जल बचाए. कोई भी एलर्जी होने पर तुरंत डॉक्टर को दिखाए. बसंत का स्वागत कीजिये, खूब खुशियाँ बटोरिये और सबमें बाटियें. हम कामना करते है की आप रंगो का यह पर्व उत्साह और उमंग से मनाएं और बार बार मनाएं. मेवाड़ के सभी वासियों को उदयपुर ब्लॉग की ओर से होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ. Happy Holi Udaipur

Photos by : Mujtaba R.G.