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  • {Part 2} Let’s Admit it… Udaipur

    {Part 2} Let’s Admit it… Udaipur

    With the Successful list of Compilation in the last Article : Lets Admit it Udaipur, Here I have framed a new list of 15 Things we all might Admit that we did them 😉 Share your comments if you feel the same. At least once, we all have counted the network towers or the black […]

  • Let’s Admit it… Udaipur!!!!

    Let’s Admit it… Udaipur!!!!

    Hi Guys, Every now and then we hang around our City Udaipur and there are a few points we all will Admit. Check out these 15 Findings I made, Comment below if you admit many of those. 🙂 We all have slowed down our two wheelers some meters away from Chetak circle just to check […]