{Part 3} Let’s Admit it… Udaipur

Guys, I am back with Let’s Admit it Udaipur Vol. 3. After Lets Admit it Udaipur Vol.1 and Vol. 2, hope you all gonna like the following classics too. Do share your views and comments for the same.

City Palace, Udaipur
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  1. Even after directing for an address properly, a “HAND-PUMP” always remains our all-time favorite landmark. 😀
  2. Two signals which majority of Udaipurites strictly adheres to are: “Suraj Pole” and “Delhi Gate”.
  3. That delightful moment when we could finally land our vehicle in an empty space at Emerald tower parking. ^_^
  4. Though we are part of the same crowd still we always look for a “Khali Jagah” to sit at Fatehsagar’s Paal and Rani Road.
  5. We harbour no ill feelings for our fellow riders on the road but that exchange of dirty look is a defaulter when either they don’t respond to our signals and honkings or when we get into you-were-about-to-hit-me moment with them.
  6. We all have this one cranky friend who wants to go hangout at FS when everyone else nods for Bansi (or anywhere else) or vice versa; who always wants to walk at Paal when everyone else has decided to sit or vice versa.
  7. [A Fact from the Back] That odometer deceleration when crossing the Swapnlok Cinema JUST to check the title of the latest “A” rated movie.
  8. We have DISH TVs, HD TVs, and other technologies to access the television programs but we, the Udaipurites, trust Mr. Chogha Lal Bhoi more than any of these technologies.
  9. Listening to music on our Autowalas’ woofers is much more entertaining than via headphones.
  10. You can escape from the eyes of a traffic policeman but you cannot show a clean pair of heels to the people who collect the parking charges, especially at our very own MB Hospital.
  11. Wherever we stay in Udaipur but at least once we all have heard that train’s whistle at break of dawn or rather that siren which many may still wonder where it really comes from!!
  12. The show time for everyone when there is a dog catcher municipal vehicle in our Mohalla.
  13. Whether we plan a long drive or a picnic, chances are high that we would end up at FS by the end of the day.
  14. Helmet rule in Udaipur is on and our minds work faster than any map application to look for shortcuts and alternative routes to our destination.
  15. Lastly, let’s admit it Udaipur that our city is truly rocking.


Cheers for the spirit of our city and people. ☺ ☺


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Salam Udaipur, myself Hasan Ali Gumani, born and brought up in Udaipur. Had my schooling from St. Paul’s, graduation from M.B. College and post-graduation from IBS Hyderabad. Being passionate about writing I have contributed articles at such as “Let’s Admit it Udaipur Vol. 1”, “Let’s Admit it Udaipur Vol. 2” and recently authored a fiction “…and they called it A Love Story.


{Part 2} Let’s Admit it… Udaipur

With the Successful list of Compilation in the last Article : Lets Admit it Udaipur, Here I have framed a new list of 15 Things we all might Admit that we did them 😉 Share your comments if you feel the same.

  1. At least once, we all have counted the network towers or the black water tanks from our rooftops.
  2. It always scares us when ‘108’ is running just behind us.
  3. When we are near to any choraha our eyes are more on the traffic lights than on the roads, so as to increase or decrease the speed according to the seconds left in changing of the lights.
  4. Though we have PVR and INOX in our city but still we all miss our very own Chetak Cinema.
  5. We all have this habit of calculating gross and net income of famous ‘Thelawalas’ of our city and this happens while enjoying the edibles offered by them.
  6.  In case a traffic policeman is present at any signal, even if he is not checking for anything, but still we try to hide our vehicle by halting it beside an auto or a van so that he could not see us.
  7. We call it ‘The Sunset Point’ but no one has ever been there for the view of sunset.
  8. Once at the top of Sajjangarh, we try to look for our residence first though everyone knows that it is not possible.
  9. Also at Sajjangarh, there is a staircase somewhere at the bottom but no one has ever got down from that staircase because after 4 to 5 stairs it becomes completely dark. Even the torch and flashlight does not work over there.
  10. In Udaipur, people waiting in second or third queue at traffic signals are actually more attentive in observing the traffic light as compared to those who are waiting in front.
  11. Even though we have KFC, Mc Donald’s and other food brands in our city but having something at sukhadiya circle is altogether a marvelous experience.
  12. At crossword bookstore, people of every age get attracted more towards the stationery and toys section rather than the book section.
  13. When deciding a place to sit at Fatehsagar’s paal we generally cross the whole paal in the search of a place.
  14. No one has ever seen the navy boats, tied at FS, in action.
  15. And finally lets admit it Udaipur..our city is Beautiful.


lets admit it udaipur

Post By : Hasan Ali Gumani


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About Hasan Ali Gumani:

Salam Udaipur, Myself Hasan Ali Gumani, born and brought in Udaipur only. Had my schooling from St. Paul’s, graduation from M.B. College and right now pursuing my Post Graduation from IBS Hyderabad.”