What Is Alzheimer’s | How is Forum Group spreading awareness for this disease

When we think of the most deadly diseases prevailing in the world, our minds directly think about fast-spreading, and the incurable ones that grab the headlines from time to time. But according to researches, many of such diseases don’t even rank in the top 10 reasons for worldwide deaths. The majority of people all around the world passed away due to diseases that progress slowly.

And one of the major causes that account for deaths which also made the top 10 list is: ‘Alzheimer’s’.

Forum Group is always concerned about the well-being and health of the people associated with the group. For this, the group always comes up with various marathons and events in order to keep citizens fit and healthy. One such initiative is,

Forum Purple Run’19:

We Udaipurites shop and always have a tremendous time at the Forum Celebration Mall. Now, it’s our turn to make our mark present in Udaipur’s history as well, history to create awareness about this common yet unknown disease: Alzheimer’s. It’s time to make it real BIG by participating in Forum Purple Run’19. Everyone can be part of such a noble cause.

It is India’s first-ever run organized by renowned Forum Group, for creating awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The main aim is to create awareness, sensitivity, and dignity towards this disease.

Now let us understand what Alzheimer’s is:

It is a syndrome which is associated with the decline of brain functioning specifically amongst the people aged 50 or above. It majorly affects the memory storing capacity, thinking, logical skills and other mental abilities.

The exact cause of this disease is not yet known, still, several factors are thought to increase your risk of developing this disease.

These include:

  • Growing old,
  • Hereditary conditions,
  • Depressions, and many more.

Various Stages of Alzheimer’s disease:

•Stage 1: Normal Outward Behavior

When your loved one is in this early phase, he won’t have any symptoms that’ll show that they have got Alzheimer’s. But as they move into the further stages, you will see major changes in their thinking and reasoning.

•Stage 2: Very Mild Changes

You still might not notice major changes, but they might be picking up on small differences. This could include forgetting a word or misplacing objects.

•Stage 3: Mild Decline

At this point that you may start to notice changes in the patient’s thinking.

•Stage 4: Moderate Decline

During this time, the problems in their thinking and reasoning that you noticed in the stage get more obvious. They might forget important details about themselves.

Though Alzheimer’s has no cure as such, treatments for symptoms are still available and research to find a cure continues. Current Alzheimer’s treatments cannot stop this disease from progressing, but they can temporarily slow the worsening of the symptoms and improve quality of life. Today, there is a worldwide effort under experiment to find better ways to treat the disease, delay the disease’s onset, and prevent it from developing further.

How to Register:

You can register online at

Offline registration: Information desk, Ground floor, Forum Celebration Mall

Come join us in our mission to create a world without Alzheimer’s.

Run to Remember, Run to END Alzheimer’s






5 reason why you should not miss these 3 days of Big Forum Sale

Forum Celebration Mall, which is also Udaipur’s first fully equipped mall has become the ultimate shopping Destination for people from all over Rajasthan. It is a perfect one-stop destination for all your Shopping, Dining and Entertainment cravings.

With a countless number of International and National brands spread all across Forum’s Celebration Mall, it is one of the ideal places that provides unmatched shopping experience. Forum Celebration Mall is an absolute treat for the shoppers and the youngsters.

Here we are giving you the top 5 Reasons why you should visit the mall in the next 3 days i.e. from 12th July to 14th July:


  • It’s Raining Discounts: Well Hello shoppers, it’s the perfect time for you to go on your shopping spree now. Over 50 brands in the Forum Celebration Mall are having flat 50% sale and this is ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ event. You can’t afford to lose such an irresistible offer. So Udaipurites, buckle up your shoes and rush to the mall immediately to avail the crazy offers.
Forum Sale at Forum Celebration Mall
Forum Sale at Forum Celebration Mall
  • Forum Celebration Mall’s adds the cherry to your cake:

    When you are done with your shopping spree, just visit the customer service desk on the ground floor of the Forum Celebration Mall. We bet you will be left surprised and amazed, as the mall is also providing special cashback and additional gift vouchers.


  • Stuff up Your wardrobes while it’s still time:

    As we are well aware that it’s Monsoon time in Udaipur, stuff up your wardrobe while you still can. It’s the ideal time when you can fill up your wardrobes with some of the best products from various renowned brands just at half rates.

People shoping at Forum Celebration Mall
  • Spend some Quality time with your loved ones:

    Once you are done with all your things, do something unplanned. You can watch the recently released Bollywood movie Super 30 at PVR. Movie followed by some good food is always blissful. You can enjoy finger-licking food at McD, Dominos, Subway, HariVedas and many more to choose from. If you are a couple, Way2Coffee is your way to go.


  • Don’t forget to Register yourselves for the most exciting event:

    All the party lovers, get ready to tap your feet on “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai” fame ‘Aastha Gill as she will be performing live on 20th July 2019.⁣ ⁣Entry is through free registration.

Aastha Gill event at Forum Celebration Mall

Click Here to Register:⁣


Give a delightful break to your monotonous routine and be a part of the most enthralling Shopping and Fun experience!


On Forum Celebration Mall’s 8th Anniversary, let’s know how it revolutionized Udaipur in past 8 years!

Forum Celebration Mall, the most preferred hang-out destination amongst the Udaipur folks is celebrating it’s 8th Anniversary today!

With a surfeit of International and National brands peppered across Forum’s Celebration Mall, it is one such place that provides ace shopping experience together with transforming the “hanging-out at mall” culture which was not even existent a few years back. Forum celebration mall is one of its kind and an absolute delight for the shoppers with an average annual footfall of around 47 lakhs.

Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

Largest and the most fancied amid other Udaipur malls, Forum Celebration Mall features the architectural majesty, which the city boasts from ancient times, showcasing magnificent arches and the prodigious central dome. However, what distinguished this mall from other malls in town is the contemporary youth culture which has been spinning since the day of its inception.

Entering into the eighth year of its commencement on July 2nd ’19 let’s know about 8 things that brought a huge transformation in Udaipur:

  • Mall Culture: Forum Celebration Mall is the first mall which claims of developing the true mall culture in Udaipur. It was only till 2011-12 when most locals were completely new to mall culture having big shopping brands, and international food joints like McDonald’s and Dominos for the first time; entertainment section and many other recreational activities to cherish upon on weekends. Most people admit that they experienced stair escalators for the first time in Celebration Mall back then. Thus a pioneer in building the so-called “big city” culture in Lakecity.

  • Shopping Destination: From apparels to accessories, Forum celebration Mall provides a one-stop solution to shopaholics. It is the one that redefined the shopping culture transforming it from street bargain hunting to window shopping culture. In fact, it is the hub of big brands including Clarks, Louis Philippe, Adidas, Woodlands are just to name a few. This mall not only offers a wide shopping experience but also a private excursion tour to domestic visitors. This is one of the reasons it is counted among the best places to visit in Udaipur.

Apparel brands at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

  • Community Building at Forum Celebration Mall: Unlike shopping culture which every other shopping mall in Udaipur offer, Forum Celebration Mall is a prominent place for social cause and other cultural activities. It not only provide reasons for people to unite and cherish but at the same time makes them aware of recent activities and things going on around the globe. An event like Junior Master Chef, Just Dance Competition, the Forum Purple Run (a marathon for awareness regarding Alzheimer’s) is some of the exemplary events that bring people of Udaipur together for a social cause.

Social Events at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

  • Recreational Activities: Before the spread of mall culture which is believed to come from metropolises, there were only a few places within the town where families could gather for fun and leisure. However, with the advent of Forum’s mall, it became the hotspot for foodies, youngsters, families and also tourists. The Gaming zone, Hungama 7D, the external kids play zone, spa nation, the fish spa, and the rides offers far more recreational assortments than ever before.


  • Movies and Entertainment Hub: Apart from shopping, leisure and entertainment are what people look for while entering a mall or an amusement park. Likewise, the Forum Celebration Mall offers an extensive range of entertainment options which captures the interest of all age groups. The successful establishment of PVR is one of the milestones which management must count for. The PVR cinema is recognized to be the first successfully running multiplex within the town.


  • Atrium: Forum Celebration Mall has the biggest atrium in terms of areas all over Rajasthan. The central entrance with huge overhead dome provides a ceremonial view to the visitors. The biggest advantage that it enjoys is the huge atrium which provides ample space for car shows and other auto workshops.

Atrium at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

  • A societal junction: The best part that one could notice in this mall is that this place is the hangout junction for all kinds of social classes. People from all classes and interest hit this place most prominently. Existence of big bazar also engrossed crowds from ration shops to mall shopping.

Retro Carnival at Forum Celebration Mall UdaipurRetro Carnival at Forum Celebration Mall UdaipurRetro Carnival at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur


  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle stores like Lenskart, Iconic, Reliance Trends, Max, etc., provide wide options to come and have a completely different kind of shopping experience. The biggest transformation is earlier people used to visit malls only for fashion commodities only but now the brands like Boxania, Lenskart, Reliance Digital and the like have transformed the buying culture over the years.

Brands at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur

Knowing the fact that it is the only junction for all fun, leisure, relaxation, family time, shopping and entertainment, are you all ready to plan a visit?


Udaipurites, it’s time to share your feedback for Forum Celebration Mall!

Udaipur, also known as the lake city, is well-known for places that feels so natural and real but the city’s man-made architecture also blow away one’s mind.

The best example of one such architecture is Forum Celebration mall. The very first mall of this Lakecity has redefined the entire definition of malls in Udaipur. In fact, the mall actually brought forward the initiative to bring in the concept of malls to Udaipur in the very first place. From food to leisure shopping, the Forum Celebration Mall has become one of the most significant hubs for various type of activities which Udaipurites can enjoy.

Forum Celebration Mall

Being the largest mall in Udaipur, Forum Celebration Mall is home to various National and International brands related to food, lifestyle, and everyday use industry.

The managing authority of the Forum Celebration Mall is concerned about customer satisfaction as well. In order to maintain the rapport that comes by the brand Forum’s association, the authorities wanted to know more about the customer feedbacks.

So, let’s help them! All you’ve got to do is fill in the survey form and you’ve done your part.

To fill the feedback form, click on the link

Every feedback is important for the authorities at the Forum Celebration Mall, Let’s help them enhance our experience at our beloved mall.



Attention Junior Chefs, time to show off your cooking skills!

A real foodie isn’t a person who just loves to taste the variety which is being served across the globe. Instead, he’d like to serve them with his/her own savor. And if you are one of them and dreaming to build a career in the same. This is the right opportunity for you and you’d be crazy if miss this one out.

Forum Junior Chef Competition
Forum Junior Chef Competition

The opportunity:

Hello Parents and kids! We are looking for Kids with Big Talent!

Forum Junior Chef Champ is the signature event organized by the renowned Forum group. Forum Celebration Mall is all set to bring in the new edition of ‘Forum Junior Chef Champ’.

Let your kids showcase their cooking talent in one of the biggest Junior Chef Championship which is held across 8 Forum malls spread across 6 Cities.

Forum Junior Chef Champ Details:

  • Last date to register: 20th June 2019, 9 PM


  • Categories in Forum Junior Chef Competition:

Category 1 (Ages 7 – 10)

Category 2 (Ages 11 – 15)

  • Entry Fee: The competition is free of cost for all the contestants.


  • Cooking Facilities during Competition: Forum Junior Chef is a cooking competition without fire. All the ingredients along with cutlery are to be brought in by the contestant. However, induction stove will be provided by the organizers. No pre-prepared or pre-cooked ingredients from the contestants is allowed. Equipment/cutlery can be brought by the contestants.
  • How can you register: Participants can register by visiting the Mall Information Desk and fill out the application form or register online through



  • Criteria for judging the dish: Innovation, Creativity, Taste, and Presentation.


  • Time Duration Allotted: 45 minutes for the preliminary round and 90 minutes for the finale.


  • Date of the events:

o    Prelims: 22nd June 2019

o    Finals: 23rd June 2019


  • Venue: Forum Celebration Mall

It is an exceptional and unmatched opportunity for all the cooking lovers out there.

The winnings you don’t want to miss:

Top Winners in each category will be awarded Trophy & free Gift vouchers from the mall.

So all the junior chefs out there in the city, the perfect opportunity is knocking your doors. You don’t want to regret it later missing the event, we can bet on this.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Places to Visit

Forum Celebration Mall has Got Lots of Surprises for you This Christmas Season!

It’s finally Christmas time!!

There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t like Christmas time. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t. The festival is loaded with surprises and brings lots of joy to every individual’s life. But this Christmas season is going to be a lot more thrilling and surprising. You ask me how?


Forum Celebration Mall has got a bucket full of exciting surprises and thrilling activities prepared just to make your Christmas more sparkling. Christmas Wonderland of Forum Celebration Mall assures the most rewarding Christmas ever for you this season. There are multiple reasons for you to spend your Christmas at the Mall.

Surprises? Tell me more!


Mind-bobbling Gifts for the shoppers

Forum Celebration Mall has always made shopping more fun and exhilarating for its shoppers. From tons of appalling offers to a number of activities and prizes, one thing is definitely assured that your shopping time is going to be the best time of your day.

This season, Celebration Mall has brought to you the Christmas wonderland lucky draw where you can get a chance to win loads of exciting prizes. All you have to do is shop for Rs. 1000/- and above (single bill) at your favorite outlet in Forum Celebration Mall and participate in the lucky draw contest. At the end of the event tenure, 75 Lucky draws will be conducted where 75 lucky winners will win exciting prizes which include Led TV, mobile phones and many more.

When – 19th December 2018 to 6th January 2019


Exhilarating Christmas décor to up your selfie game

Christmas doesn’t seem like one until there are fairy lights around you, the huge Christmas tree perfectly lit up along with the glowing sleigh. But in case you’re thinking about where can you get it here, then worry not Celebration Mall has got all of that covered for you.

This season, witness the most mesmerizing Christmas décor at celebration mall which will definitely up your selfie game with Santa Claus, glowing sleigh, shimmering Christmas tree and Christmas fairy lights all around you. This thematic décor will be the most amazing thing you’ll witness and it will definitely add up to your selfies and groupfies making it a picture-perfect experience for you with your friends and family.

Max kids fashion show

Here, at Celebration Mall, there’s something for everyone. And while we say this, Kids need not get disappointed at all because there is something for them too.


Forum Celebration Mall brings Max Kids Fashion show on 26th December 2018 that will give a platform to your little ones to showcase their talent in front of the entire city. It’s the absolutely right time for you get your kids dressed up and set the stage on fire.

With so many exciting prizes and activities, your Christmas season just got better.

See you there!


‘Forum Just Dance’ by Forum Celebration Mall for All the Dance Enthusiasts

Celebration Mall has been an integral part of the lifestyle of the citizens of Udaipur. Apart from shopping, people have always been looking forward to the mall for different activities and competitions. The mall has given platforms and opportunities to all the budding talents of the city to not just achieve growth but also to showcase their skills in the entire city. These activities, engage and entertain the citizens and also help them explore their inner talents.

After Colorama 2018, which achieved a magnanimous success amongst young artists of the city with more than 500 participants, Forum Celebration Mall is going to conduct the first edition of ‘Forum Just Dance’. It is an outstanding opportunity for all the dance enthusiasts out there.

Forum Just Dance

Dance is a language in which a body expresses itself. It doesn’t just nurtures our physical self but gives a boost to our mental health as well.

Forum Just Dance will give you another reason to tap your feet on your favorite tracks. What makes it more interesting is that this dance competition is open to all kinds of dance forms so you don’t have to worry if you flaunt that classical dance or groove your feet on the hip-hop style.

It is divided into two major categories – Solo dance and Group dance. Furthermore, there will be two age groups in the Solo dance category. So, the candidate needs to register while keeping both of them in mind. The details of these categories are as follows:

Solo Dance

Age Group (Junior) – 10 to 15 Years

Age Group (Senior) – 16 years & above


Group Dance

Maximum 8 persons per group

The dance competition will be led by an audition which will be conducted on 22nd December 2018, 11:00 AM onwards. In the auditions, 10 participants will be selected from each category who will get a chance to perform in the Grand finale which will be conducted on 5th Jan 2019, 5:00 PM onwards at Forum Celebration Mall. Top three winners in each category will be awarded ‘Just Dance’ trophies and exciting gift vouchers.

It’s time to brace yourself for the most happening dance festival of the city!

For Free Registrations, Click here!


More than 500 Kids participated in ‘Colorama 2018’ by Forum Celebration Mall

Colorama 2018 conducted by Forum Celebration Mall was a huge hit amongst the kids who made magnificent art in the competition. It gave a platform to all the students to explore the artists in themselves which otherwise they are too busy to do. The theme of Forum Colorama 2018 was ‘Agriculture in India’ which also helped the kids to understand the significance of this part in the country.

It was conducted on 24th November 2018 at Forum Celebration Mall along with 7 malls in 6 cities simultaneously where more than 10000 kids participated all across the country. Here, at Forum Celebration Mall, more than 500 kids from 22 schools aging between 4 to 16 years participated in the competition. Forum Colorama 2018 was conducted in four groups wherein there was a first, second and the third position for the winners. These winners from the different categories are as follows:

Category A (4 to 6 years) – Pranay Upadhyay, Diyan Karanpuriya, and Hiya Pareekh respectively

Category B (7 to 9 years) – Suyanshi Varun, Jaya Manwani, and Yakshika Suthar respectively

Category C (10 to 13 years) – Dimple Parihar, Chahna Jain, and Nishchay Sisodiya respectively

Category D (14 to 16 years) – Harshit kanoriya, Chaya Sharma, and Tanish Pagariya respectively

Drawing sheets for the competition was given by the mall. All the winners were awarded gifts and trophies. Moreover, there was a ‘Learn and go creative zone’ as well for junior students to learn creative activities.

All the students who attended the competition were given medal by ‘Just for Kids’ brand, certificates by ‘Forum Celebration Mall, and various gift vouchers and colors were given from 612 league, Snow Park, Kap Kids, Ahuja, and Learn and go.

Do you have any feedback regarding the article? Write to me at


Colorama 2018 at Forum Celebration Mall is all set to bring out the artist in your child- Register today!

Colorama 2018 at Forum Celebration Mall is going to give wings to your child’s dreams. Colorama 2018 is the platform for kids to deliver their imagination on blank canvases. Forum believes that creating art through the expression of one’s thoughts in the form of drawing and painting is truly exceptional, and they want your child to experience the same. The event is to be held on 24th November 2018.

The theme of Forum Colorama 2018:

Indian is the land where even today agriculture holds a very specific part of the economy. We can undoubtedly say that the farmers of our country are the backbone of the Indian Economy. Making ‘Agriculture in India’ the theme of Colorama 2018, Forum Celebration Mall invites you and your child to explore their creative cognizance and paint a picture which can depict the growth and beauty of the Indian Agriculture and our farmers.

It is very crucial that our country’s young minds can think, create and foster an approach that can later change the dimensions of the domain of Agriculture in India. With these thoughts in mind Forum Colorama 2018 is all set to bring life to this blank canvas through the imagination of your child.

Children and parents can also choose from sub-topics like Future of Agriculture, Agriculture and its benefits in India, Farmers and their challenges, Life of a farmer, how agriculture helps the economy.

Details about the event:

Forum Colorama 2018 will be held across 7 Malls in 6 Cities, namely:

  1. Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur
  2. Forum Mall Koramangala, Bengaluru
  3. Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Whitefield, Bengaluru
  4. Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad
  5. Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai
  6. Forum Fiza Mall, Mangaluru
  7. Forum Centre City, Mysuru

Participation Criteria for the event:

The event is exclusively for children and has a set age limit.

Category A: 4 to 6 years

Category B: 7 to 9 years

Category C: 10 to 13 years

Category D: 14 to 16 years

Event Date: 24th November 2018

Event Time: 3 PM onwards

Last date to register: 23rd Nov2018

Source: Colorama Forum Fiza Mangluru

Registration is FREE

For registrations, Click Here

On-ground Registration at Forum Celebration Mall (Bhuwana): 8th to 23rd Nov 2018

Note that the drawing sheets will be provided by Forum Celebration Mall and children have to bring required colors, pencils and other stationery. All participants will receive Participation Certificate and Medals. The winners of the competition will be awarded trophies, certificates, and gift vouchers. Not only this, the top 10 paintings in each category will be displayed at the mall on the ‘Wall of Fame’ for a span of 15 days!!

Aren’t you all excited! Hope to see you all, with full enthusiasm, at Forum Colorama 2018!!

Places to Visit

Enjoy This Festive Season at These 5 Places in Celebration Mall

The festive season is just around the corner and during this time of vacation, all we want to do is spend some good time with our friends and family at some cozy and plush restaurant. Celebration Mall has always been the first place whenever someone thinks of a good time.
The mall has a wide range of places that can be your ideal choice for your next leisure time.

1)    Barbeque Nation – If you are one of those foodies for whom food is the most important part of your leisure time then this is the most perfect place to be. Barbeque nation has got some lip-smacking dishes both veg and non-veg where you can relish an unlimited meal including a wide range of dishes in starters, main course and dessert as well. It is the most preferred destination for all the non-veg lovers.

Source: tripadvisor

2)    Jaipur Jungle – this restaurant is the perfect combination of soothing ambiance and scrumptious food. It has impeccably incorporated the theme of a jungle which will make you feel like you are in a different world altogether. In addition to that, a plethora of mouthwatering dishes will surely add up to your quality time with friends and family.

3)    Brewz Rock Café – Stunning lights, rock music, booze, and good food, Brewz Rock Café has got everything that you need to have a rocking evening with your friends. The best time to visit the café would be during weekends when you can enjoy live concerts and hum the lyrics of your favorite song along with your friends.

Source: Justdial

4)    Hari Vedas – the most amazing amalgamation of food and a comforting environment. But beware because the wide range of exotic food items will make you cheat your diet and overeat. With all this Hari Vedas guarantees a good time with your friends and family.

Source: Forum Malls

5)    Go Foodie – Is it a cheat day for you? Then Celebration Mall has got all the brands that can make your cheat day the best day. Mc. Donalds, Dominos, Subway, Belgian waffle, Keventers, Frozen factory, you name it. You can eat at your favorite brand and if you are confused, you can probably go everywhere.

Food and festivities go hand in hand when there are so many options you can choose from then it’s just a cherry on the top, right?