6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur

We all have come across those moments when we want to roam around the city but don’t want to reach anywhere. We just want to enjoy the music, winds soothing our hairs and raw nature in front of our eyes. At such times all we need is a perfect long drive with our loved ones and make it a day.

Here’s the list of roads which are perfect for the day when your mind is in the need of a long drive.

Rani Road

Whenever we think of a long drive, the first option that comes to our mind is Rani Road. Apart from the smooth road enveloping the beautiful lake, there is something in this place which wants us to stay a little more. You can see the entire Fatehsagar pal from there and the view is mind blowing especially at night. After few renovations the government made in last few years, you can also see some stone sculptures here that are perfect for pictures and selfies.

6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur
Picture by: udaiveer_clickography

100 ft. Road near University Road

If you are desiring for a looong long drive this is an ideal destination for you, or let’s say ideal way for you. It starts from A-one school and goes all the way to Shobhagpura circle and further meets Sukher Highway. In case you are hungry, you can find all the kind of eateries along the way. From stalls and cafes to restaurants. It is usually less crowded at night so that you can have a peaceful journey to nowhere.

6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Shobhagpura Bypass Road

If you are at 100 ft. road this is one more way you can go for a lovely evening. For this road, you just need to take a turn to the right from the Shobhagpura Circle and after some distance one left from towards the Ceremony Resort. This is very less crowded and doesn’t have many shops. It will meet on Sukher Highway again.

6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Road

It can be reached from Vidhya Bhawan road by taking a right from Premi Paan corner. This is situated in a hilly area so you can have a wonderful view and landscapes and that too not much far from the city yet far from the chaos of the city. This road can lead you towards Badi road so in case you want to reach a destination after a long drive, you can land yourself at Badi.

6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur

Jaal Boraj road to Jungle Safari road

This road is entirely surrounded by lush green trees and natural aura. The cool breeze coming from Lake Pichola via trees will give you peace from your hectic life. This road can make you reach Jungle Safari, Golden Par, and Pratap Park. You can visually see Lake Pichola at one side of the road and even touch the water after crossing few trees and grass.

6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Chirwa tunnel Road

This road can be a very good option when you literally want to go out of the city and enjoy a good drive on a highway. It will land you towards the Chirwa tunnel and if you’re still not satisfied and want more you can go forward for Eklingji or Nathdwara. You can have some tea or even meal on the local Dhabas in the way.

6 Long drive worthy roads in Udaipur
Picture by: cmanthan007

With these roads above, I’m sure you’ll head out this evening with absolutely no destination in mind because after all the way is more beautiful than the destination.

By Juhee Mehta

Literally, see characters of books in every person she meets. Apart from eating, she is found adventuring and talking to herself. Believes in magic and escape reality through words. If she possibly knows you, you might find yourself in her poems.

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